Friday Pretty Post: My lifelines

I am officially in nightmareality, a day I am koala-ing them on screen for dear sanity.

Day73 since Nov8; Sonnet 73, ‘Bare ruin’d choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.’

The world could still be a happier more beautiful place, lets all agree, if I remind myself this trio of most beautiful derps Yuan Hong, Hu Ge, Eddie Peng are in it:

Married man life is giving him even more interesting allure, no?!  It amuses me to no end whenever he is out with or without facial hair there will be a forever debate which grooming is hotter, I prefer him unshaven slightly more because he could rock it, and it shocks me how he could almost age reversely without.

He has a modern drama about to start shooting in Feb, 像阳光一样灿烂 pairing up with SongJia, ie my ultimate Cdrama girlcrush.  He will be playing a single father, heroine sets to lead her life as a DINK, comfortable with the compromise falling in love with him they will start a family of three…but he wants another child with her. FINALLY!  This is quite a pipedream I have stopped delusionally dreaming, come trues.  They had sweet chemistry in the Qing period TianDiMinXin moons ago:

HuGe is so beautiful, his face is showing his every life experiences wisely treasured and made his own yet that pure fairydust sparkle in his eyes…yup world is better.

I saved this for The rainy day:  when paparazzi spent weeks, months hounding Eddie and they finally share it with the world their precious investigation leads to he is a 30sth leading movie actor who still enjoys hopping down the street like a 3 yo boy when parents promised they r heading to Batman’s cave or somewhere magical…but in Eddie’s case, it is just how he swags.  I saw him in Cold War 2 over the holidays, it is quite decent a HK thriller with its flaws…mainly the rude awakening ChowYunFat is not really that marvelous an actor.

Lin Geng Xin:

He has my heart growing up so seriously handsomer every outting, oddly reminding me of a younger JinDong, impressive especially knowing he is the cutest dork in RL. Please do a guilty pleasure C modern romance soonish.

JinDong = Jolly Dapper

Chen Xiao:

Congrats to the new papa!! MichelleC is a sensible gracious softspoken woman in RL thus opposite attracts lol.  Imo CX is tempestuous manchild,  a shameless romantic and he always airs so much of himself out in characters, awesomely entertaining on screen, even when he is not hitting in precision.  Love & Life & Lie/Mr. Li Who Meets Love (and a tonne of BS Silly Angst) has entertaining moments, which only purpose is to gift precious gifs:

grabbing kittie can still be sweet

I have watched very little of (sh)it.  The only freshness is the asstwat prince gets his comeuppance in often physical kicking of balls so promptly, the gleeful masochist is a silly notty pup who never learns, humping that doll right away after being tragically dumped, wash rinse repeat.

Watched a Zhang RouYun HK action Bmovie helmed by Ringo lam 冲天火/Sky On Fire with my family, mostly because Daniel Wu and Joseph Chang are loves of my aunts and cousins.  Movie is predictably a complete waste of time engaging, who cares, priorities rule…ZRY sold me selling his char/himself as the perfect boyfriend in some pj-esque shirt:

He has a few many dramas in production I will check out just to witness him honing skills amazingly.  There is a contemporary family drama 亲爱的她们, which my gut is vomiting it reads like a trite pirated version of DearMyFriends and I am praying please don’t, have some shame, backers.  He must be playing some wayward only child of the main heroine.  I won’t set my hopes but there is no shortage of very solid veteran actors in the roster he could soak up.  Then there is another revamp of Han general Huo QuBing he is currently shooting, enjoying the best out of it being the set’s standup comedian and having so much fun with horses and doggies.  I am sure he would be delightfully charismatic in it, but I would be beyond surprised drama has any real worth.

I think because his personality is so explosively passionate striking a balance in making sense always, keeping grounded, by being snarkiest at himself and this showbiz circus, he is the best in rocking anything outrageously ridiculous and unwavered, you can not stop staring at this flamboyant manboy face first and foremost.

By all accounts, Sparrow is less than mediocre, but the MV of Zhang RuoYun and Zhou DongYu still hits me, both of them are naturally gifted, can draw chemistry from partners on par, and in the favorite, cliched trope in all C republican era spy potboilers, shoved in a fake marriage for mission…then falling in angsty love where doing the job means sacrificing the other you now cared too much…my heart still flutters with the genuine intensity they bring in wrought.

My sweetest escape atvm is rewatching Weightlifting Fairy KimBokJoo

A day I need a smoking lady inspiration wearily braving world and there is JDYacting circles around a GY.

11 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: My lifelines

  1. heEYYYY!!
    gotta love the yh bazaar shoot. bazaar just makes dreamy men look even dreamier i’m just…

    i draw the line at hu ge tho, i’ll never ever get his appeal. like, do you know something i don’t?

    1. Such longgggggg time no see. How r u (and Thundie? )
      I… have weaned myself off YH… but then Bazaar ppl does things to him thus me, I hate them XD
      I adore that sparkle that drive/passion 4 his craft in HuGe… but if straightly speaking about how affecting his acting is… I dun feel much myself. He’s decent yet even in a supertailored 4 him (and he did a good job at it) MCS in Nirvana in Fire… I didn’t catch the frenzy. I do like his face though, classic Republic era turn of last century Shanghainite literati aura esp now more weathered. I am his shallowest of not really fan.

      1. nirvana in fire is based on republican-era shanghai? that is my thing right now.
        i’ve watched hg in one drama so far and that was da mo yao/ flower of the desert. he was so so so bad in it, it was practically hellish. pulled through as far as i could for eddie peng’s general wei. then i see he’s like china’s ‘it man’. sometimes twinned up with wallace huo for the ultimate man candy experience. but hey atleast wh did a good job in battle of changsha if not any other project.

        1. Oh NiF is period, they touted it CN Count of Monte Cristo… the writing was juvenile imo but the world loves it…HG plays the angsty Jesus like hero. however the cast and crew did a Republic-era Shanghai spy thing Disguiser which is quite gd story wise, take a peek if havent…exc HG, he was tragically risible in it amongst the way better thespians.

          1. I need more friday pretty posts from you sis, you’re seriously slacking.

            I also noticed the last few gifs/images were of gong yoo and jdy. thought i was the only one in the world who had watched and appreciated that film. wasn’t spectacular but the aesthetics and heavy, brooding undertones. yas!

            1. I watched the movie, and yup the aesthetics and mood r haunting … that glimmer of human warmth in snow drowned tundra forest…is wondrous… there was a scene in Goblin (argh) flashing me back.

              But movie was just too telling GY is the same old, riding mostly on his charisma but frankly could not keep up with a JDY. It is not really a complicated role, which bummed me. I wanted to love him bad, yet still haven’t swept me off feet.

              1. agreed. felt like such a redundant role. it fit in to the story but he really didn’t have to do much.
                i felt he did really well in train to busan though. probably his most challenging role and he pulled it off. don’t know whether it’s the kind of role to sweep you off your feet though lol it’s a zombie apocalypse flick after all — but a good one.

                1. Yeah he wasn’t the typical charming sweet dude in Train to Busan… GY is never bad, just he never crosses over to Amazing, but that was an underwhelming zombie thrill 4 me, I expected much more depth and conspiracy stuff and was just halfbaked and it wasted my Girlfriend JYumi ! XD

                  1. oh wow def agree that she was underused. i was actually disappointed when she did appear in the film because she was bound to be a liability throughout the film.
                    i also agree it was halfbaked but it worked somehow, i loved it all through. it didn’t really expand its world and show a bigger, hollywood-esque conspiracy but it worked for me. i think just in the way it kept the suspense even with such a broad plot it kept things unpredictable and downright shocking haha

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