Friday Pretty Post: TangRen Trio

TGIF!  I have not much time being summer and family gatherings to feed my shallow drama addiction (not that anything is worthy), that and my folk s wide-eyed fascination of the fugly political circus going on live on TV nightly…I need a dire break.

TY for the TangRen Trio, still dazzling my eyes, I have saved up more gorgeous pics of YH’s wedding in May by their professional photographer just for a week like this:

My Married(not2meyyyyy)Loverboy has just finished filming a C modern 绝不松开你的手   which looks every way terribly shoddy.  Ep1 of him cohosting the reality show 我们来了 just aired, why… S1 was spectacularly boring, lured The Goddess Brigitte Lin out from retirement and did NOTHING with her and the bunch of interesting household names of actresses/ladies except having them play eyerolling silly summer camp games 10 year olds would have a hard time getting excited for, then have them hug and eat the rest of the time. yawnz I am not watching.

 photo 8f023cb6jw1f62wvmw8zsj20no0zkjwn.jpg

Wind is he will be the lead guy or guy 2 in a much more exciting C period collaborating with Tong LiYa!!! It’s been my fantasy  seeing them romancing in a Cperiod.  This is helmed/written/directed by TLY’s RL hubby Chen SiChen, quite talented in the departments he is good at AND writing is actually one of them, which is sorely usu the most hopelessly awful thing about Cdramas these days.

 photo 7436dc68gw1f5ozxlsqqaj20qo105492.jpg

 photo c41f0ee2gw1f5suemrih2j20zk0k0gnq.jpg

 photo c41f0ee2gw1f5suexepaqg20b40691l2.gif

 photo c41f0ee2jw1f5qwaljf2vj20k90ermyw.jpg

 photo c41f0ee2jw1f5qwam09eij20no0zkmzj.jpg

 photo c41f0ee2jw1f5qwannqpgj21fk25c18w.jpg

 photo 8ab5d9f4gw1f437u5fsxnj20qo0zkn4y.jpg photo 48e83b38gw1f61r0bfidyj20ku0vb78e.jpg

Not saying he is not handsome in 2016 dos, but he needs to pick tolerable costars (preferably never ur RL wifey sorry :X) esp there is one less element, the fanciful period costumes to distract from the almost always stupid writing.

ChangGeXing has finally aired!!!!  And surprise surprise it is beyond my quite low expectation watchable.  It has been gathering dust on the shelf for 3 entire years, so no way I would bet on it being masterpiece…but it is inoffensively pleasurable period shoujo done right nonetheless.  It didn’t try nor pretend to be anything more.  Mindlessly pretty, warts kept minimal, simpliest of plots thus less cringe and we all shallowly droolz at the pretty cast gloriously gathered, it’s quite a ‘let the world rejoice along’ bachelorette party for Ruby isn’t it?!  We are not yet over the ZOMG high of Ruby+WallaceH seriously dating!!!!  As my tiny lil wedding ‘gift’, I am prepping myself to shut off ALL my rants  on CGX, drink all the cold hoppy beers merrily when I watch it.  And CHEERS to Ruby and her clinically diagnosable OCD over nothing but aesthetically perfect male faces, even a bit role kidnapper (with good heart and some lines) resembles a Tsumabuki Satoshi.  And everyone can decently act, no one is spectacularly rocking the world but everyone is solid.  The weak link is…still Ruby, being stuck in her time capcule as if it was still 1990s and she is XiWei channeling some Xiao YanZi overdoing the pouting and cutesy as some young headstrong princess.  I have given up begging her to change by now, it has oddly become a guilty pleasure to be nostalgic witnessing the passage of time on her still pretty face doing the exact same emoting from two decades ago.  What is most winning about CGX is there are SO much shipping to do, coupling left and right and all have enjoyable chemistry, of fluff and angst, mostly delicious angst.  I am addicted, it does not hurt my brain much, all I could ask.  If I am being delusionally greedy this would rock my world if Shishi is in the role instead, her fight scenes wouldve been kickass and she could always deliver more than I dare to expect from her when a YH is around.  Oh and of course Loverboy is 3 years younger here than he currently is and tbvh I have almost forgotten he is/was this yummy gorgeous in period garb.

 photo c41f0ee2gw1f5ymuups2rj21hc1cg1kx.jpg

 photo c15a6452gw1f5yz61d739j20qe0g7wix.jpg

 photo c41f0ee2gw1f62a2ktjpwj21hc2i0qh9.jpg

 photo c41f0ee2gw1f62a9q4tu3j21hc0u07ad.jpg

 photo c41f0ee2gw1f62a9ras71j21hc0u00y1.jpg

 photo 93b387c9jw1f5xubpesv0j21hc0u0wlx.jpg

 photo 93b387c9jw1f5xubqjv6sj21hc0u0jxr.jpgImo Ruby never had enough sizzling chemistry with her costars, not even w her RL significant other WH, but judging from the first 4 eps of CGX, I am in shock to report there is convincing dokidoki going on between them.  photo c15a6452gw1f5yes2uqumg20cg070qv5.gif

 photo 69084302gw1f61huhveqaj20hs0vkad5.jpg

 photo 61e7f8b0jw1f61evxpd3wj20qe0hlwku.jpg

 photo 61e7f8b0jw1f61evxf4egj20qe13lqet.jpg

 photo 61e7f8b0jw1f61evvunvej20qe13lall.jpg

 photo 61e7f8b0jw1f61evya54zj20qe0hj42v.jpg

Isn’t it sucha dream  though the perpetual TW barbie and ken superpretty beings found soulmates in each other, fell in love better than any fluffy idoldrama they were ever attached?!?!?!  I would never dare dream shipping them, too good to be true.  Ruby was seen glowing at Paris’ fashion week lately.  There is gossip the couple is expecting a bundle of joy hence the surprise wedding said to be end of July and I see some pics of Ruby holding her handbag exactly where all the eyes are at her possible lil bump.  I do see a rounder waistline too in the CGX presscon days ago.  It is too early to tell and it could be happy weight but I am gonna bet on there is some superprettylovely mojo blooming in there. ^^

 photo 006pwNU3jw1f5mn5y4icjj30m80th43w.jpg

 photo 006pwKNOjw1f5mn5xefaxj30m80eswgc.jpg

 photo 693605c5gw1f5h2g3mbogj20iz0sg185.jpg

ShiShi effortlessly poses in suits with poised young womanly elegance, just enough fluid androgyny handsomeness so easy and pleasant on the eyes… making uniquely a stately statement a LiuTao/ RubyLin, trying too hard to shake up their typecast would pay entire keep for:

 photo 951fe8a5jw1f53tattoapj20ku0rsgun.jpg

 photo 951fe8a5jw1f53tat4053j20ij0rs0yz.jpg

 photo 951fe8a5jw1f53tassxjoj20ku0rsgsh.jpg

 photo 951fe8a5jw1f53tar5izfj20ij0rsk52.jpg

 photo 951fe8a5jw1f53tap138lj20ku0rsakw.jpg


 photo 005YrQnjjw1f61w82gx5vj32yo43pe82.jpg photo 005YrQnjjw1f61w87j7lhj32yo43px6q.jpg

 photo 4c0297a9jw1f62hogs79nj20qo10xn4t.jpg

But hate to say it again and again, too bad she can not translate any of her RL charisma on screen. Sucha shame when she is the most flawlessly proportioned everything and the camera loves her EXCEPT when she is acting.

 photo 005whPAsgw1f62s6e9mtyj31uy2i94ld.jpg

 photo 005whPAsjw1f62s7f5z0ij30qn0zk774.jpg

 photo a61e464egw1f6349m6m9tj20ku0svdji.jpg

 photo 005U7f8Cgw1f634ma9xobj31kw24own3.jpg

 photo 006wnAYPgw1f62yvctardj30hs0namy7.jpg

 photo 005U7f8Cgw1f634m0dp77j31kw24sqkb.jpg

 photo 005U7f8Cgw1f634lx77tkj31jm2bc17x.jpg

 photo e8abd430gw1f634vrsk6ej20h50sgtab.jpg

All too abundant proof it is impossible for anything to look bad on her.

There is a wayyyyy out there mostly fancast I assume rumor of her taking up some supporting role to ZhouXun in Legend of RuYi, just as the career savvy WallaceH did as the accessory male lead role to the ‘real’ sequel of ZhenHuan.  WH only needs to be a pretty himbo, depending on what supporting role, the bulk of the pressure of perfection/spotlight will forever be on Miss Zhou, no contest. imo ShiShi is still ridiculously timorous and inadequate in leading roles,  she is more fearless because of cluelesssness younger but now, she must have registered she is a weak(er) actress  (I sincerely hope)…  there is such palpable eating her alive tenseness in Ming Doctress I could not endure watching, most excruciating.   I think she could benefit vastly elevating game to the next level, valuable as she is about to hit the big 3-0, in improving by taking a step back, loosen up, breathe now that she has secured that 20+ young leading lady (almost)A-lister stardom and work on skills by taking up less demanding role against one of the best leading lady in the industry who is suddenly interested in drama acting again, and SOAK IT UP.

Murmur was just out yesterday her next coming is a movie《缉凶者》 based on a vignette in《心理罪之城市之光》/Psychological Crimes.  The novels were made into two seasons of webdramas with quite rabid a following, based on the original popular thrillers by 雷米.  The books r alright, with warts and holes aplenty. Deng Chao, Eddie Peng are courted as her costars.  Her role is very supportive of the true OTP is the dudes. Very decent choice of project, so please bring your A game ShiShi so I could watch them at least, I am begging!


 photo 6be2e532jw1f5sriaaxo6j20zk0no77h.jpg

Isn’t ‘Aging’ doing a huge lot of goodness to HuGe?!

 photo 88e40711gw1f5su7mz732j20lo0wiac9.jpg

 photo 9a789c84jw1f53svzez1jj20jg0t6gn3.jpg

 photo 9a789c84jw1f53svl14efj20hs0f2jt0.jpg

 photo 9a789c84jw1f53sviif4jj20dk0o2dh2.jpg

 photo 663a383dgw1f545abl6abj20ku0bt75i.jpg

 photo 5103704fjw1f54asnck63j20jg0t67mr_1.jpg

 photo 5103704fjw1f54asofx1bj20jg0t67jq_1.jpg photo 006odxzSjw1f51utw3c2fj30u011haew.jpg

 photo 79cd3622gw1f56o6gcfvsj20no0zktc1.jpg

 photo 79cd3622gw1f56o6i12ijj20no0zkq6h.jpg

 photo 79cd3622gw1f56o6dnc6ij20k80zk766.jpg

 photo 616a97cbgw1f5dfthhpmzj20m80etdhp.jpg

 photo 616a97cbgw1f5dft317c8j20cj0ge3zj.jpg

 photo 616a97cbgw1f5dft2n9oqj20ba0get9y.jpg

 photo 616a97cbgw1f5dfven1bgj20yg19n17o.jpg

 photo 693605c5jw1f5e9x4iadqj20hi0q9mzk.jpg

 photo 693605c5jw1f5e9x42o6yj20hi0bn74o.jpg

 photo 693605c5jw1f5e9x4604ej20hi0q9gmw.jpg

 photo 693605c5jw1f5e9x3yhgpj20hi0q9q59.jpg

He has interesting depth of sparkles, hints of numerous stories to tell in his every snap now.  I do am grateful for Lang Ya Bang as a nonfan for one if one thing only…giving HG the desperately needed calming confidence on screen.  I like him but was never crazy about poring over everything dissecting his personality…but impression is he is a perfectionist to a fault, hitting such mega fame so young in Chinese Paladin 1, by sheer luck and good looks, in a character quite a miscast trapping him in a typecast of playing ditzy silly young heroes for too long then in lousier by every drama, the endless TR productions.  Dpong nothing to build his confidence in his competence, festering self doubting overthinking instead.  The debilitating accident must have really put him in a perspective: he needs more than good looks and idoldrama heros to stay afloat… and finally earned his keeps by a good job, all his, in a character perfect for showcasing his best in LYB and I see very lil of that still wounded, of self-loathing manboy he has always been very good hiding under all the prankster charisma.   Good that he has the aware and the precious luck of chances earlier than…say a YH, or a LSS…to equip himself in lesser roles, smaller  more focused productions and saved up enough goodwill to be crappy in a number of jobs and still could reap the profit. Perhaps if one day he got tired of it all,  he would really fulfill his promise to himself, be a director, his pipedream, and cast a YH as his lead because HG is a truly gifted better photographer than an actor imo and that taste and artistry in framing could be of use:

 photo b8ffbf1bjw1f53r7h7wxmj213z0mjq4z.jpg

 photo b8ffbf1bjw1f53r7g2am1j21410mign1.jpg

 photo 7402dcf4gw1f5gq0molynj20zk0qojwr.jpg

 photo 7402dcf4gw1f5gq0izavuj20zk0qoqa8.jpg

 photo 7402dcf4gw1f5gq0lp4ewj20qo0zkwko.jpg

 photo 7402dcf4gw1f5gq0kima4j20zk0qo115.jpg

 photo 7402dcf4gw1f5gq0gkan1j20zk0qoq8f.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f4kvq0rjvcj20yi1a0qv5.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f4u7njy2yrj220a20aqv5.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f4u7n8jvvnj21x12k2e81.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f4u7kl2iiej20np0zkwh6.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f55q41bp32j21es1vpb29.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f57wa2uxkbj21yw1ywb2a.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f5951fq71fj22ug1lo1kx.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f5ecjffarmj20yi0yihdt.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f5ecitptrlj22c02c0e82.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f5h1tgnsipj23402c04qs.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f5h1t5s50gj21v62hk7wh.jpg

 photo 48e837eegw1f5h1tkpp12j21t22pl1kx.jpg

 photo 7402dcf4gw1f5gq0fr4dyj20zk0qoqdk.jpg

 photo 7402dcf4gw1f5gq0d8rabj20zk0qo7a7.jpg

 photo 006hsp1Zgw1f5sr62rkmkj30qo1bfq9k.jpg

 photo 68e3cde5gw1f5j1nr5hh9j20fa0a43ys.jpg

I am keeping an eye on him in his upcoming 猎场, improbable I could sit through the drama, seems too much of halfass aping those TVB OTT potboilers of the 90s :

BUT no sane girls and boys can look away from the beauty of HG in endless suits, preferably horizontal and yes mirror he is the fairest of em.

 photo 67e1e7bajw1f5isrk8aqhj22261jkx6p.jpg

 photo 67e1e7bajw1f5isry4ac4j21jk223e82.jpg

 photo 7cfa94b9gw1f5l49jbxazg20k00b9u0x.gif

 photo 7cfa94b9gw1f5l49kvdorg20k00b9u0x.gif

 photo 006rhKMZgw1f4xblqw644j30zk0oo432.jpg

 photo 7cfa94b9gw1f5q10kgwvyg20k00b9x6p.gif

 photo 7cfa94b9gw1f5q10gc1fzg20k00b9u0x.gif

 photo 725b0e03gw1f5r8yvy7dyg20k00b9qv5.gif

 photo 725b0e03gw1f5r8yup7dwg20k00b9u0x.gif

 photo 7402dcf4gw1f5s4w03u1oj20ku11244l.jpg

 photo 7402dcf4gw1f5s4v5sawyj20ku112dnp.jpg

 photo 006hsp1Zgw1f5sr6vx0y3j30hs0qn0wa.jpg

 photo 006p6PaLjw1f5i794dag0j31250qo45t.jpg

 photo a5dc5be4jw1f5mgq7kem1j20hs0y4q9d.jpg

 photo a5dc5be4jw1f5mgq71sghj20hs0bvmzu.jpgOh HaeYoung Again failed to hold my utter love till the end, BUT if they are gonna pirate a Kdrama, I vote for HuGe being some sound director and just be emo and hot.

 photo a5dc5be4jw1f5mgq68q0pj20hs0rv0y7.jpg

 photo 005Oqrm6gw1f5sbai2ej8j30hs0qnn59.jpg

 photo 73098959jw1f5eq3pm15pj20yi1pc1ky.jpg

After being the bestman at his bestie YH’s wedding, he hopped over to Italy, UK for all sorts of endorsements in SUITS…and now that he is back in CN, he volunteered at QingHai…at ChangJiangYuan/长江源, scrubbed of pampering, he was cooking, getting a dark tan, picking up rubbish along the deserted highway like some dreamiest romance novel hero from a Nora Roberts just saying.  Then a stopover in NYC (where EddieP was as well promoting his new HK cop/political thriller) last week, and of cos fate is I miss them by sheer days on those streets darnit. There will be hottest glossy pics coming soon, and RedWhite shipper will manip all the fun we want w YH’s NYC shoots.

 photo 006p6PaLjw1f5i78vgnvmj30hs0hswgm.jpg

 photo bf0e68b5jw1f5slcxnu62j20r90f476q.jpg

Anyone watching 致青春 /So Young the drama?!  DO NOT.  The first 2 eps did not rub me too wrong, nothing amazing, of course, BUT it is freefall downhill from there, what I heard from fellow fans of the bright novel with the rewrites and inserted crap.   The earnest if flawed interesting, easily understandable and root-able characters did not survive any resemblance to the original, part is they could use a MUCH better casting, or I should say a competent director (he should NEVER touch a trendy novel adapt EVER, ‘gifting’ the world Sunshine Happiness the movie w a grade of universal WTFFF) and writer.  Why is Miss Xin not hemming her own novel adapt and be MORE involved!?  I could not imagine her asking so much they can’t afford rather than shipping the crew to Italy on location for some inserted rewritten scenes for no sensible reason.  楊玏、陳瑤、張丹峰 are decently talented on their own but they all have an off read on the characters, leaving them empty shells of annoying senseless cocoons.   My dream cast reading the novel was and still is the TangRen Trio (ok I confess YH as 林静 and HG as the more melodramatic 陈孝正 will do….but YH does bring out the ultimateBEST in SS, still)





3 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: TangRen Trio

  1. Thank you for the pretty photos, expecting no less from the TangRen trio. Hu Ge in suit is ❤
    Haven't watch CGX … I don't expect much from it though lol. From your short review, it seems like it would fit my mom's taste. Simple and pretty xD
    And Oh Hae Young Again… oh my it was so great and then fumble down middle and near end. Hu Ge would make a wonderful sound director 😀

    1. I am still a bit sad how OHYA fizzled so bizarrely in the second half, I honestly thought it was impossible to suck…and I saw that train wreck happening and thus must believe. :/

      CGX is better done than 99% of the super awful C things out atvm… so I just could overlook the fact Ruby is unforgivably too old for role, looks a gen older than characters she calls bigsis/bigbro here. But yes clean and nth ugly by any standard and simple. No one expects it to be amazing anyways, but it is shocking everything is within enough logic and sense… sth never for granted. YH is solidly watchably gd here, back to say his BBJX’s 13 charms, this is a role he could sleepwalk in and my relief he doesn’t have to overthink nor flex too much beyond his caliber. I am just pleasantly surprised his chemistry w Ruby is decent, subtly sweet and tender when he pours his eyes over her yet nth earth shattering as it should be. All in all a drama that passes the grade and every element has some genuine effort and heart I could nod a lil at

  2. This post is so full of goodies *_* The pictures are all amazing. This is truly the golden trio of Tangren.
    I never realized how artistically oriented Hu Ge is. All the pictures he shot were beautiful and focused on details. He is an amazing actor, singer and artist AND he is learning English on the side. I have so much respect for him.

    Thanks for this post!!

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