RIP Mr Fan Ho

RIP Mr. Fan Ho.  It has been almost a month since his passing.   His iconic brilliant work of old HK will forever be cherished.

One could imagine a WKW, a child of the 60s, spending an entire hazy humid hot HK summer droolzing at one of his photograph and be contented.

The serenity of Hong Kong before it became a financial hub, by master photographer Fan Ho

The invention of the internet and social media have given us great convenient liberties, it has also taken us captive in its manipulations.

Adulting these days incur we wake up bombarding ourselves with the news we must know, facing the world, and we Must.  And witness daily constant acts of evil/isil.  Nice,  has ‘a new normal’.  A new normal is our code word of living, coping with constant fear, terror, hopelessness and despair.  We have faith in solidarity, and hope it could give us…hope.  I hear with my ears a toddler comforting her brave but falling apart understandly Mom, “It’s OK. I’m right here with you.”…the little girl I heard moments earlier, ‘ I am afraid Mommy.’  Mr Castille ,an innocent man was shot 4 times, out of fear, of the color of his skin and what it is statistically imposing labels, from a police office, streamed through facebook.   These are faces of a book who would want to read their horrors in our human history.

I can not blame the invention of internet, it is abused as another weapon of mass destruction like a mundane white truck, suicide bombers still teenagers crudely draped with bombs.

“Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect.”

The powerful convenience of the virtual web reaches all human darkness, and allow all to read, to interpret with our bias, and some to twist and thrive in the never illuminated.  At the tip of our fingers, our multitude of gadgets, we are at an overload of truths and information we are left, at the end of the day, on our own device (double entendre) to sieve through and make critical judgments with no margin of error.  If I am a famous idol who has to work in PRC, I need to air pacified extremely political opinions promptly for job security, simple survival in the industry where public opinion and image is the prime asset, no longer talent, artistry, body of work none of that, because what power does it give the general public?! None, but their opinions are now their powerful weapondry, made more so with the internet.

And a Friday like this, I do dream a fantasy timehop of a simpler life, even if I need to breathe in a constricting qipao, dresscode of days bygone, where I could laze my mind in the world truly more black and white, of shadows and lights in the open.

 photo 9a4379fcjw1f53bc8mbeqj20dw07haak.jpg
 photo 9a4379fcgw1f53bc5shqhj20at0dw0sw.jpg
 photo 9a4379fcjw1f53bc3g62mj206v0dwdgn.jpg
 photo 9a4379fcjw1f53bc2myv9j20as0dwjrr.jpg
 photo 9a4379fcjw1f53bc7dq8oj20ak0dw0ti.jpg
 photo 9a4379fcgw1f53b7ygfjtj20n20mhgq2.jpg
 photo 9a4379fcgw1f53b7sjyngj20n20hhdjb.jpg
 photo 9a4379fcgw1f53b7qacglj20n20w612y.jpg

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