Friday Pretty Post: Watching, Waiting, Wishing and Praying

I am still watching LoCH 2017,  it was solid an adaptation till the mid 20 eps, then stuck in the conundrum even Mr JinYong imo could not create a cohesive progression for our YangKang, in novel too flat out evil.  With drama adaptations, the character is required to be within reasons…and attempt the impossible.  It is harmless, perhaps too harmless they are making the boy pervie douche OuYang Ke this time around as well, but boy, is he a charismatic fellow, so much fun to watch on screen and off.

With his lovely gifs, we say goodbye to those marvelous flights of wuxia his character gave us.   Have an ode to OYK MV.

Have a kickass all character action MV

This bunch of mostly unknown actors are very tall, quite competent, they should earn a place after this, I am not as impressed with the young actresses but I do not mind them.  The OTP is befittingly cute a young sweet couple one may be too busy oogling at the PDA than eat like these fellow bystanders:

Living, carry me on your back.  Dying, carry me on your back.  She croons.

– YungEr, Hold me tight!

We are at the angsty exhilarating climax of story steadily,  I had to turn a blind eye at what they are doing to the sadship of YangKang and NianChi but the main OTP is still pleasantly surprising how they work for me.   I have never been attracted to a GuoJing, but I did ponder a lot if 杨旭文 is my favorite GuoJing.  The 23 year old is 188cm tall, face is normally handsome with versatility physically to play some normal joes still.

陈星旭 (Yang Kang) will be 21 yo end of March, again statuesque at 186cm.  Still a student at the most prestigious Central Drama Acadamy, I will keep an eye on the baby.

刘智扬 is the ‘oldest’ at 29, his focus is in theater, turned me a fangirl with sucha wuxia scumbag OuYangKe I am still hitting myself:

With my seriously soft spot for everything LoCH, even though this is not a ratings hit, I want nothing more to keep seeing them on my screen doing decent work.

While there is no stopping plagiarizing BL internet novels into print then drama adaptation hits, on top of EVERY internet C novel in production nowadays, I wish the next phase of drama watching is nothing but genius works of fanfiction by passionate smartass fans catching the fancy as scriptwriters, they will happily work for peanuts/whatever living wage of drama writers and be most importantly brilliant, a group of them made one for Priest’s《默读》 (imo a better thriller romance author than 丁墨/DingMo even if a tad draggy) with the most fantastic fancast of Jin Dong, Yang Yung, Wallace Huo and Yin Zheng, the fan production group did all the voice acting, even lyrics for the theme song they produced: the best fake fan teaser.  I have almost forgotten WallaceH can be manipulated to act somewhat lol.

Yang Yung <333

Also a wish come true is the trend of high profile A listers back to dramaland.  Chen Kun is coming back working on dramas!   And the world rejoices like when we had ZhouXun back, then the few very crazy ones like me is conjuring up ideas of ChenKun x ZhouZun in some Republican era Mr and Mrs Smith spy thriller set in Shanghai Bund.   But I could so content with Wan! Qian! in the meantime:

Wan Qian gif:  TGIF mere mortals

脱身者/The Double is quietly wrapping up filming, so my guess this will see the daylight before 凰权·弈天下/ Rise of the Phoenixes, especially with the fav era with the censors, ‘1/1 of 1949…’ first line of sypnosis.  She is a widow back in Shanghai for the funeral of her beloved, ended up working for an organization of the communist party, where she met many colorful characters, including one of the twin brothers, the person of interest they are allotting all their resources to protect.  CK will be playing the twins, and he said it is the script that is attracting him back to TVland after 9 years.  I will trust you then, my love.

Seems like the hottest roles for C actors these days are playing multiple personalities, WQ was the only worthy thing of the movie Insanity,  this few minutes of the 7 multiple personalities of her mentally disturbed character is wowing everyone memorable:

Of course I will watch me some 凰权·弈天下/ Rise of the Phoenixes, skimmed a few chapters of book, seems a good read with intriguing characters working their minds.  The posters are from sought after photog Chen Man, I hope she signs on for cinematography.  My hesitation is I am just not sure if NiNi could keep up, the camera loves her, but she needs a masterful director who could squeeze every bit of goodness out of greenness, like a Zhang YM, to shine. PD 沈严 is love though with CN contemporary slice of life dramas dissecting adults in murky waters of relationships, if Chen DaoMing could work under his helm 4 times, that says a lot.  Better yet pray if PD can lure CDM back in a period cameo!  So my expectation is cautiously very high.

Another familiar name trying to grab a slice of the massively popular Cidolperiod pie is Bosco Wong, playing angsty Merman 墨痕 MoHen in 那片星空那片海/The Starry Sky, They Starry Sea 2.  There is also the hot and bothersome Sunny Wang 王陽明.  I am allergic to this OTP but there will be cuts and loads of very pretty slashy MVs.

And I have genius fangirls brainmeshing with me a fanvid of YangMi and Bosco as BaiQian and MoHen:

I think we can always use a Smiling compilation of YeHua(MarkChao):

And a 6 min plot MV of utter gorgeous 3L3W OTP goodness

Or a most awesome angsty OTP MV

ZaiZai is also making a comeback in a few C idolperiods, the one he is filming atvm is pairing up with Dilraba with Vin Zhang in toll, fresh off 3L3W.  I will never be a fan of ZZ’s acting, but I also said never a fan of Mark Chao.  I love eating my words!  So just work, for clothing ads, anything, just work  my pretty!

I want nothing of my hopes up for Nirvana2, I do not want to waste my time, but my prettehs r tempting me.  Tong LiYa in periods compilation:

Fresh is a reality show Give Me Five/高能少年团 I know not what it is about, only it might break my internet, which it did with just a teaser, then an explosion of shipper fanvids:

董子健/Dong ZiJian made a name with Mountains May Depart.  He was in a webmovie with YangMi 我是你的小幂Phone :

I have not seen the shortmovie myself but I will, rekindled my affection for YangMi and quite looking forward to her replacing LSS in the Blades and Assassins sequel with Chang Chen, who is making me anticipate more ridiculously yet another C variety, along with Tony Leung in 东成西就拜师记, whatever the bane this is, I am watching  no question asked:

张一山/Zray Zhang YiShan (<3余罪/Yu Zhu) next will attempt JiSung’s multiple personalities role in KillMeHealMe Cdrama adapt, interesting!  He could do the role justice I am sure, but it still needs a working script folks.  Please.   If they r overloading the obscene number of JinYong adapt, there is nobody but him as WXB, let me throw it out there.  余罪/Yu Zhu, has season 3 in production right now. How and why?!  The first 2 seasons was swiftly banned painting an unsavory light on dirty cops… and really season2 was gravely downhill I was certain that was nail in coffin.  Not saying I could be pried away:

 王大陆/Darren Wang,  I am not a fan of Our Times, tried hard but not the best of coming of age romance I have seen, BUT I see some Eric Mun in 王大陆/Darren Wang, a less pretty but more unhinged a charismatic animal.

刘昊然/ Turbo Liu HaoRan was best known in the coming of age hit With You…and a tonne of high profile upcomings, a tonne, that includes NiF2.  With the exception of Darren (please period is not your cuppa darling), there are serious shippers of any combo of the boys and yummy fanvids.  They are begging to be in an authentic Gu Long, like my fav 絕代雙驕Two Peerless Heroes if they decide a heavier bend on the pretty yet miserable ebilboy 江玉郎 w LHR.

Lets have a picspam:

 I know decidedly little about 王俊凯/Karry Wang JunKai of TFBoys, color me surprised he has alluring eyes befitting every very naive young wide-eyed hero up for conquering the world (and experiencing lots of angsts and heartbreaks, adding interesting shades to those angelic globes).

I am watching 热血长安/Detective Samoyed with half an eye.  A C period comedy detective dud from the makers of Longmen Express, if I have to describe it in a blurb to my dramachums: it is a MUCH lesser bastard child of Longmen Express, Monks and Masters, and Legend of Dance and Music, three on my all time fav C drama list, so however unruly dimwitted their offspring, I will find a weak spot for.  DS is not clicking, mostly due to lead Xu HaiQiao is not my thing.  He has a rabid following after a side character in HuaQianGu, his name is attached to being a cross between Zhang RuoYun and William Chan, I can see some faint resemblance, but WC is already above my threshold of awkward nosebridge, and XHQ is worse, nor does he has the overpowering screen charisma of ZRY to obliterate whether he is your type or not to an nonissue.  The name of his character is homonym to samoyed, hence the title, looks is horrifying pasty plastic territory with fugly hair and most terrible styling out of the entire cast.  Hero practices some spiritual voodoo ‘Galanism’ as he is from mystical land of the west, Galan, that is he is a C period Mentalist in CandyCandy hair, lethal a lure for shoujo bebes.  There are pretty beings working for me, I am watching it for 程小蒙, Concubine Leggy from Go Princess Go, character here is a ninth generation coroner, ie the lowest bodach in society then.  She has almost nothing on her resume even with her pretty face which can emote fine by me.  Not that I am betting she could get to the top of anything but I will gladly cheer her on.  The 大理寺少卿/ Tang court’s assistent chancellor ie supreme court associate justice equivalent, fits his part and more my aesthetics.  Ju JingYi/KiKu from SNH48/Novoland fame is harmless enough for role as a human bookworm with encyclopedic knowledge worth a library.  So off they go being kooky detectives!  Have an ALL CP Fanvid


Where’s mookie’s head?

While at it, lets have a few Zhang RuoYan wearing WTF are you wearing, robbing my aesthetics:

Needless to say I will be glued to the tele when his CN Noona over Flowers/Divas Hit the Road airs because it also have my gorgeous male flowers Tony Yang and Bolin Chen:

I regret nothing tolerating the often unknowingly dumb and aggravating show:

I am still oddly attracted to Tokyo Tarabera Musume, it is not a pretty perky show as appearance of shoujo escapism is misleading, it is not terribly exciting storywise, it has tired tropes and unapologetic misogyny but I love the simmering slow darkness and cruel realistic malaise it is actually brewing.  These characters, not successful in adulting, may perfectly stay in their unsatisfying inertia for the rest of their lives, however hard they try, at work, with love, even if they have their ‘happy ending’, like romancing this caustic tongue wounded blond manboy with much negativity under that ray of sunshine of an appearance, nothing, in life, is easily fixed, as it should be.

But lets kick it we have braved another week.  And I would use my little useless power of jinxing everything by mentioning:  Nuclear warfare.  I desperately need to survive another month, my dear country muakkk…

because I need to watch JinDong and BaiBaiHe and every perfect thing in scrubs as shiny effulgence of Surgeons out in less than a month:

Last but not least of my indulgences, have a compilation of CN hot men in suits:


12 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: Watching, Waiting, Wishing and Praying

  1. You’re not the only one having fantasies about a Zhou Xun x Chen Kun drama (Love Story in Shanghai remains one of my fav idol dramas), though I guess I’ll have to be content w watching them in 2 separate productions (apparently 脱身者 is slated for Sept, Ruyi for Dec).

    Rise of Phoenixes is a good read, and the female lead is a stand out – still can’t escape its Mary Sue trappings towards the end, but much better than the author’s other work Fuyao. Ni Ni seems to be in an awkward phase right now – none of her acting projects after Flowers of War have been successful , so this is her chance to prove she still has the spark and talent from debut.

    The general consensus online is that The Double’s scriptwriter (汪启楠,signed under Huayi Brothers) is much more trustworthy than Rise of Phoenixes’ four internet novel writers. I’ll probably finish Rise of the Phoenixes just for the aesthetics even if the story derails (esp if Chen Kun brings back the long hair from The Conquest/Painted Skin- Mark Chao’s stylists were probs trying to go for same effect in TLTW, but they totally forgot to factor in MC’s rather masculine features).

    Also looking forward to Surgeons for Jin Dong and Bai Baihe, though I’ve never completed a medical drama in its entirety (not even 心术).

    I last saw Huang Xiaoming in RoCH 2006 – has he even improved since then?

    I also see lots of promos for 人民的名义 – hoping it doesn’t turn into another dreary propaganda machine wrapped in ribbons.

    1. Ah I wanna rewatch LS in Shanghai now. I’ll have to see if I could tolerate WH tho… I won’t keep hopes high 4 Ruyi, I thought ZX was rusty in Red Sorghum, broke my heart.

      Gd to know Phoenixes is a gd read! Do u have anything else striking ur fancy C novel wise? I drop novels like flies once it stops being worthy.

      I doubt NiNi is that naturally talented nowadays, potentials need to be honed and polished… not that it is her fault per se, shoved into cutesy MarySue/vase leading roles at times so against type, this is just not the climate where A GongLi/ZhouXun could be nurtured.

      And CK was styled paying homage to LeslieC in Conquest, I insisted 😆 agree totally that hair only works on men with such refined intricate features.

      The only positive working 4 ‘actors’ as clueless but trying too hard 4 own gd like HXM is he does take up direction of a director w expertise and diligence of an iron fist micro managing his flock, he was fine under PeterChan imo, so will see what those ShanYing uncles made out of him, I’m not counting him out entirely. I wouldn’t say HuGe was actually realistically that much more talented, and they got a great performance out of him when he was usual overthinking every role too pronounced the seams of acting otherwise.

      Lemme know if 人民的名义 has worth (so novel is terrific I assume?), it screams nth but a however many hrs of neatly made propaganda public service announcement. I only saw some of PD’s TV山楂樹, meh.

  2. Ah Red Sorghum. It was such a struggle getting through the 宅斗part, but Qin Hailu, Yu Rongguang and Huang Xuan (latter half) really stood out.

    I liked the first two volumes of 大唐明月, but the rest was meh. Priest’s 有匪 is wonderful (Apparently her BL works are even better, but they’re not for me). Twentine’s novels have been really popular, but imo only 那个不为人知的故事 was enjoyable. Older favourites include 米兰Lady’s 孤城闭, 藤萍’s 吉祥纹莲花楼, 沧月’s 听雪楼,七月雪, 大漠荒颜 帝都赋, 倾泠月’s 且试天下(second volume was too draggy), 兰因璧月 and 萧楼’s 流水迢迢.
    独步天下 is one of the better 清穿 novels.

    Was that 中国合伙人?Is the story any good? NiF is a favourite despite all the flaws in the plot and pacing, and I’m hoping NIF2 lives up to the hype. Shanying/Daylight Ent’s still churning out decent dramas, but it’s unfortunate that they seem to have moved on from dramas like 风车.

    Hoping I last at least 1 Ep of 人民.

    1. The script though 4 Red Sorghum was unforgivable. Same w NiF imo, 海宴 is unbelievably overrated, easily the least talented the SYuncles have worked w but my guess is she is a pretty + young lady author stroking their ego ‘easy to work w’ without her own firm vision like writer 4 Battle of Changsha. They have completely lost my love after being aholes to BoC writer. I have no expectation in the writing department whatsoever w NiF2, Ode2 but y do they have so many actors I love argh?! SY’s forte has always been more 小品 imo, stories on humanity through lil guys, even in ‘war epics’ like 戰長沙, 生死綫,what resonated was the genuine characters be it a family, a brotherhood under whatever the dire circumstances…whenever they veer away from their element, they r mediocre w/o the aware, or in the case of NiF blatantly shrewd in every calculation of what will make a mass popular hit but sacrificing artistic integrity cutting corners

      Thanks for the book recommendations! 😊 It saves me much woe and time picking and choosing and hating everything. I started Priest BL novels lately and at least there is a gd command of the language, especially a reprieve after reading me some Tang7’s kindergartener Chinese. I’ve only read 孤城閉,獨步天下,liked them. Tyty

      Yes 中国合伙人,I think it is solid, Peter Chan has a bottomline and he has not yet attached himself to anything embarrassingly worthless. But one will notice full well however surprisingly well HXM works in it, is absolutely the brilliance of PD. Try and c 4 urself, it is just a movie unable to waste too much time.

      1. Was there drama behind the scenes of BoC? The scriptwriters are working with Daylight again on new drama 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦 (宅斗文).

        No problem. Saved a whole folder of 小言 that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet…time is not on my side. XD I’ve also heard good things about 九州缥缈录, 簪中录, 江南外传.

        Right, I’ll make sure I get around to 合伙人soon.

        1. Yup, 卻卻 bursted out at weibo 侯 was being mentally cruel to her for disputes over the scriptwriting, dissing her as useless, verbally abusive, she insisted on standing her ground on historical accuracy not allowing him to make massive dramatic alterations and he inserted 2 names in writing credit, when she was the one working tirelessly 4+ months and not properly paid bc 侯 told her she didn’t fulfill her duties. Obviously those uncles r misogynists and have another measuring stick for women writers, as they inserted 劉和平’s household name as writer 4 北平,but was actually work of a lil known author they weren’t going to give credit nor pay bc they could… They have parted ways w 良心 way bk.

          卻卻 山影

          *keep adding to readlist😊 *

          1. What a disappointment. I’m surprised these issues never blew up in the media, but then again copyright protection has never been a top priority over there.

            1. The fiasco w 北平 did. 侯 wrote a statement on it somewhat apologizing 4 the ‘carelessness’ And I assumed the credit/pay dispute w 戰長沙 would be easily resolved and wiser just to not make a bigger deal, but 侯 during his v chatty smug NiF promo phase dropped sth like he won’t work w 卻卻 anymore she’s talentless bla. I actually welcomed knowing how nasty and sexist these players r in industry, if just to appreciate more the decent scriptwriting/directing by the women in the industry

  3. you mentioned my two fave chens (bolin and kun) and i love you for it. so perfect. so pumped for rise of phoenix. nini isn’t an issue for me but i find her a bit shin mina-ish — as in smiley and smug. it’s initially offputting but once you get over it it’s ok. she looks brilliant in the posters; smouldery and stunning.

    blondie from ttm!!! my lovehate for his asshole character just turned into total lust without notice. shipping him and rinko so hard rn.

    1. Oooh never thought there could be anyone else not in love w SMA, but you r spot on friend y I couldn’t stand her charm, if she was a better actress and could change it up, fine, but time and time again giving me same tiring cutesy I thought not her element but more what fans like her typecast in…I want nth of it. V horrible of me, SMA/NN r the type physically screaming to excel in the typical catty Girl2bi8ch.

      I ship them ttmotp too, that undeniable attractn that brutal honesty should work in long haul…What else is there to fear when u could nvr hesitate hurling insults at the significant other half?

  4. Whoa … the C-actors & actresses are just getting younger and younger. In that same breath, I’m just getting older and older! 😦

    I’m also watching LOCH 2017 intermittently. I’m behind many episodes. One of these rainy weekends, I’ll binge watch to catch up. In the meantime, I’m somewhat watching “Because of You” (the Chinese remake of K-drama Jang Bo-Ri). I’m about the pull the hair out of my ponytail!!!

    1. Y do u do this to urself my friend?! I didn’t even bother w JBR let alone how half-assed this looks and feels.

      There r never a shortage of young things, just glad it is promising this round, the bunch of younglings… at least much upgrade talentwise ( and looks IMO at times too) fr the ChrisW, YangY, ZhangZ lot

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