Moonlight Drawn By Clouds 18

Round glare confined in darkness on a clear night.   Clouds shielding, moon promulgates a gentler illumine across the vast, where a clear heart guards below.

RO smiles seeing him in her dream, haunting memory of the bracelet shattered.  Ominously, he hit the ground lifeless, and she could no longer stand, her nightmare coming true.

She soothes him the side of his thumb, he must be holding on the memory, in and out of consciousness, worst fear is waking up to his beautiful lovely wife who is the cruel reminder RO is gone.

PBG, you are unreal in magnificant.   I would have been more delighted, horrible me if he shrewdly fakes gravely ill till…and later on, with the resolution of KimClan and his Mother’s death, DadKing should be physically capable of presiding the court.  Prince could be King’s shadow regent mastermind behind closed doors, while roaming the land in keenest touch with his citizen, witnessing, listening their needs first hand…along with RO.  I beg broad strokes of historical accuracy whenever I can, we have been having the cake and eating it too all along, spoiled.

I am, out of words how to describe the affectionate intimacy so elevated, so heightened these babies are showing me I call it making romance, with such finesse and lack of the lazy assumed machinations of fanservice.  Their wristgrab, is more for him to physically feel the affirmation of love, wearing his bracelet, on top of his holding her hand wovening fingers into her palm.   Again PBG, why are you so good, with tinest twitches, I get that utter joy, that sigh of greatest relief your dream has finally be willed true and every painful heartbreaking longing along the way is worth it for this moment taking her veil off, like you have wished to, that night after her dance.  I have a giant lump in me how it is possible for them to be so romantically cohesive with Y touching RO’s face exactly the way he always does, reconfirming their sweetest tactile token of love.

I savor these winning young ladies, with door closing off happiness; door she shuts by own free will, setting free, stepping aside; traps she is unlocking… bravely facing what life is throwing at them right on. Seriously how good is the tiny powerhouse Heo JungEun?!  She is her gen’s Moon GeunYoung, perhaps outshining the national young sis.

*stink-eying ebilMom*


 *Ohnoes PBG is about to cry*

* there go the floodgates, fr newborns to halmeonis none immune*

(I am watching R1988, already the best TvN has ever offered me,

it will be the death of my tearducts.)

More than perfect little touches at work, taking in Mom with every and all his senses, touching her brushstrokes of his name, the letter perhaps the last object she tenderly touched alive, pouring in her love, he must be hearing Mom crooning for him, like it is her being, as he reads her love in words.

Everytime PBG sheds a flawless tear in character, I cry an ocean.

Lesigh, shroud it on, foggy misty smokes and tears, I do not need this, I do not want ANY of this, as gorgeous as JinYoung is:

It is super anal retentive of me I adore YS wiping off RO’s tear his last breath on the opposite side of her face of that spot Yeong always cherish.

So delicately illustrating these closest entanglements of love, tying back to RO’s handkerchief from Mom representing love and longing for Dad.  Y has a match from Mom now for an inspiring closure, feverishly fueling new beginning.

Literal Chekhov’s gun, how brilliant, a token of love. I love the sad irony of the hairband ornament, a character of ‘double happiness’ in gilded gold he must be pointing YS’ gun at, ending it all per his design.

As flawless as PBG is, I am licking his lushest hanbok instead.  Y must have the thought of donning matchy beads to The bracelet bringing along RO in spirit, but sanctifying the time bidding the fondest farewell to Mom alone.

It is a good scene I had rather not have.   Again the satisfaction of witnessing Y as a fine King is something too predictable it is outweighed by my urge for some historical accuracy.

SeulGi just got another price on her pedestal of the best cameo ever, nothing new.

This scene is so close to fluffy perfection I just need Mom to run the business, sideglancing with subverged giggles at their PDA. *and just my eyes, that portrait of PBG is oddly winking a Park YuChun circa SKKS*

I could watch PBG chasing after his wifey like a very excited clingy puppy 24/7.

His entire face is squealing nothing but MY WIFEY IS SO GORGEOUS! MY WIFEY IS SO GORGEOUS!  Happiest man he is.  Even though I am not biased in mad romantic love with RO, KYJ is most beautiful I need to scream it out loud myself.  I love RO did not conveniently becomes Queen, they just carry on their romance open-ended, who needs more.


This single episode (ok minutes of this) brings down the 10+/10 myPrecious’ average to some 9sth/10.  I could welcome back my old ranty self *phew*and WHINE a little, life creeping back to normal as I bid MDBC a fond farewell with less maniac an obsession.  Argh.  Live shoot, I loothe you.  It could only make sense the first half of the epi is written on the fly when writershii is dashing out of house crying her eyes over her marvelously put together good!angsty script and dazed by the cutiepies’ perfect acting of 17, already late forgetting her pants, purse, keys no time for makeup when she feels like some, having a horrible hair day and thus venting it out on BY’s hair…ie just not in the mood to do adulting let alone ingenious fresh touches on everything belonging to some most predictable shoujo, left her magic wand at home near her toothbrush, if all the above true, yup then 18 is very understandable.  As is, no. Why. I am dumbfounded drama so needlessly swerves to almost trainwreck at some plots the 11th hour I thought another 15 mins, of brainstorming with ANY silly rabid fan (mememememe) could have grab the writer’s wheels for her a split second steering it back to its usual level of unimaginable awesome diligently working on every predictable detail of cliches, maximazing its every allure.

It is causative cohesive YS could not stay, it is not his death I am crying banshee, if done engrossingly angsty a la BY.  AT LEAST be flawlessly effectively cheesy a bookend, have God!BY returning the love exactly, that’s what beautiful bromance is conveniently for.  It is so crude it is laughable in execution. The melancholy moongazing scene with Y in 17, expressing his steadfast conviction to honor filial piety for his clan while upholding his own integrity is a hefty act to juggle internally, let alone a clashing of paths with Y, left an unease in my gut, and this drama marvels in predictability so I did brace myself.  But such a thoughtfully written dreamboat who has never disgrace himself does not deserve such a disrespectful slaying damnit.  I am robbed of emotional punch mourning him, left pondering if I should care if soooo stupid.  Is he really gonna feed RO to his badwolfgrandpa AFTER witnessing her near execution with so much pain he can’t visibly contain just to prove he’s over her?!?! Does YS EVER care any of his grandpa’s opinions of him!?!?!  Oy my head hurts.  It makes no sense and it should not need a RO wimpering to snap him back to hero mode. WTF. I was thinking he could feign a disappearance of sorts that scene escorting RO to safety, with some minor bleeding beautiful wounds, say those exact lines, then after finishing some more of his honorable whistleblower deeds, (argh if RO could be pardoned why couldnt YS just on the saving baby Cuteness!?!?!?!!?!? This would make Y fairer a just King, as is her pardon will be shadowed by his bias) be some sworddancing scholar flowerboy painter master laying low in the seams of city or some Qing resort by the sea across the strait from Joseon, and/or get a houseboat draped in fragrant flowery silk, be GuLong’s inpiration for his detective hero ChuLiuXiang. He could catch up with BY, RO (and the Prince) occasionally for a drink…lending RO beautiful brushwork for her fluffy covers!  RO should write his colorful bio veiled as some undercover Joseon/Qing ambassador detective thrillers on the perpetual #2 on her bestseller list, #3 being HaYeon’s travelogue of the world through her gracious observant lens RIGHT!?! and setting Prince on fiery seething jealousy with YS’ deliberately fudging HRH perfect!face in the Joseon Fabio bookcovers,  leading to frustrated cute bouts of punishments.  Greedy me is also silently obsessively shipping soulbonding between YS and HY, especially with HY the carefree single lady with geeky love for books and scholarly pursuits, why not let them be platonic soulmates and go from there?!?!  When HY asks for direction to the pier and no YS swirling to her side offering her an umbrella, RO’s novels for travel read and companionship for all their new adventures breaking the taboo of friendship between the sexes…..I am deflated a little, because HY+YS can!  But I am fully aware where is the TIME for all this elaboration?!?!  I am not the only one thinking this up, imagine how perfect my fangirl world is whole, bumping into this fanvid just now, my kindred spirit some talented darling made an AU MV almost exactly my YY O___O:

Lesigh it is frustrating to explain RO to myself, and I blame it on writing and directing.  In another actress’ hands, I would have dropped drama once writer pulls the damsel in distress card too numerous times every episode because KYJ somehow can fill her multiple doe-eyed shocked face with mesmerizing depth and nuances true to her talent and experience, but there is just so much she can do with stupored shock faces often not even a word allotted speaking her mind.  We now know the production is given warnings airing for portraying kissing and skin of a minor actress against an adult actor and I need to give appreciation how MDBC has been working miracles with that hindrance not missing delivering the intense romantic intimacy often just by eying thanks to these talented bebes.

I AM fine with her inaptness when facing all the repetitive threats to her life because it is cohesive, still.  But not mincing words, she is reduced to a romantic cipher last epi and some moments in a finale I am expecting way more from any young lady even if she has to stay helplessly and defenselessly meek, there are super easy tweaks even I can come up with watching scene to ease the chagrin,  we can’t polish turd, to quote CNN last night on the hell that is reality, but this is MDBC!!!!!  Gimme back tiny little bits of the quickminded enough exuberant Samnom even when RO is preoccupied with nursing her heartbreak does not feel like functioning.  Why put her in scene to faciliate her counterparts delivering some lines?!   Do we need another perturbed frightened to be recognized RO at the checkpoint entering palace?!  What else do you expect RO?!!?!?!?!? We love predictability, fans of this show, we know an ailing Prince will have his RO by his side asap and no one care wasting any LAST EPI OTP time duh, just get on with it, have EunuchJang THERE waiting huffing and distracting, desperate time of Prince dying, who could not understand.    Why drag such scene however little when we’d rather have PBG and KYJ at their magic gazing sweet romance swooningly at each other for another 10 seconds I could watch with hearteyes PBG counting every bead RO savaged and thus carassing her wrist so very I dont even know why so romantic in the tiniest gestures.  Take those 2 silly minutes of YS fighting for HER life from HIS wtf!minions, blocking swords chopping her way thrice, with his pretty body, I counted, could never rewatch.  She could have TRY dashing into a pitch dark repentence hall but only she know the way to navigate of coz, her homesweethome,  sneaks into Y’s Mom’s hidden attic and YS would’ve bought her some bloody time.  I do appreciate this time around RO at least could have a reaction, leaping to shield him in return.   After his collapse, instead of your lap, ample time to put on mask while running to get some Master Dasan help THEN tend to YS and continue scene.  So, why?!  YS had moved on from RO obsession as much as he wisely can, I thought, why drag him down to crazed obsessive loon just for a futility, even if he has lost all valour changing KimClan’s course with evilgrandpa at it again.

YS to YogaLin’s Stepping aside (to complete you)

But I am most ragey Prince and BY did not get to properly mourn his death more than a lingering millisecond on Y’s sadface, COME ON.  Time could be better use.   I would rather have the safe old YS opportune overhearing EvilKimHan’s harming RO plan for the nth time and he calls for BY help again, 1+1 hotties never gets old, more God!BY batman glory cockblocking their kidnapping/murdering, YS be the hero saving same damsel for the last time, insert that beautiful line in scene, ‘I have always want to draw you because drawing, being drawn by you is my joy, my every artful poetic expression’ swoon.   The Queen baby arc could use massive cutting.  Nothing against the actress as the cliche, but I do not care, nor need another set of glaring shockface.  No one need that entire scene of Y urging on Queen.  Give overworked perfectPBG a break, a national treasure mascot to Kr as panda is for China, but PBG w panda eyes spoils the pretty.  AND it is the first time I thought Prince’s usual poignant inspiring persuasions need another 1omin of tweak Writer.  We get the drift, her baby’s cry is the most effective hit on head for Queen’s conscience, but it misses the usual delicate thoughtful poignant flow of how Prince attempts his maneurvers. We have seen Queen struggling however little since giving birth and baby could cry without Prince presence, making the scene as is the more redundant.  I could better use the minutes and force you two hotboys croon say this duet with Y playing the gayaguem to BY sworddancing a year from that moonlit night drawn by clouds.  YS, my ode to you.

暮鼓/Evening Drum

暮隐黄昏           Twilight of dusk
谁主浮沉           Who dictates destiny?
倦鸟还林           Weary bird relodges to forest
落叶归根           Fallen leaves return to roots.

一路烟尘           A journey of soot and dust from war,
仆仆半生           Half a life of servitude.
夕去朝来           Leaving at dusk, back at dawn…
阴阳两分           Life and death, parting our ways.

白云东廓           White clouds, vast East,
绿水西村           Clear waters, village blessed by west winds,
旧时茅店           Our old bamboo hut…
似梦还真           Like a dream too real. 

草草杯盘            Wine cups scattered hastily
昏昏火灯            Candles aglow faintly,
儿童相见            We were kids
共语平生            prattling Life.  
怅望浮生急景    Wistfully witnessing vicissitudes of life fleeting by like floating clouds,
凄凉宝瑟余音    Gloomy tune lingering on precious zither
黄叶无风自落    Withered leaves falling without a breeze
秋云不雨长阴    Autumn clouds casting a longing rainless melancholia.

I never alterna-ship, because I never stick with any romance not convincingly told.  As my most beloved lady in drama, Prince just does not care for HY as his lady, never when he is still intensely in love with RO.  What I thought was him being more cordial last episode, assuming they could ease into a civil union as they set out to accomplish, while true, is an excruciating burden for Prince only a wiser  HaYeon, immersed with her love for Prince could sensitively perceive.  As Prince wax romantic to RO, it is a dreadful fear  every time he wakes up from any dazed visual, longing for her, yet seeing another faultless lady instead,  HY is a constant reminder torturing him RO is gone.  His civil softened tolerance of HY’s presence is a tiring facade to deluge this angst RO will stay missing by his side as long as HY is his bride.  Bravo to HY, setting herself free on her terms, not self-servingly, but till the end true to her love, easing the emotional burden of Prince staying in a loveless marriage when every aware of her, stabs him the pain of a love lost.  And it is at the perfect timing for ending the political partnership, with the least detriment to Prince, when the Kimclan conundrum has been solved competently by Prince, without flexing her family’s clout, it is time to close this chapter,  by her own accord, like the door to Prince’s room she closes, where he smiles, only when RO resides.

Take flight, freely fly high, like butterfly gracing cusp.

But have a fanvid of Y x HY, they have every beat be a lovely romance in any AU (ignore the song, I don’t like it myself):

Nobody is fine with BY’s one year later hair, did you romp in that other heavy on horrible hairpieces sagueklight, trying to save it with your godly gorgeousness?!?!?!  I was going to bring any screencap of the previous 17eps and ask my stylist to replicate, now I fear reality is e18.   But then BY smiles, at PBG smiling like the cutest derpy puppy he is, even forever spot on as Yeong, and BY smiles like a blushing bride, thus I have attained a pure nirvana of my fangirl heart to just droolz


烘雲托月, what BY waxes poetically to DadHong, a brush painting technique, where ‘mood’ poetry is expressed in visual, painting clouds setting up the moon, with its light reflecting upon tiny physical water droplets, thus capturing the moon in a nimbus glory.   It takes meticulous dedication of subtlety to draw hint of clouds without intruding the moon yet serving its adornment.  The moon is thus brighter more beautiful with the illuminated irradiation, befitting what this drama does to perfection, painting every poetic stroke of every finest spec of detail, reflecting a sparkle, magically over the black and white cliches, elevating it to the moons.

I could not imagine anything in this genre EVER be this hair shy of perfect,  I get ALL my a million and more, I did not know I could and should have, wants sated, even run-by ponderings:

6 thoughts on “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds 18

  1. It’s not often I see you vaxing this poetic. 🙂 It’s been fun reading your posts, especially as Moonlight never managed to get me as emotionally invested. I loved it for the beautifully crafted work that it is, the dip in quality towards the end notwithstanding, but could not really connect any deeper.

    I too would have preferred YS to live. It’s perhaps like someone @ DB surmised that TPTB felt that they had to kill someone in the end and as YS wasn’t as close to the Prince as the other two…he got elected. Apparently YS did not die in the webtoon… webnovel… whatever, but did board that ship. I like your ending a lot more, ha. JinYoung did well, he has the makings of a decent enough actor. Such novelty to have a drama with no bitchy 2nd leads.

    So, did Drama turn you into a KDY fangirl? XD I’m feeling like a proud momma. Hoping to see more adult roles from him, his talents have so far been rather underutilised.

    1. I savor the flawlessness, yes nothing truly ground breaking but this very close to not a misstep of thoughtfulness in everything, I am speechless in awe. This doesn’t happen if ever at all for some shoujosaguekfluff, though I am a fiend, nth ever flows in such patterned(or clichéd) intensity of poetry of all sorts to me in every aspect. I adore the all around beauty in every detail being a main attraction rather just 4 ornamentation Frankly I have never ever come across an acting ensemble doing this kind of material I do not have to compromise in not just one, but often quite a few. Have you?! 🙂 I am now a bit annoyed this is tagged a boring SKKS… hello, acting is v important to me, folks. PMY is not on my list i look forward to watching, biased or not KDY did a better engrossing job than YAI as saguekhotbatman.

      KDY is totally my type of aesthetics, those emotive large eyes! I was not too impressed w JinYoung in the beginning but he improves in front of my eyes. His face is actually most classical kind of Asian period pretty as in I have drawn many to his exact liking during brush painting classes growing up XD

      Oh Chingu, R1988 is taking me by so much lovely surprise having none of our gripes being some wrangling fodder feeding shippingfanwars. Focus is so not there at all, but of coz the vocal watchers r vocally missing point of gem, the most beautiful in mundane seamlessly lyrical storytelling I have seen in a Kdrama so honest and bare of lazy dramatics it does not feel dramawatching, hard to come by such an unadorned Kdrama family slice of life, when plot seems woven so loose and nondescript…but spending time with character worming in so surreptitiously as family, dolce far niente, it exactly is. It is owning me, my absolute fav experience w TvN. Safe to tread/tryout.

      1. Oh yes, it’s not often you come across an ensamble cast this good. It was a joy to watch them do their stuff and I didn’t spot any freeloaders. I think JinYoung and to some degree KDY as well benefeted from the fact that Moonlight lucked out in a PD who knows his ass from his elbow. They probably got a little help from the more experienced colleagues too.

        Hmmm… maybe I should give R1988 another go then. I’m pretty much spoiled to the plot but that’s never been a big issue for me. 😀 I’ve always had a fondness for a well made family slice of life.

        1. Someone told me this is same PD on Discovery of Romance team thus a reason I try…right? He is on my lublub list.

          I think the most crucial thing making this gel to this perfection is they got KYJ, still, even when she was very underused or a bit underwhelming later on.

          Am very spoiled too w R1988, and was ‘enjoying’ the shipping war too much thinking no way I am watching 20ep ~2 hours each just to get batty over which boy an 18 yo fictional char picked.

          But on average I sobz 3,5 times an episode and on many occasions curled up and have a very good cry on sth sooo extraordinary on being so not special in how marvelously relatable.

          1. Ah, I didn’t know the other (there are 2) Moonlight PD was on DoR team, no wonder. I took a peek at his resumé and he directed ‘Adolescence Medley’ with KDY too!

            As for R1988 – those were my thoughts as well, LOL! The episode length is still ridiculous but let’s see how it goes. Might take a while before I get as far as this drama as I’ve got a back log miles long.

            1. The other/main PD was on Descendant of the Sun!?! At least that was big hinderance for me watching this livelive. Adolescence Medley is very next on mylist :))) I just need the time.

              It is daunting those ep length, but I stopped feeling it as it grows even longer every ep, lapped it all up the wkend…should be doing a million things, always how it is. I am sleeping less than a R1988 epi these days, could not phy rewatch, still I give myself another day and I would, very very tempted.

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