Wearing Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms on Sleeves

To calmly blog this begs immense self-flaggelation: from a loathsome fluke tang7’s plagiarism, with nothing much to set it apart from other ‘fantasy wuxia’ on paper, which the world building is always beyond my sensibilites…

…and to insanely spazz a few extraordinary elements, without the urge still watching drama properly, a first.


I have surpassed myself in how superfluous a picspam could humanly be, but this is for my darling gods and goddesses.  Their pretty forces my hand.


*thanks to original posters at weibo, esp #闻汤识面泡剧# *

The flawless is Yang Mi’s performance and her costumes.  I have sworn off her works, I have seen her dazzling, effortless, full of nothing but sparkles, but if she wants nothing but wasting her feathers, I had enough witnessing.  This smart cookie though, have been measuredly internalizing every of her forgettable roles, every dissing from the slew of duds for years, eating away her credibility, hitting 3-0 at the brutality of being an actress, a working mom, braving the constant rumor of a marriage falling apart, husband caught redhanded cheating, exploding with this biggest ‘plot’ twist post this election/Oscar.  She is at that prime age with her own living and acting experience to fruition in my most unexpected pleasant surprise maybe forever as a drama fiend.  Even when I am the few hopeful this could be in her, she has lost it, lost the drive, the heart, lost in the brutal machination of the Cidolperiod industry where there is never genuine respect for acting nor artistry…because quality most often never culminates a money making hit machine so why bother, her motto in her 20s it seems.

I should have seen this coming, she could not have a clout if she has not been striving on the beating, along with her resilient competitiveness to prove the world all wrong at the most opportune epitome, but never would I expect her best shining moment in her career thus far is something reading this needless and hopeless! I have my super shameless shallow self to thank because I am looking forward to the costume p0rn only. I love WKW (who is in a dark corner stabbing my heart along with TonyLeung post the rubbish of Ferryman) and by association everyone he could not work without, and William Chang SukPing is one beautiful artistic genius, my RL dreamboat I fangirl regardless.  Super reclusive speaking only via his eclectic body of work, “I haven’t changed. Inside I keep the same passion for films,” in the above interview stuck with me.  I have thoughts of borrowing his eye for beauty very literally watching a certain scene this drama :X. Most of her costumes are contructed with layers of mixing intricate materials, often all forms of silk, moving more gorgeously in such fluidity an extension of expression a dreamy souffle of romance, I lust after all the divine sleeves sorcery alone on YM’s SiYin/SuSu/BaiQian.

This is YangMi’s idol vehicle to sink or float yet nobody really cares,  I doubt she is the sole reason folks are giving this a chance.   She brought the naysaying upon herself selling out to yuma then GuoJM’s world of Tiniest plagiarized glitzy poops. She is also bringing excessive baggage of pretty on board, but mostly pretty inexperienced model/singer turn ‘actors’ under her management along (Dilraba-Fox Feng9, Vengo Gao-God DongHua, Vin Zhang-GhostPrince2 LiJing, Maggie Huang -THE SuJin, 刘芮麟WayneLiu -16 ZiLan, 代斯Daisy- Ghost Princess YanZhi).  Encouraging, nope.  But what decent jobs they all did!   I saw LadyPD last in HQG and the little but enough to scare me off anyone attached forever BBJQ, goodwill I had in her earlier days at TVB/TangRen fizzled out.  Is there ONE sane MC fangirl confident and pwning it to anyone with an ear MarkChao will nail this most ridiculously godly beautiful celestial character looking like Snape in Hugh Heftner’s robe some Halloween night of black monster hair satin orgy?!  I would like to pocket you, you rarest clairvoyant unicorn pokemon.

YM imo, has a bend on being delinquiently impish a rebel irl, all the negativity, the craziest drama off camera preproduction must have snapped a relentless fire in her, an actress not entirely in control of her performances nor care enough to, it takes a Mark Chao, a surprisingly compatible actor, to pique her interest in genuinely acting to capacity, and their synergy and comfort in working with each other is a godsend, it must have awaken that passionate drive in her she has let dormant or else it would’ve eaten her alive kowtowing to the industry.  MC is whom I honestly am clueless where any of his spot on performance is from, having seen his works as a puzzling overrated leading man being a blackhole of allure TO ME, only tolerable when he is a supporting wallflower which I thought was his rightful spot. He was a meme from So Young being crazily shouty OTTing a gif!!! What else am I supposed to expect… how about WRONG!MOOKIE.  Always. I love silly myself the most for this almost superpower.

I am sure every fan of this drama could praise MC to Nine Heavens so I will skip it.  He did an amazing job, a revelation, but the character(s) is any reticent romantic hero casted extra fairydust by every ladywriter to be straight woman’s bee’s knees I refuse to expect any less from established actors with recognition to at least deliver, and MC delivered beautifully, angsting like a Soo JiSup at his finest.  His MY or YH have an underlying passive misogyny, mansplaining in lying or barring truths from heroine for her good like little specs of sand in eyes though, I have no tolerance these very trying taxing months and …4 more years how.  MC is a lovely beautiful funny kindest sweet soul of a gentleman in RL and I am pretty sure he does not mind the compliment, his most viral description lately: 整容般的演技/plastic-surgery level of acting chops, acting out a near perfect YH/MY I have yet to hear a justifiable negative opinion, without looking the part.

This is Yang Mi’s show and I am enjoying it as such.   She is putting her breathtaking eyes to good use emoting with such versatile precision I am drowning in, using mine to savor…along with the glorious costumes of billowing poetry.  For that alone, and a dedicated PD holding this ship together with a decent flow of storytelling even with the necessary evil of drag and inserted scenes pushing unknowns down my throat, I love you PD for able to somehow lure Mr Chang the most.

Have 30 min of some of YM best scenes here

On numerous occasion, YM has to oogle at gorgeous men beaming affection at her various characters, expressing an impossible myraids of her exact affection not a shade more, nor less because of her purest, frank disposition as a free-spirit, fox goddess at heart.  Here is a young boy, tasting those quickened irrational heartbeats for the first time.

This untainted smile of nothing but love SuSu is beaming at her husband, disguising as a boy, on their honeymoon, at their 10 miles of peach blossoms.  Not a smile YH could forget in a million of years.

Often, our heroine is in harm’s way, be it physically threaten, or her heart about to shatter irrevocably,  BQ the immortal fearless goddess would not have pleaded in startled fear, this is our frightened, helpless mortal SuSu

The poetry of her long silk sleeves, reminisce of the water sleeves in Chinese opera, for exaggerating emotions, it is also a stunning vision not unlike suicides preserving virtue and honor, hanging by the white silk across the sturdiest beam, upholding the room, as infallible witness, protesting injustice.  Such a brilliant prop as well for YH to just miss saving her yet not sacrificing the rush of tension from the jump.  I also squee a lot a future BQ is an opera fanatic of tragic romances.

An ashen white fox divinity, life and soul yanked out of her, exhausting almost her last breath fighting most gallantly, losing tragically, for love.

It is as if he is wearing his soulshattering longing of his most beloved on his sleeves, vision of sparkling white of her, threads of expressions speaking his heart…the chinese traditional character of love: 戀.  Soul luring lamp could only muster petals of peach blossoms, cruelly withering in the wind. 

I suspect our Gods and Goddesses need no tailor, they spun wrappings expressing everything words no longer can, the elaborate, complicated patterns, black on black covering his entire body with messiest deadknots.

At a glance this is nothing special, but how often do we have a peasant heroine genuinely blending in, dressed in the exact fabric all the bit players are donning in scene?!

There is not a worry in SuSu now that her fellow living being is surviving and eating.

Life is simple.

I could write many rational words, you all as witness:  the harmony of bolder color intruding her world, reds and blacks, the blood trailing…oh where does it end I am so very worried…SuSu and YH have like minds, his hot blood tainting the red blanket is not as startlingly noticable, so not a color in SuSu’s palate though, but per Chinese wedding custom, this exact blankie is on EVERY wedding night’s bed, lets suspend disbelief SuSu is purest a woodland flower nameless child without any hottie snatching game.  And hunky tanned flesh does match the studly bamboos of a bed with room enough room for romping.

Is this his first smile ever?!  Weirdo me adore how much more exuberant his robes are, picture a giggling YH, a puppy in love throwing confetti of embellishments and let them stick.

His eyes, never a moment he could spare not fixated on her.

 It is as if she is wearing the moss around her, and this could be their wedding bed.  YH is no fool, he could loss in this bliss till the sky is lit by midnight blue of his robe.

I’ve read complaints there are a world of fancier wedding garb for The crown Prince of 9 Heavens but if you ask YH and SuSu, there is nothing more movingly beautiful than reusing the blanket she bought for him, their eyes only have each other, nothing else matters.

How are these not the most beautiful globes stunning any mere mortal lifting the veil, the purest innocent trust and affection promising this lucky guy her everything, every mile of peach blossoms, 9 heavens, 4 seas and in 8 directions?!

I swoon and swoon at the perfect touch of intimacy, nose to nose, brow almost to brow, lost in each other.

It takes dedication for an idolactress to barely put on colorings and let that glow of a fictional newlywed be the best beautification in disguise.  Of course I adore the couple is dressing in some Cperiod resort chic, the lady as a boy in  caught fish motif, netting on head, cute babyblue scales on robe, and babyboy in tummy.   His outfit is sandy beach she anchors.

Ornate ripples of his stormy sea of regrets on such a fine lush robe, and I am sorry, it must be matching his blue testicles.


I am addicted to this YangMi/OTP poetry scroll storyline MV, 5 min, what a fantasic synopsis :


YM’s BaiQian is perhaps my alltime fav fantasy wuxia heroine.  This lovely billowy dream of the coloring of peach blossoms, perhaps an imprint of someone promising her 10 miles, babyblue ribbons flowing out her torso, subconciously heartfelt a disciple of her Teacher in many blue robes, directing her the straight paths of enlightenment to goodness.  A creature of contradiction, her elvish young regal fox queen, at the core an endearing, kind, wholesome, guileless, unwittingly cute clinging animal without game and never cutesy, coexisting with the dichotomy of a formidable goddess who has lived a full existence of many many thousands of years, stately and effortlessly confident carrying her majestic being, any judging frustration towards her thoughts or lack there of in sensitivity, and impetuous actions… perhaps anthropomorphized too much by us confining her in human heroine stereotypes, more believably they are her ingeniouss design for her character.  I would assume a lesser actress will play up the tenor of the goddess form, but incapable of the basis character’s spirit is rooted.  Here she is, beating herself, confiding to her fellow wise fox gods, falling in love too easily for a kiddo YH by their celestial years, but smitten she is like any young girl:


YM is serving all the facets of the character flawless a perfect dream, now a bit more mature, edges are smoother, she adds a softer warmer glow to her eyes.   Well honed in many of her youthful spunky heroine roles,  she is finetuning an exercise of excellence here.  The feral animal spirit is intrinsic in her many transformations, threading cohesiveness, suppressed by what the identity curtails.   Still tapping into the vibrance of her own youthfulness, conveying BQ’s sparkling innocent allure, YM gorgeous eyes glisten in gradients of boldest pure and bright, the naivete is more prominent as SuSu, the bright and wit permeates her BQ,  SuSu is like a woodland lonely doe, void of all the entrapments and responsibilities of the lands, unsuspicious, impressionable, ignorant of social behaviors, but startlingly alert.  BaiQian the goddess skirt around the celestial rules she smartly knows well but not necessarily obeying, shouldering her baggages for peace for all deities and earthly beings, yet living her life as much as she pleases within reason.  If a more sheltered BQ, our SiYin is exactly like an untrained loyal puppy cuddlemonster to everyone but most stirringly to Master Teach MY, the much more unknowingly weathered BQ, that lingering whiff of weary in her soul through the lifetime of SuSu, is the most arresting feline of all goddesses


Where is this young gentleman from? 😉

playfully kittenish without being flirtatious.

A cute fox goddess young girl at heart, and a stately regal ruler of her natural lands, done in a thousand interesting mix by a face of Yang Mi.


I love that BQ is always bold and impulsive, even caught in a moment of shock at his outpour of intense affection, she is wise beyond the moment, rationally peering into his eyes fetching for rhyme and reason and stating how this is not exactly allowed a respecting gesture of her almighty.

While at the cute offspring, the following way too many caps are godly skinship related: Awesome BQ is awesome, even when her heart is almost willing, her knees probably buckling, even if she can not physically fight off his tremendously romantic advances, trusting her most powerful instinct, her eyes  gazing most directly earnestly every time, speaking her soul, piercing into his most vulnerable, tender, fragility where his love for her resides.

Ahhh I love nothing more than their nose-kissing. LOVE.  Instead of the usual girly blushing shyness, which we are trained to jump as a woman throwing her flirtatious hooks in this exact disposition, there is no coy, BQ says a million words of her every thought, her honest feelings, and demanding him reciprocating, professing how utterly he loves and respects her before being consumed by physical intimacy.

Love purling in the air, swirl of incense piroutting around BQ adds to the perfection this vision is making YH smiles *Mark Chao has dimples my knees O. M. G. *.

That perfect tear, MC.  Not that I’m wellread in C fantasy romance, but I have not seen drama love making between truest match made in heaven of wise reasonable mature godly adult sovereigns as tenderly tastefully beautiful.  It was not a work of draw by numbers shifting between emotions from confusion, uncertain of her feelings, angst to rapturous, it was a pressurized suppressed heartache of grievance, debilitating rueful yearning overcome momentously by the reprieve in overwhelming utmost joy of their mutually loving consummation.

When she is expressing simpliest joy of a goddess in love, as eloquent as her words are, it is speaking clearer when she lets out the cutest clingy kitten in her soul.

Those eyes said I love you, I love you my wounded beloved, I love you, your happiest goddess, without one human word.

With her perfect nuances, BQ morphs from a free spirited young woman, to the diplomatic regal queen of all lands.

White blooms embellishing her neutral understated gown, wearing her pure devoted intentions, and new beginnings on her sleeves.

Gold strips, like glistening branches blending into her den, a color of masculinity, of exuberance, of success, of the sun, of warmth, most valuable,  rekindling his most beloved.

YM has a boobsleggy smexy bode even when her posture could use some work, this is a very inviting seductive pose if she is not jawdropping perfect coming off nothing but an inpatient little fox who could not lie still. So cute.

A pale yellow simpliest flock, tieing a yellow ribbon on her twines in heart, remembering, longing, welcoming someone home.

A hero in a green gauze shroud, thinly veiling the black robe underneath, an ordinary man by the mortal name of 柳照歌/ lit. ‘willow (fending off evil spirits) illuminating ballad ‘ upholding honor and virtue in the milieu, rescuing a desitute maiden in white, with the face resembling his wife forever, the goddess said herself, a moonlit night.

His love, unbeknownst to him, visiting him in a white cape, regal like the fox queen goddess she is.

She met him as a knight in dashing forest green and black, stays by his side a farewell, a wooden voodoo doll without flesh nor heart, loving this man.  She is a vision of palest green and white, her pure devotion, knowing her place to be by his side, his earthly time, in unrequited love.

This is how a goddess severed a clingy ex from her world.  How awesome.

Even when he is a bewildering stranger, you take his hand and let him, to have and to hold.

Blues, color of trust and responsibility, reserved, tranquil, of devotion, of contemplation.  Blue is nostalgic, passive and melancholy, expressing his yearnings to the tune of 凤求凰/Phoenix Seeks His Mate. Like a million nails sealing his robe, tombing his heart, she only worries about the chill in the air, springing up to the sight of first snow.

Here because it is crazily beautiful, the craftsmanship, and this is the wedding dress of some consort of a King.  I have the horrible flashback of that highschooler failing art class peacock on Queen in Nirvana and lament the poor taste:

The ‘casual’ Fengguan/’pheonix crown’ with golden bouquets everlasting for garden-lazing, the sport the outfit must have been designed for.

They are very beautiful.

YM as XuanNu whose special power is to change her face imitating BQ, is almost unrecognizable and explosively thrilling L)llll this scene.  Talk about some ‘plastic surgery-esque acting chops’.

Again what a coolest cat.  That smile is you are darn sure your own Awesomeness can handle the nuisance, but it is sweet the wifey in black has your back.

Ombre of fall colors, of withering leaves, of decay, of the soil nourishing her scorn, remembering SuSu, a plague of memories of his worst.

His jet black robe hides blood from injuries paining his Mom, sparkling unfazed under the moonlight a constant, immune to the cold rain .

From the OST 涼涼/Bracing the Chill:

涼涼夜色 為你思念成河   
化作春泥 呵護著我  
淺淺歲月 拂滿愛人袖  
片片芳菲 入水流  

Bracing the color of  a night’s chill, my longing for you is the river, the rain…

seeping into the spring soil…carassing me.

Our time flew by flightily, filled with love on our sleeves,

Petals of fragrant blooms (of our love), flowing into the river (of my longing).

Is it that Sea, is he that He? 

She is stunned, looks stunning, this acting…stunning. Jaw is dropped.

Greys and fur on her sleeves, fox goddess guarding the peach blossom tomb for her betrothed losing herself in heartbreak of human emotions, obscuring reality, numbing in dreamscape.

Ever since YH’s demise, Yang Mi has adorned her gorgeous eyes with a shade of withering death glossed over by an ever flowing stream of tears.  It is a part of her BQ’s identity now, the debilitating grief she has no desire to rid of.  That moment of stunted hesitation as dream vansishes into reality, is as if she is trying mightiest to will the dream to not escape her grasps.  Spot on YM, spot on owning my tears.

This exquisite dress is composed on a 云肩/cloud shoulder, like a shroud of mourning, ornamented by millions of pearls flowing out into silk tassles draping to the ground… like streams of neverending tears.

This is not YH’s most resplendent outfit of black satins, but sonorous in wearing her, vision of white peach blossom all over his being, every peach blossom that must have fallen on her in her dreams of him while he is gone, the peach blossoms he promised her 10 miles of everlasting love.

I love that little steps forward still of shock/disbelief/hesitation before a goddess’ sprint losing her body entirely into him feet, fleeting off ground.  As the original poster noted, this looks like an ethereal little swallow flying, sinking into the forest she naturally belongs.

Perfect endscene, my catnip at a nose-kiss.  I am happy.  Thanks Gorgeous!

The dreamiest prettiest god-nies, too bad earth has no such perfect babysitter duos.

16 thoughts on “Wearing Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms on Sleeves

  1. When you’ve mentioned four more years of mansplaining…. ugh. I’m just cringing every time orange mess news keep popping up. I’m just mad at his choices and the people he selected. But then I saw the pretty costumes and I slowly fizzle out lol. Thank you for the post and the lovely descriptions of the costumes that reflect a certain portion of the storyline, the character. I wish more people had fangirl or rave about the costumes because they were absolutely gorgeous! I love BQ’s outfit when she was drinking in the peach orchard and met YH again. Also her full on white dress/robes. Beautiful. Agree that Zhe Yan and 4th ge were a babysitting duo throughout the whole story and they were great at it lol. Wishing you a happy week 🙂

    1. Hugs 😉 Happy week to you too!

      I’m almost conditioned to not be that affected by rubbish out of orange garbage (v sad on its own) but how on earth nth much consequential is happening still ! ! ! I could brace all the constant fresh hell, we have to… but I still couldn’t help holding out hope each time This should do it, he should blow up to stinkiest OJ huh , but still no. Y?!?!

      But yes, this is as lovely as it goes the costumes, and the acting is beyond my wildest dream. I thought this would not even be on par w HQG bc WH,even if mediocre, is experienced in idolperiods, ZLY is always solid, and there is Jiang!Xin!

  2. Guh….. you’ve hooked all my longings for this drama piece out again LOL props to director, costume designer, and lovely actors for making this story magical– well, well beyond the cotton-candy fluffy original that shall never be mentioned again LOL honestly, if you full back and look at the plot in general, it’s nothing mind-blowing… but the small pieces that were given so much detail, that make up the whole of this drama piece are what suck you in and refuses to let go. I feel so out of sorts now that I don’t have 2 episodes to be impatient for everyday lollll

    Contemplating on whether or not I will torture myself (and hop into the addicting madness) by rewatching this thing just so I can give equal attention to YM’s performance as much as I did to MC’s on the first run. (and skip all of XN/SJ/heavenly emperor scenes)

    I will forever “mine” MY lol– I usually really don’t like beards but lol this one’s a rare exception

    I was sooo turned off by Ah Li’s actor when they made him act all cutesy in the promo (now on second thought… is that him or another stand-in kid actor, pip-squeak voice)– but lordy he’s insanely lovable in RL and in drama… just PLEASE let the kid be– his natural charm is more than sufficient lol

    btw, always took celeb news with grain of salt and wasn’t interested enough to follow on the infidelity scandal… so from your take, Hawick Lau seemed very likely to be guilty of the accusation?

    brain’s too hazy/bewitched by the production to eke out anything more substantial =P happy to have a drama-spazzing companion mookie~ =)

    1. Rewatching Dearie?! seriously?!?!?!?! lol I know there are too much filler material nec these days in this genre I am very satisfied finding some way enjoying still the pretty and the acting and skipping everything else that would aggravate me. I am fragile, my sanity, these days.

      I still do not think MY+YH out of the ordinary of every out of this world period-rom hero construct, so I will let you ladies fight for either. :DDD

      Well paparazzi has photos of HL staying in a fellow actress’ hotel room for some 4 hours middle of night, they claimed ‘reading scripts’ YM said she trust her husband. Those r the facts and anyone can have an opinion now it’s all in the open.

      1. lol i DID say that i’d skip all the fillery stuff and focus on BQ/YH/MY… and later 16+YZ lolll

        so out of curiosity… who’s your most unforgettable/swoonworthy male character in a c-drama (lol i always have to ask these questions XD )

        1. Yes, y hon!?!? Lol and unforgettable ≠ swoonworthy. Then there r char construct vs acting job. I am one watching LoCH08 almost entirely 4 the fanfic-ing of YangKang of all things. I haven’t watched a Cidolperiod entirely, esp ‘xianxia’ tho.

          I could only think of Chow YunFat as LingHu Chung; Hu Jun as QiaoFeng; Bao JianFeng as Rong Yuan (Hua Xu Yin)

          Tony Leung + Andy Lau as WXB and KangXi r my all time elevating material performances and it was a JinYong at his peak (nth to do w swooning or likability tho, but genius lvl of character construct + storytelling)

  3. A super belated happy birthday 😉 ( I didn’t get notifications of your posts for a while, O.o) I hope everything is going well for u 🙂 I wish I could send u some cookies or cake through my screens or something as a small thank u for your posts. There are always so nice to read ( and also thank u for the visuals haha) :D. Thanks to this post I had to check out this drama even though I wasn’t going to and you’re right of course haha. Costumes are gorgeous and Yang Mi’s acting is actually good here :D, she had me worried for a longgg while haha, but girl still has it.

    1. Tyty! got ur virtual cookies and cake alrite! 😉

      Isn’t it awesome though she’s back to form and some more?!?! I mean of coz Mark is divine a revelation too, but for us to have a talented young actress back kicking ass in sth not particularly necessary nor encouraged, unexpected… I feel better about the world atvm

      1. I haven’t seen much of Yang Mi’s drama ( cdrama’s tend to drag a lot o.O), I’ve seen bit and pieces of her performances and I was always impressed by her and all of a sudden I saw her in Tiny Times and saw pieces and bits of her performances in her modern time drama’s and I was seriously experiencing a whiplash. If someone told me she was taking a break and let her bland, wooden twin sister replace her in the meanwhile, I would almost believe it lol. I honestly wasn’t expecting a Renaissance Yang Mi ( please let this be the new beginning for Yang Mi 0.2) for another decade, but I guess C-ent is ruthless like that.

        I’ve never seen Mark Chao in action except in promotional teasers and trailers and err, didn’t like what I saw, so indeed what a delight to see his performance here , eventhough *coughcoughcough*, I don’t like Chinese standards of what makes a Prince Charming or their definition of consent (does it even exist?!!!) *coughcoughcough*, but oh, well, I know better than to expect a Cdrama truly portraying an equal relationship between a dude and a girl, sigh. Oh well, in the meantime I will just pay attention to this pretty 🙂 and NOT who is hogging the front pages irl.

        1. Hear!Hear! Never a C idolperiod I was interested mostly in the great acting of both half of the OTP. MTE on our hero, it comes with the territory of C periodfluff. YH never saw SS as equal, trickery was involved quite predatory capturing her naive affection and I was disappointed he was miser of even reassuring talk and yes, he had lovely intention, but nothing brilliant nor effective keeping SS fr a lot of stupidly aggravating harm fr his fam, yet he never hesitated keeping her in the clueless thus feeding in her confusion and inferiority…the reason I couldn’t join the long line of YH being the ultimate fantasy dreamboat even when MC is giving us million dreamy gazes to drool at.

          If it was not for SS/BQ braving his flawed/patronizing behavior and treatment of her, not because she did not have the clarity in both incarnation, but acknowledging her love for him is above it all and his affection are heartfelt she as witness. She is standing up for herself even when she could compromise and come across feeble and too trusting… that’s cohesive as SuSu too. She is much more an commendable fantasy romance heroine then he is.

          I do realize having done all the commercial crap had been how YM has the pragmatic savvy to stay afloat in the industry… it was inevitable to hit household name recognition first, gd or bad, then the clout in industry to have her say and choices, then credibility, acclaim will come along in due time when she has the goods to deliver like this surprisinglyly timely marvelous job. If this comes any later, she couldve exhausted popularity/interest more… a decade later… hitting 4-0, as a C actress, without any critical acclaim to fall back is career suicide. It is brilliant of her to fight with what she is advantageous at, her acting chops, and makes her unique case standing taller above, amongst her peer. I hope she could keep this up… even with a popcorn dud here and there to hog front page which we couldn’t deny being essential this climate.

          1. Totally agree on your assessment of YH and BQ/SS haha. I respect Yang Mi’s professional choices to stay afloat in this business AND feel in command of her own life. Even though like you said, it seemed she sold her soul to yumama and that writer of tiny times ( still the biggest mystery of all why that DUD is as success full as it is) and her acting chops seriously took a hit after she gained that kind of exposure (or her envie/will to refine it) and err, I honestly thought she could coast a little longer on her idol image and roles à la Ruby Lin ( then again she has a total different reputation/career path/ personality than Yang mi) but yeah totally forgot how *coughcoughcough* sexist *cough* China *cough* is. Oh well, whatever made her ‘come back’, I hope she is to stay and that her efforts are acknowledged and appreciated 😉

            You’re right of course that we have to stay woke and informed but it helps to know that this kind of pretty and puppy videos exists to make us NOT to THINK AND THINK AND THINK what’s going on atm in the world 😉

            have a nice weekend, mookie 😉

  4. this is one gobsmackingly brilliantly, thoughtfully ode to the drama. i wouldn’t expect any less from you.

    i started watching on the weekend thanks to your recommendation — only on ep 4 yet due to time restraints but i’m def interested.
    not seeing any sparks of romance between otp yet. they def like eo but seems more cordial yet. hopefully it’ll up the ante when things really get going.
    mc is like sjs..? /slurp
    you know my kryptonite is sjs-esque brooding.

    yangmi was possibly her most impressive in the witness. she was decent in the role (or probs bc i can’t stand khn as default and ym just seemed so much less offensive in her portrayal. quite liked her as mosheng too. other than that i’ve just found her deadpan and feeble. i notice she seems a whole lot more earnest in this too. hoping to see her growth a la song hyekyo, lee yeonhee, kim taehee and all others who proved us naysayers oh so wrong.

    1. Yay! Glad u find this one piquing ur interest! I only watchd maybe 10 eps in entirety, and didn’t watch much at all before the *cough2ndlifecough* but I can judge this is quite decent. No one should watch Cidolperiod for CGI mastery unless it is for the hilarity… then there is gd practising of must use FF button. XD

      Ohhh I didn’t know she/Witness was any gd. Saw Blind, but same 4 me w KHN, I just dun feel her. I beg to differ lumping YangMi w the Kr ‘vase’ but improved lot, she was more a teenKimSooHyun equivalent, started out a child actress but not as prolific, then a few v scene stealing roles she’s hitting out of park ~ 2005 made her the most promising of gen… but she got lost in fame and somehow settled into mehhhh. I was allergic to her last few years burnd time after time. So imagine KSH suddenly lost any promise of mojo, regressed into an earlier KTH… THEN make a comeback as a SonYeJin … that’s how ecstatic I am screaming purejoy

      1. ahhh i never knew that about her past. i did hear she starting out young but not that she started out promising. KSH was everything wonderful to me, a young SJS with his silent broody acting but more raw and explosive. but he’s also become ‘lost in the fame’. so yes that analogy is perfect. it’s great to hear she’s back on form. i can understand now why some of her long-suffering fans are willing for her to become a serious actress and gun for a golden horse or something, yet she seems to be holding fast onto her idol roles for dear life.
        Agree about the cgi but i can live with it heh. I am finding it to be very heavy on the mythology though but thats the story itself and not the production. hopefully their 2nd world is more “normal” haha!

        btw i am hoooked(!!!!) on tokyo tarareba(sp) girls! total crack!

        1. I am not a fan of ‘fantasy wuxia’ and teacher/student romance irks me often…it gets great as glorious!angst pile on relentlessly in the 20sth eps, rewatched some scenes and yup MarkChao angst yummilicious like a SJS on a gd day, u will b defenseless by then I’m sure chingu. I can’t imagine you won’t appreciate YM later on full force CoolFoxGoddess, she could live so comfy in those golden age 90sHKwuxias divinity.

          OMFG I was so sure the only one watching TTGirls deliriously. I honestly am hit every episode with scarily honest earnest in the gut w realistic commentaries however little they sneaked in the standard shoujo trope, w shards of hit on head snark almost

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