Friday Pretty Post: TangRen Trio

…still.   Do not ask me why there is sudden fireworks of HuGe, YuanYong and LiuShiShi happenings, it must have been fate ie love.

ShiShi has a much anticipated Republican era spy thriller out in a few days: 黎明决战/The Battle at Dawn.  Have a 30+min trailer:

Or a 3 min teaser:

Erm.  It is my forever bemusement why SS now manages to deliver NOT an aota of emotion as I try my darnest staring at her forcing it at emoting, and still looks greener than she was 10 years ago, not fooling anyone she is some topnotch agent…lesigh.  She is the weaklink, that’s for sure, I’ll pray she could somehow be manipulated by PD to tolerable.

She is perfect for the aesthetics of the era. PLEASE surprise me most pleasantly. I beg.

This is my must watch still due to writer 刘和平/ Li Heping (ie best working C drama writer, bc in my world you have not seen worthy Cperiods if you have not touched any or all of his quadfecta: 雍正王朝大明王朝1566北平无战事李卫当官) with PD 刘江/ Jiang Liu at his forte, best known for 黎明之前/Before Dawn (2010) clearly rubbing fame off the drama title here.  Before Dawn is My Mom’s favorite, and a critic/crowd voted best of genre.  An MV:

while it is as if she is playing blind zombies ad nauseam on screen, she is so lovely and graciously stunning a confident cool young lady in RL EVERY FREAKEN time she makes an appearance, not a hair out of place.

She is working hard filming a novella turned idolperiod 醉玲珑/ Love Lost in Time, the character seems one she is most comfortable with, some cool and manly valiant sect master.  I like author 十四夜 ‘s  command of Chinese but the novel is a drag to read.  This would definitely be massively popular with SS pairing up with the it hot thing William Chan, just excruciating for me to sit through watching this pairing ‘act’.

However there is nothing I love more than eating socks and proving myself wrong, as I have watched a few episodes in total of 三生三世十里桃花/Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

While I could never sit through 50+ hours for some fantasy wuxia, this has good enough to beautiful aesthetics, nothing is hurting me in every department and YangMi, whom I have discarded as hopelessly losing whatever her lovely potential has been for the last decade + is suddenly back to form slaying a cool, bright, sensible heroine  in ALL her many lifetimes.  Impressive.  I have always been bored by Mark Chao’s acting, and I bet there is what we called chemistry and screen compatibility working a synergy here, he has never been better.   I am not watching it as a drama, but I am enjoying every bit of fine acting and OTP goodness out of the unseeming pair.  My timelines exploded with shoujo hearts this morning, on the best luvmaking I have witnessed in idoldramas between two compatible, mature, wise, caring adults of gods and every twitch is perfect, from when their eyes pore into each other, that jittering uncertainty as the affectionate conversation is unfolding, at times frightening and uncertain for him, but instantaneously soothing to an rapturous joy the happiest man overwhelmed with misty happiest eyes by the next words, a most genuine firm loving glance by her.  It is quite unforgettable a perfect scene.  I thought I would never use the words flawless on YangMi, but she is as 司音/素素/白浅. I like these:

Fan MV to 石頭-念


~If I could spend my life weeping with you, 

how could we forget, let our love seep away like the flowing river?

I could forget heartbreak, but how would I forget you? ~

OST fanMV 凉凉

~I miss you, every cold night under the somber moon,  the moonlight turning into a river of longing…Longing morphing into spring soil nurturing me.~

I adore a hot face and whatever they wanna do with hair/facial hair never diminishes the gorgeous, the best example being O Joe…then there is a few hot men who could carry a lot of messy moldy looking infestation on face and still those eyes, case in point: Yuan Hong. Remember Prof Frederick Bhaer shattering our JoLaurie ship?!   I got over it easy because by that time I could read Little Women, I had the immunization from Candy Candy as a kindergartener mourning LA MUERTE DE ANTHONY~~~!!!!! Plus, my shoujo manga teaches me Prof could look exactly like this scruffy hotness, EXACTLY:

It is fine by me if Cdrama wants to pirate a Twilight and he is auditioning for an Edward in those sparkling forests scene.

As far as I can tell he is still lazing around, enjoying life as a newlywed, hopping to LA watching some NBA with his wifey the other day, I am happy to see him happy…as long as you would stop working with the Mrs, because I do miss seeing you without enucleation.

So HuGe is going to take a break at the peak of his career, studying.

It is only bearable for his fangirls or a forever RL shipper of him and YH if he is perfecting himself for a glorious directorial debut starring his muse, as you both have uttered quite a few times could be in anything as long as HG is your director/YH is your leading man.

I am freeing up a good chunk of a weekend esp if the wicked tundra weather will make me repay the week of ~60F week I just had where I almost literally just roll myself all possible daylight hour in mud and sun…rewatching Ming Dynasty, just out in rebroadcast for the first time since its premiere 12 years ago.  Hello Netflix, y not buy and sub this and add brilliance in your drama roster?!

9 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: TangRen Trio

  1. lawd almighty that last pic with yh’s giving me serious steely ken watanabe vibes. that’s a compliment bc ken is literally the hottest uncle alive. how many bazaar shoots has he done? it’s like he lands one every other month haha!

    still can’t with hg tho.

    i want to watch 3L3W but feared it being a hot mess. hearing good things abt mark chao’s acting and it just looks and sounds soooo pretty.
    i find ym tolerable at best but not unbearable either. she can have some rare nice moments on screen.

    liu shishi otoh… can never finish her dramas no matter how much i like them i just find her performances so jarring, she takes me out of the moment.

    1. Chingu, i was a 3L3Whater, wasn’t gonna touch it EVER, now could rationally say 3L3W is the best of this ‘fantasy wuxia’ (not my thing) genre even the lil I saw of it, story is still mostly dragged out to the max as Cdramas r sold per ep.… but everything is neatly decently present, even Cdrama unicorns: writing, cohesive characters, everything even the CGIs r not the most wtf. I skimmed the plagiarized novel, this is crazy much improvement on meh an adapt I would never expect.

      Watch it 4 YangMi, so firing all her cylinders she gives me nth but awe to even nitpick PS, it’s there, but she could play a naive country flower child a reincarnation still, at 30 a Mom! Here to claim her indisputable atvm status of the best by a mile of the 30ish ‘lil Flowers of C A-listers’. MarkZ is icing on cake, he is not my type of looker but Cnetizens coined he is equipped with ‘plastic surgery esque acting chops’ and suddenly everyone’s dreamboat matl. What a revelation.

      1. I was skeptical about 3L3W TV version, but Mark Chao’s acting left me flabbergasted and speechless with its sheer awesomeness. It’s worth watching just for him. His YH will top the lists of dreamiest wuxia male heroes of all time.

        1. Not just MC’s acting, this is my vote for the best of the genre and I did not see an element not put in decent about of thought and care…even if I do not have the urge to drop 58 hours for watching the drama proper.

          1. I had issue with the laughably bad set design, costume design, and CGI. What’s up with those ridiculous horns on the demon folk? The Celestial Palace looked like Lisa Frank threw up all over it. The CGI monsters look like they were created from the days of Windows 98.

            I was turned off when I saw the trailers, thinking this was another bad wuxia production. Thank god I gave it a chance. Mark Chao is a revelation.

            1. The art direction was that bad 4 you huh, I thought it was quite gorgeous even considering the laughably crude CGI monsters, spazzed to no end about the exquisite costumes in particular. I didn’t watch a thing about it prior though, had too low an expectation to bother setting any bar

  2. I miss the good ol’ days when I could see them in the same drama, despite the all-round green acting.
    I had hoped Shishi wouldn’t accept Lost Love in Times, but whatever makes her happy. Being a fan is hard when her acting never improves, though her magazine spreads are flawless.
    The writers of Battle at Dawn are LIN Heping (that one character makes a huge difference :p) and He Keke, no amazing credits to their name.

    Yang Mi in TLTW is a fine return to form (RoCH, Schemes of a Beauty) but I can’t deal with the repetitive dialogue. I remember a couple of scenes where Deity A repeats Deity B’s (Zhang Zhiyao’s character?) statement, and it drove me crazy. Many of the classic scenes from the book were perfectly captured in the drama, so I’ve only been watching those. Glory of Tang Dynasty is being squashed in the ratings war, but it’s great fun, despite all the plot holes/sluggish pace.

    I just hope Hunan TV v. production company lawsuit ends soon, because Jiang Wei’s dramas are too good to be put on the back burner. Hu Ge + Zhang Jiayi + Sun Honglei in one drama = perfection.

    1. YangMi impressed me more in less mass popular dramas but fine nuances spot on read of more challenging character in 上書房 / 王邵君 , I have negative regard of Tang7, her Chinese is worse than a 5yo illiterate when she is not disgustingly plagiarizing, I was so appalled skimming thro 3L3W th3 novel of her wtfChinese. I didn’t watch drama in any way properly, but the OTP delivers splendidly even when lines r not impressive.

      Ohhhh tyty 4 correcting, I wasn’t caring much until a drama SSfan lured w Mrwriter, the only scriptwriter I would tolerate LSS 4… not these unknown. But it is a relief 4 me lol now that I could skip it.

      I like JiangWei, but fr the lil I saw of Game of Hunting, HuGe could not shake his posing habits very risible last in Disguiser or any of his crappy modern Cdramas, but of coz I had to watch for the uncles. I am never a jawdropping fan of HG’s acting even when he is gd (eg Nirvana)

      I heard nice things of Glory of Tang but it reads too typical superdraggy MarySue. It also wasn’t exactly my aesthetics, esp Guy1 XD. Time better spent starting QinEmpire3 or watching bannd better oldies I haven’t seen like 法門寺猜想, now that I crave some solid original 3Lives romance injected w Buddhist philosophies.

  3. > Hello Netflix, y not buy and sub this and add brilliance in your drama roster?!

    THIS! I ECHO THIS! Since they did pick All Quiet in Peking, I hope Ming Dynasty 1566 will be their next line up

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