Friday Pretty Post: It is a Crime

A young Jin Dong

It is a crime to look so pretty so young and now grown into a fine fine actor.

But it is downright criminal to make sense why I have a weirdest fondness towards Baron Chen when I could not stand his acting, at times his face is not pretty enough yet keep watching crap for him, latest regret being Bromance because someone dropped me a BTS to She Is from MNIKSS (I do not recommend clicking).  WHY are they such facetwins?!?!?!?!?!?

MYGRAWRD Lil Three Stone bebe, WHY SO YOUNG WUXIA HERO DREAMY FINE.   Anyone less yummy using a weapon of crazy chunks of burnt brownies would be telltale sign I should stay away.

Chang Chen in Brotherhood of Blades 2.  Stop. Please.

I have crazy high expectations of the deliciousness of a CC+YM CP now.


Not that I am over the BaiQian/YeHua OTP just yet:

This must be me fav YangMi’s  magazine spread out of her million+, jusy enough dreamy romanticism attune to 3L3W yet her face is every bit the modern feisty superwoman herself

Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin and Shawn Dou are all competent and promising, that’s why I would give Princess Agents a shot, though I am not a fan of Xin-chan in periods, but why can’t it come out now instead of summer?!?!  They look too ridiculously cute who wouldn’t want a modern fluff out of them.

Is there a CN It Started With A Kiss I have guarded my memory from?!  Because if they try, I will be its slave.

I am quite addicted to Crime Scene CN, I liked the jtbc orig of course, being a detective show/book junkie.  The recent case of ‘Horror Fairytale’ is quite a braintwister, homage to And Then There Were None, fav Agatha Christie.  Not related, but it sparked a frenzy and there is a republican era fanMV of memorable characters.

So far gone I have fallen into shipping variety show folks:

Their CP nick of 魄魄 ( ‘white’/Bai + ‘ghost’/Gui = soul) is so cute.  I am so hopelessly defenseless when I’m fed a cute CP fanvid to any ISWAK song, lesigh:

Yup, I want an ISWAK remake with them terribly now and I would be the last person needing ANY more time wasting on ISWAK remakes don’t y’all think?!?!?!  It is criminal to tempt me.

Yuan Hong is looking like a criminal, locked up behind fences with quite awesome fake tats

And the next minute back to work like a good boy on the blessing ceremony for 爱的正确标记法:

Typical unlikely couple, she is bubbly and carefree, he is stuck-up highstrung IT hotshot.   I could not bet on it being amazing knowing very little about PD/Writer, but I have to count my blessings when I am just wishing he could be match up with someone I do not mind staring at her face, and I get SongJia whom I want to marry more than YH.

Fellow ChenXiao fangirl, have you watched his latest drama?!  Did you headdesk a hole on your forehead watching?!  The correct answer for sanity preservation is no and no, like this wise!Dama typing here. But there is the most lovely person 节操桥上炮龙烹凤的魔女总裁, who will gif his gorgeousness for our pleasure taking a BIG one for the team always:

I am not that interested in his upcomings with both SunLi, nor ChenXiaoEn, I have lost love for both ladies, plus I do not think CX’s naughty cunning manboy vibe works for seriously romancing powerful ladies who seems more mature.

But I have a C modern drama I am MADLY in love I could not look away:  Solaso Bistro/問題餐廳 (Solaso is homonym to ‘hand holding hand’ in mandarin), CN remake of MondaiResto/問題のあるレストラン.   I was going to give it 5 minutes on the goodwill of Jiao JunYan (DaiBo fr Dr Qin) alone, expecting there is no way this is actually watchable, Jdorama and Cdrama sensibilities are like water and oil, and fitting Yuji Sakamoto’s loquacity into all the shallow cringeworthy patronizing tropes of C modern trendy… I was prepared for an Ode to Joy trauma, just worse.

But this is love, this does everything O2J failed so fumingly.  Fans of the dorama may critique this is less fresh an uncreative copy of the original, but it takes a miracle for a Cdrama to translate and decipher the dorama and to fit it into CN’s societal norms, though similar in the challenges a young woman faces in a conservative society, never the same.  It delves even more unadorned, deeper, puts into plainer words and dramatic compositions…easier to relate and fall for, than the original imo.  What hook me the most is this speaks from a female perspective on the hopeless misogynistic trappings society wrapped us all in, and these characters fight their little hesitant battles authentically.  They just feel darn real, and for a change the male trash douches are ignorantly in their own planet where the writer/PD are NOT condoning it as some utopia women should unrealistically dream to someday cut our bloody flesh off to fit into some glass slippers and be inadequately in the boy’s club.

7 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: It is a Crime

  1. Omg, thank you for the 建议 to watch 问题餐厅. I couldn’t watch it at first because some scenes were so hard to stomach( all the scenes where the dudes were just barf-worthy, were so hard to go through) but I managed to convince my mum and my lil sis to watch it with me and it’s been so much fun since. We laugh, cry and root together for these women ( except maybe 亚楠, I get the purpose and the arc for her character, but’s she’s so insecure, judge-y, hypocritical atm, it’s hard to stomach). My absolute fave is 唐玉 though. She’s such a too good, too pure cinnamon roll, and although I and my sister joke all the time that she’s the kind of person to get herself killed ( she’s just too damn sweet) in the real world, we need more of her kind, both real and reel. 焦俊艳 is so good in this role. Argh, I hope it’s doing well in the ratings. I’ve been waiting and hoping for so long for this kind of Cdrama (female driven, female-centric, No BS romanticising or condoning BS behaviour of BS douchebags or super judgemental of female characters and behaviour), I’d never thought I would have my cake and eat it too haha. Is this drama written and shot by female writers and director? They did such a good job in showing the female perspective and the douchebaggery of the dudes here, it’s hard to believe for me that a male (Chinese) scriptwriter/director could be self-reflective and retrospective enough to write and shoot this ( after what they did with *barf* *barf* Ode To Joy *barf* *barf* *barf* or how they treated the writer of BoCS). Sorry for the spazzing haha, but I love this thing-y so much, I want this and the all people in it to do well during and after the airing haha.

    1. Word! Isn’t this surprisingly awesome?! I couldn’t find much on who is the writer behind the CN adapt, the director did TinyWorld3 last, no way I’m watching that XD…so let’s give credit to Mr Yuji Sakomoto doing a fine job with the original.

      Being a webdrama, this is not immensely popular… i didn’t hear much discussion, unlike a yet to air Ode to Joy2. 唐玉 is perhaps too good to be true but I get it her character is cognizant a resistance 4 womanhood, even just in the appearance of an unlikely to succeed restaurant… is a lil boost 4 her circle of ladies, a battle worth sacrificing her sake for. I am content I had this to enjoy, and it brings me joy you and family like it too!

      1. I’m such an idiot,I didn’t know Mr Yuji Sakamoto is such an renowned writer, will have to look up his work now haha. We watched the first epi during hotpot, my dad was willing to see it because my lil sis HATES Cdrama and this is the first Cdrama that isn’t Journey to the West she’s willing to check out, so he had to see what picked up her interest haha. I forgot the first epi is not the stuff for fun, light family meal O_O , but oh well haha. 唐玉 is such a modern heroine and even though she’s too good, too pure, this drama reminded me again that i ( an bitter,bitter sour lemon) can be better to others and do better by others haha. I found out too that it was a webdrama and looking at the views… 😦 At least it explains why this drama is so much real(er) and honest than 99,5% of the stuff out there in the Cdrama-stratosphere and the comments are quite positive too, so even if it doesn’t pick up the steam, people r enjoying it and i think the actresses r relieved/happy to be able to do stuff like this. ^^ Oh, how I wished Jiang Xin and YangZi were able to be in this show or that Ode To Joy was what it promised to be…

        1. No idiot you! 😀 I’m not a true drama fan of Mr Sakamoto myself even though I do nod feverishly at his often brilliant lines… he is veering too indulgent in love of his mastery of words and missing a better focus at effective storytelling, giving in for the sake of sensationalising the dramatics last few works (actually imo starting fr MondaiResto, the original of Solaso). That said, his writing is always worth my time even when I didn’t love drama head over heels.

          Awww ur family is so adorable! ! ! I’m deeper into drama and it does slow down quite a bit after the first few eps… but these actresses r doing better jobs than the original, where they tend to fall into the usual dorama OTT cutesy giddy habits there.

          Dont u think JX and YZ held their own handsomely in Ode to Joy? A lesser actress such as LiuTao didnt. I fault the writing 4 patronizing, glorifying misogyny + those ShanYing uncles solely. I will still catch Ode2 when out, they r just too good to miss out and I have given up hope in other departments.

  2. Oh yeah, it can def be slow,slow slow sometimes, especially with all the antics and pettiness of the big restaurant chain, but slow pacing is just so wired in Cdrama’s DNA, I’m used to it haha. For me, it makes it up with their many,many tiny bonding moments between the quirky characters and their believable character growth. The character development of 千佳 and 丝雨 is especially believable for me. I love 焦俊艳 as 唐玉 more and more. All the tidbits she gives this character, be it facial expressions,body movement or line reading nails it for me haha. Can’t wait to see how 许静 is going to collect her son and give her shitty ex a run for his money either haha.

    I don’t think I ever want to play against JX or YZ in Charades lol. They way they just instantly know who their characters is, what they are struggling with and how to convey that the audience with so little is just so good. I’m not a fan of Ghost in the Shell or anything; didn’t watch anything of the franchise, but when the director or writer or producer was all like, ScarJo is the best actress of her generation, my eye-roll game was on fleek. How many times have I seen C-actresses or S.Korean actresses give award worthy performances on poorly written characters and drama’s? Or heck, how actresses like Viola Davis, Laverne cox, Taraji P. Henderson wring every ounce of acting out of their flimsy written characters? SMH, oh, well. Hollywood. Liu Tao is best when she’s playing a beautiful, caring, educated,well educated wife/mother ( like her real life personality??), but even then, she’s distant. Put her in any other role and she just…doesn’t do it for me. -_-.

    I’m so torn about Ode To Joy2. On one hand, I can expect outstanding performances of my faves, but on the other hand, script-play so bad, I just want to bang my head on the wall repeatedly, argh. I will prob check out some scenes and see from there haha.

    1. Everything is quite believable, and pace is eased back to steadily moving lately 🙂 still pleasantly surprised. I have friends like 亞楠, had been a nosy friend too many times shaking hollering sense into stopping the trainwrecking, in vain. I am invested in all of them, big or small, even the sth up his arse big shot Chef is worming me in.
      What I savor in this lil webdrama is it doesn’t tone down much of the unsavory, and it doesn’t force a judgmental male stance on the girls nor justify shtty male behavior as some bitter pill we need to swallow. It’s commendable.
      Ah like minds. I never saw the acting promise in ScarJo tbvh, if it is on a perfect physical ideal she is selling… I’m not buying it either :X I’m such a loony fan of ViolaDavis I watch her magic w a perpetual inner squeal. LaverneCox *nod* Taraji *nod* Octavia… u know what I watched LaLaLand (which I watched after Hidden Figure) fancasting Janelle et al and how much better musically if Legend took Gosling role etc etc to keep myself awake.
      Even when LT is at her best: her typecast of playing versions of herself, she is more into upholding the image of a v hardworking actress w a squeaky clean perfect matronly/womanly image than anything else… ie promoting herself as The desirable brand-name of a female ideal than really taking any leap into gritty. I lumped her as the many AndyLau wannabe.

  3. I feel so torn abt 亚楠 tbh. It’s a bit self-projecting haha. There were so many instances that I’ve could easily turned into a 亚楠; thinking that being educated at..and…makes you so better, smarter and more deserving of this and that in life; hadn’t my mum ( and life) hammered in to me that no; I wasn’t any better or deserving than x and y just because of this and that ‘ now stop being a spoiled brat and just work hard at your own thing’ haha. But also, I don’t really find the actress who plays her very convincing in the role, especially compared to the actress who plays 丝雨 (being follies of each other and all).

    I didn’t like the Chef either the first epis, but then the drama played his CHEF-ness so up and I just UNDERSTOOD what he’s meant to be. Especially after the interaction between the Chef and the Chicken Boy ( Dessert-chef). Those two will obviously will end up at a blind speed dating event. They gnarl and snarl at each trading (infinitely better) barbs and insults at each other throughout the whole getting-to-know-each-other nine minutes. Totally showing who is boss, you know? Also, is it hot in here, or why is he looking so good? Yet, oddly, weirdly enough, they keep in touch with each other afterwards.You know. Talking about their AWFUL DATES with people WHO HAS NO CONCEPT OF FOOD. ‘Steamed white rice with an omelette is not a DISH, people. Yeesh.’ ‘I know right. Store bought cake mix, who does that? Amerite?’ But they also, you know. Talk talk. About feelings, you know? It’s hard to be in the shadow of his family name Or to be alone in this big city, without the support of his family nearby. You know, guy stuff.Then one night, one terrible bored, particular lonely (fall is around the corner, okay?) and again, they can’t stress enough, alcohol fuelled night ( because boredom and loneliness) ; they text each other. Two minutes apart from each other. With one ( roughly same worded) question. Two nights later, at a Friday ( they’ve taken a day off) they’re at Chef Deadly Silence-Is-My-Sexy-Middele-Name’s (FANCY AF) penthouse for a TOTALLY NOT DATE NIGHTf’s Cook Off. Both his Beijing Duck and his Steak Tartare are annoyingly sublime, Handsome Chicken Boy concludes. But wait until he taste my Chocolate/Rose Soufllé and White Chocolate molten Lava Cake, Cool as a Cucumber Chicken Boy schemes. And off they plan and schedule their next TOTALLY NOT DATE NIGHT’S Cook off’s. They start dropping and picking each other off their workplaces since the totally non-dating cook off’s ( sometimes they technically dine at other places and often times they do other things besides cooking, like indoor wall-climbing and watching movies together) turns later and later in the nights. They’ve also started lunching together sometimes/whenever they could. And making each other bento boxes. They don’t call this ‘ DATING’ until 唐玉 one night, wrong hour ‘catch’ them at Cool Boy’s (surprisingly) neat place. The three of them NEVER speaks of this incident again. Ever. Also, could she, possible, have a bite of this delicious looking lemon meringue cake? Even then, they are, they both agreed angrily and slightly frustrated and also tiny bit sad, ‘reluctantly dating’. Until someone better comes along. Someone who does not make them infuriating mad or insultingly gooey with feelings. They also don’t call each other ‘BOYFRIEND’ for a long time since, obviously, it’s not serious, you know? He’s into savoury. He’s into sweets. It will never work out. Yet, Chef can’t help but think of Hapless yet Handsome yet Stupid(ly) Sweet Boy whenever he sees a PomPom walking by. Or miss him when he’s out of town,visiting/taking care of his family. Chicken Boy can’t help but smile whenever he’s eating the home made meals of (his) Count-Chef Sulky Sexy Face after his night shifts or hum while cooking up plans to shaken up that Stiff Goofy Man .’If you’re not serious, then why have you two been smushing your stupid faces right in front of MY face, for a year already? Was all my pain for nothing? Get married already or something, you old men. You don’t even mind when one of you isn’t using full cream or premium free range chicken,’ 千佳 ( angrily) points out. So they do. Eventually. They totally did not cry while taking their vows in front of each other and stupid loved ones either. All those tears come from their lady friends of Solaso who ‘apparently, accordingly’ ‘totally saw it coming btw’. They start a little restaurant of their own together; fighting over the ‘purpose’ of their food. ‘It’s all about HIGH QUALITY, the integrity of the ingredients’, Chef explains patiently. ‘No, it’s not’, Chicken Boys objects.’ It’s about warmth and love and togetherness. ‘Blergh’, Chef retaliates with his Trademark Grinning Face. ‘I love you too, stupid’, Chicken boy answers in return, smiling.

    Okay, I’m kidding, but im lowkey shipping them haha. Sorry for the spam haha. Also yes, How could I forget to include Octavia Spencer and Yes about ScarJo; neither her acting or her appearance ( she’s of course prettier than average, but on a bigger/ global scale??? or her physicality in action movies impresses me. But oh, well.

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