Take One for Team: Zhu Yi Long in Border Town Prodigal

I did not really.  But a lovely person 节操桥上炮龙烹凤的魔女总裁 @ weibo did.  *bow*


This is a masterpiece to a great degree if you watch it mute and it is an experience I wished I had a lobotomy and not have any Chinese proficiency for its duration :  casting is very satisfying, actors are giving perhaps their best to date if not ever,  even the plastic doll variety, cinematography is spot on gorgeous, set, costumes, makeup, hair, screams great aesthetics.  Wuxiadances are kickass choreographed, it even manages to capture that super elusive derelict-wuxia mood of GuLong, where his angstiest heroes inhale and exhale only tears and blood ad nauseum.  I see great work of directing, I see chemistry in all shapes or forms.  There is a greatly shipped conventional GuLong-esque/ie SM straight couple, there is a bromance 3 way.  I have no compliant in the above departments.  Everything is at its place….EXCEPT a watchable script,  it makes a very torturous for sanity watch for the shallows.  This is not bad at all in a glance, it is even in the good pile…but that devastating lacking…lesigh.  We can not look away from the onslaught of ridiculous beauty in ALL department, even CGI in the very cheap is tolerably bad, yet how much can one survive the explosive blitz of logic fails and lines in the gist of ‘ she may belong to a brothel (even if in period speak ‘Verdent Pavilion’) here, but her whorehouse should be the world. ‘ What the what?!?!

Heartbroken because this could have been truly epic, I have to lump this into wuxiap0rn, but only a lake mirage in the desert less than a TsuiHark x GuLong mood piece would have served us.  I milk pleasure where I can, we normally do not even get this.   Feast your eyes.


If anyone has any doubts Zhu YiLong is not born to be ALL the wuxia angsty boy,  Border Town Prodigal is flawlessly successful in being his cheerleader.  There could never be a human looking hotter with saliva made out of fake blood spitting out constantly.

And he bothers my hormones too much.  I did not and could not engage in the story proper, he being stunning is a big reason on top of the script nonsense.  I have nothing of substance to offer in this post of mine and I am not sorry.


Not saying I did not waste your a chunk of time droolzing.  If you are here, at the end of post, how many minutes/hours/days you spend drowning in the above picspam…is time better spent sitting through the drama.

Have some fanvids:



13 thoughts on “Take One for Team: Zhu Yi Long in Border Town Prodigal

  1. XD I actually watched several episodes of this a while back, just for The Pretty, before I got bored and quit. It really does look gorgeous. The angsty hero is not my type though, I liked the other guy better.^^

    1. Yes, it goes off boring tangents utmost exercise of patience.

      It is the bromance btn the rich puppy made of pure sunshine and brooding chunk of tearybloody manpain we love the story 4 anyway. GuLong is such a v messed up writer, his angsty heroes brings Angst new heights of delicious pathos… u really can’t beat the Fup of Mommy nurturing son to wuxia finest by constant feedings of torturous flagellation to adultherohood

  2. I am dizzy for all that spam – is he romancing the same woman in many different stages of relationship (love, one sided love, love me or I’ll tie you up, suck the poison out of my wound kind of love) or different women all along?

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