I Wish I Knew How to Quit: TangRen Trio

I thought I said my fond farewell to the trio with a post a few weeks ago, HuGe is taking a hiatus, studying state-side and I keenly wish he could have his privacy without the hassle of fans breathing down his neck, no news is good news, make myself a model batshxtcrazy ahjumma fan to bugger off.

But there was a ‘quasi’ award show which was in reality a HG’s sending off party.  YH made a trans-atlantic flight just to hand an award and hug him and watch a clip with him, like they did those recuperating days during LoCH filming where HG had to take a year off with YH the  bffroomie by his side and they would watch movies or anything and next thing they knew it’s dawn.  Time flies, especially happy times, in love.

Wow.   This guy is too handsome.  -Ariel

That was also the line HuGe said when he first met YH.  And they are almost arms holding and hips attached a few feet from the other ladies sharing stage.

Ariel was flying in too to send Old Hu off, and ShiShi was there receiving an influential actress award along with Jin Dong, her male counterpart that night:

That is, the LoCH08 (or 2006 when it started filming) HuangRong, GuoJing, YangKang, MuNianChi had a reunion.  They were in their early twenties then, and now even the baby of the quartet SS celebrated her 3-0 March 10th.  Happy Birthday ShiShi!  By all gossips, Yuan Hong, the oldest, is going to be a father soon with Mrs Hong spotting a visible baby bump.

That, my friend, is a reunion I did not see coming.  The newbies of the 2017 adapt were there getting some CP award, and the presenters mentioned LoCH08 according to a fan account, YH gave SS a very knowing glance her direction as she was also looking back at him.


Awww Don’t Cry ShiShi!

 That’s all I will ever ask for from my HongShiship!  I am almost in tears why there is new HongShi MV still made.

I have yet to see a more perfect neck to back posture humanly possible.

I miss your dimps ShiShi!  I suddenly need a reality show: HongShi (better yet the BuBu gang) visit HG in NYC for a silly totally unscripted but guaranteed hilarious bike/roadtrip to upstate or Montreal/Quebec in the fall.

Fr the set and teaser of 醉玲珑/Love Lost in Times and looking terrific, along the aesthestics of YangMi in 3L3W which I am enamored.  Interest is piqued for the costumep0rn.

With her new drama out and her usual heaps of endorsements,  I get to enjoy her chic outfits.  This will look bleh on most, but she is brilliant pairing the pastel with bolder makeup, perfect every outting, how are we not surprised by now.  Not surprised is also her new spy thriller C drama is unwatchable *I apologize for the party pooping*

Photos by his neighbor I stan,  actor/artist/photographer/painter/designer/art curator collector etcetcetc polymath 黄觉/Huang Jue (<333)  YH has shaven this all off now, going back to acting.  I am not sure what drama it is he posted a pic studying the script along with his doggies even more serious, hopefully it was the one heard in the grapevine playing a modern couple with Song Jia in 像阳光一样灿烂 (lit. Dazzling like the Sun).   I haven’t read anything he has written for a long while, it was the boy with these dazzling eyes and his lyrical blog essays I’ve fallen for 10 years ago.   He weaved in  阳光灿烂的日子/In the Heat of the Sun, with a resplendent girl 米兰/Milan, and it couldn’t be mere coincidence.


Yuan Hong – Top of the Tree Looking Back and Afar

On the banks of Lake Como, outskirts of Milan, Italy,  I climbed a pine tree for the last shoot for the LOOK.  It was not decent, nor fashion(able), leaping up and down like a monkey, rarely seen in fashion spreads.  I was dressed to the hilt like a gentleman, not conducive to stretching out my limbs, but I climbed up the tree without much effort, I could even say it was a walk in the park.

When I was a kid, there was a similar tree in the yard of my Mom’s office.  In my memory it was magestic, as tall as the surrounding buildings. its branches lush, standing proud and formidable, and most importantly, it was irresistably tempting to climb.  No matter the threats and warnings from the parents, belt buckle beatings, kneelings of washboards, nothing can stop the kids from climbing the tree.  Moreover, the temptation is an addiction,  one can never content with just a bite of the forbidden fruit.  If you had climbed halfway to the top, the next time you would try to climb higher, even to the top of the tree with no way down…

The taller I stand, the further the vista, so high above the ground the world below seems to change entirely, so far up I could almost see my future afar.

When I was little, my impression of Italy was entirely from football, watching Serie A, my team was AC Milan, Roberto Baggio was my favorite player.  World Cup 1994, Baggio missed a key penalty kick against Brazil, missing the glorious Cup by brush of a shoulder, leaving the world the memory of his deflated backside.  All the ladies around the world cried for Baggio, I cried for him too, while wondering when will an entire planet of ladies cry for me like this.

Later in highschool, history teacher talked in depth about the Renaissance, pointing out it would be in the exam, a memorize everything deal.  I was befuddled, isn’t history about who won what war, who killed some emperor?  What does history have to do with renaissance and the arts?!  Later on I was in theatre class in drama school, under the influence of professors, delving into literature, arts, art history, transformed me from a nitwit to an artsy fartsy.  Now I could understand full well why Ma Xiaojun will climb the chimney for MiLan in In the Heat of the Sun/Days of the Bright and Lush Sunshine,  or the randomly climbing trees CrazyMom in 太阳照常升起/The Sun Also Rises.

Frankly, Life is like climbing trees, how high you prop yourself affects the scenery you are taking in, but in reality, the world under your feet has not changed.  Back then, at the top of the tree, I did not see much future far far away, at least, you would have to kill me before I could believe 30 years later, I would be standing on another similar magnificant tree in Apennine Peninsula, looking back down memory lane.

 He has been shooting magazine spreads non-stop, I bet his upcoming drama Great Expectation will be out soonish.  And here he is taking a break during shoots in his own clothes for his own (and mine) fun.

 Pray Great Expectation, set in the 30s Shanghai Bund, will give me some.  Yes, I had a pipedream of HuGe, YuanHong and ShiShi in a Shanghai Bund revamp.

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