Luck is, I always take a breather, enjoying my day spending some time with these human unicorns every Feb16th 😉

Odagari Joe (and Yu Kashii)

kiseki/I wish –  Hirokazu Koreeda

To quote a highschool friend now watching Juhan Shuttai! per my pestering…and blurbs ‘isn’t this an even better Misaeng?!’ Word.  I am adding it to my forever fav list.

Eric Mun

I’ll take this as a bobo:

I am buying this,  that pleasure looking at his matronly gentle face without his crazysmexy edge munching on seaweed, hmmmmm:

Who knows Mr Leadernim could calm my nerves, rather than make me go kneejerk in beasty squees whenever he is on tele!?

 The reason why all my biases are wearing the same hoodie, I do not know:

I have given up resisting and ordering myself the nohant sweat, start my own CP rumor with ActorMun, Actor NamChingu, and Actress Lee/女Chingu

One can always make time to rewatch (I randomly picked E161)  Shinhwa on Running Man:

Zhang ZiKe

His OTP, fellow world table tennis Champ Ma Long sent him a lovey dovey greeting full of CP sweetness, that’s expected.  Their cute as panda coach nudges on if the last pic is them dreaming of Tokyo 2020 Olympics already… to which our naughtyhottie replied, ‘We are just prepping for a vacay, did not talk about anything else *blush*’

I wake up to my timeline swarmed with this gif, not a bad day huh?!:

My first crush ever: Mr Sean Lau

While he is not possible to be horrible in a role, he has his HKmovie share of rubbish… I will have two of his finest outtings to squee eternally.

His acceptance speech at some acting award: ‘ …no matter how far into space I have wandered/lost…she has a way to bring me safely back to earth/home.’

*not recognized by some silly reporter at the wet market shopping for the year end meal, easing into the seamless role of regular joe Mr Lau.*

19 thoughts on “Birthday

    1. Muakkk! I’m just so relieved the O couple overcome the grief lesigh and perhaps he has been getting some reprieve channel some of his energies to work , gifting us more fine works lately.

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    It really has been emotionally taxing few weeks for me as well. I’ve drowned my sorrows in too many dramas. Guess it’s time to resurface… Eric, why so fine.^^

  2. Happy belated birthday mookie!
    -sprinkles flower petals-
    Eric looks quite dashing in olive 😀
    Odagiri Joe pulls off the man-bun so well~

    1. Thanks 😘😘
      I’m happy 4 Shinhwa fans but Eric needs to be in mydramas!

      R u enjoying latest bunch of Cidolperiods?! I was on a taxi ride in HK and the middle-aged uncle driver was watching 三生三世 !

  3. So, you’re a february baby too? Happy belated birthday. Wish you all the best. By the way, Mr. Eric is taken by a model girl. Hope he’ll get married fast and produce beautiful babies for us to be admired lol. His girl’s beauty is no joke lol.

      1. Me too. I’m a big fan of both of them. The ‘real’ chemistry lol. They should put Eric in the team. Would be fun to see her blushing all the time around Eric oppah!

        1. There is no better makeup fountain of youth than a gorgeous oppa who could turn a cool 30~ lady into a giggling blushing teenager, Yumi, make the cunning PD Na put it in writing Eric Must Cameo or else.

  4. Love Eric since years ago. Nice to hear he’s ready to settle down. The girl is beautiful. Never heard about her before. lets hope he won’t stop for doing acting after he gets married. Eric has his own charisma to bring the characters, SWAG!!! Only only him has that.

    1. It was Que Sera Sera 4 me, Eric didn’t impress me much in Firebird/Parachute… but he pours too much of his soul in QSS and let us writhe along in sth so devastatingly beautiful and flawed and fragile of human condition

      1. I thin Eric should take more challenging roles. Kang Tae Joo QSS was definitely his best role until now. Despite the huge popularity of Another MIss Oh, I don’t feel anything special in this drama. His role as Kang Tae Ha proved that he can play such complicated character. He seems ‘too lazy’ to explore while he seems has more potential as an actor lol.

  5. I would say whoever married an Eric Mun could be one of the luckiest girl on earth. The man is loyal, reliable, trust worthy, rich, can cook and the hot night will be provided for sure lol. The only thing his future wife needs to deal is her own jealously over the female co-stars and tons fan girls.

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