Now Watching: May 2016

It must be a first I have nothing awful on my watchlist.  WOW.

Dear My Friends


A scene of  Kim HyeJa’s HeeJa with her self-encouraging smiles, looking for the spot in strides, and my face is brimming with layers of tears and tears, imitating her smile, so emotional, my every evidence of being alive heightened.  Writer Noh is BACKKKKK.   This is shaping to be her best or my fav.  I could not imagine rewatches as each scene is so vividly etched in my head, evoking such volumes of emotions I did not know could reside in me all busy purging, bottling up, bubbling, releasing in one poignant scene after another, rinse and repeat, ceaseless.  I felt like I lived all their lifetimes even in reality I could never be any of them…but we connect in a human warmth (that nurtures plants and a child and human beings…quoting Carl Jung loosely), and the characters, we, all would look back with gratitude Miss Noh who touched our human feelings most poignantly in her classy elegance when we are served the ugliness of living a life as a woman in the midst of mostly horrid men and the occasional angel of hope of their sex.  It requires my all and more watching an episode and I feel like I had just been through a most exulting drama spa where layers of my emotions have been skinned alive. Noh’s prose speaking human encyclopedia on existence with a moment of drama visual, essaying a myriads of emotions when melancholy is greeted by resilience groomed by life experience, such as a smile, chirpy a song… with such marvelous succinct eloquence, portraying living, the art of living more vibrant than reality in each pulsating screen composing her work.

Connecting with a writer’s Noh work always draw out the idiom 一期一會/ ichi go ichi e , the pensive joy and melancholy of transience, reverie in every moment of this drama is one keenest distillation of the existential provocation: what is life, what is love, what is growing old…what is death, and what a precious one in a life time chance meeting it is for me to be in the most apropos mood appreciating Noh fully.  I watch every scene with a fear and utmost gratitude of it staying with me forever, yet a scene I could never experience again, its magic with the ignorant eyes prior, bracing loving these characters more as I am allowed to live life through them virtually, and the dread of losing them any instant, and TERMINAL as drama ends.  Noh is essaying life as terminal, most unimaginably full of verve.  It is when at the brink of it all slipping away it grows and heightens in preciousness.  Yet even though I cried for all reasons, often taking pause to just breathe, so overwhelmed with all the liveliness existing on my screen throughout the 4 episodes and inevitably for the rest of drama and some more, knowing this reaction with a Noh masterpiece will transform irrevocably, there is this hopeful resilient toughness of innately Noh, permeating through her works, her characters, that they, we, would be well… as well as all it takes to stay alive physically or in the love and memory.  At the eulogy for Grandpa a few months ago, Youngest Uncle gave a most lovely speech and the only pause he could not contain was when he said the most overwhelming lost is he has lost his Dearest Friend…as life grows, he and his Father, my Grandpa, had forged and nourished a closest friendship, cherished on top of the bond and love of a Father and Son.  I have been in the role of Wan, we all would, as reluctantly, last year especially.  My entire Dear Older Gens are living life bracing death,  I lost some of them, missing them terribly…and of so many of their dear ones, even if they are growing old considerably healthy, graciously, it is as if life is slipping away one Dearest Friend at a time. It overwhelms me, a bystander of their lives, breaks my own heart endlessly while witnessing their mourning.  But life goes on for them, growing old is the classiest cosmetic for our souls, transforming with a fortitude.  It is Spring, and these months nurtured almost all my most vivid, blissful and wretched life experiences.  I thought of this post of a mostly silly drama Rooftop Prince I almost forgot I have watched 4 years ago and it resonates such rhyme and reason for what perfection in drama form Dear My Friends kindles/rekindles in me.


Another Miss Oh

The moment this is a keeper is:  I cant notice a blemish in Seo HyunJin’s acting, a heroine that truly puts glory and respect in being ORDINARY, sans all the passive snide of inadequate, and esp when she is channeling every fangirl and my face at the end of ep2 when a NIKKID!ERIC! is in room under that very unfortunate discovery.    PD is cunning, there has been softfocus sparkling illuminated Eric closeup often,  I will take it even when the makeup is caked on, powderbbcreams visible and I’d prefer they let his disturbed darkened circles hang out coz it is hot for me,  think of a non sleeping much Eric forgetting to dry himself, put clothes on after an angsty shower in all his manpain glory, works for character much.   He has manpain throwing of water bottle around a corner so reminisce of that manpain corner he drank some bromance beer in DoL.  Every time he drinks, I flashback to his forehead mainpain glory in QSS.   Who does not dig him suffering on screen, and if it goes there will be one extended NIKKID!ERIC scene per ep, you got me at hello/welcome tptb!

[Thank you RicSung OP!!!]

HOWEVER, Eric is a bit off initially, as if for every scene it takes him a pause to forget preen and pose then take the facade all down to realize oh…he is playing a character functioning with the usual pain any human might bottled in at his REAL age, kinda hidden, who can’t only be the sashaying prowling hottest peacock smex on legs.   Of course he had moments he uses his eyes spectacularly and be intense emoting all wounded-hotpuppiness and what am I saying/thinking/droolzing about now?!?!

Then it hits, always a quieter scene, a cap I am stealing from TheTalkingCupboard


It is the rooftop cafe in MNIKSS, not one of its much quoted scene, my memory is blurry now coz it might have just been the cafe for a SamShik interview, but I was obsessed head over heels falling in love and every visual of Samsoon/Samshik has a place in my heart. This drama is giving me that precious rendezvous of a very fond obsession I am still proud I had.

Since ep4, which has moments I am flustering as I am trying not to fall in love so easily, so soon.  I should rewatch it, the 4 episodes, I rationally said to myself as next thing I know I rewatched that ending scene of ep4 a several more times unwittingly.  Put on my most discerning eye and try to stop this feverish lump of baseless owning.  IT is just Eric, I did not read anything about it to even hope it is good because I am watching it however superficially I want.  I thought I have control, I would fall for his eyes, his hotness, he could improve, or not, all predictable.  THEN a million things I fall for, a million.

Starting with the Mommy.   She uses a rag, about to beat the shite out of heroine with it and we get a closeup in midair as she freezes, not even have the heart to hurt her most precious further, even if she needs the discipline, and she herself needs the venting, like all mothers and daughters.  I  have a tear in my eye out of nowhere.

Our hero, who has these gentle eyes but decidedly living in nothing but misery for the rest of his life seeping out his every body part, clothes, under that cold cocoon closing himself off…all heroine’s sharp, intuitive read, is the first human being perhaps to show her that kindness of a white lie:  ‘ She (your bff) said you are pretty’.  One of the first sentences he ever spoke to her.  Scrambling for a lie to hide the fact he has mistaken her for his ex, all spun from what her bff told him in passing, and the spiteful revenge he sets out for the other OHY, he must have thought this is a very viable lie…that is a genuine reaction put to the spot, she is pretty, he must have thought often bombast in her life casually.  And OHY gives herself as she always give herself the utmost deserving respect never seen before in a romcom heroine, a lovely long moment to do nothing but gaze fondly at this stranger, never shy to appreciate any (rare) moment life is being gentle to her, like this man is.   Yes it is kindness out of pity because of his terribly mistake, but kindness still alright, and men has never shown her much pity in any form either.  And this reaction of hers, touches him, strikes a cord in him.  Perhaps what started out as a sweet lie is shocking him being visualized as this woman looking at him appreciatively for his kindness, a woman looking at him lovingly, an unexpected prettiest sight, and what is the difference.  He then gives her an honest compliment she is pretty when she eats, and grins so slightly when she flutters.  She comfortably, assuredly stays so honest to her every emotion despite constantly put down and feel interior compared…but in her own universe, he has a place in, starting out as this kind stranger, she rules her world… and slowly and surely his.


重版出來/ Jūhan Shuttai!

Very well done adapt.  It is like sweet shot of dorama affogato every week, a drowning in this jolt of joie de vivre, a windsweeper for my tired eyes and soul and world is brighter and more beautiful, smile is worn on my face just because of an hour spent with this little show.  Perfect in is storytelling simplicity.  Perfect of course is O Joe:


How true to orig can you get?!  I did not scream out the usual fangirl fanfare once.   I once heard a saying a great actor stands behind its character and disappears, when a star will always nudge in front of any role for that brightest spotlight.  And here he is playing a supporting role to the true star perfection of the show who is this brilliant young actress Haru Kuroki:

Her office newbie Kokoro can be done decently by many young actresses in the age bracket and be slightly grating on my nerves tbvh, Haru elevates material and mood and everything else so brimming with the most infectious vigor of the cuteness of youth, that is what hiring an overqualified naturally talented gem could do only, last I saw in Kim GoEun @ CheeseintheTrap(not my thing).   This lovely being SPARKLES and is blessed by copious fairy dusts of talent.

Am watching Totto Terebi alongside Gomen ne Seishun.

Checking out Totto Terebi because some friend is loving it and I could watch Mikari whenever.

Plus when NHK is paying serious respect and homage it is uncanny in its OCD and this is quite spectacular, the meticulous attention to details, starting with the Great Dame herself Tetsuko Kuroyanagi cameo, peeking at Mikari playing herself.

This stellar cast alone, savoring Mikari’s acting, let her move me to tears before I am aware , all working for me. This has nothing but the cutest folks of a bygone era of dreams coming true by way of hardwork.  Ryo is here too!

So that started a craving for Ryo and Mikari on the side Gomen ne Seishun: loser Buddhist boy school teacher and priggish virgin sister of the prestigious Girl’s school nunnery.  Ryo and Mikari.  What I thought would be mindless compilation of cliches, preachy genki-ness ended up being a wondrously paced ball of snippy crackling wit and heart.  I love Ryo, hottest damaged manboys typecast, is finest to me when character is not!hot but some genki!nobody.  Yeah, and I am nosy, wanna check out where when Mikari met her new love here.


少帥/Young Marshall

I could use some real quality C drama after Ode to whatever so I just restarted this intently, prompted by a recent visit to his homeprison in Taipei.   This is by 张黎/ZhangLi, still on my most trusted Cdrama producer list, now the last one standing.   He just frankly never does crap ever (lesigh do not jinx it mookie y) however propaganda pandering his works.

I am watching it for my girlcrush SongJia, the wife 于凤至, stalwart of Zhang’s family in all the most turbulent years.  Their marriage was arranged when she was 11 years old, and young steadfast girl went on with her life first getting a solid education, graduating with honors, marrying the almost JFK of manguo for love despite, standing by him through dozens of lovers and affairs,  stay classy her own being, laid out cool rules dictating how her man could live with his lover under her roof, fulfilling the dutiful wife/woman confines of that era.  Look how much CN society regressed for womanhood seriously even compared to such stifling times ARGH!


She is magnificant.  Since it is some awards season in Cdramaland, her QiuYan from Xuan Ya/The Cliff beating SunLi as ZhenHuan, widely considered a biggest upset, still grumbled.  IF she is pitched against current SunLi in MiYue, no contest whatsoever, how much the dubbing saved SunLi then.  Not SongJia though, she has been the most dependable actress enjoying the clout of A lister able to pick worthy scripts someone perhaps more talented a JiangXin still is not respected the right to.

WenZhang is not that likeable a RL personality, but a very solid actor for all I care, very savvy pick on roles all through the years and he always do his part well.

Veteran 李雪健 (THE SongJiang of Water Margin 1998)  as Daddy generalissimo 张作霖 just got a supporting actor award beating out many more popular IT boys like WKK.  It is making most noise at giving a ‘fresh’, interesting albeit not well received, controversial take on history.  I have to make my own mind, not that I am well read in Zhang XueLiang’s life.   There is almost nothing to nitpick, everything is in its place, not an unsatisfying acting job in sight, mise en scene perfection.


Amazing Boyfriend

I will be the last breathing thing on earth not watching this:

WuQian is again nailing her audition for me for the role of HuangRong, ie my ultimate wuxia heroine love EVER (too bad they have cast someone else and it is deep in production with no chance of the new adapt watchable mark my words).  She did that in a crappier My Sunshine already, without her in those beginning episodes,  I could not have braved it and appreciated WallaceChung for the very first time.  This girl is made up of molecular cutestSASS.  Well, there is snarkiest writing deep deep deeep within lol poking this genre of silly fluff so awesomely, what I am frankly watching for.  I did enjoy GiannaJ in the original very much, but ask me plot, I could not ramble more than one line, me.

Adage is love conquers all, and we read in our shoujo manga how kisses are magical.   Seen it in a drama where EVERYTHING is solved by hot smooches?!  These characters are so sure of their place in their world and ours, really how serious is anything here a kiss wont do?!

Kiss compilation thanks to 竹儿公公 @ bilibili





6 thoughts on “Now Watching: May 2016

  1. I am here to kyaaa re hotness of O. Joe’s manbun’s in JH.. I would be motivated to go to work too if that’s what I’d see everyday. 🙂

    I fully agree on Haru’s Kokoro. Her’s is a character that could be irritating, but she plays it in a way that endears her to me instead. She’s amusingly naive but she hasn’t crossed the irritatingly stupid line.

    Also I like that the side characters (manga writers, the employee at the book shop and the sales department) are not one time cameos but are rather shown from time to time, and they don’t feel like story fillers at all.

    1. It is like we hanged on for so long watching O Joe everything and SUDDENLY he is picking nothing but UNICORNS! Payoff!
      MTE! I feel like I get such an authentic enhanced feel good look into this world of Manga publishing I know so little about and expected it to be nothing much, but I am wrong.

      Haru is fast becoming a bias.

  2. Dear My Friends is pretty good but I couldn’t see the second episode yet.

    I’m addicted to Another Miss Oh. I really like the chemistry between Eric and Seo Hyun Jin. But still hope Eric’s character can say more sentences LoL. And episode 9 seems answer my wish. He becomes more aggresive and they kiss!!!!! Finally! Even though I’m pretty sure I need more time to see Park Do Kyung confess his love since the guy usually just say short sentences and keep silent all the time…siggghhhh….

    1. I love that progression for DK in 8…where he swiftly got closure with OtherHY and then we saw him not really working and obsessing and putting all his energies obsessing over OurHY.

      I think we are going to get a lightbulb moment of what’s going on with all the premonitions, but as is I am fine reading it as his subconscious ceasing control, with all his auditory heightened reception through his home’s recordings with her in the white noise, and everything HY said must be stored a precious place in his head marinating changes in his brain chemistry thus asserting visions of her in dire situations, escalating as he yearns for her more and more… providing DK all humanly legit reasons to see and worry and care for her

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