Now We Are Talking: Pretty Periods

My new favorite addiction… reading (napping) in the shades drawn by clouds, little slice of lake in my kayak, safe from obstructing swans and sandhill cranes.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, my catnip and kryptonite, has me scavenging all my powerbanks at 6am because I wake up with the idea it is so me to rewatch the downloaded 6 eps during my kayaking trip, why not.

It is hard to imagine life without weak knees and a very moist jaw staring at Park BoGum’s sweet face.

Think straight whenever he smiles with some roguish twinkle and not even trying to snatch hearts but did?!  Not a feat I can ever do ever. There is a man by the name of Jo InSung,  I am married to his #1 fandude, the moment I hit play on MDbC… pestering is this his JIS’ kid brother.  I still have not properly sit through R1988 which I would surely be losing marbles adoring this face, after a few minutes of MDbC I want to continue the staring as a lifelong pursuit.  I like JIS, rationally he is very earnest willing actor very keen and receptive of meticulous directing or else acting is over the top all over the place unhinged left on his own…which is why he is a can’t look away uber entertaining very good amusement, at times trainwreck to enjoy, but smile is swarmy for me and me alone, there enters PBG the arrow straight into my heart, my head.

This sounds so typical my nuttiness but when his face is presented in front of me, those eyes (I do not comprehend why such gorgeousness needs unnec ornamenting of eyeliner and eyeshadow and why it did not turn me off as my peeve in saguek…), those never seen on other human immaculate pearly white teeth…and I have hope in the future of humankind, his Joseon.

That said, I am watching it for stanning Kim Yoo Jung, hesitated because stuff I have read about Crown Prince Hyomyeong…lets just say I hate crying hysterically over fluffy puppies.  Six episode in one gulp, drama is not particularly brilliantly written anything, it is a nicely done, fluffy aesthetically pretty, good solid yummy shoujo idolsageuk, exactly what I set out to watch.   Characters are simple caricatures, but still functioning within the sense and logic of genre at least, appreciate tremendously.   Everyone is good fit and are acting comfortably within their means.  Is it nice to have a girl2 noble young lady played competently by Chae SooBin who is freshfaced, friendly and kind, what I assumed basic decorum for every well brought up respectable joseon noblewoman, just seldom allowed to be seen in kdramas, and quite thinking on her feet, knowing what she wants and pleasantly rise as opportunity approaches, ie meeting our Prince charming getting her delight be heard without harming a thing…very far from resorting to lazy bitchiness.  How refreshing!

We have two dark mane of glory angsty saguek batmen atvm and Kwak DongYeon serves me better.  I love when a young green actor can exercise prudence aware of his place in a supporting role and the place of his character in the story… when these dark knights are easy to flare into showy exorbitant brooding and posing puff…missing the point one wanna be in a mask/hiding behind a messy mane, in all black to be INVISIBLE, no?!  I give him brownie points resembling a AkanishiJin in fleeting moments.   JinYoung is the only one trying too hard most of the time but still passable enough.  I wish he could handle the tender moments along with the green eye monstering with less overthinking, as is, it is not convincing he is this masterful a womanizer w slips in recklessness on top of bouts of too much conniving, and I want the youngsters to enjoy simpler friendships as long as story allows.  He is the godzillion reincarnation of Hanazawa Rui and being critically harsher is a sin equivalent of lynching puppies.

‘Master and Puppy!’

said the puppy.

Kim YooJung is playing a sweet polly oliver heroine I have first taste ever memorizing the ballad of Mulan in kindergarten, last I quite enjoyed in SKKS by PMY.  But in the hands of someone this freakishly natural an actress at 16(!!!!!) and she is mostly reduced to doe-eyed damsel reaction faces 80% of scenes, I am floored.  There is the perfect timing and instinctive spontaneity, seamless and translucent making her acting fresh in its innocent simplicity.  There are nuances flawlessly precise she is serving constantly, nuances of what she is exactly reacting to, thinking, or trying to hide her thought/reaction, at times directly at her OTP with wide-eye wandering from his lips to eyes in shock and a most innocent dazed wanderlust fluttering disbelief stirring, instead of the usual stagnant fixated glare of empty *shock!* reaction we get by the decent young actresses lot already (at least there is the merit of a reaction)…or shying away from the focus/camera putting up a front safeguarding her survival in faintest tremors but keen alert of mise en scene…when I AM aware camera is inches from her face a closeup she makes it effortlessly disappear and I am drawn intimate to her character being nothing but RaOn experiencing all the predictable cliches and mundane situations RO is in.  There is the subtlest scrumptiousness in her acting I could not take my eyes off doing the predictable sweet cheese over and over again.  I try to find a flaw, and I try to waste my time pondering is there anything to nitpick yet another wide-eyed shock face the third/fourth time an episode of the young dashing prince invading her space, or touching her unknowingly innocently intimately and the can’t ignore intrusive overuse of romantic music no matter how matching the mood, my peeve is always when the actors are doing the scene right, let them occupy all my senses unadulterated, with a slightest nuance of magic fr her…… I lost my agency to critique.

Do heart-throbbing ever get old in fog of falling first time ever…over a PBG?!  I am very sure I will be doing same wide eye but moronic mental face with a slick side of droolz EVERY moment he is in the room.  <- So not the first time over some gorgeous imaginary lovers of mine.

And more appropriately a lowly orphan girl precariously pretending to be a eunuch and quite competently vying to survive alone all these years suddenly having (suicidal) IDEAS concerning crown prince, when her mind is preoccupied with missing and finding her Mother?!?!  I suspect what KYJ is doing very good is distilling every moment to a purest emotion and act accordingly with her instincts, like RO would and not mincing and overdoing a hair…and result is mindbogglingly convincing in its precise simplicity capturing every tiniest moment and shift of emotions however trivial.  Do try the futile exercise and tell me, I am so dumbfounded and lost for words how I could not mind watching a LOT of damsel in distress rescuing and shock face at everything from her and still conclude because she is spot on.  Her character, being quite seasoned all her life dressing up as a boy is kind of convincing but far from without a questionable doubt and should not be, imo KYJ is easily the most classically beautifully constructed saguek suitable face with all the delicate feminine allure since Lee YoungAe, but being 16, she does look like a very pretty very girly little boy and I will credit her for not doing much more other than lowering her voice slightly… it is not like RO the young woman is brought up to be nothing but a gentile vase. Next to her, veterans like Chun HoJin is stagy and rehearsed.

I am not doing her justice with my babbling, but savoring her acting snaps some dusty odd synapses in my crazy head of a foodtrip to Vegas a few years ago, nothing I ate those few days were not slices of heaven in my mouth but most memorable of all…is a whole steamed fish done so perfectly seasoned with nothing but sea salt and olive oil, humming fond memory of a Mediterranean cruise, my eyes turn misty tasting a bite of Saigon… seafood stalls in Hong Kong… most simplest pleasures done in nofrills perfection.  Kim YooJung encapsulates what those never truly figured out timely dokidoki knots, never the clarity on the spot for a girl first falling in love without her aware, is exactly.  Nothing more, nothing less.

What makes this a notch more lovely is there is gentler gender judging, sexuality confusion, or transphobia, everything in dribble of purest feelings between human beings first, less limiting it between a boy and a girl, which suits a fresher coming of age tonally…these youngsters are not processing more than they should, not for a moment make you think, nor forget they are very young inexperienced beings growing their ropes of how-tos: how to navigate their scarier world as almost adults.

They know some rules and confines of the conservative norms but they have no experience of the application much.  As young and brimming with all the fears and dreams of future ahead, they are reminiscing the nostalgia of life and friendship much simpler as children, as I am swept by an innocence I am revisiting through them.

Our Crown prince is quite smart a cookie in laying low faking being a nuisance, but he has loftier dreams, he is trying at tackling his responsibilities, setting out his little impish schemes with only friend he could trust…and a little eunuch intrudes and dares to consider him a friend without agenda, they bonded over a mutual longing for their mother.  I love how pure and solid their friendship is above all, they themselves treasuring every nuggets of human kindness receiving and giving, un’tainted’ by lust/attraction even with the what if he is a she…they know of their precious budding dependency is between the inner soul they connected.  This is a bit richer a progression than the usual messy hints of attraction they are in, being genuinely out of this precious friendship they have, gender, whatever between a man and a woman needs not meddle.  The love budding between them is so pure and platonic they are both communicating the affection directly it rids us all those unnecessary idiocy.  He speaks out his suspicion seeing a lady in him, when notion is brushed aside he is still jealous his new close friend rather hang out with someone else.  It is love, but needs not be just romance.  I feel as if I have a safety blanket whatever angst the trajectory will lead to, this friendship could be an insurance policy between our OTP.

Precious is…youth is on these talented actors side, moments that push us over the edge sweetly romantic squeeing are nothing more than innocent intimacy we are horrible corrupted adults to read flirtations from them.  I love how every moment is played out  keeping it very succinct and not milking any innuendo more than necessary, it feeds into these bright determined youngsters preoccupied by their priorities heftier on their mind all their lives, before this new turn of events, even when sensibilities are clouded momentarily by emotions, they are not lost lovelorn puppies, I will do all the senseless adoring them.  I could watch these two just deepening the friendship and perhaps never progress the affection to anything more and just be there supporting each other not limited by confining labels.




How could it be FIVE years since BBJX first aired?!  Gosh what a lovely ride of dehydration, I am remembering the drama more fondly than I should by comparison…you know.

It is safe to say ShiShi will forever be a limited actress, she is just not a natural, same with Liu YiFei.  I have never seen the two beautiful lookalike Ms. Liu next to each other, what I would give to watch a popcorn period of them playing sisters.  Mr Tsui Hark, lemme pitch a commercial idea:  remake Green Snake with them, insert a WallaceH monk (how can anyone have such a perfect bald head on top of that gorgeous face…)

For your consideration, My darling Tony Yang is holding his own fine in HKmovies these days working opposite one of the greatest:  Tony LeungKF

And how about brand new hot daddy ZaiZai (congrats!) physically a younger prettier TonyLeungCW and I think there must also be in a synergy in actors of a similar caliber and as pretty as ZZ is, he is about where LYF/LSS are and no one would KO anyone else you know, muahahaha.  How lovely he looks in a period and what a waste he has just started venturing there but in sth hopeless in writing by TR

But how can I look away w ZZxHanDong.   Have you seen how much hotter Prince9 is, we are older by 5 years, instead of aging he just up his gorgeous game.

While I am at it, some very interesting stuff the BuBu gang is trying out:

KevinC will do a theater production/musical(???) of WindCloud.  A beloved HK wuxia manhwa franchise remade into movies and dramas many times over.  This is a brand new medium for the material.  He will be playing the role 步惊云 made iconic by Aaron Kwok in 1998.  (PS: 步惊 Bu.Jing. ‘startling step’ of what else but BBJX and 云. Cloud. of all the MDbC clouding how I am intentionally weaving things into a post *NOT! hahaha*)

Yes, the hair! startlingly reminding us of what KC (and us) wanna forget, that blue tangling unwashed yucky mane in HuaXuYin.

I am, each day, checking out if there are yummy bts trickling out of his currently filming Cperiod with Tong LiYa,  yes and I will repeat, she is MY DREAM OTP pairing for him.  My gut is they are super compatible in being decently talented and she is by my definition of head turning beautiful, esp now she is not as emaciated after being a new Mommy.

And I adore this fanvid of ChangChen and ZhangBo, in my most anticipated C ‘historical’ I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting:

If you are asking who is ZhangBo?  ZB is one of the many underrated godsend gifted actors who keeps giving me the rarest quality dramas, this is he:

So this is Qin/Chin Empire 3, shelved for years when a MiYue gets prime airtime and I get terribly excited just seeing a new trailer out recently but still no set air date.   Needless to say this is the third installment chronicling the house of Ying’s rise from a joke of an underrated ‘barbaric’ wild western state to the first authoritarian empire unifying the middle kingdom, heavily Qin biased, as expected how much PRC YY this parallels THEIR party’s rise to power in rosy lens.  Would I love it more if they include the povs of the other six kingdoms’ ebb and flow, of course.  Is this perfection?  Close but not quite there, but it is smug enough to put out nothing but substantially screaming quality period in every bolt and whistle. I have no idea why this is not shown already and in repeats this PRC birthday month.  The serial epic cast same terrific actor playing grandpa and now grandson.  Not a line I do not wanna kiss the dirt the writer is on.  How kickass.

Then, last and least, a currently airing Cwuxia adapt 新邊城浪子/Border Town Prodigal, all you need to see, I am serious:

‘Please don’t abandon me, will you?’

I wished I could stop watching but how can I with him saying those words?! This guy, Mr Zhu YiLong, is so darn gorgeous every outing in periods esp as the angstiest of splitting blood miserable delicious things.  Can you pretty please work on sth with a non-lobotomized writer?!?!?!

While I can rant on how catastrophically tragic the Cidolperiod scene is, I just am introduced to a new form of pretty period entertainment: fandramas.   These genius bebes on school break perhaps put their time to very good use for the love of mankind and produced 30 short eps of a Lang YaBang x MiYue OOC.  Three warring kingdoms with two princes and two sister princesses, starring HuGe, WangKai, SunLi and LiuTao, appearances by my Loverboy YuanHong and my dream period drama OTP of his Tong LiYa and I suspect I would like it far better than LYB and MY combined.

The entire 30ep fandrama 三都赋 plus its sequel 浮云望 is out for our enjoyment here: Ode of Three Capitals 

39 thoughts on “Now We Are Talking: Pretty Periods

  1. Any words on Yuan Hong next project? I think he recently finished filming that Hunan variety show. As the show is all about the ladies, he’s more in the background. I watched it here and there, can’t stand the gal that represent the youngest generation ><

  2. I read in various outlets about the battle between the K-BBJX and the Moonlight Clouds and they are pretty amusing. I don’t typically watch Korean dramas, and has not been interested in K-BBJX, so I never checked either one, but it surely draws a lot of attention!

    The Qin Empire trailer looks amazing! I had seen it before, but didn’t know it’s been shelved for several years, so I will look out to the day it is aired. I hope by 2017 it will see the light, the same year Tribe and Prophecies is supposed to air. When I saw Zhang Bo I recognized him from the magnificent Three Kingdoms. You’re right, he’s so underrated. But maybe because he’s also quite selective?

    I’m glad you bring up Border Town Prodigal! I’m watching it too, despite the lack of English sub *sniff*. It has the old wuxia dramas feel, with quite a number of fighting scenes and minimal CGI. I’m not familiar with Gu Long works, including the Flying Dagger series, so I had to surf the net to get a grip on the skeleton. It looks like it takes a different perspective from the original story? I mean, from my understanding in the original novel Ye Kai is the main character, and Fu Hong Xue is supposedly the second lead, but here the focus is on FHX. I won’t complain, because we have so much prettiness and decent storytelling as well (although I dread the dog blood plot starting from eps 20s onwards). Actors are mostly effective, and my favorite is the actors playing Ye Kai and Lu Xiao Jia (or maybe because they are my favorite characters in the show). I know Viann Zhang doesn’t have an innocent lifestyle, but I’ve always considered her a solid actress, and I think she manages to portray the naive and annoying Ma Fang Ling.

    1. As you must be able to tell, I did check out KBBJX and it is, to not mince words, cheaply done halfheartedly, terrible and crappy. I have nothing nice to say about it. Not a thing.

      Lovely you rem ZB in Three Kingdoms! I will pitch his 蒼穹の昴 (そうきゅうのすばる)/The Firmament of the Pleiades to any ear that listens 😀 It is imo the most gorgeous Qing dynasty period and a wonderful spot on job by Mr Zhang. ZB has done his share of meh dramas, but he is a very solid actor first and foremost that might have attracted more serious period productions to begin with, with a more demanding skillset required…but sadly those productions are fewer to come by. He does not have an idolpretty face, a blessing in disguise he won’t be considered for lead roles in that genre, thus won’t be tempted to waste his time (and ours) in utter crap.

      I care super lil about private lives of actors, but Viann Zhang is quite lackluster strictly speaking on skills… plus I just have a peeve, could not stand plastic faces in a period, period. She improves, is less sticking out like sore thumb here I must say, but it is more she is more comfortable in the period routine after so many lead period roles thrown on her lap.

      The adaptation is just nothing recognizable by the novel, I checked out mentally myself and just tagging along family watching, whatever catching my attention. This production company has a habit of strangely butchering orig novel to an unrecognizable degree to amp up the screen time for their contract actor they r pushing, who is, yup Mr Zhu ie FHX. YK is his polar opposite and very warm and likeable to begin with. GuLong was a miserable drunkard in RL, must’ve had many tragic dalliances with the ladies, and he seldom painted women in nice light…but MFL is not half as annoying in his pages.


  3. I applaud you for sticking with BDP. Yes it has the old wuxia feel, Zhu Yilong and one good sub plot (finding out who was pretending to be天狗) but everything else gave me a headache.

    Hate to admit, but 三都赋 is much more interesting than LYB. LYB had a problem with pacing (best example is when the elderly teacher went to court – I was expecting a grand debate of some sort, but alas). Didn’t really like Prince Jing in the second half, and Mei Changsu had a bit too much 金手指 going on.

    1. I checked my brain at the door and took the few nuggets I could enjoy w BDP and keep my sanity intact. It does shock me how bizarrely noncanon for no plausible sense they can come up w fr source material, I guess not since YuZheng w his LouisCha adapt just easier on the eyes?!

      Exactly my prob w LYB, the pacing is so haphard w no reason skipping over climaxes yet boringly dragging over substanceless chitchats. I blame mostly writer 海宴,she is a middling novel writer if I’m being kind but absolutely talentless most ineffective a scriptwriter, whatever is required minimally for scene, she could never deliver passably and LYB luckily has the acting and the period ostentatious sets and costumes to gloss over her inept. Her 他來了script is a joke. LYB is not even in my watchable bunch tbh.

  4. This love you have for Park Bo Gum is the same I have for this man of the only kpop boyband I care about in this whole world named, Bang Yong Guk, This guy look and smile and soul has been my cryptonite lately. His band -BAP- whose he is the leader is not perfect but I so respect them discography which speaks to me ! Now I will check MDBC thanks to you 🙂 I am more a Kim So Hyun fan because she give off a more mature and “sexier” -I know weird :/ -vibe than Kim Yoo Jung -looks too perfect in my view- but now I wan

    1. *hug* We have no defense against these boys who are cute and mighty talented. I havent seriously watch PBG in anything at all, but I have seen his face and I can’t imagine anyone not insane to shallowly hate him. So the bonus of what’s within, the talent the charisma…irresistable!!

      I like KSH too! Gosh I wanna bow to them these young babies being so terrific at their craft. I think the boy department is a bit worrisome though because while there are a few very young actors of their gen in their caliber, they are no match to these young ladies’ top notch good looks.

      This is for sating my shoujo kinks, and serving them even more palatable than expected and be so surprisingly awesome in every element they need not be…and that more innocent perfect pup look of KYJ is immaculate for exactly the tale to stay fluffy and cute and serves the character another notch of amazement… KSH will have a harder time even just in my head to do so little and be convincing enough as a boy.

      1. Kim So Hyun is my girl crush. I like lil Jung Da Bin who acted in Iljimae with KYJ and YJG back in 2008 and I will never forget JDB acting during the scene when her character cried and kept following the man who killed his brother. Iljimae is one of the rare kdrama where second female lead character were respected enough to be well written. KYJ I was not following her at a time because too overused and every(freaking)where but now thanks to you I will definitely check this drama 🙂

        1. I agree! JDB is awesome too! I am not a saguek fan much, either go for v dark/scarilyserious (8 days…) or v wellmade Fantasy! (adored Joseon X Files lol), I just find it more demanding in all Dept to be watchable and these v young darlings often beg me to drop when we switch to the adults.

          I only saw KYJ last in Flame of Ambitions, she’s terrific. I find her always v awesome even in crap I couldn’t stand an ep, my impression. And what a great sassy (lucky) pick to transition into leading lady status with MoonClouds. Imo last I saw sth w this all around perfection in sum of all parts PLUS the national mania status was KimSamSoon.

          1. Wow !!! I checked first episode of MDBC and at the scene when the prince pretended studying, at the end of the scene when he smiled with his messy I thought he looked like Brigitte Lin a lil. He has got long eyelashes 🙂

            1. Lol he is a pretty boy, so is Brigitte Lin when she cross dress!

              He is v good, it has been a while I come across a young actor w this lethal combo of looks and chops

              1. 😀 Nae ! Offtopic but last I was searching for old cantonese movies with subtitles and I fell on this one : Chicken and Duck with Laurence Ng. And gosh was it so funny ! I was legit laughing and it was release in my birth year so somehow I feel attached to it now 🙂
                Seems MDBC ep 10 is perfection. What is in your view the biggest weakness of kbbjx ?

                1. Oh that’s a terrific satire, yes hilarious and endearing. Lots lost in translation though, comes with the territory.

                  I could not watch KBBJX intently, I have no urge to. Weaknesses…everything about it?! Esp the writing and the character building, but bluntly, everything from aesthetics to directing to cinematography, all cringeworthy not my thing. Yes there is a load of boys but none intrigues me. I am not a fan of LJK’s acting, there is no gradients, a big slob of nonstop brooding with nothing in between and nothing worthy else. :X

                  1. Lool very funny right from the first scene XD . The dirt OMG !! And the way cantonese sounds make it more funny.
                    Ouch about KBBJX. I am not too surprised about the way it turned out cause a lot of kdramas remakes I had watched -BOF, CH, Nodame etc…- always loose soul? And don’t keep the spirit of the original version cause korean makers focus too much on their will to impress viewers and being the best.

                    1. yeah, I am not particularly fond of K remakes of beloved dramas, esp some super endearing all time J favs of mine (Kekkon Dekinai Otoko esp) I think it is each dramaland has its own special flavor not translatable, Jdorama is a master of tiniest nuances of eccentric humanity in such marvelous ripples of subtlety they are obsessed about. Kdrama tends to have heightened emotional expositions, C BBJX did stick super authentic on the novel which is a very nicely written cohesive shoujoperiod with just enough historical gravitas to add substance to otherwise just another whiny woeisallofus marysue.

                      I think KBBJX totally trivialized what made BBJX a flawed seminal classic in oversimplifying the characters to caricatures, and too much emphasis on whoring out those supposedly very gorgeous faces in senseless closeups, I for one and lone one could not stand staring at any of these faces emoting so loudly more than a few sec, let alone an ep, an entire drama… we have seen ALL these stock characters numerous times prior, without a substantial historical bkgd to fall back, this is just idol/prettyface vehicle of stan-service whomever’s in some (imo v gaudy) period garb

                    2. OMG GEGE ! You absolutely explained why I have always felt jdramas felt more human to me no matter the genre and why Kdrama, even the good ones, always gave me this feeling of wanting to impress me. Reason why even a romance drama with some funny/strange scenes and flaws like Hana Yori Dango jdrama still gets me in the guts after sooo many years still wait for Maotsujun to marry while the kdrama felt so fake? 😦 Thank you my darling

                    3. 😉 It is more whatever rocks our boat, I’m brought up a Jdorama fiend have nvr ‘gone fishing’ long wo watching. to b fair there r a few terrific slice of life Kdrama (same w C, HK, TW…), immersive and awesome just v hard to come by wo rating draw… but yes in general Jdorama is obsessed w subtlest (if from same overused mould) lil tugging of heart.

                      Watching any gd Jdorama this season?

                    4. I am looking for Jdramas online and it is hard to find some with subtitle. The last I watched was this sci fi drama with Erica Toda where she played a badass character. And I LIKED it ! Plus in one episode there is Kamiki Ryonosuke (another 93’s Japanese gem) . But it is so so hard to find one online now ! Also if you can recommend me one I would be very very glad 🙂

                    5. And I still think the best time travel drama is Jin Minakata. Sorry but BBJX is nothing compared to this masterpiece to me. I also watched some good japanese 70’s shows like Baby cart or Hattori Hanzo

                    6. Oh Jin is awesome. Yeah my love for BBJX is tarnished after the rushing high watching live then rewatching bits… it has flaws but it also have precious things (it is still strictly an idolperiod, but nicely balanced, all the characters r nicely cast, acting all decent to v gd… authentic adapt) going on that we dun get nowadays in Cdramas, so it is truly a seminal classic marking the best of genre that period.

                      Oh yes Jin is awesome! Hanzo… gosh I was a bb watching along then! But dun u lament a bit dorama hasnt been so kickass bombastic many seasons now?!

                    7. Jin was deabak. I really think it is the drama which started the trend of time travel dramas by 2009. The latest dorama I finished was the one with Erica Toda. But Jdramas and HKdramas are not as easy as kdramas or cdrama or tdrama to find online ! Therefore I seldom I miss so many I can’t compare 😦

                    8. Lol I doubt they r trying to ape Jin. It is just not in same caliber of quality, BBJX novel was quite maniacly popular 2005/6, at least even I have heard of it b4 adapt… there were quite a few time traveling cute HKdramas in early 2000s, and I bet huger influence, one on YongZheng time traveling to modern HK is a lil gem even rewatching now

                    9. :/ I guess I hoped too much… not surprising at this time people died so early. So RaOn is a fictional character and normally he has to marry the crown princess. He has never really reigned and he is a teenager in this drama

                    10. I have yet to watch every episode. I think Kim Yoong Jung is gorgeous and she can emote with flying colors just when she opens her eyes big I am just a lil iffy. I think this is me because I have seen a whole lot of korean female heroines/actresses do that and got tired of this. Also I love PBG performance more and Hayeon character more who would have made a better heroine in my opinion 🙂

                    11. In another drama HY should be heroine. She is a heroine in her own right here all things considered!

                      PBG truly won me over here, he puts in his everything tirelessly in every nuance every second on screen and more importantly it works flawlessly, it is scrupulous effort + crazily talented to begin with. He will go very far.

                    12. If he does not screw he will definitly do it ! I hope he never stop challenging himself and he stays far awaybfrom Kim Eun Sook (too shallow for my liking)

                    13. for the love of puppies and rainbows, NO she who must not be named. I hide in my corner to ugly cry every time she has sth in the works and do my own alter to mourne a dearly departed from my heart forever.
                      That is why I could not be as excited as the world with PBG’s closeness to SJK, ANY remote association, I want not.

                    14. Yeeeeaaaaahhhh ! You stated it . She is the Yuzeng of korea. Heir was atrocious and DOTS soulless. Keep getting ratings on hype. Don’t care about lmh but she succeeded in making me stay far away from SJK. And she laugh all the way to the bank at the boredom of viewers taking her stuff seriously … Ew !

                    15. Lol I imagine you BB watching Hatori Hanzo XD I like the ending theme of the drama season 1. There were episodes on youtube back in the day but now I can’t find it

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