Friday Pretty Post: Watching and Waiting



Admittedly,  my knees give up more on seeing him selling stuff in suits than his dramaz, pains me more biases wasted in mediocre than not seeing them at all.  He has 浮出水面, a modern spy thriller out shortly, my hopes are not high, then there is Ode to Joy2 (argh), 鬼吹灯/Candle in the Tomb (will be so chopsueyed by censors unwatchable), Surgeon (w BaiBaiKe (awesome in GrowUp<3)and LiuYeJun his old mate fr Disguiser I am willing to be decent, not asking much) AND Please be AWESOME 我的前半生, original novel by HK romance queen YiShu costarring Chen! Dao!Ming! (really?! I have to see to believe)

Trailer for 浮出水面, sth I will watch only if I have time and could part with what’s owning my entire heart atvm:

 photo 69ba6762gw1f981o7dbufj20bo0hijy9.jpg


I think it is safe to earn an eternal spot in ajummadom if one would kill puppies to protect Park BoGum if necessary, his place in my heart is the status of a newborn babypanda with that harmless good looking face of his attached,  and my eyes physically pained me dazed by the literally godtrillion pics of him ‘post’MDBC mania.   I should properly gush about Reply 1988 when I have time, I gobbled it up in a few days in lieu of sleep.  Must.   This is the first reply series eternally owning my heart, soul, everything in being so restraint, so beautifully lack of dramatic gloss and sheen and you feel and love every single character as your family in due time.  PBG’s Taeki is not the best thing out of it because they all are equally most precious.  This is the first time I kinda understand the shipping wars but not really because these are down to earth, grounded angels, all of them so realistically marriage material, and this is the first time I thought the series have so much trust respect and love for the characters to let them be and allow us to just enjoy spending glorious quality time with their mundane, extrapolating to our own life’s experience and COMBUSTION.  It got me so emotional I cried for them and for myself reminsicing the lovely nostalgia of just living, then as an 18, 20sth year old.   I actually see very little wringing of our emotions in that tiresome game of who’s the hubby this time around.  One of them will take all the care for her in life, no matter being a bff, a husband, always a dear constant; the other, she wants to take care of for life.

Yuan Hong, my ex loverboy, yeah I have officially dumped him, just lost interest.   I could snap back with one terrific drama, an awesome role,  his upcoming in a few days 咱们相爱吧 is not cutting it, the lines are almost entire composed of nauseating sexist ageist propaganda veiled behind some 30sth girlpower, absolutely driving me batshit, that and my sadder and sadder aversion to plastic surgeries on faces I have to stare in HD in order to watch some drama, ie his RL wifey, no thank you:

The drama 远大前程/Great Expectations he is working on, I am crazily excited about, not because of him though lol, I just beg him to put in his best job to date and not freeload  because this is nothing but OMFG bamf!veteran thespians each could eat him alive not even spliting out bones.  I can make a list of works I adore, will recommend from them:

Chen SiCheng writer/producer/lead actor: his last brainchild movie Detective Chinatown was surprising solid, at least there is some working script and good effort put in the directing and acting.  In the superthin offering of watchable C movies 2015, 2016, this took the cake.

YH’s Ordinary World and Chang Ge Xing are his recent decent dramas, just no hooks, nothing to be obsessive about.

Liu HaoRan is my less pretty CN Park BoGum, will go far in the business.  I am actually keeping a hopeful eye on Lang YaBang2 with him attached and a few most amazing thespians in the industry for periods namely 孙淳/Sun Chun,  the president YuanShiKai in one of the most critically acclaimed work by Zhang Li 走向共和 <-engsubbed; 张博/ZhangBo, I have mentioned his worth here and there; and 郭京飞/Guo JingFei, I am a stan and he is always glorious!…thus pwning LYB1 for me on average talent of roster…yet firmly holding opinion Miss LYBscriptwriter is talentless for scope.  He is on the roster of the dripping with gorgeous Cat Demon (more later) by Chen ZaiGe next.

 赵立新 Zhao LixinA PD Zhang Li regular again, magical in Ming Dynasty, Rise of the Republic…etcetc, I was floored by him as CaoCao in a lesser work 曹操 (2013), my parents have been nudging me to watch a recent better Cdrama offering 中国式关系 with him in it.

I could not imagine anyone haven’t seen some Mr 金士杰 King ShihChieh‘s work, any HHH, any.  Or a Good old CPeriod 貞觀之治/Rise of Tang Empire, :

Mr 倪大红 Ni DaHong is DABEST, always terrifyingly a league above in ANY ensemble, even in horrible stuff,  but he elevates even the best scripts, eg 大明王朝1566 or the flawed more recent All Quiet in Peking.

He is best known as hottest fashionista Grandpa no one is arguing.

富大龙/ Fu Dalong is sooo memorable in Qin Empire 2.  陈昊/Chen Hao is the only actor I have not seen a thing.

Tong LiYa, is super gorgeous, very decently talented, I have yet to love any of her drama, let this be it.  She is also doing a cameo in LYB2, along with HXM, I am not as revolted with HXM cameoing in a period, lest we forget, he started out with passing grade in a period as a newbie against a Chen DaoMing, with micromanaging direction not encouraging him to preen and strut, he could serve his role.  But yeah, y am I getting any bit excited about LYB2 when I can’t stand LYB, y.

Amber Kuo is a weaklink, stop doing miscasts in nothing but CRAP, you were refreshing in First Page Taipei.

刘奕君  Liu Yijun, recently rewatched bits of 大染坊 (2003) just to revisit fondly when ShanDong production company was good with heart and enthusiasm and passion.

黄志忠 is also on the cast,  from the same troupe of ZhangLi regular thespianhood, 10+ works 8+/10 at douban, that crazy perfect.

Legend of the Cat Demon/ 妖猫传

While Chen KaiGe is not my love for directors, he has breathtakingly lush aesthetics, I could hope there is a working script by 王蕙玲 (Lust Caution, EatDrinkManWoman and…argherm The Crossing) because how else could it attracts this mindboggling otherworldly beings?!?! Zhang YuQi as春琴/Shunkin, wife of Guard possessed by Cat Demon or The Consort Yang/Yokihi whose romance and death memorialized by famous Tang poet Bai JuYi’s lyrical poem Chang HenGe (Song of Everlasting Sorrow),  poet/detective played by the everywhere in everything Huang Xuan, here assigned to investigate the strange, then there is the ever scene-stealing Zhang LuYi as Emperor, Qin Hao (Blind Massage) as Palace Guard, Sometani as Monk, Liu HaoRan as lil White Dragon, Crystal Zhang (GoPrincessGo)as Cat, Sandrine Pinna, Keiko Matsuzaka, Abe Hiroshi. O__O Geez I adore them ALL, shallowly and/or rabidly.


 photo 49d45bfejw1f983fsnlzbj20oc0yzai3.jpg
 photo 75e43144gw1f93omqvkrvj212m1lxal8.jpg
 photo 75e43144gw1f93omtmtqtj215r1lxng5.jpg

Zhang LuYi


Because I can not stop myself being stupid and nosy, checking out TWO just out Cdramas penned by DingMo (not my cuppa fr what I cant finish of her Love Me If You Dare): 美人为馅/Memory Lost and  如果蜗牛有爱情/When A Snail Falls in Love,  it hits me how memorable, the only worthy thing Mr Zhang LuYi was in LMIYD.   I did not have the time to go past ep1 of both currently airing offerings, impression is MemoryLost>>Snail.  At least there are things I could follow with some interest plotwise in M, Snail’s (ie LMIYD) PD has no sense of pace nor a clue in building tension of ANY kind other than feasting the fangirls lots of WangKai, and since his PS is more and more visible for me and me alone, I am having a hard time not occupying myself nitpicking the oddness of his chin and so forth when the story does not really need to take the snail in title so literally.

  photo 69ee5005gw1f93q0x3g4og20cq05he87_1.gif

I feel, this is all of Snail I should mildly pay attention to.

Memory though, has a lot of hot romping ep1 scene1:

 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f93muir7zzg20b40677wq.gif
 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f93mtnsak2g20b405g4qu.gif

 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f94fd3awybg20b405b4g9.gif
 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f94fd1bezug20b405b7wi.gif
 photo 95905e50gw1f95xaayp2yg20b4068e81.gif
 photo 95905e50gw1f95xa83cdqg20b4068kjn.gif

Yang Rong, absolutely gorgeous, criminally stiffled under YuZheng’s management, so I must brave this for her sake, her first leading heroine at 35, keeping in mind the reality check this is still a YuZheng’s shit.  I do not mind Bai Yu the actor at all, he is not cookiecutter plastic, thus a lot of novel fans are wailing he’s ruined their pretteh, but he has been competent in quite a few dramas I liked:  Grow Up, 少帅/Young Marshal (a lesser liked ZhangLi is still a ZhangLi) , and come on he is nowhere near the bottom of the acting barrel in One Smile is Very Alluring.

I do not know why there are suddenly three crime procedurals out in C dramaland everyone is watching, amongst them,  Dr Qin is the best by a mile.   All three leading characters are charming in their ways, very little OTTness, and quite lovely acted by Zhang Ruoyun, Jiao JunYan and Li Xian.   It does not try to be jawdroppingly amazing, the cases are too simple to really worm our brains in, but then that makes it a very easy enjoyable watch, its allure.  Zhang Ruoyun is someone that can perk my interest up, he is not in my pretty manrem, BUT he is so charismatic owning every role, his Dr Qin is along the thread of every Sherlock, brittle like a Simon Bo of WH just not as unbelievable,  Zhang injects that facade with just enough whiff of warm cute heart thumping under the surface so organically.

 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f977okmcsxg20c404ahdt.gif
 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f977p2aoesg20bx04c7wn.gif

Wallace HuoHuo, you are still a ridiculously gorgeous man to my shallow eyes,  it is not human to look this good without hair:

 photo 536e7093jw1f938fvljx3j21kw23lgwa.jpg
 photo 536e7093jw1f938gft8j9j20p011in70.jpg

And how is it fair very pregnant Ruby looks almost exactly like 20 years ago, with a dash more womanly allure however much photoshop magic there is?!?!
lol and remember the days when the world ship WH and TY?!?!?!?!

 photo ad1b5fffjw1f94h7at1fqj20dw0jetch.jpg
 photo ad1b5fffjw1f94h77yeddj20dw0g6q5r.jpg

I love her latest pictorial, finally capping into her right aura of a much more aggressively lethally alluring woman than those ditsy bimbos she keeps playing. ‘Fresh’ is the rumor Tang Yan is dating her costar LouJin of several drama collabs, their  锦绣未央/Princess WeiYoung will air 11/11.  It could be a guilty pleasure, I doubt mine as I find all the guys across the board not my type of period handsome and fugly styled.

But talking about something I can not look away crazily anticipating:
 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f96vnzzwr3j20qd160dmn.jpg
 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f96wqmmth2j20qg0yjdru.jpg
 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f96wpywkxwj20qg1ag14s.jpg
 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f96wnb1w5nj20qg112n7s.jpg
 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f96wj6xfalj20qg0y8n6a.jpg
 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f96vo315jrj20qd0tfjyw.jpg

 photo 4d7f0a6dgw1f96vo4urqwj20qd10l7em.jpg

军师联盟/Advisors Alliance looks too snazzy to be real, but a drama that can have this much gorgeous to chop out of making a trailer could not possibly be utter Crap, right?!??!?!!  Do not be another case of teaser pwning the drama by a world.  This should be interesting on the premise alone, focusing on a greyer power player Sima Yi during Three Kingdoms era.

20 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: Watching and Waiting

  1. Jin Dong remains 男神 *swoon*
    Givenchy has good taste! 😀
    I can’t wait to see him and Bai Baihe in Surgeon and bonus for having Liu Yijun in it too cuz that guy is an amazing actor!

    Dr Qin is my favorite drama of the year! I LOVE the story and the characters – these 3 leads are the most charming leads I’ve seen together in a very long time and I can watch 100 eps of them snarking each other all day! 🙂

    Zhang Ruoyun is great young actor and he’s so charismatic that even if he is not 美颜盛世, if his character is, then he makes you believe he is. He’s so convincing in his roles and characters and he just totally makes audience pay attention to him whenever he’s onscreen.

    Zhang Luyi is awesome and I really remembered him from LMIYD. I HATED that drama but ZLY was awesome. Then I watched Sparrow and I ended up liking Wang Jingsong, Zhang Luyi, Zhang Ruoyun, and Yin Zheng the best out of all the guys LOL.

    I watched Snail too and I must say Wang Ziwen is much better here than in Ode to Joy. The fact her character here is quiet and contemplative is a huge improvement! Wang Kai is great as a detective cuz he has that aura but I totes get what you mean about that chin – it’d be less obvious if he wasn’t so skinny cuz then the extra flesh would help balance the oddity…

    Haven’t seen the dramas you mentioned with the veterans but I do remember some names like Ni Dahong (Sima Yi!) and all that…

    LOL can’t believe they’re glorifying Sima Yi but as long as they don’t screw up history or vilify Zhuge Liang then I’m cool with it…

    Langyabang 2 was a surprise in terms of casting. Don’t know Liu Haoran apart from the fact that his family is apparently big shot in the industry…
    Very surprised about Huang Xiaoming and Tong Liya but they’re just cameos so…
    Was a big surprise to see Zhang Bo cuz I still remember him fondly as Sun Quan (he was great) so it’ll be fun to see him here. Well they had Zhou Yu in the first Langyabang so yeah haha…
    No idea what’s gonna happen in terms of story for LYB2 but hopefully it won’t be too bad…?

    1. *Hugs* how are you?

      I think one of the most crucial skills of BBH earning her Alister status is she has never picked crap to waste herself in, I am antsy this is too much riding on GrowUp’s awesome, then there is JinDong and LYJ attached both I adore and must watch so please do not suck.
      This must’ve been WZW+WK coupling on screen for the 3rd, 4th time, have seen them much better, PD, DingMo r turnoffs. I am just feeling it for an ep to see if it could pleasantly surprise me, but nope.

      I mean history is in the hands/pens of the winners, eyes of the beholder, not saying SimaYi was criminally trampled upon, but he had the gift of intelligence vis a vis ZhuGe, what shaped him to this greyness?! Great for mining.

      imo TLY is a more natural a bit more versatile actress than LiuTao the miscast. They should use her to the max here because I do hope LYB2 is not big boy’s club as LYB1, I’ll pray fr ladywriter to do one interesting thing right. But tvbh I had no hope whatsoever on LYB2 to have a decent script to my liking, I truly hated LYB’s scriptwriting skillwise, it was so juvenile.

      1. *HUGS* It’s been a while, Mookie, but reading your posts is always a breath of fresh air! 😀

        I’m OK, just busy with exams at the moment, but can’t wait till they finish so I can catch up on some much needed rest (and dramas LOL)

        Totally agree with you about Bai Baihe! She’s good at choosing projects and doesn’t waste her talent in crap. She was WONDERFUL in Grow Up – such a natural actress with so much subtlety and emotion in her performance! AWESOME line delivery and just such a charismatic presence onscreen. Saw her next in Monster Hunt and she was wonderful in that too! This lady has range – she can be in totally different roles yet you won’t see shadows of her previous characters. I really look forward to seeing her in Surgeons because I think she and Jin Dong will be awesome with their acting talent and everything.

        Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen are solid in their acting so I guess that’s why I can stomach Snail when Love Me If You Dare made me chuck things at the screen (LOL). Also I think Hou Hongliang did a smart thing in getting Zhuzhu to fix the script for Snail cuz the original novel REALLY sucks (well I thought it was so stupid that I gave up reading properly after the 3rd chapter and just skimmed and skipped straight to the end). I honestly don’t know why Ding Mo novels sell so well because I think the logic and detective aspects are very lacking and her books feel more like sappy romances disguised as detective novels…

        This may be why I like Dr Qin the best so far because I feel some authenticity when I watch it. I love how the characters are so natural and charming and they’re just so no-nonsense and get on with the job, which is something I expect from a crime solving / forensics unit. Also the 3 leads are wonderful actors and 大宝 is such a refreshing female character (smart, tomboyish, no-nonsense, snarky, doesn’t take crap from males) it’s a breath of fresh air from all those damsel in distress / Mary Sue characters that Cdrama is swamped with. ZRY gives a great performance as Dr Qin as well – very subtle and natural. I like Li Xian as the most “normal” guy/detective of the group too. These 3 balance each other so well. Oh, and the ending theme song of Dr Qin is awesome. Dunno why but just so addictive to the ear… 😀

        Sima Yi is definitely an interesting historical character cuz he’s a pretty damn smart guy – they don’t say 三國盡歸司馬懿 for no reason. It’s interesting to see how he kept himself and his family safe from being killed even though he was right in the middle of everything with the Cao family and all. I just hope they give us a good, historically accurate portrayal and not some dog blood mess…

        I like Liu Tao cuz she has a comfortable presence – elegant and a 賢妻良母 type of feel – but as an actress, I think she’s above average. She’s nowhere near terrible but not exactly the best either. Honestly as much as I like her in Langyabang 1, she was more convincing as a Princess than a General. (I pick Jiang Xin as lady general cuz she just nailed that Song Ning character in Huaxuyin). Tong Liya is a beautiful actress who is also very talented – the few times I saw her performances I was very impressed by how good she is! So yes, I’m quite all right with Tong Liya guest starring in LYB2! 🙂

        LYB1 gets points for the production quality and the cast. The script itself (even after being reworked and improved upon very much from the original) was mediocre at best and the point of attraction was more in the melodrama (of Jingyan and Mei Changsu and other characters) than in the “plots/schemes” themselves. Let’s face it, compared to stuff like Three Kingdoms, the “plots” in LYB1 seemed juvenile and “too easy”. It felt like the whole time Mei Changsu had everything going just as he planned and he just couldn’t lose. The villains of LYB were all dumbasses in comparison and yeah, just nowhere near as much fun as historical dramas like Three Kingdoms (cuz all 3 sides had equally awesome intellect and martial arts). Wei, Shu, and Wu seemed much more evenly balanced in terms of power struggle and it was much more interesting to see. LYB felt too one-sided in Mei Changsu’s favor…

        1. Muakkkk Good luck in your exams!! Add oil!!!

          I just saw the trailer for Surgeons, surely will be out early 2017. It looks good enough and serious… but I am not sure about the romance btn KD and BBK, surprisingly… gosh how I wished they pirate White Tower blatantly with this A++ cast!!!!! I asked a JD fangirl and she said 编剧朱朱 was alright in last JD medical drama, but then I assume ZhuZhu is same writer for Snail…and that wasnt good enough, lets just hope this is her forte, fingers crossed!

          I also do not get the draw of DM, I have heard this is a fav of some dearies out of her novels and I just wasnt curious enough to slough through her writing ever again. For romance so simply constructed, I prefer GuMan, and really she should stay away from the detective stuff, she just has no brains for it.

          I likr Dr Qin, not the cases per se, but yes the trio feels so authentic, believably professional and just right doses of friendly bonding, getting to know and care for each other organically with very little dramatics and forced romantic cliches, reminding me somewhat of the duo in Elementary, it is sucha breathe of fresh air, and EVERY line 大宝 says, so naturally quite wise but without forcing any preaching of too crude feminism down our throats….just as character should manuerving her job. But Dr Qin and LiXian’s char is equally good, I love it more no one character is hoarding all the spotlight, it is truly a trifecta of awesome characterization.

          True bibliophile you, 天下/三國盡歸司馬懿 is such a succinct commentary on 3Kingdoms really, we should not JUST take Romance of Three Kingdom word for word, a great historical fiction is still a piece of biased fiction. I love them greyer, shrewder characters anyway, Drama better be interesting.

          I do like LiuTao in her elegant gentile matronly typecast, I do, but she has no range whatsoever, she was my weakest link in Ode to Joy. she just has zilch successful citylady vibe. I rem you hated WZW’s character the most, but as I’ve seen her versatility somewhere else and I could blame her character on the writing alone and being unapologetically honest a cariacuture not far from RL actually, I did not fault her.

          LYB is pure JackStu, lol we do take every chance we could to jab it some more, esp on how pathetically stupid and amatuerish the baddies are constructed, if any effort at all, and it still saddens me thinking I wasted 50 hours diligently sitting there for some masterminding and I just got literally a Passion of Jesus stuffed into in glossy Cidoldrama form.

          1. Thanks for the well-wishes, Mookie! 😀 The exams were tough but at least I’m done with them for this semester! *whew* I’m just hoping for the best in terms of results and such…

            Oh yes, I just caught up with recent drama news and I saw the Surgeons trailer and it looks pretty good. It’s a lot more DRAMATIC than I expected for a medical drama but oh well, I just hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Totally agree that if they made it anything like White Tower it’ll be awesome 🙂

            As for Snail, my main complaint is that it’s WAY TOO SLOW. Like OMG 9 eps in and they STILL haven’t solved 1 case!!! But I guess that’s the fault of the original novel and I can’t totally blame the scriptwriter. I honestly can’t understand why Ding Mo is such a popular writer because I find her novels very weak in terms of plot and writing, etc. All her novels are basically the same and they just focus on the romance and that’s it. The plot is very thin and the logic is quite juvenile. The so-called mysteries are just not good enough.

            Oooh a fellow Elementary appreciator! I LOVE Lucy Liu’s Watson and her character’s interactions with Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock are just GOLD. I LOVE their partnership and friendship! It’s beautiful! I love how they complement each other and most of all, they’re EQUALS in their partnership. The BBC version of Sherlock/Watson is way too one-sided because it feels like Sherlock leads and is superior while Watson just follows and must defer to Sherlock’s superior intellect … never mind the fact that Watson is actually an army doctor who is very competent and capable!

            Totally agree that the trio of Dr Qin is what makes it so good! I love 大宝 and the oddball Dr Qin, and Li Xian’s detective is what keeps them grounded. The detective is like the most sensible/normal of the trio while Dr Qin is the genius oddball and 大宝 is the breath of fresh air (in terms of female representation in media/movies/novels). They all balance and complement each other and are equals in their trifecta, which is what makes it great. I find the cases to be interesting enough, which is important because we need to have decent cases. The good thing is that the show zips through the cases very quickly (about 45 mins per case), which is important in keeping the pace going and not boring the viewer. Add that to the awesomeness of its main trio and we have a great show here, everybody 😀

            LOL as much as I love 三國演義, it’s really 70% fiction and 30% romanticized truth. 周瑜 and most of the 東吳 guys were done so dirty by the author, while 劉備 was so glorified. I would love to see a fairer representation of the greyer characters like 司馬懿 … as long as they don’t turn the bias the other way and villify the other sides (like 孔明, etc.).

            I agree about Liu Tao. As much I like her, she’s nowhere near the acting talent of Jiang Xin, who is just SO GOOD in every role, no matter how different they are. Liu Tao’s 霸道總裁 / 女強人 character just does not convince me at all (honestly 明大姐 was a much more convincing 霸總 than she was … speaking of which, Liu Mintao is another underrated actress who I think is just BRILLIANT). I know I wax lyrical about Jiang Xin but I just love her so much and I really think she should be getting much better roles than the ones she’s been getting. She is such a precious talent and repeatedly casting her in 怨婦 / 醜婦 / etc. roles are just such an epic waste of talent!

            See, even Wang Ziwen made an impression on me with her horrible character LOL. She made me hate her so much in Ode to Joy but then she made me even like her in Snail! I’m not a Wang Ziwen fan but I must say that this feat alone is pretty impressive for an actress, haha 😀

            As much I find Hu Ge to be a charismatic and solid actor (and honestly his Mei Changsu is one of his best performances so far), there are just so many flaws in Langyabang that they really do stick out to me (especially on repeated viewing). I must admit that it’s one of the better productions in a long time (simply because so many Cdramas these days are AWFUL). The baddies are laughably incompetent and there’s just not much strategic challenge (nowhere near what it was touted to be when they were marketing this series)… HAHAHAHA LOL Passion of Jesus 😀 😀 😀

            1. Yes! Lemme say sth crass but having exams AND the bliss of being done with them is heavenly a thought, at least ur mind can get a break a change of vista. Enjoy!

              Yes, my exact impression of Snail… actually the few ppl I know watching both DingMo r saying MemoryLoss has much better flow but Snail has WWK. I could let the rest enjoy him and WZW is really a solid actress, but it still breaks me this will encourage SYUncles to keep doing mediocre when they were infinitely better.

              I was a silly Elementary hater when it was just out, ignorantly assuming we will have the conventional tedious unresolved sexual tension as the main thing. But no, exactly as you raved, it has social commentary, it gives us a duo of authentic professionals and friends who care about each other as persons sans all the sociobaggages without being over the top dramaticizing them to be too dreamy losing realness. It is refreshing and brilliant. Lucy Liu’s Watson is a favorite USdrama heroine of mine forever. 😀

              大宝 too! We never get a human being good at her job first front and center in Cdramaland procedurals much, almost always damsel in disguises(look at LMIYD), or any females ShanYing uncles have too much hands-on, yup LiuTao’s Andi was such.

              Did you watch Disguiser? That was a much better SY production than LYB.

              And WZW was lovely in 生死橋,i rewatched some of her scenes in it, drama was flawed in pacing and I bet censors did silly edits, but again compared to the onslaught of mostly utter trash these days, I’m even fonder of it.

              I think if I had no expectations whatsoever w NiF, or like its rabid Intl fanbase watching w freshest eyes I could be ignorant to its glaring flaws, but I’m the kind of loon fascinated w kickass greyer characters more, thus essential if u r trying to attempt some apeing of Count of Monte Cristo you SYUncles shamelessly keep hyping…lesigh.

  2. How are you Mookie 🙂 ?

    Ah there’s so much pretty I don’t no where to start off but with Jindong! What a fine man 😀 Despite not a fan of medical dramas (I’ve seen so many), I shall await for his drama.
    Funny for Park Bo Gum, there was a poll asking female viewers which male celebrity they wanted to be the mother of and he ranked pretty high lol.
    I shall ignore the drama of YH and his wifey. She makes me cringe too 😐
    I have high expectations for Great Expectations lol. More fashion Mr. Wang ~
    Cat Demon is that horror film that is chock full of eye candies. I love them all, more on the shallow side though 😛 Speaking of shallowness, Wallace Huo is rocking that bald head.
    Zhang Luyi, a man with such a great screen presence. That last photo reminds me of the Beatles.
    Princess Wei Young… let’s just say that it’s a stand alone and a separate entity from the novel. For once Tang Yan is not playing a candy girl (I hope so).
    Looveeeee crime procedural dramas. Must thank my brother for watching those copious amount of crime dramas. Must check out Dr.Qin now that another person recommends it. In my opinion, Memory Lost is better than Snail. I have issues with the transitions,editing, and the pacing for Snail. Shaky cameras. Yeesh. But the actors are magically pulling through the characters, but not by that much. I also like drama that uses artworks. Bai Yu is pretty decent, he’s tall and he gives off a cold exterior that the male character for ML had. Yang Rong is finally getting her deserved lead role (been waiting forever since I’ve saw her older works) and thus, is one of the reasons to tune in ML.

    Advisor Alliance!!!!! My inner history fangirl senses are tingling! Please do it properly drama. Please. Sima Yi was always an interesting person to read and listen.

    You can’t go wrong with Zhang Bo for LYB 2. Thank goodness HXM and TLY are only cameos to bring in exposure.

    1. Hi~! I am good ^^ Enjoying the most out of life and wasting it on precious things lol

      I am lenient towards C medical dramas (well most Asian medical dramas) because I do not watch them as such, if the human aspects r winning enough, it’s good by me. Grow Up was one, BBH was so refreshingly spot on, so I am totally betting on her in Surgeon, JD in scrubs just need to be fine fine eye candy, but these uncles can seriously act, begging me to be hopeful.

      I doubt I will willingly watch Princess WY unless the world is raving about it, fatchance.

      Dr Qin is best in all dept including not too addictive to be obsessive about, just two 30min eps out every wk, neat very simple plots, VERY enjoyable banter fr the all charming characters. You will not be wasting any time checking it out ^^

      I have heard nth but disgust w BY as hero from the bookfans lol, but my expectation of ML was plenty low, you should know how I would actively pay and ship Yumama to Uranus and let him wither there. hopefully this will jumpstart better things for YangRong.

      I could live with the other mucho anticipated gitzy period Tribes and Empires to be awful but not this, I am a sucker for ThreeKingdoms anything and this looks sooooo glorious!

      Oh…me the only one who like TLY even if mostly shallowly (but I honestly think she is a decent actress)

      Sigh what has come over me honestly with PBG?! I was a cruel horrible woman who thinks I’m cooler than really, then I clicked some BTS of Reply1988, thinking it is 10 min of kids being giggly silly, waiting for Uber in some crowded street corner AND BAWLED at RL PBG, Uber driver handed me kleenex and did stare a few times too many.

      IF YH will not work with his Mrs from now till forever, I will give him a chance, I just could not watch her act, I have diligently tried and I truly am happy for his happy, but I treasure my own joys in life more and that is no screen of mine has her face on it.

  3. Why are you giving me more ideas of what to watch? I don’t have the tiiiime! XD

    I’m really enjoying Dr Qin and the lovely threesome. I appreaciate the fact that Zhang Ruoyun is more than just a pretty face. Lad has plenty of screen presence. How I wish I could understand the banter, but I’m oddly happy just watching as the cases are not too complicated. I’ve become quite an adept at getting by with just the visual cues when watching all these unsubbed cdramas, LOL!

    I ended up checking out more than a fiew epis of both Memory Lost and Snail and found both wanting. Neither is very interesting plot wise. I liked the characters of ML more but it’s so sloooow and everyone seems to have verbal diarrarhea. Too much talk and not enough action. I also don’t like romance mixed in my crime shows so that’s another big minus. Both dramas got das boot, ha.

    Advisors Alliance looks GORGEOUS but it’ll probably be gzillion epis and no subs. I doubt I’ll have the stamina to take something like that on. Long historicals with ample amount of politics aren’t really my cup of tea and without subs it’ll be just a lot of talking heads (yawn… Zzzzzz….).

    1. He does, ZRY, we will witness him going far, he is so at ease in front of the camera and quite a confident leveled head in him to brave all the craziness of this showbiz and somewhere I rem reading he has a prominent fam/connections to back him up (frankly the most impt thing to go anywhere in C showbiz)

      DingMo is a so so romance writer at the core by me, and a very meh writer of thriller stuff to gloss her insufficiency over, but her fans love that just enough mix of the two halfassed elements like having some cake and eating bites of it. I can not stand her stuff. I would drop them if I were you (and watch those much more worthy engsubbed C oldies! XDD)

      AA is sth I must watch anyway out of filial piety, MyMother is a diehard of Uncle WuXiuBo, he is a real deal, even though I do not rabidly love most of his stuff. My guess is this will more be colorings on SimaYi’s (he is the producer + lead) angsty human trials and tribulations, with flourishes in romances than pure dry politicking.

      1. ZRY’s father is the director/producer/screenwriter Zhang Jian. So, I guess that’s well connected. I’m currently hooked on ZRY’s ‘Black Fox’, which is pretty decent and highly addicting, ha. Boy sings too, e.g the Dr Qin theme song. I think I’m on the way of developing ‘a thing’. XD

        Oh, I didn’t pick up neither ML nor Snail. Got better things to do.^^

        1. Lol yup Cnetizens gave ZRY a lot of dissing as his Daddy kept inserting the unknown in his quite seriously regarded dramas. But there’s nvr bad publicity in Cdramaland esp, now he has made name known, he should b considered 4 many roles to come shutting the naysayers w real work one role at a time.

          I quite enjoy his singing too! Somehow I have finished all his dramas he sang themesongs (WuXin, 15 yrs migratory birds, def DrQin)

  4. Bogummmmmmy and his teary convo with father! I JUST CANNOT T____T

    If you do not write anything R1988, I will come after you GRRRRR….

    1. I mean Taekkie.

      And when almost everyone was harping about how could the “boring/dull” guy be the husband. I’m like, I find him so interesting!

        1. I think some were focused on how the current husband exhibited no same trait as young Taekkie and was more young Jung Hwan.

          1. Imo KJH did play the hubs a bit slick greasy, lol if they cast JIS them there would b no dispute however he acts. he is no way what I imagine JH tho… it is one thing to express a crush in bickers and pokes as 18 yo, another set of dynamics 4 a couple tog/married 20 odd years. In my mind JH would spoil DS to high nines b a wifey slaveboy.

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