Friday Pretty Post: Yuan Hong Is Married

Lil Red Flower is officially off the market!  I must say it takes a big heart to have the bestmen and the reunion of the TangRen Trio be all the talking points on your big day, but that’s YH for yall.

The most handsome collection of best men:  Ma TianYu, Hu Ge, the Groom, Eddie Peng,  Liu HaoRan

Like all Chinese weddings, the guys have to play hilarious games in order to be allowed into the bride’s room.   Of course HG is the one directly on top of YH and taking up most of the wt.

Each bestman has a tailormade tux lined with their lucky color, awww sweet of YH.

Ma Tian Yu is just ridiculously pretty.

Of all of YH besties attending, Eddie is the one most crazily ecstatic lol

This is the pic the world has been waiting for.  I can not rem when they were last seen tog, it is at least 5+years :’)  They were the first Cdrama-idols and Young Yang Clan, Chinese Paladins, Legend of Condor Heroes…colored the youth of so many 20sths+.

Guo XiaoTing is sucha facetwin with YH she has cutely nicked his lilsis,  or Mrs. LSS lol, they are bffs for so many years, gosh I love seeing reunion of friends forever!  *btw her new C period Shaolin WenDao is out and I am liking it!*

I just have never seen a sweeter sweetheart of everyone than Ma TianYu.

The day after the wedding, HG and YH has been seen all over the town shopping and lunching.

As Mrs. Yuan asked her hubby:  Did you ever fall in love with HG?

YH:  *gulp*  Huh??  Loved…. when?


2 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: Yuan Hong Is Married

  1. Congratulations and best wishes to the newlywed! This is great news. Awesome to see the three together again after all these years and still good looking.

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