Friday Pretty Post: 5 2 0

5 2 0, I love you in Mandarin shorthand.  Yes, Love is in the air alright.

Wallace Huo just bombastically broke my internet with his succinct love declaration to Ruby Lin asking for our blessing via his production co’s acct.  Simple as that.  Ruby has sent him back a heart.  Ruby’s bff ShuQi has promptly tease back brimming with the joy, even my Cutiepie YangZi has sent her well wishes to her ChingMing!

They have been good friends 10+ years,  most of which they spent denying dating rumors,  first rumor is he is smitten with her during the filming of 2006’s Sound of Colors 地下铁I have read somewhere WH saying in his own words he took the role in The Glamorous Imperial Concubine/倾世皇妃  in 2011 just because of Ruby, playing the miserable Guy2 not getting the princess.  Just when everyone has been sick of asking a few years now,  Ruby has been cutely batty urging HuoHuo to do his part fending some off and do not leave her alone all the while denying, this happened.  WOW good job hushing it all along!  Rumor is they just started dating in Jan after HuoHuo celebrated Ruby’s birthday with her and he has been hopping to TW more often than usual lately.

So the last Princess from original Princess Pearl has found her man and what a gorgeous man!


It been a long while I have seen a pair this compatible look and talent wise (hahaha) Have a grandest wedding walking down the aisle ( HuGe as bestman hahaha) and many superpretty babies very soon!

I doubt WH will air his romance story in the open, but I can hope,  better than most crappy idolromances they have collectively done through the years. love is one crazy bug.  But something is happening that Award Show Dec 2015:

The seating plan is : Nicky (I forgot if Shishi was there), Ruby, HuGe, WHuo, YuanHong, YuanHong’s gf/wife.  And folks gifed the poor HuoHuo stuck in the middle while HG and YH chatted and chatted and chatted as if HH is air.  But the pretty guy has more important preoccupation:

And these two middle aged kids are giggling at some silly dirty jokes on stage.

 So at some point, the seating plan is corrected.

Yuan Hong, this meanie busybody, should be super busy getting ready for his wedding in Germany end of the month, predictably he is poking fun at HuGe posing his final greatest bromance like the rest of the world, posting this at his groupchat with his fans:

The boundless fun sees no end:


YH is getting married to his love Zhang XinYi.   I care because he looks ridiculously happy (even if blind *XDDD*), and now we have a new talking point IF Ruby will attend and bring WH along in their first public outting perhaps?!??!    The couple is sooo madly in love, rumor is bun is in the oven:

His fav, the one he used at weibo to make public the sweet news

10 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: 5 2 0

  1. AHAHAHA your comment about Yuan Hong and his gf (that he is blind ). Also your comment about Ruby and Wallace’s equal talent wise. Ha. I was talking to my friend about it and said I felt my reaction to those two on screen was like staring at a flower vase. I do enjoy seeing their personality on screen (interviews and other stuff) and how visually fitting they are of each other (Ruby was so lovely in Princess Pearl). However, best wishes to those two couples. Everybody is finally getting hitched, this viewer is patiently waiting for wedding pictures (love NickyShishi ‘s photos), lol.

    1. It will forever be a blemish as in i dun love him anymore being a homewrecker/小三 for this 慣三 /habitual homewrecker. Speak to me in works, or else he could get lost XDDD i do hope the upcoming with Ruby is a delicious period fluff. Haven’t had one for a good while.

      Well, i could skip everything, i am seriously wishing they have a bun in oven being so high profile public after keeping such tight wraps… much more curious in how gorgeous this gene pool can produce… those eyes/ lashes/ noses cant go anywhere but super pretty

        1. When she was still in dancing sch/ just started in showbiz, she was the gf of a married actor, she got almost all her roles coz of him, they were tog lived tog ~10yrs and at some pt he divorced his wife… then she fell for a director, either he has gf/ married, that was just 2 yrs or so ago, they got married in mid2014, started dating YH beginning of 2015 around time of her quicky divorce.

          She also aired out once she was a dancer at nightclubs in ShenZhen while in dancing school?! I only know of ‘seedy’ nightclubs w 20ish girl dancers u know the drift

          1. OMG !!! 😮 Now I wonder if she really love YH or just like what he is in the industry !! tsk tsk tsk YH dating a married woman. If what you told me is true I say goodluck Yuan Hong :/ !

            1. But I have never seen a wedding so lack of blessings, public forum threads spamming their wedding pics r swarmed by nothing but dissing of MrsYuan and what got attention has been the most gorgeous league of bestmen

  2. LOL I agree that Ruby and Wallace are very very pretty people but acting wise … *sigh*

    Well at least they’re gorgeous enough onscreen so their lack of acting skills aren’t too offensive (not counting Wallace in Hua Qiangu and Love Me If You Dare cuz GODDAMN those dramas are awful)

    But anyway, Ruby and Wallace make a well-suited couple and congrats to them for turning a long friendship to romance. Haha now I know why Wallace acted his part so well (compared to many other works I’ve seen him in) in Qingshi Huangfei! 😀

    1. Dont you think IF they wanna air it and Ruby being quite a producer, their love story is better than all those C rom trendy we had seen?!

      Imo WH was still kinda meh in QSHF, well that script is giving me headhurt. And i am a horrible person admittedly, i lol at his last scene holding that flower screaming OTT ‘ it is blooming! It is blooming! ‘ then… lolz.

      They wont elevate anything for sure but WH did manage to not crap in Battle of Changsha, my best Cdrama, esp scriptwise last few years. That role is catered for him, he fits like a perfect pretty glove.

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