Meteor Garden

It would be hard to find another sillytoad irked by HanaDan this long, this fascinated by own’s peeve, obsessed with dissecting why I am harboring such hatred, thus hate!watching every freaken HYD reincarnation hating it some more.

[credits on pics and gifs, a million thanks to original posters!]

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Friday Pretty Post: Happy Places

It’s Chow YunFat’s 62nd birthday, Mrs. Chow staged a surprise party on set of 無雙:

Can’t get any cuter!  And I can tell the cakes are beyond scrumptious just by looking and droolzing, and droolzing not because of these never aging hot uncles.  The upcoming crime thriller is from the brains of Alan Mak + Felix Chong of the Infernal Affairs/ Overheard franchises, and Aaron Kwok has been nothing but good to terrific last 10 years acting, at worst it is some gratuitous ride of HK cityscape p0rn

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Now Watching: Post 11/9/2016

I had a few days I must have completely blocked myself out of my body.  I stayed away from turning on a thing in fear of news, some reality.  Then,  I forced myself to watch dramas over the weekend when I could not do socializing.

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Oh Hae Young Again 6, 7, 8 musings




Food, is love:

Food is  HY’s emotional bandage of simplest pleasure.  That little reprieve for her Mother, seeing HY is eating at least….before she hits her child upside of head.  Yes, as PDK puts it, it is really pretty a scene to witness HY eating heartily.  That change in ep8, it is making him cry.

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