Friday Pretty Post: Those Were the Days

There was a Vogue party and this happened:

How we adored all the Chinese Paladin 3 darlings then, being that cult hit of an idol fantasy period with equal much flaws and heart, those were the early days of social media infested interweb and they were still newbies just hitting stardom, so young so eager to share their most precious RL then, going on group trip to Egypt, blatant flirting of HongShi….and in hindsight we heard of HG and YM possibly dated then (and I would never shake the HongShi shipper in me).  Those were the days, pre Goong/BBJX phenoms, before all the fallouts, and never would anyone thought there would be a snap of YM and HG next to each other ever again.

And I am still a very rabid eternal shipper of HuGe and YuanHong:

He has become fast friends with Carina after their reality show, and she also took a selfie with his bff the red hot HuGe.  There is no escape, even when all my older gens have seen him in LoCH2006, they had no impression of his GuoJing, whatsoever.  His MCS fr LangYaBang though, turned all into very rabid fans I have to be so fake cheering the fandom along.  So do something glorious next HG, I like your person, but I could not stand ANYMORE LYB.

So adorably FINE

I am perfectly aware that last pic is supposed to wink at some condor cushy bromance, but I am disppointed at the RedWhite shippers not already have a million fanip of YuanHong inserted.

There is already talk of ‘passing the LYB baton’ just with these two taking a picture together.  I hate the hyping up.


I am not a biggest fan of William Chan shallowly because his face is a bit disproportional with a plastic-looking nose (but it is real probably, I’ve investigated lol) for my aesthetics,  and practically because he is not good enough an actor and a misfit in periods yet he kept doing them, next up period OTPing with Liu ShiShi I do not have hopes for improving slightest and it depresses me 2 much to post she looks like life is sucked out of her again.  WHY.  But it will sure be a megahit with their fans.  I concur he has that elusive star quality of charisma oozing, and he can carry the chic, I adore this outfit, it is trendy, a bit edgier, wearing every bit of hipness out of it when all the other young idol lads making appearances go boringly safe or just tragic in peptobismol ahjumma tapestry disaster:

I am sickly glad never a fan of LYF both facewise nor acting (though he did have some promising  sparks LONG AGO in supporting roles) and could stare and laugh my arse off! MUAHAHAHAHA


I said I had broken up with him last week, and of course I am eating my words today, so predictable.  Especially when those artsy redbeanies are feeding me fansnaps of him at airports signing autograph so cutely and such:

OK, You look fine, and I am shallow and annoyingly loyal:

This is some exact designer suit WangKai has donned recently, I am more a fan of YH’s face, but of course WK is the IT boy with better proportions, carrying his currently airing drama blehblehblehSnail solely on his shoulder, competently attracting his fans, the viewership is quite respectable.  I like WK, just not yet flailed, lets see how his rom with JoeChen will do to me in a few weeks.

Look who else was there like a dork:

ZRY has roped me in one role at a time, I should blame him making me endure a lot of time wasting.   All’s forgotten when his Dr Qin will stay so memorably sweet for me a long while!

Trio continues to be so effortlessly ridiculously awesome and authentically professional, my delight of any day:

Our Grumpy is conned into an after a long day at work fancy dinner date with DaiBao by our normal nice dude Det Li who is ofcoz asking for sliced by surgeon knife death.  He told DrQin DB is going to treat them dinner, he will come along and DrQin the cheapskate (and deeper down really want to spend his every waking hour with them he won’t say) can’t be happier to oblige hehe.

Thank you for your treat!

-Aren’t you buying me dinner?

What a miserable miser you are?  With my misely wage you dare?!

So Lee told you this is my treat?!


*ROSES!* (lol Lee sms him every step of his suicidal cupidly ways)

It is your birthday?

-No.  It is Li’s passing.

Dr Qin: Your corpses of flowers! I can turn you into one too.

*You, nice normal dude…*

*Falls for….this weirdo?!?!?*

…tis lovely.  

My congrats.

Det Li is emoting his feelings of the absurd, not so much for our Dr Qin huh?!?!?!?!?! rofl

This upcoming epi:

Some crazily talented dearie did a fanvid AU of Dr Qin x Jabber XieHan fr LMIYD, and needless to say it is way more worthy than LMIYD

鬼吹灯之精绝古城/Candle in the Tomb has a trailer and an air date of 12/12 out:

Lesigh why tempt me?!?!!  It looks maddenly exciting, BUT I know the writing will not be watchable, butbutbut these are much better actors than Mystic Nine which I have watched more than I should.

《外科风云》Surgeons also has its official trailer out:

I can’t say I love it 110% but it is seriously good yet this does not ease my worry over the writin.  And now I am even more terribly greedy with this A+ ensemble, wished they had just bought the adaptation rights and straight up remade a GLORIOUS perhaps the best ever White Tower drama adapt just by going page by page of the novel. Still, This could not go wrong.  COULD NOT…but I am slightly worried about the romantic chemistry between JinDong and BaiBaiHe a tiny bit in that trailer, should I?!?!

Not that they do not look good together, but would I like it in context because the tone is so very serious?!  I am kinda cringing for no viable reasons other than gut.


To a newer girl crush: the third and final season of 灵魂摆渡3/The Ferry Man 3 is out!!  Why am I sucha wimp, this is so my thing themetically:


‘Have you ever own something, something that has rubbed off some warmth from your body, something that has listened to your innermost yearnings.   Some things that have been loved, and loved.   Have you ever lost that thing, the thing that is longing for you in a dark forgotten corner, even if shattering your entirety, even if it had been years passed, there is still a day, the missing, the yearning, will bring it back to you.’

Proganist has The eyes which can see souls, as a 24h convenience store clerk, he has reluctantly picked up the role of ferryman for souls of the dead, coerced by a ‘policeman of the underworld’, owner of this peculiar #444 ( DeadDeadDead in chinese) convenience store, his OTP, ferrying spirits losing their ways, lingeringwith yearnings…his way, helping them with their closures in this world, to rest in peace in the other world.  I watched S1 behind my 10 fingers and at times just through retelling, Season2 was not as great, but franchise gives me THIS:

宣璐 XuanLu, my girl crush from the criminally underrated gem 舞乐传奇’s dancing goddess 兰玛珊蒂 or cutely coined Masarati (she was 19yo!!!), I watched her dancecut fr the cult hit post epi20, washing down all that Fug from Scarlet Realpoop.


Talented a natural as an actress as well.   Please, cast her in stuff I could watch. All her past characters in an MV.

And should I even get a tiny bit excited with very pretty…posters?!  A 景甜/JingTian/SallyJing vehicle called The Glory of Tang Dynasty, talk about having the dreamiest backers in the industry.  I have tried never watching anything with her in it, just not impressed with her acting and she has been forcefed to us as the biggest breakout, lead actress in a dozen of big name popcorn blockbusters you can not help but notice, next up Great Wall by Zhang YiMao, costarring Matt Damon; ;Pacific Rim 2 etcetc.  So, plainly put she does not have the likeable charisma, and my impression is quite talentless an ok pretty vase on screen, BUT she keeps getting the most surprisingly terrific international exposure of leading roles nonetheless. TBH I won’t be surprised she would be cast as the next Mulan, mark my words.  She has converted some naysayers though in her recent shoujo Tang dynasty period fluff penned by YuZheng(thus no way I am watching).  This looks soo lustrously authentically pretty and somehow my girlcrush WanQian is in it (the lady in red), I have watched and am in madlove in her in her EVERYTHING, crap or not.

Because hopelessly my eyes have been spoiled by mindbending gorgeousness eons ago and there is no turning back, some things snapped shaped my standard of gorgeousness in periods since, I do not want to compromise:

覆天下 奈何負了他

At long last…whom to enjoy life’s flowers and fireworks?

Sealing the world, yet betrayed him.

I desperately need to be excited about Legend of Ruyi/ 如懿传 with my eternal girlcrush ZhouXun.  BUT if this is not my earthshatteringly terrific, I would love it to bomb gloriously thus the death of any half-assed adaptation of borderline worthy material wasting time and energy of everyone involved.  This has been extended for 10 extra eps to 80 or 90.  I have lost that ability to be patiently shallowly sitting through drag, my attention span needs decent writing constantly nowadays.  There is no story for 90 hours of RuYi, 30eps would have been succinct, I can not live with SIXTY hours of filler no matter how beautiful.  However, did my heart skip and my inner fangirl voice started screeching till sore with JUST a second, an eye of her in this short minute of BTS/ teaser?!  It is as if a look of her, all the rest of the characters, the rest of the minions of her world dissipated to thin air of nobody cares.  This is a very very decent gorgeous competent enough bunch of actresses, well versed in periods,  foil to her RuYi, not many of these court ladies will be loveable in the moral angelic sense, but that’s merrier right?!   I really could realistically watch a genius actress batting eyelashes for an entire drama.  NOW if JiangXin was on the roster, then I would seriously shut up with them just eyesmexing each other playing chess, embroidering, drinking teas, eating sweets, not a word, nor script, for 1000 eps as WH watches along the sideline droolzing, and me the most happy camper.

Yup, sorry to preemptively mark your acting grave WH, you will be eaten alive by Miss Zhou alone.

Just lemme dream on a little, and let RuYi be perfect, with the visual of my utmost cutiepie atvm PBG


I hate to be affected, but there is some award thingy and some boybander is above my PBG, your LJK, your SJK in the best actor category…and even if a word of ScarletRealcheerio being some form or every way better than Moonlight Drawn By Clouds in some silliest poll or any paassing comment on my social media, and there are lots, it is turning me into a blood spitting ragey lunatic.  I was hate!watching quite a lot of ScarletRealShiz over long plane rides in hope it could put me to sleep with evil chuckles, instead it so hurting my eyes.  I have suffered, expected that, but I need to rant some more.

Nothing in it was acceptably decent, not a hairpiece, not that gold foil kindergarten project of a king’s crown, not an acting job borderline worthy a mention, not a plotpoint was worked on with ANY diligent sense/care.   EVERY single good looking thing in it has seen better more gorgeous days in their RL or everywhere else, some just looked plain awful in period do, and the artistic direction is to blame really because even if it took a fictional take of Goryeo around 900AD it is ~ 200years post the time of Princess Taiping above, and the Tang dynasty leftover influences alone, even by way of Buddhism should be on par with the fineries of life then.  LJK overacted the worst ever I have seen him at it, I did not know he was playing a super scary abusive psychopath only murderous nightmares are made of, which I did enjoy too much lol at the out of control spasticity of his eye muscles alone I admit, I am terrible, but I wont admit I am half as terrible as this real piece of shiz,  not a honest to gawd pretty enough thing to be this cuckoo over Crap.  And without fail, every time a drama I deemed so ridiculously worthless, always spawn the craziest of OTPshippers, WHO fretted how the writing and directing and everything else, at times the acting of heroine was not deserving their OTP/Oppah.  Work on some aesthetics and rational tastes my darlings, PLEASE.  Because we will be getting this quality of shameless money churning shiz made till.  I have stared at some BH long enough, nope.  He could wear nothing but some pplBulgarianRoseMasks covering his face for all I care come the sequel and predictably the target audience will love it if all their oppahs r inserted, no truer words.  Because even if I thought LGX was the weakest link in acting, in the much finer ensemble of half bald intriguing princes in origBBJX, he is also so much more handsome normally than any of those in KBBJX, rotten eggs my way is welcomed, kthxbye.

32 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: Those Were the Days

  1. To my eternal bemusement, William C seems to comply with my aesthetics. XD I revoked my Serious Drama Fan membership for watching Mystic9 mostly for him and Teh Pretteh after all. That outfit is spiffy and suits him. “peptobismol ahjumma tapestry disaster” HAHAHA!! You slay me! But I do have to concur, that suit is utterly fugly.

    Oh, you highlighted my fave scenes in ep 12 of Dr Qin! I just about died laughing. I think it says something about their acting when even I could get what was going on without undrstanding a word. Their faces! LOL! Could this trio be any more awesomesauce? The good detective is digging his own grave with his teasing ways, ha. I also love how Dr Grumpy is so… well, gumpy and miss DaiBao so matter of fact, nothing much seems to faze her. My fave show atm.

    ‘Candle in the Wind’ is looking quite nifty. I just know I’ll end up checking it out. It’s only 12 epis after all and I like them tombraiding extravaganzas, as silly as some of ’em are. Probably comes from the misspent youth of reading all the adventure stories aimed at boys, ha.

    So that was ‘The Ferry Man 3’ I bumped into the other day. No wonder it looked familiar. I watched the 1st instalment a while back upon your rec. 🙂 Question is, will nbr 3 be worth me time?

    Those Korean public voting thingys are all a joke. The nominees who have the most active fandom will always win as the fangirls/boys will vote for their biases regardless of whether they have any talent. No-one with an active brain takes these things seriously. As for K-Scarlet Heart… such a godawfull mess. I bailed out early but kept tabs on how it was doing, from time to time. As you said, nothing in it was worth a dime. I have some lovely blogging pals who are fans of LJK and I had to ‘bite my tongue’ so as not to write what I think about his acting. I like the guy but he really needs a director who can curb his unfortunate tendency to always overact. He also needs a better radar at picking up scripts, just sayin’.

    1. The Trio of Awesome is so spot on, all of them still in a believable normal functioning adult realm on top of being humanly professional at their job. It is a fine line they nvr go overboard. C contemporary drama is never too fond of such cohesiveness of characters sticking so convincingly within a believable construct. They would throw a character under the bus for some twists and dramatics, I am hopeful they won’t do it to our Precious.

      Yeah, I know Candle will bug me one way or the other, just on wasting JD alone will break me… but 12 eps don’t leave much time to drag nor stink up… is Choose Your Own Adventures books ur obsession too growing up?!

      Ferryman is one Cdrama series I think you will miss out too much without subs, I thought MonksMasters too but you r the expert extracting fr mood and cinematography… but this is some wayward child of 世にも奇妙な物語/twilight zone/philosophical lurid versing. I know this season *spoilers* they work in some Toyotomi Hideyoshi/Tokugawa Ieyasu feud, I need to see that! S2 was disappointing but I need to know the everything of this threesome.

      Gosh LJK is such a sweet darling pleasant star towards fans, I do like the guy in RL, desperately want to join his fandom, tried his everything… even in TBDaW I find him overacting… just not my type of actor… but at least he is acting, if that whatever poll has LJK leading, I can sleep w that, but BaekHyun?!?!?!?! I trust you fangirls, yall were saying how trololo his character was.

      But I will part ways w my hopes 4 LJK, I actually feel good for him having such a loyal passionate international fandom he could cater to, they think he is perfect everything, why should he change ways?! I just need to look elsewhere

      1. The Trio of Awesome is an apt name for them. XD Yeah, let’s hope the writing stays on course with this one.

        I had to google Choose Your Own Adventures, LOL! Nah, I’m kinda old, so I read a stack of ‘boy’s own’ type of adventure books of yester years and loved them. I was very partial to westerns. I have a bunch of much older male cousins and I used to raid their bookcases for something to read too when we visited. My aunt’s house had this awesome attic where they stored some of the books. It was perfect for spending time on rainy days, reading. I always borrowed a bagfull of books and brought them home (lost count of how many times I reread my favorites). I think I might still have some in my basement storage. Naughty me didn’t return them, ha.

        1. Ohhhh do share(esp if those treasures have English translation) I would love to read! yeah I still have my Choosey books all yellowed and disintegrated, they were my most precious magical things I carry around everywhere then and there was one on an Egyptian tombraid adventure I was most fascinated with even when I have literally died a thousand times reading making wrong choices lol. Those books were precursors of the RPG games I insist

          1. Gosh, so much time has passed that I’ve forgotten many of the authors’ names and some are locals who wrote a metric ton of boys’ adventure books, none of which have been translated. I LOVED the Arizona-series by Simo Penttilä about an imaginary western gunslinger called Martin Lemond aka The Red Belt and his two sidekicks. They were adventures set mostly in Arizona and especially around Tombstone. I found them so much fun and loved the witty dialogue. I wonder what I’d make of them now… are the books even around anymore. Pettilä also wrote a series of books set in Southern America and Mexico and at least couple of these ended up in (rather cringeworthy) films.

            I was also very fond of Edgar Rice Burroughs and read Tarzan, John Carter and The Apache books many times over. Two other authors I read and reread were Zane Grey (e.g. The Ohio River Trilogy, Call of the Canyon, Riders of the Purple Sage) and James Oliver Curwood (e.g The Courage of Captain Plum, The Honor of the Big Snows, Steele of the Royal Mounted). Then there were these montly pulp magazines, so called ‘kiosk westerns’, which I read a bunch of as my cousins were quite partial to them, ha. I think I still have couple of full volumes in storage too. XD

            1. Thank you Chingu! have read some Edgar Rice Burrough, will hound for Zane Grey and James Oliver Curwood! I only have older girl cousins and was lured into shoujo mangas wayyyyyy too early w CandyCandy et al animes on air my entire kindergarten/primary school years. I bet I didn’t fall into ‘kiosk westerns’, never a fan of Marvel heroes because I have the local obsession w LouisCha wuxia then when everyone have a volume in desk drawer to manically read during class as there was a first ever frenzy of TV adapts w talented young sparkling idols. Was obsessed w Enid Blyton, the Nancy Drew series then of coz Agatha Christie.

              1. Oh, I read my share of ‘girly’ books too because I generally read anything I could get my hands on, if I found it interesting enough. Loved e.g. Lucy M. Montgomery’s book series and some of her standalones (like The Blue Castle) and I’ve reread them many times even as an adult. Never been much of a fan of comics, so I didn’t get into the manga boom either.

                Yup, Blyton was in my reading list too, as well as Agatha Christie, though that was when I was a bit older. Crime is still one of my fave genres even in books. 🙂

    1. I do think his face is manga pretty, he won’t be selling the manly cool smexy ever… he is part of the accessories of vases, tapestries, decadent pastries in scene… so I dun mind his casting much. I did hope ZX could snap some synapses and he has a lightbulb moment to show how serious an actor he could be, but nah.

      1. The thing with Wallace is I still wonder if he really liked his job. I have yet to see passion in his eyes. He is so… there as an actor. So many years acting, even in life he must have gone through a lot of changes and events, you could have he will use them to make him shine at least once in my eyes, And all I see is this overrated bland overhyped actor still there as green as during debut. :/ bleh

        1. Lol but how often in RL r we passionately loving our jobs tho?!

          I do see him w great work ethics, he is more a problem of just not born w the talent, and yes nor the most competitive drive like an Andy Lau. I did see some sparkles clicking of him and his character in CP3, in Battle of Changsha, in Perfect Couple even when his job was at best competent in those.

          1. Hello there ! Long time no see ! How are you doing ? Preparing for year end events or are you checking new dramas ? I hear a lot about Goblin. I want to check it but KES has been such a manipulator of a producer I am not sure. Plus I only trust your taste more ☺ . Hope you are doing good 👍

            1. *Hug* How r you? busy busy busy myself.

              I finished My Wife is Having An Affair this Week and it stays top notch work. One of 2016 best.

              I caved in and tried Goblin, swearing I love KimGoEun more than anything hotmen could shallowly lure me to be annoyed till I lost my sanity by KES…some writer folks on my weibolist, never watch Kdrama much r spamming like loons is why XD

              It is still KES, whom always annoys me to an unnec degree, if I am allowed to describe her deftly w one adage ‘can’t teach a dog new tricks *cough not to eat shxt cough*’. She loves her damselheroine hamfisting the smfh misogynist stereotypes only KES and her fans find cute. It is still here.

              The writing progression/transition is still her talentless clumsy, lines still r either cringworthy cheesy or delusionally tactless but she has if one talent to coin enjoyable yy fanfic characters fitting like gloves 4 the HotDudes only fangirls can and let all women be ciphers caricatures sweep under rug…she just doesn’t care a decent thought about.

              BUT here perhaps 4 the first time her full of it screechy mediocre is overshadowed, elevated by every other Dept at their finest: a jawdroppingly gorgeous artistry of a competent director the best she has worked w. These actors r also putting in their all making magic only they can. GY, LDW are in roles only fangirl dreams r made of and they r putting in what the material frankly never deserves heart and soul and fine like good wine charm in it. This will be GY’s best drama role ever. But what I am so in shock, captivated, pleasantly, is KGE holding her own… this is the first time I care about a KES typical damsel while still wincing at the crudely slapped on aeygo and shrillest lines forced on the poor girl. Her character is all over the place a kitchen sink, but this talented young serious actress did the unthinkable, toning down the KES exasperation into convincing vivaciousness so seamlessly I cease to judge her character and just could find her believable enough a 19 yo girl dealt her unfortunate KEScandy hand. And, holding her own against 2 very solid actors served roles they could slay just breathing, let alone firing all cylinders with the cards she’s dealt… i could only explain it as she is a godsend KES should kiss her feet.

              I like Yoo InNa too and she just got better by her own sheer will here. Even Yook SungJae is impressively lovely.

              So… try it with practical expectations, the writing is KES’ at her best, has creativity but skillwise is still just about average juvenile fanfiction calibre… everything else though… crackling magical.

              1. *Hugs* !! Wow KGE is so great ? Happy ! I am more intrigued by Yoo In Ah character in the pictures and I liked YSJ with KSH in WAY2015 . I find KES a lil shallow as a storyteller but maybe I will watch in the future. But I want to check MWIHAATW because I read great things about it and I trust your taste (still in awe about this Han Shu Monk/detective drama). Thank you for your recommendation and enjoy your family and have a nice christmas time ! 😀

                1. Oh in no way I have that great a taste, you r flattering me. Monk and Master is just so perfect one in a million, I could die happy just w the luck of watching…even if there is never a better wuxia, and not that it looks likely in this climate. I love very silly things too but I’ll tell you it is silly ^^

                  I do not like a thing KES wrote, Goblin is still unpleasantly wonky if you put your mind to it, and the most deplorable thing I blame her is she made me develop an allergy for actresses I like, that’s y I swore I would stay away fr Goblin loving KGE+YIA more than GY+LDW combined. KGE is suited to be the JDY of her gen, her performance here actually reminds me JDY did star in a KES too, walked away unscathed but not some high point of her colorful career. This won’t be KGE’s best job by a long shot, her character is still shallow and written by a misogynistic pig to not mince words, it’s not exactly aspiring if a young girl’s life goal is to marry some demigod so all her troubles will turn poof and be saved and taken care of every turn…except KES definitely thinks that’s some ultimate fantasy for females of coz.

                  Have you watched Alone in Love?! MWIHAATW reminds me of that, another gem of a better Kdrama reinterpretation of a decent Jdorama. I feel so rewarded, respected as a viewer, invited along such an intimate, so mindfully controlled gritty realistic ride where we see no need to judge characters, so enthralled, all of them given deserving development, even that collective role of netizenship…all too real navigating life with all its imperfections as should be. It is not an ‘enjoyable’ subject, but we rarely get such a precise slice of life Kdrama never a moment lazy manipulating us with histronics and cliches nor even any tiny whoring for our sympathy, care, for anyone, exactly like how we live OUR own bumpy lives as adults…who’s there to shower us unwanted sympathies and judgments?! not some bystanders/’audience’. None of our emotions are milked nor forced out of us, we feel for them all in due time and all the right beats and moments because the characters are so convincingly revealed, as brutally honest they are allowed to breathe and live as fellow flawed humans. It should be such an interesting extreme polar opposite if you watch it along Goblin lol

                  1. Sorry for the late answer. I like your taste and your writting and your video on Youtube ! I even sent you a kpop music I’ve been liking a lot lately (BAP : Fermata) so that you can make a fanmade if you want to 😊 . Yeah I will check Alone with love tonight. I like jdramas and unfortunately kdrama tend to be too shallow at remaking them but reading your reviews I shall check on them. I checked Goblin and sorry I can’t with the way female lead is written. I just can’t 😕 . KES is definitly the yuzeng of kdrama imo

                    1. oh I would have to check out the vid ^^ I am just too lazy and backed up.

                      Yeah I can’t expect any shiny beacon for womanhood from KES, she’s always been weaving her web of shallow fluff vortexing around the Oppahs and this time two for her to lap around kissing their feet lol
                      But still KGE singlehanded make KES’ typical rolling our eyes out of socket genuine and believable, part is KES sticks with a confine she could manage: a 19 yo highschool girl with nothing loftier in lifegoals.

                    2. About the song -BAP’s Fermata- I like it a lot because it evokes nostalgy and bittersweet memories to me. So if you make a mv with this song I would be very greatful ☺
                      Thanks a lot !
                      Also has any Jiang Xin drama aired by now ?

                      Thank you !

                    1. She is a very natural honestly good actress, I lump her along Im Soojung don’t think they are looker myself for romcoms :X . she should’ve continue her path of indie movies chungmuro and be edgier with her model vibes… imo she is a misfit since her newfound popularity since Greatest Love. I am not fond of the writing of HongSis all along, I used to love writer Noh so rabidly but I do not care for It’s Ok It’s Love as well, so nothing she has done last 4 years excites me much.

                      But I think she has the chops, and deserves better writing than what’s she has been stuck with.

                      Ruler of Your Own World is what she caught my eye first. It’s good older serious stuff.

    1. I dun really wanna see the word good in same space of these 2 XD

      But honestly KBBJX was wayyy stinkier. HanaDan was just some silly shoujo, BBJX was a decent cohesive creation of some epicness with enough basis, respect of history weaving in to begin with and they shat on it soooooi unbelievably <my exact morbid curiosity watching quite intently what they tweaked and how unnec and epicFail each and every time.

      1. Why am I not surprised about kbbjx fate ? I smelled “want too hard to impress” the first second I read the news of the remake. Popular vehicle (so good way to hype and have huge ratings) + korean PD trying to hard to impress + idol casting = shallow production. Kbof was luckier to blind people (level of shallow is still as bad). The only korean drama I could finish this year was “Signal”. This one at least put the plot on the center and no love triangle. Unfortunately I could not finish MDBC because I spoiled myself with the ending and I started to relate more to the second female lead *coughplushistoryaccuracycougg* . About Kbbjx (and same with a lot of kremakes) I still think he did not understand the core of the storyline and got too pretentious. Too bad for him he is not as good at fooling viewers as kim eun sook

        1. What you listed on KBBJX, is nothing unexpected, still, the unexpected is in how the source material ended up reinterpreted as sucha drastically different beast thematically tonally everything. I never thought the focus of BBJX was the romance, it has always been how a savvy rational enough or even pragmatic to a fault modern woman navigate time traveling to a tumultuous time in a recent history she is very well versed in where brothers feud, kill each other for the throne and how to keep her footprint minimal yet never denying her own harrowing experience living through the Angst. When u fit all that worthy enough material just on the heroine alone into the usual shallowest Kdrama Marysue ditsy mold, it is quite bizarre to witness even if expected.

          I didn’t exp that shock w BoF, I thought it was an apt adapt of a v meh v shallow shoujo (I am an anti of HanaDan)

          I… do not care for Signal’s writing much even when I can concur it was a fantastic concept.…never fully developed to its potential. Drama has a lot of merits but imo there is a sexist undertone rubbing me wrong in such setting where I find a more competent than her colleagues policewoman is still resorted to be of use in mostly damsel tropes. I do not find the plot that impressively cohesive, yes imo even less cohesive than MDBC. MDBC was a completely constructed story with fit closures even if fiction… yet I find Signal with lots unexplained. Yes, CJW is solidly good but I wasn’t as floored as the rest of the world as I find his character too romanticised in Herodom unnecessarily and too fishing for emotional investing fr audience thus a biased towards feeling for him , hitting that irrational praising soft spot, LJH did not impress me at all w his green forced acting, actually he disappointed me too much eating in my amusement as I have seen him wayyy amazing in Bleak Night and I hate seeing regressing instead of improvement the most in young promising things I had good will on. It’s been my biggest gripe w TvN when a lot of snazz gloss are smothered on glorifying characters to lap us into obsessively loving, yet that alone won’t cover inadequacies in writing, never their priority to perfect that Dept I am most keen on.

  2. 90 episodes of Ruyi…. definitely a drama my aunt can watch. Without my mom or my aunt I doubt I can stomach through palace dramas. Wallace should just sit back and watch all the ladies do the work 😉
    Mookie let me give you a pat on the back for your tremendous effort in enduring SRcheerio (LOL definitely no cheer in this drama though). I ended up reading people’s recaps and still ranting to my friend about the drama. Definitely felt no shame for wanting everyone to die in the end.
    The poll’s results are hilarious. That 10th prince guy can’t even hold a candle to any of the actors that ranked below him. With the female side it’s even more unfavorable. Although Im Yoona can be said to be improving (by how much I’m not sure since I dropped K2), but goodness Song Yoon-Ah (playing also a lead in K2) is acting circles around miss idol. Although it’s great that people recognized Kim Hyun Joo’s efforts 😛
    Tong Liya is definitely a gorgeous lady. In terms of her acting I’m feeling okay with her. I just didn’t want her to partake in LYB2 to the fullest since they aren’t really big on giving the female leads better roles… Apparently the novel itself didn’t bother fleshing out the female characters as much or so I’ve heard.
    Wow Wan Qian is gorgeous. Xuan Lu as well. Have not seen their works yet (not that I recalled immediately). Finally found Dr. Qin’s episodes posted on youtube… when I am away from home the internet connection is terrible [the Chinese websites give me so much lag] so thank goodness for folks that bother to upload that drama. I have yet to catch up to the latest episodes of Dr. Qin… but I’ve been mostly watching it while I eat and I barely get to an episode before I realize I still have stuff to do 😐
    Is it terrible of me to want Yuan Hong dressed up as a condor and have Hu Ge hug him?

    1. Lol it is not like WH could do anything more than bring a pretty piece of furniture w some reaction faces.

      Seriously I am perfectly FINE w LJK voted best actor, a lot of nonKR folks r watching and obsessed w KBBJX online and can vote. Most usual exasperation is everything disappoints but LJK is perfect everything and they love it tremendously flaws rants nonetheless. I honor such result as I witnessed. But I know I know, it is just a rant I need out of system. I just am quite surprised if this is ANY gauge of genuine popularity because where is YooAhIn? I thought SJK would slay all, and Park HaeJin is THIS big deal?! When?! I am so nosy XDDD

      I liked YooNa more as an actress lol I could finish President and I and thought she’s quite good holding her own to my surprise… I had no interest in K2 though, action wo a proper story bores me.

      Go Watch 舞樂傳奇 w XuanLu! It is really the best amazingly twisty adventure script I have seen last few years in Cdramaland I doubt will be ever surmounted.

      That photo is exactly YH rather be nikkid under the sheets than in a condor suit

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