Oh Hae Young Again 9, 10

I am getting antsy at 9, but almost all is well by 10. Almost.

Eric has been in the wrong occupation since his lips were born.   DK in heat is geez instead of being rapperleadernim, his God’s gift is a professional kisser 24/7. But I still want more of the fluid character progression a bit lacking lately.

I hate the office partying shenanigans taking up 1/3 of e9, filler unwanted.   Writernim, it’s beyond established OurHY is beyond knocked down, bring in some health age of 40sth is cruelty.   OurHY has been quite well cared of by her parents and herself till lately, a few months of heck cares inebriated wouldn’t age a decade in an otherwise healthy enough adult.  She bikes, she has a good appetite…she tangos, cardio by way of lots of heart fluttering (and breaking) too.   And why make HY be more Pitiable, I am quite tired of piling on HY’s misfortune to unnecessary begging sympathy for HY because WE CARE ABOUT HER LOTS AS IS, the ENTIRE world is cheering and rooting for her not because she is the typical underdog plain janedoe but she gives us so much hope, not nailing some tsundere prince Eric lookalike, but a hopeful worthy cutest human bop bag: her lovely life’s motto of fake it till you make it, her brave honesty in speaking and acting out her heart with all her might, especially to her dear ones, self-efficacy in things she can work on bettering, cheering herself on with all her ‘It’s ok!’ picking herself up by sheer will, self worthiness to not let constant social beatings take too much toll on her….etcetc ALL awe-inspiring…and you let her crap it over another booze-laced outburst, last time at least there was instigation with that scarf and her scummy male coworkers, but this time, she loses her cool over a forced overdone contrivance, diminishing her character.  I am also saddened my read on OtherHY was lenient last few eps, trusting the writing too much.  As some higher management, her time spent socializing with her male subordinates is as some seedy nightclub popular songstress.  She is really tactless, you do not call oppa just back on talking terms and be petty like it’s still highschool.  The lil workplace dramas were going harmlessly authentic till this ep, it is tiresome these coworkers who have worked with HY for years, be this imprudent if just to brownnose/pander OtherHY their sexist way.  It was already an exaggeration for every single one of those teenage schoolmates in their highschool, let alone almost the entire male workforce in a real workplace where HY must be a superior to however few of them.   Other HY is sadly truly a scheming wimp within, so fearful of shame with such insecurities, basing entire self-worth by the amount of  gloating of unworthy men she should know better by now.  I can tolerate some more filler office tension between the HYs only IF OurHY goes some higher ground, went out of the lavatory, agree to have that damn drink and lashes out her frustration at OtherHY then, in an appropriate private setting between just the two, have Sis intruding while barhopping, same outcome, just way less annoying.

I also hate the lazy reverse Bechdel where annoying office male douchebags  (of coz except Cutest Friendzoned Manager) lusting after, objectifying OtherHY only talking about, or to her, or dissing HY by association and not doing work but be bigots…and OtherHY lets them jeering around her dancing singing cutely AGAIN.   Not just that but DK’s dim but usu fiercely loving youngbro Hoon and bromantic significant other JS too fell for her smiles and supergorgeous looks WITHOUT any explanation whatsoever.  I also demanded fresher triggers of DK frustrated by working with twats thus aggravating his unresolved emotional limbo and a call from OtherHY, push comes to shove DK FINALLY has to do sth constructive.  DK could be a considerate listener, observant supportive friend and more to HY, agenda withstanding, could have reached that epiphany by himself internally.  I snapped.  OurHY snapped too, but so cringingly asking for a headbutt to square things with OtherHY.  WTF.   Even if we want some more product placement of alcohol which btw is beyond my patience its excess use to puke out contrived plot device tiresomely time and again for almost everything and everyone.  As physically hilarious as SooKyung and JinSang are, the drunk tango acrobats went too long.  Even for the later poignant scene of young DK with Dad could use some editing…y not juxtapose DK running, sweating off his grief and dread with young DK saving dad physical and heartbreaking ordeal!?!  That is why I HATE extensions always.

At the hotel, when DK hollers if HY wants him to slap some sense in her after she asks if they slept together, and they should after spending so much money on the room, from my C subs, HY said, ‘would you get excited if you slap me?!’  W. T. F.  sorry fansubbers, please take the blame because I could only stomach it as lost in translation.  But think of my poor heart the shock hit by that line.  I later rewatched that line in Engsub just to calm my nerves with, ‘Will you go for it once with me?!’   It is only not revoluting because SHJ is PURELOVE.

And I know I am crazy, hopefully Miss WriterPark as well, as nutso a fan of WKW and ERIC must sparks some itch to revamp 2046 into a cable Kdrama at this point, because the transience visuals DK is experiencing and his eccentric psychiatrist urgently giving a read labcoat off on DK having a nonlinear relationship with his past, perhaps reshaping memory by experiences so seared into DK’s mind, missing HY so much, clinging on her memories so vividly, sound in how we cope with trauma by processing the experience to a tolerable, livable memory…when he is lying on the ground, looking up the stars, dying: he will be dying.   And I thought of writer Mr Chow working on his own semi-biographical science fiction, commemorating all his longings and regrets in love subliming reality, 2046…set on a train to a finite time where all lost memories/yearnings could be found and revisited.   I still have hopes the drama will surprise me immersing in some convoluted surprising tangents.

And those GetAFkingROOMKisses,  wittily called VerticalML or SeatedML, easily made horizontal by a notty fan manip, and a passing smolder of Mr actor Mun, connects my brain instantaneously to TonyLeung x KimiTaku:



WKW Trilogy’s Mr Chow aka Tony Leung falls in love with his women, by the name of Su LiChens or remind him of a Su LiChen (Zhang Ziyi was known as a lil GongLi not for nothing) or even fragment of his reinvention of a younger Su LiChen in Faye Wong, in an unadulterated romance with a much less hedonistic younger foreign man KimuTaku, whom Mr Chow is projecting himself as, in his fiction of himself.

Mr Chow revisits the Su LiChen he met at his most pitiable, filling the longing for the married Mrs Chan Su LiChen.  She refuses to leave with him to HK and he grabs her, planting a most passionate kiss, it is not as if, there is no tomorrow.   His parting words before walking away no turning back (see, DK parting words after such passion are very very very welcomed),

if you can let go of your past, look for me.   

Words he realized, later, was more for himself than to her.

GO THERE writernim, homage WKW PLEASE(to annoy him out of woodwork, to work…which seriously my fangirl ESP DID today…Mr WKW is directing a C hideous looking webdrama *whatthe*).   I sign up for a show i thought will surely pwn MNIKSS, a My Name Is Oh Hye Young, you slumped most of an ep, so give me MNIOHY2046 instead.

I need some nitpicking:

What I think is a greatest attribute of DK is he is a responsible man, thus eaten alive by Guilt, a clean break from an ex, an OHY…after very aware he is smitten by another OHY…who is not rebound a replacement of his fiancee, cautiously handling all the snags before committing, commendable; still coping with a horrible childhood trauma of Dad’s death he had not ridden of guilt, as if asking for Dad’s permission to fall in love praying for his blessing he won’t be just gone like Dad… he is capable many cute thoughtful gestures, very heart fluttering and all; he is a sensitive, observant soul, quite hopeless a romantic, considerate listener…but what about the big LIE by omission, what about dumping always his frustration, even if out of care/concern/pity/love on HY as some most natural dynamics of their relationship?!   Although I have not enjoyed Lee JaeYoon as an actor, but he is solid, write him a character, not some cameo.   He is, all responsibility considered, still the culprit of ourHY’s heartbreak listening to some stupid bartend for advice on how to cut off your fiancee, that sparks all DK’s noblesse oblige in form of pity/miss you/love you…yet I am most confused with: did TJ and HY really love?!?!  What foundation are they betting to base their marriage on?!  Yes, he was dealt a low blow with his company, but why is he so set he would be in jail for good…is there something truly shady going on business wise for the dude?  Is HY that gullible not on equal grounds with him he can hurt savagely and just with an explanation, however sound, be expected at emotionally exactly where he left her cold because…she is undesirable with no options?!   HE has no concept whatsoever of OtherHY!?   If he does, the investigating job in PDK’s spite is sloppy.   AND what transpires with his visiting her folks?!?!?!?!!  You do not just walk out of HY’s Mom’s domain without a spectacular cutting to size and I am robbed of that loveliness.

I was not tooo enthusiastic with DK’s confrontation with TaeJin in 8 even if intention was to get revenge for hurting HY.   He is still lying through his teeth by omission, it would have been easily swoonworthy if he fessed up to TJ before instigating the cockfight.  I felt it more than a shoddy selfish excuse mostly to unleash his own pent up frustration, which he does often, being mercilessly obsessively a perfectionist at work, quite a few exchanges with HY…and that peeves me a habit he falls back.  What a traumatic event young DK has to witness and be a part of, but I am still so disappointed we get a very flat drunk hussy younger Mom, so there goes my hope for any redemption for MomPark as used to be human, and was in some however brief, loving marriage with Dad gone sour.  It was also strange for me DadPark just mildly wistfully smiles at DK, almost ignoring entirely his legal wife’s outburst of his negligence and the father and son snap back to their sweet nothings hanging out as if Mom never intruded nor existed.  It could well be passive aggressively alienating a child and a mother by Dad.  DK needs work, is seeking help and we still have time, so I am not giving up on him yet.   HY, picking crudely that scab on OtherHY as a runaway bride, part is also like DK, getting back for hurting her love, is as almost as annoying, although she is the victim in her breakup.

And I am not sure I find it reallytruly Cute HY very eagerly wants to have sex, meaty physical intimacy with DK right after he finally reciprocates feelings to words matching his long standing actions without the confusion.   Admittedly, I had fun, giggled at Awesome SHJ and her flawless comic beats at the hotel and ‘the last motel’.   I am not judging/condoning, all the heart fluttering, longing are palpable between them for a while, but HY is just 2 months off a serious relationship with her now ex-fiancee in a traumatic manner, and PDK has JUST let go of his ex (which HY should have no knowledge of yet), made a move back after her expressing with all her might her love for him…even going she would go for any man, her ex, BECAUSE of him, just as not to throw herself at PDK after his refusal.  Hmm for a 30sth woman under her circumstances, I find it a tad unreal.  I hope it is not pointing at her lack of self-esteem, desperate in wanting a binding of his love with sex, because I truly felt she has some marvelous honorable self worth,  have been admiring her loving herself even when the world outside of her Mom and Dad did not.  Her shamelessness is cute, there is the ERIC!Who!Wouldn’t factor, but I cringed a lil when HY rhetorically asked if she is too simple/easy and DK thanks her for being simple/easy for him.  The ring of it, I know I shouldnt take it literal/translated, is a few shades not entirely as perfect as drama has been.

Yes the fanservice, all the dokidoki scenes are there but tiny tweaks would make it perfect (by me):

Wound care: goodness gracious, HY has a bleeding ugly road rash and it is NOT romantic to hammer in DK being noble suppressing his urge to touch her flesh.  DK: Q TIPS, burn that pharmacy for not selling u a woundcare kit without!!!  I get so batty he just covered her bare legs with his coat, and later thrown her the medicine (after seeing OtherHY) when she is being the darnest honest HY ceasing the chance to have a DK/Eric.   Yes, it’s honorable for a guy to love a woman and not want to make easy love to her rashly, and it is as if it is romantic if a woman abandon all inhibition and throws herself easily in a romp, that’s love… and please not at the expense of common sense, a gaping wound!  Scene would be more subtly effectively if he care for her wound absolutely focused, then caught his own lust, subsequently covering up her legs, pure sweetness, why contrive the life out of it.

I, like the world, is incomplete with my drama watching without some RoyKim, but it is in these two episodes particularly I had too much of same old music proceeding emotion of scene, often a music cue overlapping the previous.   I want to be affected naturally, not spoonfed mood music before the scene matures.  Take the lovely scene of DK missing HY at her nook, it would have been way more poignant for someone as auditory perceptive, plus Eric is a very effective actor with his eyes, needs no help, to keep scene absolutely silent, white noise punctuated by him playing with her crazy giggly toy.

Humor me how is this world fair when a giggly doll gets this^?!  And did not melt?!??!?!

Same with that very tender end scene of 10 in the taxi when he is shielding a peacefully sleeping HY on his lap.   Any scene of DK for that matter, shouldn’t we respect HIS savoring of such precious silence made now newly alluring by being in love?!  

I do not care for table tennis with OtherHY to that playful lighthearted, I am melting dududuuu tune trying to be coy with us, then revealing DK’s mind is set on it being a finality and we have another piece of wistful for OtherHY music.  I do not care enough.

What I do not like about that exchange leading up to that hot and bothering PDA on street:  PDK, before you harp on how that other guy is not deserving (someone as splendid as HY), self-implore, which you should be good at…is there not enough reminders you are omitting your hugeass FUp!???!

It is sizzling hot, the kiss, but it was from a guy who has been observantly, thoughtfully quite tenderly caring with his ‘pity’ towards HY, should’ve let her outburst of frustration so discernibly caused by him overtake all his senses!  I would prefer DK kissing HY not because he could not frustratingly rein in his control NOT starting a relationship with her, but out of soothing and comforting her misunderstanding him choosing OtherHY over her foremost, much gentler, nurturing.  I know the title is wordplay on misunderstanding… and it is nice to keep echoing theme, but tone down all his physical aggression, this could’ve just been the most preciously progressing mutual love, and brilliantly written, we had been enjoying all along.  She is directly expressing with both her words and action, even if it hurts she is misunderstanding you entertaining getting back with OtherHY, let her beat the shite out of you first and foremost before you call her out being overreacting, hollering her to calm the freak down and dodging and manhandles her as you please.

Yes, it is a relief and your luck HY is so in love with you accommodating a willing participant but it could’ve been much more captivating if DK puts HY first and foremost as he always does.  There is too much assertion of his wants and feelings first, snapping her behavior is so unacceptable he is going to cut off his affection for her.   I do not care for him walking off a few tries and HY has to constantly held on their spar.  I do not care for that little smirk as he almost walks off, as if trying to spare her from the wrath of his disciplining as in pinning her to wall.  Nothing is speaking to me as expression of their love all along. This breakthrough in their romance is almost out of frustrated unresolved sexual tension his part, the uncontrollable desire, the controlling streak in him, frustration on her throwing herself at the other guy but very little of my expected guilt he is the culprit of her hit by this new bout of terrible loneliness being strung along BY HIM like an emotional rag doll, exactly like that doll she has and he is expecting her to just prop herself up and laugh it off  with his instigation this time?! Even factoring in hit of horrible dissection of his visual physical trances, plausible his mindframe this particular moment how much he could not responsibly reciprocate the love thus hurting HY later, utterly pitiable AND death imminent.   But once he has given in his urges, he should not just walk away frustrated, too preoccupied with his own conundrum and neglecting, basically emotionally dumping HY on the spot after he has his release because HY as a willing participant is nothing new, she puts it in words just moment prior she is still so much in love with him, nothing unexpected.  My annoyance is smoothed out by HY’s BestDREAMIESTBFF in 10,  the guy has pointedly shown his affection and he is just trying to tell you with his subsequent action he needs time to carefully work on some issues himself before entering a relationship with you…because he is that serious.  I agree wholeheartedly EVERY word out of BFF’s mouth always.  Still, given that spur of moment, DK walking out when HY’s self-esteem is very fragile, being freshly reminded of a guy she almost will spend rest of her life with loves his own pride more than her entire being is hard to swallow.  All I am asking is for the sanity of HY, love her and put her first DK, make yourself as deserving her love because she is marvelous.

Oh but 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DK is fine sticking with being a miser with words unable to speak everything on his mind constantly like HY, exactly his construct.  BUT OUR MOST PITIABLE TENDER MANCHILD SPEAKS ALL THE RIGHT MAGIC WORDS!

SO.  Cute.


How he misses her so terribly using those gorgeous Eric! globes to the max, fixating his loveliest glistening pools of emotions in his eyes on her complimenting those widest smiles EVERY moment.   AT least he could try a moment away, but fail unable to move his doting gazes from HY, nor hiding much those grins escaping while she is busy being her chirpy this delighted self, not fully aware the intensity.

Still, I have more faith in Eric than what the back to lovely writing of PDK is allowing him to do.   And well, I would trade any drunkard acting out scene of all the other characters I am caring less and less and have an episode of nothing but this delicious manpain please:

For that, I rewatched the DoR e11 scene by the teambuilding bonfire, most fantastic Eric hopeless yearning gazes, even how he lowers those gazes evading, essaying all the finefinefine yearning I felt unworthy to savor, that, I want more in OHYA, maybe this consuming hopelessness not suiting yet, but I am not one forgetting DK should be in an escalating, distressing place with ominous premonition, starting a relationship with HY THEN must leave her, forever, inevitably, soon.


Good that for half an ep I surprise myself most unpleasantly annoyed at HY losing her mind and down to earth sensible cool, she rebounds to too lovely for words within the episode.   All those most genuine, honest, sweetest smiles Seo HyunJin showers on DK, heartmelting pitchperfect.  It is overt but not a hair over, it is the purest vision of picture perfect happiest woman in love, giving love in the form of these sweetest steadiest gazes towards nothing but her poorbaby of a pitiable man she loves more than her pride.  So affecting I threw all my nitpicking out the window, till I sit down and rant this XDDD…yes clean closure is hypothetically great and part of me is glad DK and HY is moving on from their exes as swiftly before messily tangling in some ménages à quatre but otoh it is anticlimatic, unrealistic.  I have been sobbing along HY and DK over their crippling heartbreaks and the smooth and easy resolutions, as if just switching a light off abrupt, triggered me to ponder…hmm there is almost no wistful longing, missing a love lost, so swift.  On DK’s case, he apparently just needed a reason to let go, and being quite hugely at fault, he just moves on, no turning back, a bit of guilt but not much regret.   Even though I felt HyeBin needs a better grasp of her character, I felt the blow for her as that tear fell after their so long fare thee well table tennis match.   HY seems more lamenting time and love wasted on an unworthy man more in love with himself, his pride than her.  I cheered as she admits to her Mom she is getting back with TJ because she is too restless/bored with such spectacular honesty, and from Mom’s face, she is readying herself, bracing the drat of her daughter’s ugly mess to come.  She knows, we know HY is seriously contemplating using TJ as a rebound for her apparently unrequited love for DK then, which that love for DK itself is quite a rebound for TJ in the strictest sense, a fluttering distraction from loneliness too unbearable. It is understandable, but I missed, that moment, my nothing but lovable HY.

I nod my head off to HY taking some time away from love and men all together, as Mom gushes out at once.  I trust she can pull herself up, shift focus on work (but oh please enough of all the hammering HY into such beyond repair walking inferiority complex nutcase, a disrespected existence in her office because of OtherHY, is not wage paying work!!! She has been working at the company for close to a decade with some worth! ).  Yes, spend some time, as little as a week (liveshooting no?!?!) with her worried sick parents, very much deserve a lot of her hugging back. Do house chores to occupy time! And good that as I was virtually yelping sense into HY, she did just that washing wet blankets (huh).  Truth be told, our OTP’s progression has been this exact self-aware since 8 with premonition of the kiss, DK was never revolted by his fateful premonition, at end of 9, save for consummating in standing ML form, lovely they are physically together, yet I had rather time spent on more imminent, fresher unresolved plot I could not think up, before all the lovey dovey…because what’s left but fabricated angst feeding the rebound in insatiable OTP sweetness addiction…for bulk of 8 eps?!?!

I nitpick because I care VERY MUCH.  I fear ep9 is either evidence of drama jumping the shark or I just need to gauge my aspiration as an episode less perfect.  I still love seeing the OTP enjoying each other’s company and be in their little world, caring friends validating each other first, all the lusting affection second.  I love that hug and that tender invitation of DK with a please, some begging escaping his eyes.  I love what must be hitting him, grieving his dad, fearing his own death never as much is this never more clear love for this woman.  He replayed his Dad’s wisdom on love, for sound, for everything:

Once you acknowledge that things are transient , you don’t waste your energy in useless things’


At first it must be too overwhelming, the fear of her going through grief like he did with Dad, but then she must’ve given him hope and strength, as his psychiatrist suggested, in altering fate with whatever flashforwarding timespace melting strong will to hold onto life, with her.  I am in awe writing is poetically back to form, how beauty is transient, as transient is beauty itself.  What TJ’s call asking HY out for a date triggers fortuitously, how precious time is for TJ after lockup…sparking more bothering clarity in HY: TJ is not the one she wants to spend precious time with…and occupies herself with stomping blankets clean instead.  And time with her MostPreciousBFF instead.  ‘Sorry’ She called off TJ, apology loaded: she has fallen out of love with him, he occupies no place of her care and concern.  I love the pride of HY able to holding out not entering ‘their home’, not caving in how much she wants him, respecting his need for space and time, her priority when she is in love.   I love she savors that moment he puts in words how much HE needs her, needs her love, needs to love her before offering him before stop giving pride and shame too much a damn this solace, that little nook by her neck with her scent, her heartbeat, his now most soothing noise he wishes could rest in.

He is numbing his inhibition with booze to let his mind run wilder with his premonition, as scary revisiting the accident yet he can still see the stars most vividly, feel those petals falling on his body…still alive.  He must be wishing that is not the last, his finite premonition.

-I am never changing my mind.


And he smiles wider and is happier than her.

I love how comfortable OTP are on a first date, how truly they could be themselves.   I love DK breaking his super doting gaze on HY while she focuses on cooking by opening soju, some more courage before spilling his hearts.  Even DK is speaking what is exactly on his mind, how he fell for her spilling her humiliation, admiring her strength pulling herself up when beaten down, almost to the point of gratefully thanking her hanging in there so he is blessed this time with her laughing…and with some soju, he could open up how it will forever be the moment of unconditional love he is so moved, missed from his Mom, feeding hopefully her future SoninLaw.  He is telling HY he wants the most to be part of Oh family.  And HY downplays how moved she is by his utter sweetness making fun of him being rattled by so little, when she has so much more to give, be it feeding him the best kimchi, meat, clams his every bite.  I love when he lovingly gazes at her cooking for him, she smiles most beautifully so attuned, so aware, without even looking up.  I love she must consciously wants to savor every sweet moment with him and stay sober while he is the one finally lets himself loosen up and drinks his hearts out…because there is no way any mistake can happen, with her, so perfectly blissful they are this moment.  Being in love with each other gives them the chance to be themselves, the purest, truest, best, most beautiful they could naturally be , laughing hearts out, shamelessly spilling everything on mind with no inhibition.

I love that second passionate kiss with all my heart, she remains comfortably seated, and ERIC gosh what can I do with you without self-combust?!  He has been building up this kiss so well, drinking some soju calming his nerves, opening his heart what is most alluring to him is not just HY but everything, her family, her Mom, simpliest thing about her and her family, and she is moving him some more promising this touches nothing of the love she is gonna bless him, and he feels like this happiest luckiest guy.


I am gonna kill you.

with my cutest little grins.


He does all the ‘work’ enjoying their sweet love more desirable than her nuggets of food, the cherishing tenderness, those little breaks between kisses, I am gone when his nose nuzzles hers, cares about her able to breathe, such heightened sensitivity doting on her, amidst all the heat is the crucial winning trait of DK under his stoic we and HY fell for.  It does not hurt it is an homage to the chair grab in DoRe2 either, no?!


I love this wide shoot, where again, PDK holds HY gently tighter into him, like the Hug and he never lets go now.


Yes, PDK, you still have a hard long road ahead, but there is sunlight at dawn and this bundle of love on your lap you would, you can brave it all to just smooth out a stray strand of hair, even the sweetest sunlight,  to not disturb her sleep.



One thought on “Oh Hae Young Again 9, 10

  1. Hahahahaha oh man i got so wrapped up talking about the whole vision theory discussion I forgot all about it– yeah the characterizations of all the characters/editing definitely felt like it lost some of the nuance in the earlier episodes… it felt a bit sloppier/sliding back to conventional romance angst with the annoying female second lead gosh of all the things I appreciated about NotHaeyoung earlier was when she said her pride wouldn’t let her be pitiful in the eyes of someone she loved so much– that’s a very real struggle (heh the irony… of OurHY feeling like she’s in the frying pan of compromising her female pride… I guess strangely to my traditional Cantonese upbringing that’s where OurHY wins? She chooses to deal with her damned pride in a way that gives DK fair chance to get it out of him what he really feels, instead of shutting him out like NoHY… she’s being “easy” without being manipulative or loving herself less, hence her agony)

    anyway, I diverge… back to NoHY… they gave me that piece of her, so real that I actually allowed her to be a real person in my eyes with all her Bit-Na (harhar)… then they have to take it away by suggesting her to be a scheming second lead? it’s either that or there’s a disconnect between the director and the actress (the actress have been praised for other works so it’s not like she CAN’T layer a realistic reason to the same behavior… but somehow I’m just NOT getting it besides hints of scheming b*tch… ionno… is she really just that admiration-desperate? aieeee

    too late at night can’t think of anything else good to say…

    but damn…. hot as those kisses were, I don’t think they killed me as much as both times they hugged… guh DK’s… i don’t know how to put it… sadness/relief/breathing-her-presence-like-air-face (go… take it… put it into more deserving words please) so FRIGGIN TENDER those hugs really made a deeper impression on me then (in a close second) the pochangmacha kiss =P

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