Meteor Garden

It would be hard to find another sillytoad irked by HanaDan this long, this fascinated by own’s peeve, obsessed with dissecting why I am harboring such hatred, thus hate!watching every freaken HYD reincarnation hating it some more.

[credits on pics and gifs, a million thanks to original posters!]

My loathing is partly the F4 boys did nothing for me in manga, never finished the tankobons gf shoved down my throat. There are more corny offensive ridiculous plots I downed in the name of Shoujo, but HYD is the bane of my fiend existence. It could simply be a fugly perm. Or all the actors are embarrassingly OTT as Domyojis not my cuppa.  I should cut them slacks, when was acting a dealbreaker in genre for you silly!? Beats me, even Makino is low on heroines I care.

It was 1995, half of my classmates collect physical truckloads of Yuki Uchida everything, and thank you HYD for gracing me Naohito Fujiki’s face. It was so dreadfully adapted and acted, no matter how much teen self dreamt of marrying Yuki, I could not stand her Makino. Talk about a massive letdown.

If I know my entire body of slang then, the F4 has always been Fkboys. Makino could be cool if she never bothered. To this day, on a silly whim, I genuinely worried for her being a domestic violence victim in rough patches of life, living with someone whose conditioning to deal with any inconvenience is aggression. I digress.

On many second lead syndrome pedestal, having not read much of the manga, none of the actors as Rui interest me to delve deeper into his fiber. Withdrawn, maybe in the mild end of autistic spectrum(?), he makes sense as a haraguro (cute on surface but shrewdly manipulative ‘black’ at heart)<- correct me if wrong.  Have some grandiose dose of nostalgia with Fujiki’s Rui though.

Then there was a weekend sleepover MG 2001 marathon. The first ever Addictive Trashy Crack the generation collectively lost sleep and mind over.  In hindsight, it was an authentic page to screen adaptation, ie its demise, a bunch of young idols, no acting potential ever (love your face ZaiZai I do but…) trying too hard but failing to be larger than life, with so much heart you can not hate them as one dimension manga OTT cutouts.

There is no escape from the F4 song, such charm in all the offkeying. How on earth do I still know the lyrics like the fangirls off stage how?!:

And this was on my very first ipod, 2001. I know of Coldplay’s Yellow from MG2001 muahaha.

Nothing will make me watch CN Meteor Shower. I hated EVERYTHING about Boys Over Flowers, I didn’t get the aesthetics, none of them r attractive in role, KimBum is cute but as some slaying playboy… kekeke nope. There are a few of us who didn’t catch the LMHOMG bug, I sometimes stared at the ahjumma perm (no offense to ahjummas) for a mental break watching BoF, and Kim Hyun Joong’s acting was plain painful, a few years of better rhinoplasties later, he is The RL shtbag I want to give him some credit for his idolboy We Are Married days in retrospect. I wrote this with love of Jandi in hamburger dress and MY-I-PA-Ri-DI-SE hugging my senses, you are very welcome.


[And hello, long time no blabbering, how are you?! I am still watching my dramas, obviously.]

I fell in love…with yet another mindless cute fluffiest C drama a few months ago, A Love So Beautiful. Almost flawless in its trappings, there are no boring fillers, it was wartless, sweet and cute a puff of nothing(much)-hurts on TV, enough for shrining in 2018, the fluff where I set my eyes on Shen Yue.  There is a time and place and she got lucky Cdramas are making fresher watchable school romances.  She is the right age, right face, comfortably natural on screen for many shoujos. I can’t honestly say she is or will be a solid actress, but she delivers, if only the freshfaced innocence of being young and green and presenting it on screen with little filter, i do not see much acting, precisely what is necessary to work magic for coming of age. It is perhaps delusional I see a young Jung YuMi in her but I can’t unsee.

BUT look at an fanMV cut of this young sweetie CRIES in MG2018, out of context of HYD, it is DARN GOOD.


How is she not physically perfect for Makino straight out of HYD!? So shut it C netizens:

My thing: 6 ft manbaby holding/grabbing chopsticks like a 3yo

She has been getting insane vitriol on her casting, looks, height, acting, her person, ie the kick that I must check this out, no way she can be awful as Makino…fact is, I have never factored kickass superb acting for Makino will make HYD palliative.  Isn’t it more interesting a fantasy trip some ‘too normal plain short poor girl’ manga marysue is rescuing the pesky crazy rich asian dreamboat?!?!?!

LESIGH Look at how sweet a puppy ShanCai tames her shrew of a DouMingSi smiling like a dork in a sea of pink bobbles, no punk rocker wannabe ↓ , and this ↑ hair, however un-chic, is fine meeting the parents through the ages.


Here comes the motherlode of SPAZZ.

Watching MG2018, is an out of body experience akin to being a shoujo heroine so repulsed by her enemy no freaken way One True Love but have now grown tediously slowly fondly into one clingy flail with heart eyes in the middle tankobons, that synchronizes with the wary, willy nilly pace this Makino/ShanCai is growing, falling, sorting out feelings.  Makino’s spunk is dampened down in SC, unintentionally grounding the character, believable to be any girl without answers and courage to life’s curveballs.  What actually keeps me invested is, I am watching this for the acting, this as my pick for best looking bunch I could believe as some F4 of course helps.

Acting, i have never been more serious.

Wang He Di, cutely known as DiDi/ ~ lil bro in mando, has never acted, a few months short of nineteen when camera started rolling.  A year or so ago, he was scouted by some reality idolmaking show from a promo vid for his vocational college, training to be a flight steward.  Before that, deadset to be a professional basketball player as a headcase of adolescent menace, his family stops supporting the pipedream.  It was then a phase of moving out, living alone, acting out, bullied and was a bully, and an aspiring rapper (still, but no darling, plz no).  What caught his fancy a few short months ago… what if he could be a star!?  He won the idol contest, with bouts of emotions unleashed, throwing things, tantrums and tears on live tv and somehow it earned him a chance as DMS.  DiDi has never been on a set, and next thing, caught a fire a passion at being an actor (ALL his own words on his 19th bday post)…and it so happens he is born with it ASTONISHINGLY good.


MG2018 is a wart-filled cavity-laden rabbit hole. I ffd almost entire episodes on a most tedious side arc last week, but never did the eyerolling escalated into poking eyeballs out once I got used to the shoddy music cues, pathetic dubbing, writing, directing, editing… the whole clusterfck.  I watch it for what it is… a better than average kitschy C teen romance.  These are idols scouted for looks and some promise of raw talents, so inexperienced they are often relying on lending real persona, giving whatever that is asked of them.  We have watched plenty TWidoldramas by PDLin, his priority is inserting vases left to their own device, acting out exaggerrated fluffy scenes. These MG babies, under such enormous pressure and dissing, quite insecure of their lacking, I see them clocking extra effort, pondering the emotional intricacies of nuances i have never bothered.  Instead of playing straight out of the script/manga, i wonder if they insert how will they personally react in such bizarre scenarios as if it is their reality for those  5months shooting to ease the nerves attempting the confusion of being on the drama set, as characters they admit to not have the experience to know well, easier for them to blur the lines being in the shell of a manga character as themselves growing up in shoujo hyperbole.  Their own insecurities rhymes with character and it translates.  IOW, what will take a genius for any middle-aged A-lister attempting SC, 20 yo ShenYue can just read the lines earnestly, cue the necessary emoting and deliver the scene with fresh-eyed ingenue ease.  It is a thinly veiled fourth wall, an extra kick peeking into the machinations of these actor babies carte blanche.  I did not care to pray this DMS to not start off as an assmonkey bully, but a hold out hope he will grow out fast and be tolerable IF I hang on.  His Crap still happened:



Evidence A and B (on top of shoving her gf to ground) why it makes sense ShanCai is dense to DMS’ advances and oblivious to her end of affection for a longer (~20+eps) while. She remembers as i do (and have gifs).   You won’t be talking to my fart w that lunchbox even if I’ve returned favor with cake and murderous sneaker print on your face.

But then this DMS has compassion, often wearing his unadmitted soft heart on sleeves. DiDi is a hot gift of nuances, there was flinching of guilt AND concern right after throwing the lunchbox.  After that rapey kiss it was a messy firework of overwhelming emotions smorgasbord from jealousy to remorse, to hotheaded lust, to tender loving care, glimpses of hesitation not to hurt her further but abandon of self control regressing to habitual explosive possessive aggression, unable to process, contain, all nuances DiDi can do to mellow the brute of DMS early on.  This is ridiculously refreshing, watching this young dazzler navigating life and as an actor through his Choose Your Own Adventure interpretation from scene to scene…he has been picking all the right pages to turn, all the prefect nuances to add flesh and blood to a caricature in manga boxes.

There are little tweaks with many characters in MG2018, and every one of them is tailored for me, first impression impressive is this is an oddly down-to-earth HYD. Didi knows nothing of HanaDan prior. He pinned a farewell post dedicating a conversation with his DMS in March as DMS’ self-proclaimed closest soulmate.  It is such a lovely read.  Between the lines, in his words, how much he must have blended precious soul into the vessel of DMS, he is the insecure know-nothing hiding behind a makeshift megalomaniac shell of menacing good looks at first glance, challenging the world with moments scared and alone, a miracle he could grow into a useful guy with some purpose in life: an actor, in this done and tired role.

At first he could not figure out why DMS is falling for ShanCai risking his life when a smile from Lei weighs more to her… he was about to shrug it off like the entire world ‘that’s the way idoldramas are’. I did as well.

‘Geez, this looks like a HyunBin!’  My silly highest compliment.

He soldiered on and a quality in his appearances on varieties that might get him far is he is not shy to show much of himself, he is mostly a cocky child still, but knows his place. His curious, critical mind when overwhelmed as a fierce competitor, can slide back with a fearless shrug when it is a fight he can’t or not worth it to win.  I hope that will be enough tiding him over low points of career.  He is not made for rapping (nor singing, sorry mybaby) but that is a passion, thus he has been working feverishly posting tiktok for a good while to hone, to indulge in what he enjoys, leaving the care to the world, such obsessive work ethics under the playful badboyish package for every foolhardy itch.  As he spends more time as DMS, he said, cocky is he, his read of the character is like no other, knowing DMS the best and they are sure to be best bros in RL… it is adorable and I’m sold after reading.

DiDi’s read: DMS is attracted to SC because her assertiveness to confront him reminds him of big sis DMZhuang, beating him is how sis disciplines and loves him, protecting him from getting astray.  As much as we all hate MomDom, but DMS is stunted a grieving boy losing Dad…  then Mom physically left him behind, doubling the blow.  He would go through hell and back for a care from her, thus the attention seeking acting out.  For DMS, Mom must be nowhere else but closest to his heart, he is not letting her emotionally leaving him within, that is all he is hanging on, what he possess of her in his control.  She is one of two dearest person/women in his life ( imo dearer than sis filling the void of Dad as well).  DiDi’s insight into how the fury of abandonment must have led DMS grasping to make every sense of Mom’s abusive neglect, explaining for her actions more than she herself: consumed by holding up the Domyouji empire alone, grieving the perfect husband she loved so.  It makes sense that is her obsessive priority, keeping his memory, the family name alive, financially afloat, despite having to sideline her role as a mother.  In her mind, she can always be their Mom, but her husband is gone and if the conglomerate he worked to his death vanishes, the last straw will slip from her grasp.

As slow as SC is in some emotional aspects of growing into her own woman, she is a diligent sharp student, supremely loyal to her friends, warding off harm/nefarious advances their way swifter than when herself is involved.  She is juggling living alone within little means in the city, shouldering her family with odd jobs while being a good student at a top uni, that tenacity is irresistibly attractive to DMS, echoing the toughness, the brightness of Mom he looks up to…that is the life saving emotional straw he holds on coping with Mom’s cruel abandonment, harboring forebearing love for her though the boy is showing none of it…yet (would die to see!).  SC has his Mom’s work ethics, the toughness to cut him to size, and besides that, she exudes easy warmth and forgiving loyalty towards ppl she cares, even when she hates his guts as an asswipe of a bully, she treats him square and fair for who he is. She has guts, no truer first words fr DMS to SC.  I suspect, she also has the guts he is feigning, privilege allows him to hustle while she has nothing and is a nobody.  But she has guts.  She embodies these dearest innate elements crucial to his emotionally being and in a snap he could not imagine life without her.  She is nothing special on her own, but extraordinarily essential to him.  And this is a straight nineteen yo boy interpreting shoujo better than I could! How precious *sobs*

Drama… is still a crudely half-baked burnt cookie, and the cutest shape HYD will ever take form.

I never pondered much on DMS but I never thought anyone should too.  Here we have physically a perfect DMS looking the part, could just attack every scene whichever way and who can ask more from the Nth remake betting on nothing but product placement (the hotbabies being the commodities as well) $$$ machine.  Yet I am floored this teenager (and the rest of the bunch really) poured all heart and might to desperately connect with clear eloquent thought above and beyond what a DMS deserves. DMS is not worthy, but DiDi makes him whole.

Have an MV of a feast of his hearteyes

I dug out the manga to read some nuanced layered scenes in MG2018, scenes seems fimiliar, yet delivering emotions sensible, relatable, inspired, done by this teenage god’s gift it feels fresh.  I stared at manga Tsukasa’s eyes just to reach for Didi’s tender let go of self of ego, whipped by SC, putting her every whim of emotions above and beyond after his fall and I see nothing in manga.  Their bickering starts off with the whiny childish bully present, saying insensitive lines, but could not help a smile escaping at her, his eyes are soothing honey quivering when she shows as much as a frown.  Never have I seen a DMS with such a sweet short growing curve, never have I seen him as a normal insecure horny teenager so much in love to the point of worshipping SC’s every quirk.  Like a puppy, she said.  It is true, this DMS is often a good boi.  The thoughtful tender touches DiDi has endowed DMS, is nuance and scene pitch perfect, I am in such disbelief I stared at a set of gifs seriously for the emoting of his eyeballs, ignoring the rest of his hotface, I can.  How can his DMS morphs the look from a hotmolten badboy personification of Matsujun x VannessWu… to a harmless angelic lovelorn ParkBoGum facetwin as he intensely pours love w primal lust from his eyes to ShanCai!?!?!?!?!

In my mind i am seeing this rapture of a young actor, as the final equilibrium of nuclear fissions of nubulae forming a star, a rock, a meteor that will exume himself a bright fiery.  I do not want this not yet legal hotass to check his ego, nor keep his head on shoulder blah, he is a fascinating contradition of superficially cocky, gifted raw ball of ego and talent and without shame manning up to how small and fragile and insecure and sensitive a boy he still is.  Dee Hsu (I LoVE HER) has her genius mastery of sharpest wit with words.  She said he has the rare special makeup of a star.  I don’t think her clout needs to suck up to nobody.  I am mighty curious what marvelous creation he could become unhinged.

Gushing aside, TW idoldrama Godmother Angie Chai has done her best scouting job to date with this cast.   What I saw, I couldn’t lie, it could very well be DiDi is the perfect alchelmy, so similar to DMS in looks and temperament, and GodmomChai saw the diamond in the rough, he has the raw deal to deliver the rest of make-believe on camera, very little mental lifting involved his part.  No matter, I enjoy his DMS on screen, a bully douchebag I have revolted against 20+ yrs, making sense as a sweet young moron, when all the more silly and impossibly childish, he is still irresistably adorable.  Perhaps DiDi could only play some form of DMS and nothing else a typecast, it doesn’t take away how bright and precious this marked 5 months he got under DMS’ skin, for our enjoyment, a time now forever gone anyway, boy shared his soul how magical it is he is shaping up to have a place in hearts.

GodMom Chai did an even more jawdropping job with Darren Chen as Rui, elusive to read a character for me.  Under that softest smile he wears, complex a cool odd cat is lazing within his own orbit.  Darren wears every shade of Lei with such ease like the myriad of color, styling sweaters Lei models and his almost same cookie cutter sweetest prettiest smile could be read a hundred precise ways.   He inserted passing bouts of raw emotions Lei could not contain, a burst of tears he couldn’t stop, a cunning smile as an F4 backdrop, noting everything and everyone in his mind but his every thought and emotion is not for anyone to interfere.  He does not attract uncalled for attention to Lei in scene, but his reaction shot is a joy.  imo Oguri Shun, the best rounded actor at the role, overdone his Rui, missing the essential thread R should never be able to fluidly be feeling and expressing in such intensity.

Is makes sense for a girl to be wishy washy when there is also a gentle knight in pastel suits, fluffiest sweaters I want on me instead, when he plays violin in less corny scenario now, my heart does slow a beat, way better than me thinking: here is a human piece of wood better violins could be made from.  Yes, no real guy smiles a world prettier than puppies and kittens and Ma TianYu + MikeHe combined, all the while laying out how ruthless and trash he is,  wrecking your heart.



I have never paid attention to how yin and yang DMS and Rui are for SC till now, and what an intricate articulate essay of their relationship we have here.  I love the brutal, sensible tweak he is in between towards Jing and SC, methodically processing parts of his feelings to precision. I hate the we used to be friends, girl over bros trope, if Lei of all boys could move on from Jing with SC, esp when she is semi-taken and able to hurt DMS for his own happiness, it will bug me like EVERY HYD.  Within the context he is at the mild end of autistic spectrum, his expression of affection is truncated, immersing in emotions to abandonment…losing control of self is too interfering the strict orderly mental balance.  That detachment is why Lei can take the time and observe, the most sensitive thoughtful boy he is.


When DMS shows up first, to make peace with SC, with icecreams in tow at group vacation, Lei instantaneously smiles so wide, the only one downing the brainfreeze in the bitter cold, so happy for his bff and SC.


Do not flirt (in front of me)

Burn ~~~ (you fireplace, you lovebirds.)

When DMS/AhSi the 3yo moron trips SC, Lei’s face is all annoyed concern and quite a tinge of rage.  He feels all the bouts, just not the need to express them except from involuntary bursts, ie when the F4 gang, SC and Jing are involved, and all the while still be coolheaded collecting his friend’s every whim.  Once he made a bond, breaking it, the chaos of change is a conundrum he refuses to handle.  He loves Jing as much as he can, loyal and constant if a bit aloof, he made a drastic move, yet still he regrets he did not hold on longer.  As his inner workings goes, he could not love AhSi any less when he is aware of growing affection towards SC, it is as simple as not able to stand her crying, of SC being hurt by AhSi, of SC always showing her adoration of him at a respectful distance just right for his comfort to express however much his feelings he desires, but learning from his romance with Jing, juxtaposing how mindbogglingly extreme AhSi could love SC and simultaneously hurt her as much, the crash and burn is not the way he could ever function.  Pragmatic and whipsmart, his few words are always the most effective and appropriate.



-I said yes, I will give up SC.  *smile*


Another constant in his life is compromises in order to be content in his equilibrium, and he has decided he will always be there for SC one form or the other, the meticulous observer he is knows he is not her one and only… as he can only love her as much within his withdrawn boundaries.  I feel Lei is a staunch practioner of Doctrine of the Mean he strives for an emotional harmony, he’d rather not experience extreme rapture to avoid the despair of loss.  It hurts still when she rejects him, I cried tears for Lei, again a first, but he is nothing but flawless in coping with the dull pain of constant regret with Jing, this is something he has experience to sleep on, compartmentalizing the romantic love for SC into a friendship, a safer lasting bet.  He treasures as dear as his existence the friendship with AhSi and this is the most logical resolution hurting everyone he cares the minimum, including himself, and his mastery at semblance can be put to work with smiles and congratulations, the large part of him genuinely happy for them.  I couldnt wait when the weight of his love for SC expands, tilting his scale balancing friendship and the insatiable for a more self-absorbing happiness.


Wu Xize is perhaps the most technically skilled, most commanding with ease in front of the camera of the F4. This is one terrific take on Ximen/Soujiro, again MG2018 has my fav rendition of the character.  It is not easy to be a convincing playboy, the obvious physical requirements have not been met in past Soujiro, and to ask a 21 year old regular joe no matter how superficially handsome who just so happens to be an inexperienced actor to exude the confidence the suave the slaying magnetism from within while being a side character but an F!4! still, without much to do but be half of the snarky pair of bros to the OTP…has not happened prior.  XiZe is more than gold, because his Ximen is a snarky playboy with a sweet honest heart of goodness brimming I am cheering and rooting for him to ruin SC’s cute bff XiaoYou if he must.  Considering there is not much help from lackluster writing and editing, his job is nothing short of a miracle.

And the hottie can sing, he is the only F4, all sino versions, who should ever sing lol.   Sucha sweet partner in all their RL heartrobbing crimes with DiDi.

I…FForward Connor’s Meizuo heavy scenes, his romance arc is most insufferable even with FF.  The classically handsome one, I amuse myself seeing ChangMin in him as Meizuo, it must be the deadpan snark.  I suspect he can hold my attention more in roles less heightened in idolfantasyland.  Looking forward to his next project teaming up with ShenYue again in the drama version of 七月与安生/Soulmate more.

What A great scene DiDi.  It is up there in my drunken, heart is breaking to droplets of tears and red blood cells spilling on my face scene.

If I have not worried you enough with my state of mind, I have moments I need to pause and pinch myself, awestruck by some bits of MG2018 writing. There are so many stressors working against the script it is a given it will be a waste of time to fuss about its failings. The tug of war with the almight C censors working with such a young cast, of characters still in school, the loyalty to original manga , the demand to fondly pay due respect to MG2001 GodMomChai’s own idoldramafirstborn, the unspoken rule the cable channel will promote their contracted artists in the mix (CAINA!) while interjecting meaningful frank innuendos, touching on taboo, on lust, premarital sex, mutual respect, honesty, trust and communication in building an intimate healthy relationship for AhSi and SC of all shoujo OTP, is phenomenal.

Have a sweetest fanvid of their sweet nothings.

Take the rooftop OTP bento scene in ep34.  It was after the heartbreaking breakup (so deliciously angsty and I cried for the OT3) and their relationship has grown to speaking out I Love Yous serious.   Lines in scene are almost straight off the manga, but how it is edited, where the flow has a simplier climax, editing out the unnecessary bystanders, the bickering is in the backburner as SC delivers her 90% of a love declaration AhSiEr (adding the儿/Er/lil to tease the boy with my affection and double entendre his libido lately) is pouting for (not his usual excess of bratty anguish, every freaken scene since they get back together, DiDi manages his face into a ball of cotton candy hotness with eyes on SC even as a blur, it is NUTS how delightfully consistently flawless).


Look at that hotblur with those loving longing hearteyes adoring her back in a massive cloud of hoodie.

Can’t she pour her own?!

She can. But I can’t oogle at her in the tight cute qipao up close without the wineglass collecting droolz.


Emoting lashes

Emoting adam’s apple

Those fingers gripping on harder, as the video of lost wifey as foodstall cuttlefish girl has stopped and he can breath a relieved exhale but freshly misses her more with his entire body of fine work DiDi.

Back to the rooftop, with a bento she made for him, when she asks AhSiEr if he is ok with dating her, as he only dates someone he loves, the boy is elated beyond control under the surface, moving in for a kiss in public.  She utters all her butterflies of how much heart is thumping so fast out of chest, how she is losing any control of composure when he is so close, when he is about to kiss her, how she could not breathe, let alone thread a thought… is why she can not decide on anything, including kissing him.  DiDi’s AhSiEr toned down the pushiness, instead we have keen ears sweet doe-eyes, hearing the best words ever spoken to him then, and is more than fine just staring heartshaped holes of love into cutest girl inches from him, respecting her thought or lack there of.  It was less of the manga shallow back and forth of 2 bickering children and corny situations. The same scene in MG2018 is foremost an interaction of hearts and minds however childish, a conversation with some depth, a growing of affection and respect between young lovers.  I love we cut off the scene with SC waxing poetic inside and I am quite certain AhSiEr did not make further advances but just stare on and on to his delight.  I do not want a kiss. It expresses love more with him enjoying the control of his urges respecting her.  I ADORE they peck lips like babychickens however many times as if kissing, it makes cohesive sense with their characters (esp when XiMen CAN! ! !)

The exact butterflies, not expressed in SC’s string of cute words, but all in your flickering eyes in shy amazed brain turning blank disbelief, not even dare downing for the kiss, waiting her initiation.

Every nuances of this following scene still makes me spill out my heart at corners of mouth smiling as a fool.  Yes it is transitioning into The dramatic OTP plot, but there is no better example how to elevate a passing scene even with no JoSeungWoo in Life:

SC is going through many stickier emotional roller coasters, thus she has a drink too much, slinging away from the gang, AhSiEr is right at her heels, our silly boy’s idea is his weed is slower to bite his head off, they could make up, then make out, thus he moves in, looking wanton hot and knows it.  But then his face melts into a concerned pup as soon as SC expresses some woe of lying to their concerned friends about th, adorable and thoughtful of SC incapacitated, in the midst of THEIR dilemma.   That trust and comfort around him makes her oblivious to his lust, and this in turns transform him into goo.  How she leans onto him, how he lowers his arm supporting her head so smooth.  How he is no longer checking her out below face and his care spilling from his eyes deadset on her inner turmoil.  OH MY heart.

How he is almost begging with eyes she would finally say she loves him how earnestly, overwhelmed already brimming with an uncertain hope this is the moment he could be the happiest guy just hearing three words… preparing himself emotionally not to explode and ruin anything.  All the love jitters, how good a job you are doing on AhSiEr.  Before any of that happens, those words are out… but nope not from SC.

^Give him whatever the moon he is asking NOW.

DiDi, is a lucky guy in the genetic pool.  But there is never an instant he has looked as dashingly handsome smiling as the happiest luckiest guy his AhSi is this moment as if she has said yesPLEASE! to marriage and having babies here and now.  I expect you to up the ante the wedding scene muakkkkk.

Plot designed for mostly HYD hijinks in manga and many adapts, MG2018 somehow refreshes without much to rich layered character and couple building.  It is a feat to tango around censors and insert the just right innuendoes talking about intimacy and making love with an unmarried OTP this young.  They are not shying away AhSiEr wants it with SC, he says those words to himself.  So when SC asks him to sleep with her, to keep him company simply so he can get a decent rest out if loving him, swearing she won’t put her moves on him, I…am floored.  An Cidoldrama heroine is letting out she has a sex drive, however innocent and not her intention to spill even when in essence she is more expressing absolute trust in him is still a first.  That is so moving, it moves me more than their I love yous as it reflects a thorough line of care of thoughts recalibrating their romance, their intimacy in a deeper level, my bet is the same with AhSiEr how much more this meant, SC is on the same page, aware how much they mutually love and are intimate to each other emotionally.


I love he says out loud he doesnt trust his horny self control sleeping with her.  I love his shy fidgetting nerves. I love despite the circumstances, SC manages to have a cute convo with him, soothing him with a lullaby, calming him, confessing her every worry…including them moving too intimate when she is not ready yet.  And he takes in her every word, turns around and lets her sleep while she is still talking, still listening wide-eyed, focused, so intensely, and as she stops talking, he asks for her permission to turn around facing her to hug her only after he composed himself.

That is WHD giving me a Park BoGum face.

I love he is sleeping on 1/3 of the bed at the edge so comfy and contented, careful not to intrude as he finds his new calling in life to ogle at SC in her sleep. I love all these asking permission of every little increment of their intimacy, I love how completely she trusts him she has fallen asleep, and I love how fulfilling this emotional intimacy of her trust makes him smiling like a fool rather than physical intimacy would have that lovely night. I LOVE EVERY FKING THING.

Context is hard to ignore, this is ‘almost’ AhSiEr and SC making love the first time.  Natural progression when SC sneaks into his room for the night, their trust and intimacy has heightened, romance progressing smoothly after the sleepover at her/his rental.  She has taken a shower in his room, wearing his hoodie…of course he will assume it is a consent.  But when SC stops him this moment, hurt is on his face, not entirely from the denying of his advance…he must’ve picked up she is losing faith and trust in them, their future, and here he is, constantly pouring his overflowing genuine affection with action, with saying out loud how most beautiful she looks to him, yet she is swaying.  Then SC lays out her mind so direct only she could, he gets her right away, I weep how much these two are communicating with an easy flowy frankness getting every word and between the lines when it truly matters, his face is overwhelmed by how precious it is she can tell him her every trouble, he is overwhelmed it/he hurts her she has so much baggage being in love with him, insecure, never more doubtful he is unworthy for her, for taking her, his face is all the more overwhelmed when she soothes him she is willing to brave it, whatever it takes to be in love with him, anything to be with him…while she looses her grip on his shoulder and let him ease into her space.  That is a beautiful consent without the actual spoken yes. That gentliest smile on AhSiEr because of her trust, her love, her faith, her will to persevere for their future confirmed by her words and action translates to more overflowing affection as he kisses her.  And it is these split seconds where their relationship blossoms over simple words and emotional connection….they have made love without the deed with I as witness.  This is the most beautiful love making I have seen in a Cdrama.


Pig is my favorite animal, and this is a piece from my most beloved artist/philosopher Ah Chung (RIP). It must be because my parents hanging it in my room since its nursery days. 🙂 So since kindergarten, I have been defending piggies, telling my schoolyard friends they are smart, sharp, clean, wistfully useful darlings, don’t judge.


They have been wearing subtle coordinated outfits lately.  I could not love them more.

The chinese idiom 大智若愚[dà zhì ruò yú] on the piggie print, cut and pasting the meaning from baidu – 才能出众的人在处理很多日常事物时显得很傻。很迟钝。很吃亏。但是在事关自己的根本大事上却做的很出色,很成功。Those who are gifted, could wander through the mundane bumbling, dense, slow on the uptake, at the short end of the stick, but extraordinary when handling matters of significance, dear to their heart.  Not unlike a piggie with a free will, it is amazing how scrupulous their lifeview is, and the enjoyment in the finer details in pig’s life, stubbornly pooping at the same farthest end of the confinement, but where their contentment be, to sleep and cuddle is a cleaner sweet smelling hay heaven. My Little White Piggie/XiaoBaiZhu is what AhSiEr affectionately called his SC, the innocent cute simpleton with a stubborn free will of her own whom he is aspired to provide, keep contented and protected. Do imagine how overjoy I am. I FINALLY can be a craycard carrying member of the HYD fandom.


Have a CaiSi MV to ISWAK (yes, of course I want the drama remake too)


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