What’s up with the BBJX brotherhood?

Smart lads and still ever so tightknit, rather than waiting for whatever TR is up to with the much rattled BBJX2, the princes and RX are off doing their collabs and being as lovely and awesome bromancing each other on weibo. I sincerely hope this brotherhood will last till we are all in nursing homes.

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Beaconing the three Yang Kang/Mu NianChi shippers

(Don’t judge.)

I saw this on my weibo feed, and ALL THE FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the most perfect song for a KangChi MV, EVER.

Painted Love (theme song of Painted Skin 2) is arguably the best thing out of that gilded glittering turd.  HOW befitting are the lyrics to the gut-ripping dirty angsty it’s all wrong and dysfunctional but SOOO DELICIOUS all-consuming  Grrr! RAWR!! I need cold showers….romance of Yang Kang and Mu NianChi????? (and to their saving grace we have Yang Guo as the endgame.  Amen to that.)

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‘I watched your dreams’

Said Fassy/David/TPTB:

[fr tumblr]

But not really.  I’ve seen a whole lot of HongShi in my days and years,  having my jaw dropped every freaken time and I can’t dream this up.  I was sure I’ve seen it all (unless if they really decide to publicly re-do some LoCH scenes as themselves).

[this is obviously a HongShi picspam.]

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Domesticdiva is SOO not my calling.    I can bake, part is it doesnt involve me handling sharp weaponry, the other part is I love chemistry and food, but that’s about it.  I cut 2 of my own fingers a few days ago almost to the bone,  it’s the most volume of my own blood I’ve seen, the sight after, with blood dripping down my entire arm…is quite fascinating, esp when there’s no pain…yet.

So emergency surgery, stitches and a lot of needle poking and drugs later, I’m mending. muahaha I’m almost back to my own lousy typing speed considering I’m still groggy w/ painkillers w/ 3 semi-functioning RH fingers, thumb, ring and lil.

And still I managed to watch Reply1997 15 yesterday, just not sharing promptly my opinion on it (which is good…)

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My Fav BTS fanvid EVER

‘Shooting Eagle: Love’

*excuse me while I go cry my eyes out over the lovely cutest 4some*

I bet most of us who’ve watched the drama have seen this numerous times, and don’t tell me whenever you see this popping up somewhere, you won’t drop everything you are doing and watch and tear up and miss these babies soo sooo terribly it hurts.  It is too much.  T___________T *rewatchx10*

This is a new terrifically made BTS/recap/docu by LSS’ fans:

We all know LOCH08 was nowhere close to perfection, but things were done with soo much heart and earnest you are not human if you do not have a soft spot for it and rem all the goodness very fondly.  Seeing pieces of it after a while, it actually looks much better than the constant stream of crap we’ve been put through during the time transpired.  *le sigh*  Good old days indeed.

upcoming turd-ish but pretty Cdramas i can’t look away

lolz I think I had a 10000 word count yesterday, mostly silliness my part.  Sorry world, I’ll put a stop to my polluting.

Lets move on to other silly pretty things in life.

The drama I formerly snerked at as Shitty Sword is….piquing my interest bit by bit, O_O I don’t have the capacity to process why.  Maybe the TengRen’s new pretty boy Jiang JingFu is a mashup lovechild of the very young HuGe and YuanHong facewise and this is one sickly pretty fanposter.  They look very deliciously CP to me and ShiShi is 100000x more charming and lively than anything I’ve seen her in of late

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A HongShi post on ShiShi’s bday

Happy birthday ShiShi!  I feel like she’s growing right before my eyes, fr a girl metamorphosing into a lady. It’s become a habit for some HongShi goodness come every 3.10.  We r spoiled.

This is posted by Miss Jennie Guo, aka LuWu @ Bubu, wishing the bday girl a happy day.  It’s a pic by YH, Jennie stresses.  I haven’t seen it, and my oh my is this a ROSY tinted sepia textured with the facets of her RuoXi so fully visualizing her character or what?!?!  I do like TR’s Mr photographer who is a bball buddy of Loverboy, but this work by my perfect Loverboy pwns the professional.  Do I have to spell it out?!!?  So Loverboy was going around BB set taking pics of his lovely subject(s) and he must be so satisfied with his work he’s sharing it with his dramaOTPlady but it’s so perfect a pic the sweet gf saved it for a bday treat for SS.  As much as I love the general aesthetics of BB, esp the costumes, SS can be much better lit in it, sometimes the booboos r so obvious when the same scene goes fr saturated light to almost lit by a single energy saving bulb then back. Ya, it all won’t happen if they just let Loverboy be in charge of any camera pointing at his SS.

His bday wish to his girl this year is: 袁弘新浪個人認證 @刘诗诗 念慈公主若曦生日快乐~ @LSS NianChiPrincessRuoXi Happy Birthday~ Yes, he left out her new ‘identity’  Yu-er his other BFF HG has already switched to, no, my gut is telling me it’s not carelessness, I doubt he’s ever done one not careful thing in his life and the bday girl spent a WHOLE long day on set with a brutal shooting schedule with HG’s ‘M9’ in Elephant Mt(?) and he himself is off in NanJing for a Laneige mall event. *Yeah and my Binnie was also a Laneige model lalala~!  And if they make an ad tog, I swear I’ll buy every single Laneige product I can get hands on IF there’s a chance of a poster*   I was already happily satisfied with a simple greeting, just past midnight his side.

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HongShi with cute snarky children will bring bestest fortune this Dragon Year!

Background:  I’m still puzzled with what sort of TV this 2-hour ShenZhen cableTV kids show is (I skipped all nonYH parts, of coz).  I think it’s catering to parents, to watch with their toddlers with the intention this is a Dora the Explorer and Diego reality show, they’ll travel to another part of CN, this episode is Beijing, thus learning things about that city.  It then morphs into a peeving me out live freak show of tigress moms, tiger dads showing off their gift fr God fluent in multiple language IQ200 smug preschoolers. Argh.

It started with a very meaningful task for our RL Dora and Diego:  Help a toddler and his lovely farmer grandpa living in a poor rural community celebrate the New Year by somehow getting train tix for the parents working in the cities who haven’t been home for years. *sniffs* To go with the BBJXPrince13 theme, they have to find 3 traditional yet in vogue things that represents Beijing, things (a Chinese yo-yo/percussion instrument, 1000 yr traditional fabric shoes and Ma Qua/traditional Qing dress clothes) YH can use for his Qing/BJ themed taping of a CF.  YH then makes a cute ‘Mama I love you’ banner with the babies and hangs it off the roof of his hotel so the Moms can come reclaim their babies.  He also commissions a revered calligrapher/ veteran actor, a colleague fr his set of MuLan for a gorgeous piece of calligraphy to be auctioned off so the tods can complete the task of raising $$$ for the baby with grandpa missing his parents. The babies do say the most fascinating, darnest things, scripted or not (I can’t decide).

This is my trans (and lots of spazzing) of the first 5 min of the vid above:
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BuBu costumes and the true dress of the time

*credit to a historical fanatic 洛梅笙 and 春梅狐狸@weibo*

I love the costuming of BuBu straightly on the pretty sto my modern eyes and the amazing top notch embroidery work.  The thought and poetry went into the design and detailing makes me weep in joy, but yes, it’s TV and there’s no way it’s historically accurate, at least I don’t really care/know too much for it to bother me, unless it’s so jawdroppingly stupid as in YZ’s Goong.

But it does shock me how ‘time traveling’ and glossed up things are, even in BuBu.

It must be a landmine to navigate, pondering what to wear in those days (and really, seeing ANY paintings and later real photos of days back then, it killed any fancy of time traveling) If I were a Han Chinese, I’ll be heavily influenced by the lingering Ming vogue, yet there must be strict political alterations enforced to adapt as much (or as little) to the Manchurian style.   It’s much more drastic in the guys, but still….there were accounts of girls shaving the more than half bald chic till they are of age *sweating bullets*

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