Fangirling since…in my mama’s womb. There will be a lot of gushing and silly flailing here, be warned.  I can’t part with Candy Candy, Proud Smiling Wanderer, Dream of Red Chambers, Danny the Champion of the World, Lee PikWah novels and Wong KaWai’s movies.

To this day, my mom’s favorite story of me is I’ll only stop kicking and somersaulting in her womb when she watches Adam Cheng’s the Book and the Sword.

Wife of a nerd.  I’m never good at organizing and getting mundane life stuff done, I’ve fallen in love with someone who does.  So far so good fingers and toes crossed.

I’ll be rambling on the sights and sounds causing a squee or two from me.

Ask me anything!

20 thoughts on “About

  1. hello!!! I’ve read a lot of review and thoughts in your blog. I guess you are Yuan Hong’s fan (I don’t know what it’s called). Actually I’m a Tangren fan more accurately. I like Hu Ge, Shi Shi, Huo Jian Hua, Tang Yan and Tangren works especially the adaption from Game promo or Chinese game paladin PRG. It’s nice to know you.
    btw, why do you use blog wordpress since the most common blog in China is Sina Weibo or Weixin. Do you have fb?

    1. Hihi~ nice to meet you, i have yet to see a work fr HG flooring me with his acting, same with SS, i do love WallaceHuo ridiculously much lately and am a bigger fan of TangYan than i realized. game adapt dramas r not my cuppa, same w TR dramas of late but i can see they r enjoyable for others.

      I like it here i don’t need nowhere else doing what i wanna do exactly here. 😉

    1. GOSH. Y U SO SWEET?!?!

      I’ll diligently reply next wk when I can sit down at a computer as your questions deserve and hopefully not scare you too much with strange things spilling out of my head. XD

  2. Dear Mookie (if I may, as you don’t know me). I want to say Ever since I discovered Chinese cinema (then Japanese and Korean) at least 4 decades back.that I am often awestruck at the level of craftsmanship from the writing and acting through to the cinematography and production. I know there are some stinkers too, but little oases of intelligent yet passionate criticism and commentary, like your blog, give me – a westerner with none of the necessary language skills – such valuable insight, not only as to what is good but also how to distinguish it from the bad. Because of you, my life has been enriched by ‘Hundred Miles of Peach Blossom’, The Goblin and ‘Of Monks and Men’ (although, lately, ‘Along with the Gods’ would also get a handful of Oscars if I had any say).
    I know this site has been dark awhile now, but I’m hooping you or someone knowledgeable looks in now and then. The reason : I would really like to get my hands on a good quality set of the OM&M stories, preferably with English subtitles (but OK without). I cannot find anywhere in the UK that lists it, never mind sells it. Any ideas, anyone?

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