Happy Birthday

Got a nudge this is my 4th year having a wordpress acct.   I had fun here, but obviously I would not be actively spazzing much these days.  Less and less free time (and urge) for guilty pleasures, it is still sweetly comforting I have this lil virtual space to be therapeutically crazy, as long as wordpress is around.

I must’ve started for my loverboy, on his birthday, it has been almost exactly 3 years ago his current drama Chang Ge Xing started filming.  Chang Ge Xing is beyond my expectation very watchable, pleasantly surprised it is satisfyingly historically accurate,  a unicorn in Cdramaland.  What it lacks maybe the addictive craptasticality as if a show is only fun if it’s so horrible it’s hilarious, of all the other currently airing ‘Cperiods’ or whatever they are.

All the parts and parcels are well made, decent, nothing is out of place, editing, pace is smooth, even the acting are all on par (Ruby included surprise surprise!) till the end, it is the only Asian drama I could hang on till the end this summer.  Cheers for a job well done Pretties!

Much more loyal fangirls have collaborated, composed a song, written tailored lyrics, sang quite professionally, made a fanvid of all his period characters, still his best, in celebration of his bday.  It could not get more talented and lovely:

Another surprise is the variety he is a host on, 我们来了/Up Idol is wartlessly watchable relaxing.    All the ladies on the show are easy to get along, all here to have a splendid time, no catfights and he can just sit back as accessory arm candy being his warm cute mischievous self smooth with his words, playing fun games dressing up with the ladies.

And nothing is stopping rabid awesome shippers to ship exactly our identical wormhole, gifting fanart (and hopefully fanfics, fanvids to come) of Yuan Hong, Wang Kai and Liu ShiShi about some slaying love all-way triangles of a prince and two generals or two princes and a Mulan.

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. I’ve been fighting to find english subbed episodes of Princess Jieyou because that mane of glory – oh, man.

        1. Oh what else on top of Mystic9?

          I only have time to occasionally tag along what my folks r watching and they are watchin nth but GranHotel/Spanish soap. Lol

            1. have heard nth novoland being v addictive once eyes get used to all the ‘blingblings’ XDDD

              I will catch a Ma TianYu the younger bro cut of IceWhatever once available, he is too pretty.

              1. Yup, I was stupid enough think I’d just watch an epi or two of Novoland to see what’s what, which of course ended with me dramathoning all the epis available, LOL! It is rather addicting but thankfully less garishly blingy than many of the current c-fantasies. I like the OTP but I’m expecting rocks to fall any day now. C-perionds are not known for happily ever afters, ha.

                Ma Tian Yu is too young looking for my taste.^^ He is pretty though.

  2. Yasssss!

    Just finished ‘Singing All Alone’ – Ok, I may have skipped some parts but not YH parts. It’s too damn long. He’s fine in there, with or without beard.

    Just found out today that’s he’s on Up Idol & have start watching it too.

    1. It is not an addictive drama but I appreciate it stays decently worthy throughout, steadfast in solid story telling, perhaps playing it too safe but it is a breath of fresh air when everything else is whoring out for max noise/attention

    1. Hugs! How are you?!

      I am not very helpful in the keeping up w dramaz dept, so out of loop…
      Oh what HanXu drama?! I am horrible w my mando romanticization.

      JX has nothing super exciting out, sad to report…she was in a crappy war drama, they call it lady version of Disguiser but NOPE. She is still crazy good in it, of coz. If u wanna brave it yourself be my guest

      Then there is a dama dog blood drama where she plays a horrible woman. Again, she is dabomb, drama is not crap per se, but…not my cuppa.

      There is also a romcom she is filming atvm w Lu Yi called 盲约/blind date where she is some ‘leftover’ lady in a bet with her Mom to snatch a fine catch. Lets hope it’s more My Lovely SamSoon than most C romcoms.

      1. Hello my darling ! About Han Xu (Lee Jun Ki twin face)’s drama, you know the best cdrama of 2015 with Monks, detectives, secret criminal we were raving about a few months ago ? I would like to rewatch it and I can’t remember the title 😦 . So I thought you could help me. But it’s fine.

        About Queen JX I keep rewatching HXY and praying for the return of my dream pair YH and JX. Unfortunately the former is too much in love and keep acting with wifey… sigh so I was looking for more dramas with her. Maybe I will try the less sucky drama. Happy that she is paired with Lu Yi next. He is harmless. Hopefully they will shine together

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