OH Hae Young Again (High) 5

DearestDrama:  so your middle name is My Name Is Oh Hae Young, no?! 

A GREAT K roco, that rare endangered unicorn spilling addictive magical fairy dust with flick of her mane, inducing hernia from silly guffawing in the melancholy of heartbreak.  I was smitten by MNIKSS 2006, it could have been any variety on some Kdrama’s take on Pride and Prejudice for you.  For a decade now, I have uttered, willed many wannabes to be MNIKSSesque…but fully aware such a ravaging,  a silly past time, is perhaps once in a life time.   How do one fall in love again seems so impossible every time, yet we crave for it, crash and burn constantly.   But this is hopefully even more unimaginably magical than my falling in love with MNIKSS.    This IS MNIKSS revived, written by its exact playbook but every minutiae and flaw ruminated on and made more brilliantly delightfully sensible and amazing.

For an MNIKSS fiend, the parallels are uncanny… *deleted 3000 words of me neverending comparing spazzing*  I just need a much less stupid HeeJin/PrettyHY  in her noble idiocy as last piece of puzzle.  We were much less critical with Kromcom in 2005, over the top hilarious exaggerated plot devices, outrageous noble idiocy  the ‘I thought you would understand, babo.’ from entitled to time world freezes over her Miss HeeJin clattering, in the midst of something quite perfect in all elements, making up a beautiful, innovative and fresh whole then, a seminal heroine testing the waters in not fitting the Kromance norm of the poor plain ( read: PRETTY) damsel Cinderella purpose of breathing air is to await the rescue of some PrinceCharming preferably writhing in angsty fauxcast some stairway to heaven, but instead we have Kim SamSoon touted as a relatable ‘normal’.

Samsoon represents what in the years since, coined by All-China Women’s Federation (such sweet cheers to feminism huh)  剩女/leftover ladies  or now a general term thrown at any female unmarried at some certain age.  It seeps into HK/canto lexicon, with our spin on leftover British humor, uses the homophonic 盛/abundance, prosperous, grand, thriving, flourishing, auspicious  instead of the deriding ‘leftover’ Winkwink.  We flaunt our manners like some LV and love faking it.

Samsoon is the slightly pudgy screechy 30 year old ahjumma: a label screaming unattractive tipping that scale of un-matchable further as the brute force underdog of inner beauty, sit down and have a meaningful conversation with her and she is lovely as quite a few decent men are allowed such fortune in the drama, nothing is gonna stop her punching, acting and speaking her mind, never some fear of being the big turnoff for males/some future mother inlaw and hence the romance (done fantastically in MNIKSS) extraordinary.   There are quite jarring sensibility fails plot-wise,  does not matter much in something this close to perfection, so full of heart and cast a great actress SunA for the titular role.

OHYA has been…flawless.  The only surprise now watching is IF I can ever create a rant, how?!  My bet is all on you PrettyOHY.   It strips out the funk of the now tired MNIKSS tropes, leaving a shell of familiarity, meticulously brush on several fresh coats of glossy clean minimal white paint in that K roco safe haven we love to dwell in. It puts all dedicated focus on its writing, pithy always on these characters,  likeable and truly relatable because of this new improved dramatized ordinary brimming with so much sense.  It puts its heart in truly marveling a heroine squarely in the middle of the bell curve.  The new extraordinary is in how stately, elegantly she carries herself in being ordinary and klutzy and dorky and everything else she could be.   Every female watching this drama will have one overused word:  Attagirl.

We are all unique drama watchers, our own individuals with different takes on life, points of view, observations, and it does take a heroine like OrdinaryHaeYoung to statistically be what we can all agree upon as one plausible normal woman we can project thoughts and parts of ALL of us upon.  She is sharp enough and sensible enough and human enough…her construct is: just right, spot on.    Everything she says and does fall in place of any normal right mind and THAT is what is so precious.  We are feeling, cheering for a kindred soulmate, real life ordinary modern women with functioning heads and full rainbow, lights and shadows, of human emotions.  For once we do not have to pick out the savory and endure some silly just to get a dose of roco ecstacy.

And as audience, observers, we can’t help but be more critical towards a fictional character than ourselves.  So often we marveled at how extraordinary that ‘ordinary’ girl/boy/romance is when in truth it is far from reality.   OurHY is wrung through many opposite of everyday occurrences, it is not that for granted we all are exact OrdinaryHY.  How many of us can abandon pride and ego expressing the dubious vague tugging of intimacy in every direct, kind, gentle, sweet, ORDINARY way constantly?!   These characters can.  Not just the OTP, but every character is blessed with the brevity of expressing love of all kinds just right with purposeful exaggeration.  Even angsty shower scene is not just gratuitous, it serves the plot and progression.  He notices his bandaged up hand, medal of honor that she loves him…during a HOT SHOWER.  WINWINWIN.  What is fresh is these characters are so acute, what they pride the most is to be honest to their own unique soul, their feelings even if stripped down to bare raw hurt and pain and guilt and inferiority, they cherish them all preciously, all components making them uniquely what they are, not some caricature but some breathing human being that deserves to live.  They try darnest at loving themselves and everyone dear to them.  I have never seen characters approaching love so tenderly and preciously no matter whom it is towards, a brother, a daughter, a mother, themselves, or that someone they are loving like they have never been hurt before there is no room for stupid pride, ego at play, spinning out dramatized angst…the hesitations, the doubts these characters are kept controlled and self explanatory and hence we are enjoying a romance more palpably genuine than reality.

There is this bus stop, there must be many of those, a Samsoonie walked by and hit with the motto of her life:

춤추라 , 아무도 바라보고 있지않은것처럼.
Dance, like no one is watching you.

사랑하라, 한번도 상처받지않은 것처럼.
Love, like you’ve never been hurt before.

노래하라, 아무도 듣고 있지 않은 것처럼.
Sing, like no one can hear you.

일하라, 돈이 필요하지 않은 것처럼.
Work, like you don’t need money.

살라, 오늘이 마지막 날인것처럼.
Live, like heaven is on earth.

betcha there is one at the bus station HaeYoung commutes, the one PDK is now making a new habit of dropping her off at and she could be saying to herself, ‘huh did I doodle this some nights pissed drunk?!’.   We have seen her dance like no one is watching, under that loving cocoon of her Mother’s love.   We have seen her work, she has moments she enjoys it with a glow in her eyes.  This episode we saw her sing, and feels like no one is listening.  Live, like heaven is her little rental store room home because she is in love with that guy a cupboard apart.


That lovely hug end of ep4 starts splitting our sides in ep5.  I could not breathe laughing so hard.  PDH’s first reaction is asking OHY if she is crazy.  His demeanor milder than an accusation, that taint of genuine concern for her…take kinder gentler care of yourself, especially towards a man like him, a man falling for her she should never approach…why would she have faith in him catching her even if he dumped all his precious sound equipment and want to catch her, lets be happy, together?!  Why is she not worried she will break another arm/leg/wing/heart even if he opened his arm widest?!  His concern lingers on through the most embarrassing hilarity for her, he turns and watches her back leaving.


All that control, annoyed concern kept the lid on this is the most extraordinary hilarious thing ever happened in his life just for so long.   And even if it has happened before, he could never recall ever laughing out loud since, while sleeping, or trying to.  Alas, because of her.

He could be pondering, he has never enjoyed being alone, unable to sleep because he is laughing too hard.  She yelled at him to stop laughing at her, and he laughed harder.   He could be categorizing this as the sound of a gentle smile: the first taste of a consuming reprieve in a brittle man in pain,  face softens to a quiet moment he savors the pause.   That taste of consuming joy she could exchange eating and drinking any day, this taste of consuming joy he can enjoy solitude…with her a partition away.   And our heroine, the butt of such guffawing does not take a moment more to rage for her pride, she is not even a moment shy of this guy himself realizing this is the first time he has heard himself laughing so out of control… because of her.

Oh sweetest dreams my DARLINGS!

He offers her a ride to bus station the next morning, she is more busy munching the breakfast gimbap Mom made for her *awww* as she hops on…with just the fanfare of a little poke at herself last night, bringing back his giggles he must treat her a dinner in exchange, a fancy meat dinner. Not one hint this is not a pleasure for PDH. Those darn petals, triggering silly tears are suddenly lovely as both of them observe their own view from their window, it is as if it hits them the first time, this ride is the start of a most beautiful spring day, with this man/woman.

That fateful meeting, Seo HyunJin impressed me being so serenely powerful emoting as the sorta bystander harboring her unfair share of hurt.  Unfair because this has been an unimaginably good day she never thought she could enjoy in a heartbreak, perhaps a sign she is healing, she will be well and ok again.  What is making her happier is, perhaps HE is truly picking himself up and will be fine too, because of her.  She can even love, be in love, on a first date, kinda…and yes, better yet he can.  It all vanishes with POHY back in their lives, that debilitating pain overcoming him, this ‘cold-hearted’ man with a gentle soul capable of sweetest kindness to her must have wanted to hit his ex, sth he could still suppress but not the need to feel physical bloody pain inflicted on himself to dull the excruciating torture inside.  How happy she was, hours ago hearing him giggles, because of her, how miserable she is atvm visually seeing him bleeding, much worse in places she can’t see but feel it thumping herself, all blame it on PerfectOHY.   And it hurts, every time he only can muster the care to pour and drink his own soju with his bloody hand, it cuts her.  She is cut down to size to this cellophane invisible girl, a nobody.  Those body language of SHJ, crossing her arms as if protecting herself from any intrusion now, how after giving him the respect he is in too much pain to care about her, she laughed a sad laugh out loud, pours her own beer and downing it all before giving him a good deserved scolding.  Yes she has feelings for him, but this is another moment all those life bumps has taught her very well, no one loves herself more.  It is lovely though to see a heroine always putting it in action, picking herself up, cherishing her own wounds as highest priority.  Wait for no man to save or own any part of her, not a wrist.

Under this disguise of OrdinaryHY, is one cunning tensile young lady who knows how to get the most out of her ordinary.   Hit her with this blow he has been making a fool out of her keeping POHY his fiancee a secret from her and let her fangirl in loathing how much her life had been inferior under her glory, she immediately finds the smartest plausible reason to dump (jealous) rage and little heartbreaks at him.  So he is in love with POHY as well, like the whole world, never some OrdinaryHY.   YES, about time we cut them men to size with those darn wrist grabs, but she is not done.  Her retaliation is worthy of a romp with Eric if she chooses, at least.

He shrinks from her holler, her growling, he even dares to yell back a ‘WHAT?’  but he can not keep his eyes off her when she puts on her sweetest feminine charms with the hurt guarded in her eyes:

Attagirl x a million

SHJ is a league above Mr Mun in sheer natural acting talent.  But it is in these tiniest moments of inhuman perfection, doubt is per design that Eric gives me so much !#@$%@^&*(&^&%^!#$@#$%&^*)joy as an actor.  That lil sweet nothing he did opposite of pursing, opening his lips while his eyes move from her lips saying those words to her eyes as if checking if she means what he wishes.   As if he is exercising control to not blurt out ‘Lets sleep together!’  Perfectly fine as my sheer imagination as well, but not any less delicious RIGHT!!!!?!??!?!

She who wears (she is) banana on her tee in ep2:

…will answer your jab ‘are you crazy?!’, rescue you like your husband, fend off ur notty clingy scrumptious long legs and not take advantage of your wanton hotbode, nurse your booboo, cook hangover soulfood ur Mother and Sister wont, no fanfare, sweating no sweat in a sweat crazy and bananas

…while all business nonchalance proposing a ridiculously charitable act, sprout jealousy pretending to be crazily in love in front of Miss POHY,  he gets a much delicious revenge than her wrist did, it will make her week/month/year.  Crazy good an actress OurHY, she is too sneaky to let out the actual act is she just wants to be with him, even if acting in love.   Because those blows not so tiny, due to her life with Miss POHY in it, still ceaselessly hit her.    He wants nothing to do with it, what has he been doing last year?!  Erasing OHY from existence in every sound and fiber, more urgently this will only hurt her the only OHY he sees in his visions, in and out of consciousness last night, affirming she cares about him, or worst yet, he is afraid of himself hurting her any further, falling for her while POHY is in the picture.  Besides, what is there to act if there is no pretense?!

I can not remember last I have laughed in the midst of tiny sobs, and often giggled while tearing up, busy misting up and suddenly I am roflmao. Easier to make me cry the older I get, life’s a b. But never did I giggled to tears on top of the emotional tears, laughing and misting up hard overwhelmed with a kaleidoscope of hearttugging feelings throughout almost an entire episode is a first.   I am so happy I wake up with a tummy ravaged by roaring laughter.  Welcome back Kromcom magic! I did not fall in love with Bigsis of PDK until a snippy line in ep2, when she spelled out she is making OurHY’s life a living hell just because of her name and walks off.  That is exactly what a Bigsis does, out of love, revenge for her babybro.  She should be the last person drinking with OHY, always biting her at work, but that is her way of a hug.   I think she is well aware who and what POHY did to her babybro in such pain and so delightful does not fall into that niche of being crazy and tactless as a formidable executive. She just treats POHY as invisible except for some chiding side glances when she has nothing better to do but be bored by POHY.  I did clap out loud.

Kim JiSuk has a special talent of making smarmy hilarious, and there is nothing evil about bfflawyer except not being useful as a human being other than  by PDK side loving and touching him.  But his calling is calling him,’the woman scarier than a wifey’ Bigsis illustrates bright this morning she owns his lower appendages she will make him of use as her gimphusband I am sure:


It is such a heartbreaking day for OurHY it breaks us too.  JHyeBin is supergorgeous and quite an actress in Queen InSoo, so I am being lenient with all the doe-eying of innocence… trust writer/PD won’t waste her to be a cardboard barbie.  I am given hints she is not, because she is normal like the rest of us in love with OHY, who is the fated to be ‘stranger’ giving her (but really was OurHY giving herself a Hwaiting!)  that kind encouragement she mistook  when she is giving up:

POHY cant be that ignorant of the trauma OrdinaryHY was put through just by association all these years and she seems genuinely convinced they are good highschool friends.  Of course it is of no fault of her how douches react in her presence, but something is not entirely convincing she is nothing but perfectly angelic and gut is she is just very good with her act.  I believe she wants to be friends with OrdinaryHY all along,  but she must have a tilted concept of what friendship really is, with everyone worshipping  the ground she treads, needs the spotlight at her expense more assuming OurHY is this pitiable doormat, it is still quite human if a flaw.  Now if this really is just noble idiocy terminal whatever at play, I will be very disappointed with this writer.  I could give her the BigSis treatment though.  I love OrdinaryHY so much.  How she still has the strength to stand, after such a grueling day of ceaseless blows, as if continuously shot by an emotionalAK47, let alone complete these lovely acrobat as follows, impressive even if factoring that power called falling in love, boost by what she thought is a free hug card to act her hearts out in the name of jealousy, oh she means getting POHY jealous, right?!  Lets all pretend along.


She has never called him HONEY~~!!  I doubt he has recorded in his mind this octave from her.  Yet even with his eyes closed, immersed in work, as if he is not believing himself ‘Did I hear what I just heard?’ one of his trance, a wishful thinking owning his mind, is coming true?! If this triggers any memory of his ex, that is not what this face is about, disbelief in a pleasant surprise: OrdinaryHY is calling him ‘JAGIYA~!’

He is aware of her crowd gathered for show, his crowd of minions just took their lineup in watching the ‘charade’… if he is so against it, there are more forceful body language than some little shaking of head in disbelief.  I wonder if he, if only he can, notice that timber in her voice forced with glee how shattered she is today, how desperate she needs this hug.  I want to say he does.  Even if he is most willing, it takes gritty strength and determination and pain he has to suck in, all the will to not let a grown woman of normal wt fall from his arms, most occupied with not hurting her.  As much as an unwilling participant, he does exactly as she commands, after one full twirl, that should be more than enough if an act, he winced a little, he closed his eyes and he does not look as fed up the second merry go round.  Maybe they belong in a musicbox.  If she did not hop off him and keep asking him to twirl forever, I bet on he would.

Pervie ahjumma here spilling the beans:  the dudes were chatting about lets throw artsy out the window and sound produce some p0rno, with all the tricks all thought out.  Here she is, uttering those words to his ears.  And then things Eric’s face does when he closes his eyes and those hands.

His eyes immersed in her while she continues the ‘act’ she is directing.  I must say OurHY could be a super talented romcom PD.

The SoundFlower 4 is geez so cute.  I can’t look at them without laughing to tears from this scene on.  And it is not for inserted comedy, they genuinely are shocked and concerned for their cold boss/Bigbro.  Poor Heo JeongMin, why is it so fun to see you being abused in every way?!?  Hope you enjoy all the cheeky skinship w YoungJi.   All you did is ask a question if your Bigbro knows this ridic stranger, out of pure sibling love.   But thanks to you, and PDK so obsessed with not hurting OHY in ANY possible shape or form he gives up fighting her craziness and grab her tight as if just to prove of course she is no some strange woman.

He does not know how to smile brightly.  He has lost that ability at least a year ago.  Yet he gives her a sideglance, seeing how hard she is trying at fishing for some sad joy…or perhaps just triggered by her smile, he goes along till the unbearable act.  I hope the good guy coworker of OurHY gets some happiness too, too obviously a lovelorn puppy for her.

Well, she has two.  If it was awful of him to use her wrist as a wristgrab prop, she made him pay back with his entire hunky body, attagirl!!!!! let alone that raw heart with feelings towards POHY…and OrdinaryHY she should know.  He has warned her he does not want her to feel worse than she is feeling, to hurt more than she should  (because of him).  It is not like he could watch eyes wide shut hurting POHY either.  Yet, he is defenseless as a participant.   He dumps his frustration on her, like she did.  Gotta love this brutal honesty in communication even though they are bruising each other!  He got back to work for a second, throw his headphones so suavely like a Shinhwa leadernim only to this:

He picks her up at that exact same spot, cut off of her escaping running away from it all first scene, first ep! ! !  My dramafangirl galaxy is full of bursting perfect hearts of stars.  There can not be a more flawless scene from the buildup crescending to this, then the next when she promptly apologizes for her shoddy selfish deed at his expense and he as swiftly comforts her it is nothing and not to worry when he drops her off at home alone, he is not mad, not mad at her at all to leave her alone, not mad at himself to drink and hurt himself…he just said concisely, honestly, he had work to do.

I love the scene she admits to her gf she loves him, like meals, many times a day, she must have relived those moments he is so kind to her, perfect strangers, her only happy thoughts.   How she dissects her common/lowly existence compared to all those superbeings in her life is brutally honest without dragging herself down too much, she made peace with it and she is soldiering on.  And how in touch with her heart she is aware not only her feelings, but when she has fallen for him.  I do not care for love at first sight, but I love this intuition, this sharpness of a heroine dissecting her own feelings so accurately, pragmatically so that she can pan out what she could do with it…or not indulge in delusion, deciding he is out of her league the moment she realize his league is POHY.   Even if she entertains the thought they could have a fling, it won’t last, her ex was a greatest catch, and he must’ve left her for someone in his league he belongs with.  Her used to have a very happy life as a ‘lower leaguer’, so what,  she accepted what she is, where she is, contented with it, less pride to play with, less to lose and she is in love with the best man who loves her as is.  That is no longer her reality.  I trust give her some time, she will realize she does not have to have so much faith in the past repeating itself.  Sometimes we fall in love with a person because he/she r perfect individuals, more oftenwe fall in love because that certain someone we bumped into, however ordinary, makes us feel like we are the most extraordinary soul unique on earth.


I saved this in a folder of Actor Eric: GIVE him awards!!!!   Those eyes redden in a split second, misting up while he tries to wince a smile holing up he is in lesser pain not! than ‘feeling so sad for her it is driving him crazy’.

Emotions they let loose, why bother containing them when it hurts so bad.  He could dump it in his therapist, a psychiatrist I do not doubt, but DearAbby on some column or bonafide Kromcom fiend like the rest of us, sniffing that something something burning and it is not the stove but some HEART.  Alone and feeling terribly lonely, missing a guy next door, she misses him, misses him.   Always pragmatically positive,  she gives herself a pat she is coming home so early instead of never wanting to be home alone unless completely wasted because she has a new normal, a new purpose now…obsessed with whether he is ok, even if it is just eavesdropping any sound he makes, laughing at her, at home, by her side, a wall can not contain.  This is all recorded.  White noise of his home.

We have seen these Eric faking inebriated, going horizontal with his OTP quite often and our gentlemanchild still puts in little nuanced gesture I swear I have never seen before slaying me, those beautiful fingers caressing her shoulder, dampening her hit onto him with all his muscles and lean long limbs.  Oh yeah, I should interpret as PDH falling in love with OurHY in these tiniest moments/gestures he could not control.

I do not think drama/Eric needs longwinded fangirls, so writing its poetic waxing itself.  How freaken beautiful is this put, what he did to OurHY?!?!!?!?   He knows well the reason initiating him caring about her is out of that unbearable guilt, he pitied her, and he thought he could only remedy by nursing her till she can get back up, take flight on her own, but…

These characters, write every and all brilliant comments, explanations, dissections, of their actions and words themselves.  I am speechless.

I must have missed some favorite scenes this episode, this is an entire episode of favorite moments I have no time, ep6 is screaming for me!!!  Never have I met characters in the fog of romance so winning in their clarity, so in touch with their emotions and handling those messy knots with so much sensibilities.    Jane Austen would like this.


10 thoughts on “OH Hae Young Again (High) 5

  1. Love this drama. As much as I adore the female lead, my favorite is Park Do Kyung. He’s rare specimen in korean drama. He’s harmless, introvert, calm and perfectionist in his work but very gentle for the one he loved. No shouting, no rudeness. I mean isn’t he’s the typical of second male lead? I totally love Eric’s acting. I love how expressive his eyes and his body language. I mean, it helps us a lot to understand the character of quiet and introvert Park Do Kyung. And It’s easy to act silly and talkative rather than the silent actings like this. I hope we can see the development of Park Do Kyung, once his scar heal and the ex-lover of Oh Hae Young comeback to their life.

    I love Seo Hyun Jin’s acting too. She’s just too good to be true. She’s just too adorable. I like watching her expressions. It’s fresh and cute. But I think the intense scene where she offered Do Kyung to tell his ex girl that they slep together was hot. She can really seduce him IF she wants and I bet Do Kyung will give in within a second. I hope to see their intense scenes more in the next episodes.She reminds me a lot Jung Yu Mi, ex Eric partner. They can be cute but intense with him with sparkling chemistry.

    1. This entire drama is painstakingly revamping all the tired cliches and tropes almost every element is rare and delightful.

      Eric is not effortlessly natural an actor but he is gifted and he keeps improving. He is very close to his perfection here, i have nothing much to nitpick save a scene or two when he is a bit to9 suave with those upturn of his lustrous lips, flirtatious smirking escaping him. He is brilliant w the tsundere, there is this very human quite innocent/ boyish charming vulnerability he emotes so well under that surface of aloof manliness. Those loveliest prettiest eyes!

      Yes, PDK is mostly a lovelorn puppy under the skin of cold prince with almost no psychotic disabilities and that rare sensible consideration towards women with very lil manpride spoiling… all to die for…but he did inflict intentional harm quite, the domino effect caused an innocent man in jail. He has not fessed up to OurHJ who has been so cool handling the utter embarrassment of spilling every bit of her heart, unrequited… So i am still tipping over in love with Miss Seo much more breathing life to an ordinary woman with no flaw to pick as a human being with quite some, seldom seen in a romcom heroine, intuition and class: knowing what to say/act, when to promptly express herself, speak her mind and when to respect others/PDK keeping it to herself, even when she is at a low of many, ego in the drains, she never cease to care about him and his feelings big or small while picking herself up as best she could even if not effective. I do not have one emoting fr SHJ i do not want to own a gif and keep fangirling her seemingly effortless awesome 24/7 I dont see seams in her acting, it just comes off like the most natural action/ reaction of anyone every moment.

      1. Eric isn’t technical actor but that’s how I like about him. His expressions seem pure LoL. There is something captivate my taste whatever the roles he takes. Of course he’s good looking but it’s more than just about looks because there are many korean actors more handsome than him. I don’t know exactly how describe it, but I feel somehow he reminds me of American actors more. Isn’t it weird? He has this kinda swag even without trying.

        Seo Hyun Jin is owning this show. She’s totally Oh Hae Young and Oh Hae Young is totally in her. But I watch this show because of an Eric. So, I would like to see Park Do Kyung’s character development. I mean, he is quiet, mild and pure. I wonder whether his nature will become wild when the ex lover come out from the prison and try to steal OH Hae Young. And again, in two previous dramas I watched (Discovery of Love and Que Sera Sera), Eric Mun’s turn point is after episode 9 or 10.

        1. Totally. Someone coined it there is this bit of mesmerizing vulnerable crazy in his eyes not perfectly contained, prowling within. I think what makes him so captivating on screen is under that poised confidence of a hot boyband leadernim, he opens up a relatable vulnerability very human with his gorgeous eyes, a frailty susceptible for manpain, begging for us to console him while licking wounds, peeking into all those flickers of delicious emotions, seldom as inviting as he does it under the shell of prideful aggressive trundere/cold emo prince construct.

        2. Oh you have no idea what ep9 of QSS does to me still. Whenever his character is drinking, i almost want to lay my hand on that counter just in case he want to hurt himself dulling the emotional pain, hitting his forehead as if a metronome beating out every bit of hurt … thus breaking my heart.

          1. I love that scene but the most unbelievable scene was he tried to rape the girl he loves.I feel uncomfortable watching it but at the same time, my dirty mind like saying “Go ahead!” lol.

            I’m not really big fan of Eric but somehow I feel watching him is pleasure for me. Maybe because his background as an idol, I can’t take him seriously as an actor even though man….he’s so beautiful to look at and the way he interpret his roles are so unique.

  2. Oh gosh I love it when she sprang onto him. Gentle manchild is an apt description of Park Do Kyung. Very much in agreement with what Sahara wrote above. I do think she slightly reminds me of Jung Yumi, but Seo Hyun Jin just plays an awesome undergo imo (although I really can’t judge fully on this since I haven’t watch a lot of films Jung Yumi was in to compare them both) ~ Love Seo Hyun Jin and Eric Mun ❤

    1. They are both very very naturally good, mighty talented but the serendipity is her looks and aura actually reminds me of another Jung Yumi (Friends our Legend, Six Flying Dragon), solid young actress and not the one you both are talking about, i assume. SHJ has much softer classical features very proportional with nothing out of ordinary, works very well in a saguek with her looks plus, she has magnificant comic timing and her girlband drill at SM does wonders to her physical acting, whereas YuMi (fr Que Sera Sera/ DoR /I Need Romance etcetc) has a quirkier pixie vibe. Her aura frankly reminds me of a female version of Eric with better technicalities. If Eric is a master of vulnerable manchild w some precious naivete preserved, YuMi is the female equivalent, who can render a man defenseless without much trying. Both of them have heaps of chemistry w Eric but different. I think what Eric has w Yumi is more combustible but dangerously edging on toxic while with SHJ is a calmer comfort

  3. Truthfully, I am loving SHJ here more than I do Eric. Eric mainpaining is still my fav Eric, next to Eric the dork leader.. 🙂

    Another thing that caught my attention here is the way SHJ’s hair is styled. As per my drama watching experience, female lead’s hairstyles are either styled immaculately, no hair out of place, messily (aka Hwang Jung Eum), or messy but still looks way too pretty.

    But here, plain OHY’s hair is very normal, not messy, not too clean looking either. It’s how my hair and how my office mate’s hair looks daily.

    I might be reading too much into it, but still, I love this little touch.

    1. Ahhh yes! Nice observation! And she wore that pink banana tee often! When she is couching at home that hair in just a ponytail and glasses with really no glistening to heaven lip gloss faking no makeup is wonderful touch of too numerous here. Everyone dresses their station. BigSis clothes look crazier but still within business chic. HJ clothes r truly lounging sweats and tees fr some uniqlo sale when she is off work.

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