My C/HK/TW Movie Watchlist 2014

In order of anticipation.

Every big name director is having an epic out in 2014.  This is already my shortlist, there are many I am not interested in but make good business sense.  Quite a few, I can not wait!

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Star Gazing at the Golden Horse

I am still pinching myself, ALL my favorite stars are there, almost.  My favs, in their most glamorous, through my childhood to a teen to a grown fangirl to now a Dama in one room.  Well, even if Zhou Xun is busy filming Red Sorghum, she should be here and now I winced not able to see what magic she can pull and dazzle in THIS company.

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Yuan Hong Has Arrived…

…at Beijing, for the premiere of his first movie work.  He has also ARRIVED to mainstream fame, that is, according to the cool redbeanies.  And nope, it is not snatching a bona fide runaway box office/rating hit, one where he is majorly responsible and is praised every way deservingly so, nor I think he earned an obscenely huge paycheck for anything to boot.  But he has made his name earning an unique tagline of #袁弘滚出娱乐圈# ie #so and so get out of showbiz!#: the viral tag usually reserved for yuma and his associates like YuanShanShan, Zhao LiYing, Michelle Chen…the likes, but now my Loverboy calls dibs in that notorious league and it has nothing to do with yuma!  Hip Hip Hooray!?!

I swear I love the red beans aka YH’s fans more than Loverboy himself.  Or I should put it mildly if not for them, with my attention span of a goldfish, I could not have stayed on this crazy bandwagon.

It all begins with his very first stint in a movie EVER:  Chilling Cosplay/制服 had its premiere last night.

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I Did a Twirl For Every Squee

This could have been 8 silly posts if I do not feel exactly like a very beat sloth. zzzzzzzzz

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Kagawa x Masato

What is better than one cute ojisan?  I am not going to tax your brain here.  So, no it’s not one cute ojisan on lap, or in house cooking curry katsu after tidying my house to sparkling spotlessness and have stocked my fridge with beer.

How about a pair of adorable cute ojisans!?! Thank God It’s Friday and I can giggle my hearts out at work and it won’t be too cray, you know.

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