Friday Pretty Post: Happy Places

It’s Chow YunFat’s 62nd birthday, Mrs. Chow staged a surprise party on set of 無雙:

Can’t get any cuter!  And I can tell the cakes are beyond scrumptious just by looking and droolzing, and droolzing not because of these never aging hot uncles.  The upcoming crime thriller is from the brains of Alan Mak + Felix Chong of the Infernal Affairs/ Overheard franchises, and Aaron Kwok has been nothing but good to terrific last 10 years acting, at worst it is some gratuitous ride of HK cityscape p0rn

A web cop drama 飛虎極戰 gathering Bosco Wong + Ron Ng + Michael Miu + Michael Wong + Cheung SiuFai…etc co-produced by TVB + Shaw Brothers + Youku could still sum up to a mega fail, of course, but for my femalegaze purpose, it will be 100% perfect.

Tbere was some CN drama awards the other day and everyone looked super sharp AND Yuan Hong got a best actor in a period award for his ShowEr from Chang Ge Xin, to my pleasant shock.  It does make a lot of sense when I look at the other nominees (YanKang, ChenXiao in the mix) in more unwatchable turds when CGX is at least watchable if a bit dull and he did do a good if not insanely jawdropping job in the mediocre, yeah, why not give it to my guy?!

TangYan is also my surprise for the night because being so lithe and quite pretty, I was never that impressed with how stiff, and lack of joie de vivre over-styled like a creepy stepford wife she came across on these red carpet events, it must be the less severe hair I adore on her particularly and she can rock this dress with her miles of legs like nobody’s business.  She just looks at east, thus confident and happy and breathing and the vivacity comes across.  That said, LiYiFung and TY getting THE top actors honors when their categories have many more deserving thespians are still the butt of the joke fr my snarky webbffs and I laughed off the outrageousness that is so commonplace now  to my delight.  At least it still gives me a chuckle the ingenious stabs at the norm this absurd, muahaha.  I do think TangTang is less insufferable in WeiYoung, but MrLYF though.

I said it often, I have pretty much given up on Liu ShiShi slowing down her regression but then there is SOME affecting emoting on point in her latest 醉玲珑/Love Lost in Time trailer I could smile happy:

Is this her equivalent upturn a la YangMi’s BaiQian, I can’t help but wonder, afterall this has the same ladyPD Lam/林玉芬 of 3L3W at the helm and this is a role imo ShiShi could manage, very little cutesy shoujo: living and dying solely for romance, more aloof steely under her soft facade powerful lady ruler of her domain.  Interest is piqued.

Finally!  Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I see sthsth going on with her eyes we call EMOTING.  ROMANTICALLY.   It’s been a while, last we universally witnessed was with Nicky in BBJX.

AND there is still perfect HongShi CP MV made lately.

I guess YH has given up his futile fight not being typecast in periods, sorry my love, you are not that amazing can do it all yet.  So if a guy2 role against a most anticipated period epic The Rising of Pheonixes with ChenKun and NiNi comes along, you wisely snatch it like you did.  To my relief!!!!! All I was praying was please do not work with your RL wifey so I could watch it with no headdesking.  This is a galaxy above and beyond my wish.

How proud is the official weibo counting down to the start date of shooting just with the list of actors??!  And for Yuan Hong to be in the pristine company of 5 leads of not only Chen Kun, NiNi, but the creme de la creme jawdropping thespians Zhao LiXin and Ni DaHong as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest of the cast is all unbelievable not a weaklink.  I do not recall myself ever this excited for an upcoming YH drama EVEr.  I am a bit unsure still with what NiNi can bring to the ensemble, being never in a period prior.   Constantly just cruising by so-so in her every attempt post Flowers of War is a cause for concern.

Will I be 10fold more ecstatic IF YangMi has fought with her all for this juiciest heroine role, betcha, unpopular opinion it might be.

Part of my love for the gentle pretty soul Ma TianYu is because he is such a Leslie Cheung lookalike and also my soft spot for the forever underrated underdog.  AT last, he gets a promising period lead role as a ‘fantasy’ Han emperor circa 3 Kingdom.  ‘Fantasy’ because it is laughably blasphemous against everything in the history books, we are getting some very brow raising bromance btn historical adversaries, usually I am annoying a stickler in intolerance, but I love so many of these very gorgeous darlings, especially the ladies!!  Wan Qian, Angel Dong and Dong Xuan are all my exact favorites in period aesthetics, and they r solid actresses.

Not one sparkling spec is hurting my eyes, my love for  謝君豪 runs decades deep, and he as CaoCao in period fluff, is nothing I have thought of wanting, I could not look away.

Therefore, I am still holding out hope LiuYiFei will come across a great role down the road, just not her movie 3L3W. The trailer is uninspired, boring me to tears I had to stare at this set of out of this world gorgeous pictorial, like her every one.   If there is a museum of pretty with just her every glossy photo in it, I would go visit just to get lost in:

To think about it, if to pick and choose between NiNi and Liu YiFei in Rising of Pheonixes, even though I know LYF has very limited potential, I have yet to see her ever matched with a terrific cast AND a terrific script…I think she has paid her dues in carrying the hype/box office load since forever, y not let her prove herself in such a rare chance of working with such a cast and crew in a period role I am quite confident she had proved to be at least decent in?!?!

I am back to shutting my mind with lotsa Kfluff, while I am watching/gutting my heart and soul poring over Handmaid’s Tale:

Lines of Offred/Elizabeth Moss ‘casually’ recalling a poem she latches her dear life on, I assumed, from those old days. There is no more befitting time and place to watch a craftily calculated adaptation of a novel I read in highschool solely because my english teacher banned it from school library.  I was an ignorant silly thing and did not immerse much nor entertain this could in any way echo my gender’s demise in any universe.  I love everything about this adapt, material should never be essayed as entertainment, but I appreciate the increased clutter in dramatics, in the otherwise harrowingly, deafeningly quiet castrophobic gray drab and doom, plot is arching to a clearer, brighter, neater trajectory than the original, suits me, as I am BEGGING some reprieve for my sanity’s sake.

I love everything about Nam JiHyun, more than my shallow aversion towards the visible PS on Ji ChangWook’s face or his slight OTTness, more than the first half of Suspicous Partner’s ep1 with all the thrown on bickering cliches of OTP shoved down my throat, on top of my peeve towards hybrids of neither here nor there murder mystery romance.

She is so adorable falling (for anything I am sure).  Ahhhh

My Secret Romance actually goes down so strangely smooth, and it manages to brighten my day a little with the…saneness, which is shocking as this reads like EVERY silly trashy romance (esp those fr TW) I’ve indulged in way younger.  There is an ONS between a nondescript young lady and a rich chaebol princeling.   She then works under him, and thus quite harrassed per shoujo rule of the land, but she keeps her spine, and they never lost those tingling sparks felt, under wraps, or not.   And it is mutually consenting adults/good kissers at play.

Where I am at, there is a child, of age to be hinted the loving product of the romping, my mind is so going there. OTP works, JiEun is quite natural, I have mixed up Sung Hoon and Kang HaNeul before and would KHN fangirls finally get their wishes and have him in a dreamy manly romcom hero in this and cosmic balance is worked out?!  Sure, but Sung Hoon is very fine too, RIGHT?!

What is catching my eye is I see a perfect comic timing peeking out in his good job.   His hero is not just the typical too full of himself entitled brat, there are moments the character is off and clumsy and could chuckle off poking at the fun that is himself.  I appreciate that.

 I listened to way too many Bolbbalgan4 songs often driving and there is not a Kfluff I have watched/liked enough lately that doesn’t come with an accompanying Fanvid:  Galaxy x My Secret Romance

I have watched much of 6Dragons lately spending time with older gens, bombarded full-on by YAI’s actorly flourishes (to put it kindly) and thanks to the comparison I have fallen for a boy.

Nam DaReum in Good Thief Bad Thief is bothering me. I have no capacity (nor interest) to watch makjang properly, why are you growing up more and more beautiful before my eyes??!?!?!

Yang SeJong in the upcoming OCN Duel is also very keenly noted:

Cfluffs on my plate though are not exactly doing it.   That is what cute gifs are for:

寒武纪/Cambrian Period comes across to me like Love Me IF You Dare: halfbaked romance, halfbaked thriller meh.  There is a ‘naive’/silly heroine haphardly landing herself in some odd island with a cop of shocking secret past and a cute mysterious ‘killer’ boy.

Long time no see pretty Mike He!   The scene stealing cute pup is 侯明昊/Neo Huo, idolboy branching out to acting.

Thought that still could come through my mind is, IF I am interviewing this doctor for my hospital, how is he not a public health hazard looking down on the bedridden, inducing tachycardia?!?!

So CUTE Chiba, and that naughty badboy cunning edge of the manga character roaring underneath the MD labcoat is not contained in my pervie eyes:

There is a special notty corner for rotten ahjummas who could busy herself droolzing at yet another very underaged boy, Shunsuke Michieda, in something as downer as 母になる.   I belong there along with my beverage.

Divas Hit the Road S3 should be my catnip with Tony Yang, Bolin Chen and Zhang RuoYan…but too bad it is mostly my sleepaid these days.  I did perk up at ZRY’s GORGEOUS home, no longer sure if I love his house or him more, but definitely could die happy IF I have his house with him in it cooking alongside his doggie.  This chic magazine spread seems to be taken exactly at his spread of a modernised siheyuan, that sure is his doggie, and now I wonder if this is mostly his RL wardrobe as well, case in point last one is his own dog walking pic.  Life is sure easy to be a stylist on his shoots.

Mark Prin, fetching a fangirl’s hand to hold and smile at.  How precious?!

Enjoy a great wkend!

Have a (best of HKmovie MV) Blast !!!

12 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: Happy Places

  1. Huading has always been such a mess (and it seems like their magic rubbed off on Hundred Flowers’ last year), though I at least agree with their choices for the supporting lead (Zhao Lixin and Zhang Zifeng) and director (Wang Jun) this year. TY’s much better when she acts without her contact lenses, though I think it’ll be hard for her to surpass CP3’s Zi Xuan, which imo is her best role to date.
    I haven’t seen an ounce of improvement from LYF, and though he explicitly stated in an interview he is not fresh meat (thus washing himself of all the negative connotations that come with it), his skills make it hard for non-fans not to lump him in with the rest.

    The Weibo comments section are flooded by fans and 水军 – these days I follow 八组 and various marketing/gossip weibos for some excitement. XD

    Lost Love in Times’ source novel was a mediocre rehash of Tong Hua’s BBJX (and I’m not a big fan of TH’s writing either), but it seems like I’ll be watching LSS and LYJ cuts (LYJ in 卧底归来 is <3. Drama itself is pretty enjoyable as well). 😀
    When LSS finally shows some sign of emoting, her partner fails to lift his game. I don't get the hype around WC (heck, I don't get the hype around any of the current batch of fresh meat stars), and it's really poured a bucket of cold water on my interest in Bai Baihe's new drama 南方有乔木 (the original novel was pretty good).

    1. I was impressed w TY’s Zi Xuan, still. It was a near perfect casting and she has put heart and soul in then, lacking now.
      LYFung is regressing so horrifyingly (so is YangYang). I am guessing fame does get into head and eat one up. He was such a delight boyish charming thing starting out 10 years ago. :/
      So not just me delusional, you see that lil glimmer of hope/emotion/sthsth in LSS’s eyes at last too huh?! She has been so stagnant I concur it was only sensible if all of them are blind. I am not a fan of WC’s acting (nor his looks) but I am beyond fixated IF the impossible (I deemed) of LSS improving is happening… I still have to see to believe, that nosy.

      Ohhh I tried out ep1of 卧底 last wk and fun! So it stayed gd ?!?!

      Quite sure I won’t enjoy 人民 as much as the mass audience and I already is suppressing puking the first ep or so of 歡樂頌2

      1. Never seen YY in anything pre 微微, but I’m under the impression that most of the actors that started off under Li Shaohong seem to be decent if not excellent – Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, Yang Mi, Li Qin (depends on the role for the latter two).

        I actually saw some improvement from LSS in Imperial Doctress, but it was so brief I thought I was seeing things. I haven’t liked any of her projects since BBJX – surprised I’m still a fan. XD

        Story is sometimes illogical, and production values aren’t great, but I still enjoyed 卧底归来 and finished th drama without skipping a single episode -hard to do these days when all of them are 50+ eps.

        Imo 人民 has way too much filler. Dropped it before the halfway mark.

        I disagree with the values Ode to Joy endorsed in first season, but it was an okay watch if I left my brain at the door. This season though…first two eps were an MV promoting Thailand, and I see Andi’s storyline heading into daughter in law vs. meddlesome mother in law territory. Jiang Xin is a great actress, but I’m not patient enough to wade through another 30 episodes of her family problems. Favourite character is still 曲妖精. Seems like I’ll be dropping it soon enough.

        Did you catch the premiere of White Deer Plain? The actors (esp. He Bing) are great, but the story doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere. Putting it on hold until I hear of some improvement.

        1. Argh I can’t stand LSS in Ming Doctress at all, only thing she proved there is she has very limited talent and all the over thinking and trying is actually not helping.
          I dropped WhiteDeerPlain after an ep. Everyone I know enjoying it must not have read a lick of it. That pains me what they r missing, and spoiled of an expansive epic storytelling with this watered down mediocrity, turning it to any other Dama Countryside family dog blood drag. I wasn’t excited about the adapt anyway, there’s no way it could be authentic and the novel is brilliantly pungent. I’m a fan of Zhang usually, but he is physically a horrible casting. So is HeBing, or how shocking his character in altered fr original for wayyyy worse losing ALL the wit and complexity. It spelled out meticulously written plot development like it is worthless garbage, what a waste such a shame. I actually thought the movie, though too heavily focused on some character, at least tonally was better.
          I couldn’t imagine O2J be watched with parked brain, experience for me was constant projectile vomiting. I am so turned off by 包 sleazy entitled full of it misogyny, to my eyes fragrantly sexual harassment territory GLORIFIED as romance, I was ragey and beyond grossed out and AnDi bugs me as a kitchensink of an unreal stepfordwifey like always. LT is just a v mediocre actress nth is running deeper than the superficial one note and no poring into the psyche of char as if she’s a real human, as hard to do w this poopy writing, but still.

  2. Ah, I like Nam Jihyung too!! I would say so far the story is decent. Didn’t get into My Secret Romance since I lost interest from the first episode, and I thought Jieun’s acting was so green (well she is green). When news came out for Wan Qian’s drama, I was thinking, “Hmmm… seems like Mookie can watch this.” Lol. Zhang RuoYan’s dogs are handsome!! His house is adorbs! Want!
    Those underage boys… ah I feel rotten too. -hides in the corner-
    Nam DaReum was the best part of 6 Flying Dragons.
    Lost Love in Time… I really tried to read the novel, but I couldn’t continue. It was too long and the story was not that interesting. That time stopping rain portion with LSS was the best part of the trailer. Still not over the ugly hairstyles.
    飛虎極戰…gorgeous cast

    1. My Secret Romance is still very ‘low key’ in plot development. This PD doesn’t care much about telling enticing stories. JiEun is green but never damning 4 me, it works towards the character.

      I’m such a WQ stan, can’t help it, and MaTY never lands any nice drama + role much, so just praying this to be watchable plzzz.

      I’ve heard 6FD as some epitome of saguek goodness… but I dun see it myself watching yet somehow this boy caught my eye… Is NDR really just 4’11” tall still?! Grow lil guy!

      Yeah I skimmed the novel a tiny bit, I always insist on reading anything being adapted first so as not to be robbed of exp a commodity in purest state. It is not doing much 4 me, but considering pretty much any better novel wont be adapted authentically and IF this serves me an improved LSS which nth else is hinting that to happen… I’ll try some, even when WilliamC, XHT the guy2 r both exactly not my aesthetics w funky plastiky noses. XDDD

      Let’s see how TVB try staying afloat collaborating w bigger fishes and a newer medium of webdrama, almost a loophole evasive tangoing w SARFT. They r clearly still not paying scriptwriters properly as I’ve seen a few TVB lately started out decent then crapville ~ep10 every freaken time.

  3. njh is such a sweetheart!! dammit i adooore her as an actress and her character in sp.

    another recent win for me is chen kun’s bazaar photoshoot. everything; him brooding, the aesthetics.

    was contemplating watching divas for bolin but if it’s really that boring i think i’ll spare myself.

    1. Every time I watch NJH…she plays out every contrivance so natural it seems as if she has so much more inside to be mined. It is so lovely.

      CK is just such a beautiful man. The rare breed of star just reminding the younglings wannabe he still is owning the territory of having it all.

      It is bc Cvariety rarely grasp the most precious essence of what’s working + a silly audience base rather enjoy ugly bitchy catfights more than anything. They try to tone that down but seems lost what else is there to do. It wouldve been better if just the gorg dudes go on some preening Youth O Flowers

  4. I’m here b/c of Jin Dong! LOL.
    Just finished Surgeons last week…decent drama and good acting from everyone.

    1. I have much to pick with the doctoring but drama goes down too smooth too easy gazing at this face shutting out mind to nitpick a thing. I need nth else, I find out.

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