Moonlight Drawn By Clouds 17

I was so stressed over this angsty fluffy thing last night I lost some sleep over it. I streamed it live while conferencing, as I have done shamefully many times when drama addiction hit, holding in sobz, the balls I have, or very good at pulling my sinuses flaring up card, really.  I have enjoyed 16/18 worthy episodes emotionally ridiculously much till this, stakes are so high because I have already put it on my fav list.  It will break me more than what Prince was wrung through, if this suddenly is subpar, and my par is a hair less of flawlessness for MDBC, it has been sating my greed SO GOOD.

WHAT AN HOUR OF GLORIOUS EMOTIONAL WRINGING AND SATISFACTION BY THE TRUCKLOADS.   An aside, this has been an unforgivingly hellish Monday, I just got back home and it is very past midnight, and STILL I wanna rewatch the hour and go through all its exaltation again, and spazz nonsense here.  I am speechless.  I could just go awestruck a stupor in how poignant and engaging I find almost every scene.

Is the silent gut-ripping RaOn-ahh! per design?! because you never cease to amaze and own me PBG.

Everything hits its mark, be it cohesiveness, in character, in plot progression, in pivotal, my earth-shattering emotional punches…and in its predictability.  This show, its magic is in flawless clichés, flawless as in, you anticipate what’s coming, like that swearing your Mommy to save you ascent on a roller coaster on its first however many Gforce drop, and yet it is still more rewarding experiencing scene because all the elements at play are befitting, lines, editing, directing, music cues, ACTING, it’s all there.  Even when reaction scenes lingered a tad long in a cutthroat escape we need to suspend disbelief, it is almost a welcomed intermission to just catch a breath, grab boxes of kleenex because who did not break down in very ugly crying.  I was hiding in my work toilet stall, pray and pray and pray just give me the predictable ‘twist’ and when it did, my prayers answered,  yet I was a nervous wreck every scene till then, predictability at its most finest and awesome, I swear I will be an angel and behave like a normal responsible adult, after tomorrow that is.

Thank you!

Because how they get to have a heart to heart about WhiteCloud prior, and how Prince is aware its principality is no different from his vision of the new world he will build…a world behind confines BY smiles so pure as sunshine in wishing he could witness; because all Prince cares, sword at his throat, arrows pointing at them, is begging BY to not lower his sword in utter fear of losing his bff, never a doubt BY would harm himself; because he smiles dying in his arms, most contented, Prince reiterating what BY must have dreamed to hear his last breath, and he could thank Prince, with a loveliest smile even if it is opening a million wounds in my heart, dying, the last thing he wanna do for Prince is to wipe his tear off, that is after he has saved Prince and his maiden’s lives, and dying most dignified, repenting a sin he could not forgive himself, being a WhiteCloud spy…because of it all, this most logical plotpoint is beyond beautiful it hurts soooo gloriously, literally.

I wish… we will be friends till the end.  –he wrote on his lantern.

Cap is decidedly kept blurry matching my lens still submerged in tears, even hours after.

Most beautiful thing ever.

I underestimate how dreamy BY is a person, why am I stupid?!  It is not like writer has not been so thorough painting him upkeeping loyalties to WhiteCloud and Prince chivalously all along, and I still was inclined on him just buying time to flee with Prince, turning against WhiteCloud.  No, he is too honorable a romantic hero of yore, he fulfilled his WhiteCloud inspiring business to a tee, BEFORE he performs the highest standard of a human hero and a best loyal friend.  It is not sacrifice, putting down his sword, it is his choice to bid farewell to his best friend honoring the trust, the innocent beauty of their friendship safeguarding Prince’s honor and integrity till the end he could die for.

Cohesiveness is, PBG can layer on the kickass shrewdness he has earned from his growth, but the punkprince so convincingly laying low thus harmless, biting adversaries unaware, is still sweetly present.   Nobody doubts PBG is good, but his improvement in this drama alone, to ep17 where he is emoting immaculately in EVERY screencap, mindboggling a revelation.  Prince gets smarter and more observant without losing a hair of believability, and when in doubt Teacher Dasan is back and how my heart sings in such relief I and every good character will get everything dreamed in his vicinity of wisdom and healing magic.

Still too talkative.  


Awesome cohesiveness is, RO is subtlely observant, lovely with her persuasive attentive words.   She must have sensed KimHyung is having a hard time guiltridden, imposing a coma on himself, with her being in similar shoes, BY has chosen to die honorably, she has chosen to leave.  She pokes BY’s soft spot, his empathy for her, witnessing her heartbreak up close, lamenting how she might never see the palace/Prince again.  Seeing KYJ and KDY smile, worth the world to me.

It is beautiful.  Very Beautiful.

(The palace in snow, any season, your smile, your joy, your romance with Prince, my bromance.)

She invokes in BY most heart-tugging nostalgia, Repentance Hall in winter snow, which must have been at times a deserted and bitterly lonely place alone, now beautiful because he has bffs, a friend, a comrade in her.  After all the guilt, the betrayal, the toil she is still wondering about how beautiful the palace is, in a cold winter day.  There is someone dear there, and thus it is a warm, sweet home, with Prince longing for them, for him there.  The beauty of nostalgia is, seldom aware at the time of its formation, the full magnitude nudging a place buried in our psyche, but when retrieved from memory, coloring on the emotions experienced, it is always fonder, most hearttugging precious…and we own it, ours truly, forever.

And for the millionth time, drama rhymes to my every want, giving me this exact next bittersweet scene of lone Prince reminiscing of the last time they mindlessly drank and ate together, perhaps first moment his heart is cracked a hairline fracture of vulnerability by her warmth and keen observation of him as just another very lonely boy, and a moment BY could be at ease, chuckling, making fun of him…and be a boy.  How he was frustrated by being the fodder of their pokes then, what he wants the most in the world now.

All to the beyond perfect crooning of 황치열/Because I Miss You.

As a female character,  HaYeon is my bias in MDBC.   Classy, openminded and genuine to her feelings she owns, amazing ability of self-reflection, even when there must be shame and hurt, she owns it all in strides, carries herself graciously, always generous, honest, considerate and honorable.   It could not escape the keen eyes of Prince, how authentic, unique, perfect she is a human specimen, slowly but surely he is more cordial to her, more attentive to her feelings or not cruelly hurting, especially she is putting him at an ease acknowleding the futile fight for his heart she should not be greedy having a control of, yet still proudly expressing her feelings, unabashed, really love is nothing to be ashamed of, even if one-sided, Prince should know too well.   I do lament we do not have more time to delve closer to novel canon where she admires Prince more in depths of his inspiring vision and brilliant ambitions, pushing the door open for woman’s rights of sorts in Joseon, dreaming of her own sacrifice will bring a better Joseon to womanhood, contributing to society in roles and responsibilities other than being a wife or a mother but like her, an equal political partner.  I am quite confident, if she gets to meet RO in the finale, she won’t lower herself to petty bitchy jealousy.

I fangirl chant ‘Take them!  Take the world!’ whenever he is in court outsmarting them all, which is often.

He has been growing in competence, never a misstep in keenest observant wits, preparing himself well for this rewarding exposition and we are lucky to be with our baby every step of the way, now a fine fine King of men, such glorious satisfaction.

Palace is a place… where you stay for a certain someone, because of love… and seething hatred like that annoying evil peeble that keeps tripping your every step.


I want to be your friend.  -I want you as my friend.

You will not believe me.  -I believe you.

I do not want to hurt you.

We will always know each other the best.

The most beautiful friendship is they are soulmates, they have a clarity, a trust that needs not rely on an emotional faith, but a thorough understanding of each other no one else in their shoes could, always, to have the intuition to keep an honest distance, safe from hurting the other.  They now can continue what’s right for their aspirations and responsibilities, their separate ways they are wishing will convene harmoniously , with this honest confession of understanding to hold dear to forever.   They lament they might never be the closest of friends but their relationship will be perfect in how well aware of its imperfection.  I love the moon has a thin veil of clouds but it is still glowing bright on them. 

I have never seen a Guy2 so worthy almost a mirror image matching hero’s wits and everything dreamy yet maybe even more honorable in how he loves heroine in letting go but caring for her from afar, and when a matter closer to heart arises, an abandoned kin, a baby girl, he then focuses sharply, entirely on saving her.  It was never originating from another card for his agenda but savaging human decency for his family, her Mom, passing on his Grandpa’s cruel negligence manipulating their offspring as nothing but political pawns. 

I see those breathtakingly emoting tense hands of KDY, loosening up as Prince speaks every word to my heart’s desire, and they hit me with all the pretty smiles.  I thought I would never see them smile with such pure simple joy I am so beyond happy.  I know, as well as RO and BY, this perfect Prince is one stickler with his every word,  but even if the three of them do not get to drink at Repentence Hall in some dreamy possible future, this moment, is enough perfection.

Yeah, we have this at the very end, and we screamed our NOOOOOOO!!! knowing full well predictable in this show is AWESOME.  (nutso me have been singing ‘predictable is AWESOME~!’ to the EVERYTHING IS AWESOME tune and I wanna kill myself many times over)

It has been so beyond my expectation, a perfect intimate emotional drama watching ride for me, that joy of easily finding a million tiniest thing about each episode to sealclap to.  I have lied saying I do not need a happy ending, I just need logical cohesiveness, because sillyme can’t comprehend how it is possible to be congruent to story and not bug me being indulgent fanservice…but in one full of awesome episode, it somehow makes me ridiculously hopeful and very very greedy of all loose ends, thoughtfully sewn into a glorious fabric of a sweetest befitting coda.   The last episode have yet to air in 5 hours, I should sleep 5 hours ago, I can not wait, have never been so confident this will be awesome till the sweetest end.

How can I not be?!




5 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds 17

    1. She is so lovely written, thoughtful, generous, intelligent and so much grace, YS and BY are very nicely done too.

      I do take bk I can’t find flaws, coz 18 happened and it does clearly need more work writing. It is not the trajectory disagreeable per se, but the usual amazing attention to every detail, every word every line was missing first half of 18. But it is still deserving my best loved in genre, I get almost my exact dream ending! ! ! V well done overall.

      1. I have read the ending. I don’t know if I can take the whole “throw historical facts out of the window” thing but maybe my mind will change when I watch it 🙂

        1. MTE! I was given hope all along they could beautifully balance it all and when they threw facts out do not have a care at the VVERY last, I died a lil.

          But in a cosmic way it is good for my sanity because I did love it a tiny bit less obsessively and could bid drama a fond farewell, have a closure of my emotions and move on w RL lol

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