Friday Pretty Post: TGIL

The girls and guys I love lately: Cutiepies making me watch dramas.  I am just TRYING to enjoy a Friday, a weekend and let the happy bigots in the world jeer theirs.


张一山/Zhang YiShan is the new CN IT boy.  The CN world is imploded by madlove for the 20sth 170sthcm lil guy kicking all the actor’s arses, inasmuch the slashy fangirls are serving Most Precious 16 yo WuLei/3 stones/Lil FeiLiu of LYB on a platter as his national OTP in all popular BL fanvids,

 photo e4c6ff5bgw1f4we9uechfg209w05kb29.gif

Other CP the fans r manipulating with: the cutiepie teen heartthrob Liu HaoRan, and ZYS’s childactor sista/classmate/bff YangZi.  He is also somehow reminding the fangirls of a certain holygrail Mr Oguri Shun, yup all the ships have fanvids, that is how HOT! ZYS is atvm.

I know him as a nerdy child star, never fitting the standard flower boy mold and I have not been following his works while he was obviously honing his skills most spectacularly accumulating to an explosive, provocative webdrama hit Yu Zui.  Even though the writing is passable to meh and I am being kind, who cares, no one is watching this other than for this crazily talented 24 yo in his jawdropping putting himself on the map performance, he is a blackhole sucking my attention, when he is on, all flaws forgiven, I munch my popcorn, lick my screen, life is good.

Yu Zui the drama is not truly worthy, but what is working is it is ‘short’ 12 eps a season, two seasons out and three must be in production considering the popularity, wisely have some awesome fanvids instead:

There will NEVER be any beloved C undercover cop angsty  thriller without an Internal Affairs themesong fanvid.

It is a phenom because this is still an almost never done genre, a risque (CN sensibilities) undercover cop tale where the police r not all angelic knights.  Too bad there is only perhaps a baddie character worth a mention, and his pudgy we all fear for his life always sidekick.  His cop boss, esp his senior ladycop nicked by our Shameless Yu Sista Booblicious…both bland and dull, prone to forget to bring their brains at crucial moments, Zhang TianAi would have elevated drama many folds as Sista B(gosh what is the darling wasting time on, doing nth huh?!?!), or a YangZi, even though she looks too young for role but she can ACT, if I have to tolerate a fake nose, might as well be YangZi’s, match Zhang YiShan in skills and…have the boobs haha.  I have started praying for them to play an OTP, even some cringeworthy shoujo of a rich spoiled princess and a delinquent.  ZYS said out loud he have no idea how to approach the hot scenes if done with YangZi, they know each other too well and are too chubby, and no way they can be a (RL) couple even stretching imagination, both of them not the others’ type.  kekeke iow there is nothing more challenging.  This auntie is already delusionally fantasizing how ruling the world talented their babies would be LOL

His advantage is he has no pretty boy baggages, giving him that versatility bending morphing himself to be anything, only limitation is if he can get those breaks, in character Yu Zui, he puts so many vivacious layers often fluidly shedding and piling on most eloquently: fear, vulnerability of a boy, quickwit badassery of a delinquent, the shameless suave lady’s man player wannabe, a lovelorn puppy, that heart of gold, loyal upright well brought up son of a poor single dad owning a lil fruit stall, aspiring to be a policeman of their tiny lil ‘hood just for that advantage on the side keeping an eye on ruffians leeching off Dad.

Three hot things in 私結婚できないんじゃなくて、しないんです/ Watashi Kekkon Dekinainjanakute

I did not watch for the story, no, the writing has nothing going for I care about: super attractive plastic surgeon except hitting a certain past prime per social norm age, is decidedly single, ‘hopeless’ in finding a suitor, but suddenly 3 men enter her life and she loses her cool:  her first ever and STILL crush from highschool now leading a decent boring dependable salaryman life, a much younger carefree manboy living life seizing the moment like all cliched 20sth J cutiepies falling for much older heroine, and a ‘lifecoach’ calligrapher rude Prince/world class hot chef with an estranged (but want her back) wife and daughter he is somehow clueless what went wrong, an otherwise shouty yoda on romance, not doing much of a thing to mend…who gets strangely agitated around heroine meddling with her love life, along with bold brush strokes on magical appearing $$$ handmade paper and ink romance bootcamp 101 plan of attack for heroine to get her headway in romance DICTATED by him.   It does not rub me that wrong shutting the lines out when the true delicacy drama is serving are fantasy self sacrificing variety of dreamboats all for the happiness of heroine.

I love Naohito all these years a very biased fangirl, very aware he is not grandest an actor, still this is losing me, makes lil sense as a complete character and whenever he lectures his ‘wisdom’  I only hear entitled Bullcrap through my ears as my eyes roll and twitch.

It still has loveliness going for me: the firstlove flashback, typical dorama puppylove gold encapsuled in the usual nuanced spot on gorgeous subtle cinematography with perfect music.  Perfect music is Jpop of the 90s, songs I grew up with, can still sing:  Mr Children, Southern All Stars, Dreams Come True, Spitz 井上阳水, Yumi Matsutoya…if they put in a ZARD’s Goodbye My Loneliness I wouldve burst out in ugly sobs.

Kentaro-kun, why so delectable? Character is the typical inarticulate cuteboy silent admirer of heroine who is also crushing him but misunderstanding, missed chances…fate intrudes.   I know who he is facetwin of finally, after a lot of intense research in droolzing, one of my first Kdorama crushes: young Toshiaki Karasawa

 photo 677838f33a87e950509ce6bd17385343f9f.jpg photo c4b634d3d539b600a69ddc41ee50352ac75.jpg

 photo 7c16dfc451da81cb3579423b5566d016082.gif
 photo 1dc76e81800a19d862d1449034fa828ba41.gif
 photo a8490855b319ebc499e4b60c8526cffc1f1.gif
 photo 405b95dda144ad34c6474712d7a20cf430a.gif

 photo 93be8104jw1f4ykq4f6wkj214l0mu42z.jpg

Kentaro’s Sakurai-kun grew old into Yoshimi Tokui. The character does not do much for nor ring true to me, but their arc is one of the few I find convincing till the end.

Oh and Seto Koji is SO LOVELY.  I did not know this puff of maru is a good actor in disguise!  It is a given he has a sweetest boyish smile, eyes containing stars in them, but he is at his most seriously arresting in transitions between the lines/script, inserting a lot of nuance and depth to an otherwise written 2D wet behind ears boytoy.   Behind the childish contrivances, there were genuine concern and consideration of her well being first thus hiding behind a careless/carefree poker smiling playboy cuteface.

 photo 6b381d338744ebf8528dbdd8def9d72a6159a735_zpse9rbk91p.png
 photo 6e5e0c950a7b02083716b4c76ad9f2d3562cc895_zps4ka7gpqr.jpg
 photo 08a2403d269759eef1bd0514b5fb43166f22dfdc_zpsxgyc2scl.jpg
 photo 8d4810e93901213f0a5fcf2753e736d12e2e95b1_zpsm6ysqspn.png
 photo 8d4810e93901213fabba280353e736d12e2e953f_zps9nb9u5ux.png
 photo 9b085ec2d56285355a5456da97ef76c6a6ef6369_zpsrfh6loyd.png photo 31f5daef76094b36c189df66a4cc7cd98c109dfe_zpsxs7ie9ad.png
 photo 20fc572309f790529ec352f00bf3d7ca79cbd5f3_zpspl9luufv.jpg
 photo 55a3a3fb43166d224eab005a412309f79252d2f3 - Copy_zpsrauausbu.jpg
 photo 73d5b8773912b31bbd551dce8118367adbb4e1f0_zpsfgfrcrti.png
 photo 416c860a304e251f26133c1fa086c9177d3e53cd_zpsnkkn5qhm.jpg
 photo 871cfaf81a4c510f93383bfd6759252dd52aa535_zpszi3h8bqq.png
 photo 917b86dda144ad34396c440cd7a20cf433ad85c6_zpspcjo2s1c.png
 photo 76515a36acaf2edde9da6a278a1001e9380193a8_zpsuupskdwf.png
 photo 3959303fb80e7bec4b927f3e282eb9389a506b78_zpswqhnxmg9.png
 photo 8640277adab44aed34445503b41c8701a08bfba3_zps6unntqid.png photo b8566aec54e736d1997f0df39c504fc2d46269b1_zpswb4lqaxt.jpg
 photo 075039381f30e9248d7f66d64b086e061f95f7d2_zpsmy2clw09.jpg
 photo a0b419fa513d26971ed8e9ba52fbb2fb4216d8a2_zpsweljnyzg.png
 photo 031769f0f736afc3e2f74cbab419ebc4b54512c9_zps7oozochg.jpg
 photo 5157c8f9d72a605968ec38fd2f34349b023bba35_zpssngzctnx.png
 photo a92f2812b31bb051f61d63cf317adab44bede0f0_zpsm12mzqof.png
 photo a3946dd98d1001e91df41e33b00e7bec55e7979d_zpslvpotuve.jpg
 photo ad6c4882b2b7d0a24fe22753ccef76094a369aa8_zpsr26yeukg.jpg
 photo b009e9198618367af13e814829738bd4b21ce54c_zpsxhieoo2g.jpg
 photo b2efc1a20cf431ad8ef960f74c36acaf2fdd98a8_zps3mrhnaxt.jpg
 photo b4d79d5494eef01f9f3ff422e7fe9925bd317d82_zpsw6tkslfl.jpg
 photo b8c1b8014c086e065477b46d0a087bf40bd1cb95_zps7dkredrn.jpg
 photo b71d52a98226cffc0dd45c55be014a90f703ea37_zpsb1hqj4hu.png
 photo b341fac4b74543a993e5192b19178a82b8011436_zpswsqlvqxk.jpg
 photo b343a151f8198618267e3f634ded2e738ad4e6f0_zpsvf3zezcn.jpg
 photo cfa40f178a82b9016b1a3da6748da9773812ef4c_zpstj38c6es.png
 photo d0fa1df431adcbef301f5dc8abaf2edda2cc9fa8_zpswxh1avyw.png
 photo d53a9435e5dde71156c0da0da0efce1b9c166197_zpsmul9um91.png
 photo d190b686c9177f3edb0220ea77cf3bc79e3d56ff_zpscquwfb7d.png
 photo d4679694a4c27d1ec499ab171cd5ad6edcc43879_zpspnj7zprn.png
 photo d7727159252dd42a67f5d84c043b5bb5c8eab835_zpsaqrg5kfg.jpg
 photo e74981ef76c6a7ef0a922cddfafaaf51f2de6669_zpspwurhrgz.png
 photo f76ebec379310a552edfad2bb04543a9802610c9_zpsup4odo6b.jpg
 photo f884c000baa1cd11e3035aeebe12c8fcc2ce2d1a_zpsvhsq4vcw.jpgHe reminds me of that intensity in quirky sparkle of the very young Li MinKi

Juhan Shuttai! is new addition on my fav Jdorama list, a precious will save a blues day rewatchable gem.  My heart swells with that hopeful exuberance of Youth Haru Kuroki (I ADORE HER) filled every cell of her effervescent Kokoro.  It is a workplace manga fantasy but the warmth and heart is channeled through every character.   What is with all the Kentaro boys robbing our hearts these days!?  Kentaro Sakaguchi is cute enough but too bland facewise (for my taste),  pleasant that I find him more charming after the dorama.   Of course I checked this out no reservation for Ogadari Joe, of course.  There are all these lovely actors in side characters (treated with care and development!) I go awww over just seeing their faces:

 photo 803c4b85gw1f546jg1dooj21120kun08.jpg
 photo 6a01873djw1f54bqqw9gej20no0dcmya.jpg
 photo 6a01873djw1f54bqpzp2ij20no0dcq3f.jpg
 photo 6a01873djw1f54bqqoo6vj20no0dcq3t.jpg
 photo 6b5e02c7gw1f54e6msxafj21pc0yihdt.jpg

 photo 7502048bgw1f55d55y2c7j21120ku7kb.jpg
 photo abd7a874gw1f55gztlo7fj20hs0bt7aq.jpg
 photo 69381e95gw1f4xyagaae1j21e01e0qak.jpg

Nagayama Kento (I must have a recent fiend with Kent….) again reminding me an old crush, Taishu Kase, Takeshi Kaneshiro was known as his TW’s facetwin:

 photo 69381e95gw1f4xyqizf51j21e01e0guy.jpg

 photo 45be907agw1f54y3ormwhg205k05khdt.gif
 photo 45be907agw1f54y3rv53rg205k05knpe.gif
 photo 45be907agw1f54y3mxql5g205k05kb29.gif
 photo 45be907agw1f54y3hbrefg205k05ke81.gif
 photo 45be907agw1f54y3ege6lg205k05kqgp.gif
 photo 45be907agw1f54y3kq0lmg205k05ku0x.gif
 photo 45be907agw1f54y3duxztg205k05kb2a.gif
 photo 45be907agw1f54y3ljypbg205k05k7op.gif
 photo 005NsDdpjw1f3kjzxber2g30at068b2c.gif
 photo 005NsDdpjw1f4yeqra3qrg30b0063u15.gif

The AMAZING O JOE is at it again.  Struts still like a model with impossible to look manlysmexy highbuns, he still somehows tone down all that bamfness into just another ordinary (too) serious at work staunch manga editor.   Even I pay my full attention at his work, his mentoring and did minimal asdfhdgkfadghjk;lkhjghagdfdsdfghkh !!!@#$%#^*&^!!!!  That’s what the gifs are for.

When a dorama is in its distilled, minimalistic finest, it needs none of the tired trope filling delectable space where the characters and live, feel and breathe.   These characters are all charming simply because they are allowed to be human beings with their quirks and unique shortcomings and ordinary strengths.   Charm is not quantified solely by how attractive it is romantically to the opposite sex, here it is fondness soul stirring between human beings nodding to a collective passion towards something as ‘trivial’ as manga publishing.




9 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: TGIL

  1. OMG! So happy I am not the only one watching Yu Zui keke. Thanks for these awesome fanmade videos, they are all great. I really loved the drama and didn’t think it was a waste of time. Obviously Zhang Yishan was a highlight and I am excited to see more of his projects in the future ^^

    1. The script though… left much for me to desire. I am peeved of any stupid/ holes in cop thrillers, lives r on line!

      He is crazyawesome! Those magnificant acting chops i am still gobsmacked. MostPerfectever 4 a Wei Xiaobao of Duke of Mt Deer if anyone dare to revive that in any authenticity soonish.

  2. When a dorama is in its distilled, minimalistic finest, it needs none of the tired trope filling delectable space where the characters and live, feel and breathe. These characters are all charming simply because they are allowed to be human beings with their quirks and unique shortcomings and ordinary strengths. Charm is not quantified solely by how attractive it is romantically to the opposite sex, here it is fondness soul stirring between human beings nodding to a collective passion towards something as ‘trivial’ as manga publishing.

    THIS TRUTH I agree with 100%!!!

    Oh Mookie, I didn’t know you like Zhang Tian Ai so much! 🙂 She was SO AWESOME in 太子妃 and yeah, I got no idea what she’s been doing these days! It’d be nice to see her in some meaty roles cuz the lady can act and is gorgeous!

    As for Yang Zi, she has an upcoming wuxia drama about to air (诛仙) so I’m looking forward to seeing her there, since she was wasted in 欢乐颂 along with the exquisite Jiang Xin (Goddamn Shanying will forever be in my shit list for the mess that is 欢乐颂). I dunno how the drama will turn out but the original story is pretty good and Yang Zi’s part is a very important character (actually the female lead but the drama adapt changed her character to a supporting character which is a bummer).

    Speaking of Jiang Xin, she’s headlining a new drama with Lu Yi (Blind Date) which is gonna be awesome since both of them can act and look awesome too. I’m just excited cuz finally Jiang Xin is playing a main role that ISN’T a 怨妇 / 泼妇 / 小三 / 奸妃 / 拜金女. Why Jiang Xin doesn’t get better parts I don’t understand, since she’s clearly one of the best actresses in her age group and she’s gorgeous. But anyway at least now she’s got a decent role! And I think since it’s rom-com so maybe she’ll get a happy ending for her character (her Song Ning was completely awesome but was too damn tragic it made me feel depressed after watching it). As for Lu Yi, it’s good cuz he’s acting opposite Jiang Xin and it’s NOT a Yuma drama (good God I skimmed through Yun Zhong Ge and seriously why is Yuma still allowed to make dramas and holy shit Angelababy is nothing more than a vase cuz she can’t act even if her life depended on it).

    1. I adoreeee ZhangTianAi! She is truly super gorg and quite talented and could command the screen like those old hk wuxia goddesses a CrystalLiu LSS et al could never. I read her would b in some supporting roles in upcoming HKmovie… i wish she could land a Tsui Hark, at least it would save us fr an Angelababy allergy.

      Argh, nope no誅仙 for me, not even 4 YZ i run out of…sanity to check out any Cidolfantasyperiod thanks to HQG/Yuma/ TangRen post LoCH08. Don’t you worry with just the hint of the rewrites?! It doesnt matter if the orig is decent, they always have a way of rewriting/crapping them to most ridiculously silly. If everything attached is impossible to look away, then i would grudgingly brave it but just YZ , no way. I am not even inspired to check out 秀丽江山,said to be out soon. Ruby productions never have tolerable scripts. And… YZ is visibly plastic which is my biggest peeve with period… just too jarring visually and those costumes r eyesores. YZ will forever be precious 4 me just on her awesome in Battle of Changsha alone, doesn’t need to wow me no more. Sucha career move as 誅仙 is nec, i know, but she would be wasted and should be doing nth but proper slice of life dramas/ movies.

      I like LuYi only in Grow Up though, i will check it out, doesnt look too headdesky but i dun have high hopes because imo Jiang!Xin! will totally overshadow him with her superstrong presence, his aura is too gentlemanly 陰柔/no machismo, quite the stereotypical Shanghainese/江南 handsome JX needs northerner manliness i think in a great match. That is y i pray she will pair up with JinDong.

      1. Totes agree with you about Zhang Tian Ai! She was pretty much the reason why I watched all of 太子妃! The male leads were just pretty boys but ZTA had amazing screen charisma along with gorgeousness, so she was the biggest highlight of the series. Liu Yifei is lithe and beautiful but can’t act. Liu Shishi can’t act and isn’t exactly beautiful (she’s too pedestrian for my tastes).

        I would love to see Zhang Tian Ai land a Tsui Hark cuz that’d be 100000000000000000000000000x better than Angelababy.

        LOL Jin Dong is too busy pairing up with Bai Baihe in 外科风云! LOL looks like the Shanying uncles got inspired by BBH in Grow Up. But at least they picked a good leading lady this time for a change (the female leads in Disguiser and Love Me If You Dare were terrible cuz they can’t act).

        I’d love to see a Jin Dong & Jiang Xin collab cuz that’d be just so much awesome on my screen I’d be swooning through the whole thing :D, but alas JD and Jiang Xin only barely crossed paths in 欢乐颂, so…

        As for Lu Yi, his looks are definitely on the gentlemanly side (very 公子ish with features on the 精致 side). Jiang Xin and Jin Dong are more the 硬朗 type with the 典型北方人轮廓. (I can’t describe this very well but I hope you get what I mean) Nonetheless I still look forward to seeing LY and JX cuz at least it’s something different from the usual 小鲜肉 / 小花 who are pretty much just vases…

        As for wuxia adapts, nothing beats those 80’s Golden Era TVB adapts like Condor Trilogy, Duke of Mt. Deer, etc. They stuck close to Jin Yong’s novels and had awesome actors like Tony Leung, etc. in them (actually all the cast members were pretty good, even the supporting characters were wonderful). The massive rewrites that screw up the original stories piss me off (like LOCH08 WTF that was so wildly different from the original novel I only watched it cuz I liked the cast but it was levels below ’83 Condor Heroes!).

        Yuma/Tangren rewrites of wuxia classics will always put them on my shitlist for how they butchered the novels and characters! ROCH 2014 and Swordsman 2013 are a GODDAMN 耻辱 to Jin Yong novels and I can’t even look at them without feeling pissed off. And LOL at Tangren’s 武侠 / 仙侠 adapts cuz *sigh* … their recent butchering of 秦时明月 comes to mind. Although that one is still 100000000000000000000000000000x better than Yuma’s 云中歌!

        I like the 诛仙 story very much and I’ve waited ages for a drama adapt so I’m probably gonna check it out anyway (just like I watched the Hua Qiangu adapt out of curiosity and nostalgia for the original novel)… The HQG adapt was COMPLETE SHIT with only Ma Ke and Zhang Danfeng being the highlights worth watching. They totally F-ed up so much of the characters and script and Goddammit Wallace was so disappointing as Bai Zihua (he looked the part but IMO he didn’t play the character very well). Zhao Liying looked the part as HQG but for some reason she couldn’t get me to feel for the character like I did when I read the book…

        *SIGH* I know I’m probably bound for disappointment with novel to drama adapts … so far the only adapts that I’m pleased with are 三国 and 水浒传. 三国 had MASSIVE changes compared to the original novel but I can deal with that cuz they still made sense – they incorporated parts from 三国志 and 三国演义 so I can accept that, although I’m not pleased with the way the 三国 script portrayed 东吴 but anyway… 水浒 actually stuck pretty close to the original novel and my only gripe is that the drama had too slow (especially at the beginning) and sometimes uneven pacing.

        I like Ruby Lin but Goddamn her dramas are so MARY SUE to the max with pretty crappy scripts, as you mentioned. Her 秀丽江山 has been delayed so long I almost forgot about that drama, but I don’t have high hopes for it cuz it’s bound to be another 玛丽林 drama again with pretty but not much substance. I’ll check it out anyway (when it airs at God knows when) cuz Yuan Hong and Ruby look gorgeous in Han costumes, but yeah…

      2. I think you’re right on the money with the Jiang Xin / Lu Yi pairing because I just saw their promo stills for the drama and if anything JX makes LY seem even more “delicate”. Sometimes on top of the acting, looks actually affect how we perceive characters … like regardless of how he actually is, LY will always seem more like a scholar than a warrior, purely because of his looks. Just like Jin Dong looks like a tough guy no matter how gentle he tries to be LOL (which is why casting him as Ming Lou was perfect!)

  3. man, haru kuroki is just great! i have loved her in just about every drama and movie with her that i’ve watched. she’s kinda plain-pretty, but she’s charming on screen. definitely one of my favourite new generation j-actresses.

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