Friday Pretty Post

Spring! is almost here.  My neighbors, the PDAing humping cooing mourning doves thought so, or perhaps they are just hovering for warmth and swearing why a day  hits 70s for a high and <20F for low.   I can’t tell, do not swear like a bird, luckily.

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Friday Pretty Post: Trips Down Memory Lane

Have you fangirled an actress along with your bias?!  I just did. XDDDD

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And Suddenly Stuff Happened (!)

*pout* Gimme!

Not 25, 12 years ago and 13 years old.
25 -12 = 13
Flipping desks, wanting things, 13 ~ 31
100 – 31 = 69 ,
a favorite number so much more interesting than a set of OO for many.

I last check the cutiepies who like to visit my cray corner, *I do feel horrible wasting ur time lately if not since forever* let me be an arse one more time. Gimme.  OR my hotties, yeah MyYuanHong if you bump into here searching your name, and so many of the rest of you, vote here, tease Kitteh a hello and thank you for he is going to do the unthinkable of translating Chinese Shakespeare in dialogue in the best Cperiod ever.  Or else I’ll start posting nothing but slashy fanfics of Iriekun, ERICMoon!, WallaceHuoHuo, MyLoverboyYuanHong, or I take anon request if you are anti of some profDuh, LMHohoho, JawnWon, in any pairing, three, four fivesome with a Mr X.


Happy 2015 and beyond!  There is no way but up from here…lol…so befitting I am proud of self of what I am about to do beyond the cut…not really.  It would help if my laptop has a rational wise ahjusshi voice, preferably the passionate screechy one from Lee SungMin or bee’s knees Kim GabSoo, or I will do everything you say in his smexiest bamfhmmmmChoi MinSoo, saying, ‘No, mookie…no!’

Until I have one of those.

DO NOT READ if you are a proper young lady or gentleman.  There is nothing risque, everyone stayed clothed, but if you do not know already this is pure silly YY, will hurt brain cells, offend sensitive nerves ,then you should not be here in the first place.   I can offend strictly Eric fans, YuMi fans, any shipper fans (including yourself and Eric and/or YuMi) and people against wasting time.   If you are hesitating at this point, my warning is, just don’t. lol

HAppy New YEAR!

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Yuan Hong was PUNKD

There is a variety show called Secretly Greatly, of a format I do not particularly care for, torturing and pushing the buttons of stars taped on hidden camera all in the name of entertaining us through the ‘fun’ pranks.   It is just not my kind of funny.  :/

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Whassup with Yuan Hong, Liu ShiShi and Hu Ge

The trio is hot commodities these days (when are they not on the hotness alone).   YH is busy on the set of Princess JieYou in Beijing, flew to Changsha (how my heart is tied to that city and everything related to it atvm huh?!) for Happy Camp, rumor is he made a stop for SH on the way… then flying back to BJ for Princess JY’s presscon same night.  Flight was delayed late, he somehow traveled through the night and greeted the press on time the morning.   HG just started filming his new C modern youth drama and the hotties are having identical facial hair when I saw the thumbs of their new pics I mistook HG as YH.  SS is also showing face in chic dresses along with her ladyBFF YeQing promoting Brotherhood of Blades and by all accounts seems like a very well-received C period movie with the critics for once.

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