Friday Pretty Post: Founding of a Lady’s Republic

…in our wildest dreams!   Reposting the most stupendous thing I have seen last week/month.   I counted, there are a hundred+ the most gorgeous faces in film appropriate for the era.

When I am frustrated with the current popular drama scene of serving me females whose worth are tallied by the number of suitors in want to get under their physically pretteh skirts, and apparently I am not alone when such a magnificent masterpiece is done by fandom of all beautiful competent actresses, fans so genius in skills and extraordinarily well read in history, with the most tasteful eye of aesthetics, gifted us a genderflipping Founding of a Republic (and I do my homework brush up on the history right away), in 6 mins! ! !  It deftly weaves though those exulting, tumultuous chapters of CN modern history from 1911 to 1949: from the death of Qing dynasty with the 1911 revolution, and its disintegration to the chaotic republic warlords in the 20s, as the IJA starts its march of invasion in the 30s, through the civil wars, the joining forces of the Communist party AND the Nationalist party, WWII and their parting ways.  Distilling all the major contributors making their mark in the political arena shaping history, the philosophical/literary/artistic creators of new ideas, sparking the short-lived decades of a dreamy revolutionary China of all possibilities and their better halves, the rl ladies in the background must worked several folds harder, making more untold personal sacrifaces than their male counterparts to nudge a place in history… as the lyrics go:

 Those who get lost in time, let all dreams be buried in a wintry slumber.

All the fancast, read them up even only on wiki, beyond perfection only dreams are made of:

Brigitte Lin as Dr Sun Yat-Sen

Zhou Xun as Young Marshall Zhang Xue-Liang

Zhang XiYi as Chiang Chung-cheng (given name of  Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek)

Gong Li as Hu Shih

Chen Kun, Qiao ZenYu, Tony Leung as the Soong sisters.  As of course Carina is Tony’s Soong AiLing’s hubs.

Leslie Cheung as Meng Xiaodong (the lady Peking Opera master, a brilliant expert playing older dignified male characters)

Ni Ni as Warlord Zhang Zuolin

Jiang Xin as son of Chiang KS,  Chiang JingGuo

Takeshi Kaneshiro as the love of Marshal Zhang, Edith Chao

Yuki Amami as Tenno Hirohito

Tang Wei as the most feared spymaster Dai Li

Chang Chen as queen of CN cinema Hu Die/Butterfly Hu 

Joey Wang as first premier Zhou Enlai

Xu Qing (best known for me as  RenYingYing daughter of the demonsect in Smiling Proud Wanderer) as Mao ZeDong

Li Qian as Deng XiaoPeng

Crystal Liu as educator Cai YuanPei

Nicole Kidman as John Leighton Stuart

Maggie Cheung as Chen GuoFu

…… speechless.   There is JIN!DONG, WallaceHuo, WallaceChung, crowd favorite Minguo beauties.  Some of the casting are so terrific the mastermind matched the actress’ family name to the real historical figure.  *BOW*


More? There is also a gorgeous 3 Kingdom version:

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