Pretty Yuan Hong posts come in TWOs

Yes I’ll call myself having some magic touch MUAHAHA and am utterly craycray.  Just when I’m trying to limit myself to one sporadic silly pretty post on Loverboy, it triggers so much more Loverboy goodies out of nowhere I need to yet make another silly pretty post on my Loverboy.  You can smirk and stinkeye me all you wanna, I don’t feel nor see it LALALALA!!! just like I have stop bothering to command in futile for my heart to be still.  Just go tachy berserk, what else can my poor heart do otherwise?!?!?!

And also, I’m hecking it.  I might as well keep the silliness going JUST IN CASE THAT IS THE MAGIC DUST NEEDEDTO SEE SOMETHING, ANYTHING HE DID SINCE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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(Most Gorgeous) Official Stills for Hua Xu Yin’s 浮生尽

浮生尽/The Denouement of the Floating Life/The Story of ShenAn and SongNing has slayed and ripped and minced my heart when I read it on dry ink, in the care of my most gorgeous and talented C duo Jiang Xin and Yuan Hong, both of whom have carved out careers out of playing complicated characters who are not exactly role models (to the extreme of murderess of children, rapist or child kidnapper) but we shed tears and blood over and to hell with our morals and wanna hug and pet their characters despite… it will be EPICALLY EPIC!  *This is what I can try to fake it as having any control over my SQUEESSSSS and GIMMMMMEEEESSSS! and OMGOMGOMGMOMGWANTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Picspam,  Come SQUEEEEEEE with MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What absolutely is flipping me senseless is I’m seeing shots of some superhot explosively charged scenes (the wedding night, Our HeroineSong warming her General Shen with her nikkid body and thus saving his life…) and me likey!  And just the first pic alone, not since Young Yang Clan have I got a taste of MY most YUMMY messy beasty smexy Loverboy!

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Jiang Xin and Yuan Hong wrapping up on the set of Hua Xu Yin


*Still alive…and quite well.  Hope y’all are spiffy too!*

I have no idea my 2 talented darlings are still filming Hua Xu Yin. I’m not sure why just seeing or hearing anything of them attached to this picks my mood up many folds. 😀  It is bonus that this is weibo’ed by the PD himself with nth but the sweetest praises of the 2 hotties.

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Palpitations, Hives, Shortness of Breath, You NAME IT!

And I literally can’t feel my limbs and have been pinching my cheeks while doing vitals on myself.

许我向你看 will be adapted into a Cdrama.  许!我!向!你!看!  My most engrossing, destroying every fiber of my sanity read by my current fav C contemporary ‘romance’ novel writer Miss Xin YiWu.  My C novel enablers/bookclubSages.  O! M! F! G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and 蚀心者TOO!!! THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can someone hit me REAL hard.  Like for reals?!?!

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Hua Xu Yin Field Day

The press was invited to visit the set, interview the leads for the day.   I was jumping up and down with my laptop as I click on pic after gorgeous pic, listening to a clip recorded on the set of Loverboy’s own cute voice delivering his lines (hahaha it’s rare, and I bet he won’t be dubbing his own lines in the final product, but I can’t stop guffawing at his too cute voice! muahahaha), or a clip of him not missing a second munching on snacks.  Then I went on gagaing about my dream OTP JX and YH looking soooooooooo kickass perfect together I’m weeping.   Then, some annoying news sent me off really to a crying fit.

First, the good, a gorgeous picspam (credit on pics; thanks to original posters):

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