I Wish I Knew How to Quit: TangRen Trio

I thought I said my fond farewell to the trio with a post a few weeks ago, HuGe is taking a hiatus, studying state-side and I keenly wish he could have his privacy without the hassle of fans breathing down his neck, no news is good news, make myself a model batshxtcrazy ahjumma fan to bugger off.

But there was a ‘quasi’ award show which was in reality a HG’s sending off party.  YH made a trans-atlantic flight just to hand an award and hug him and watch a clip with him, like they did those recuperating days during LoCH filming where HG had to take a year off with YH the  bffroomie by his side and they would watch movies or anything and next thing they knew it’s dawn.  Time flies, especially happy times, in love.

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Happy Birthday

Got a nudge this is my 4th year having a wordpress acct.   I had fun here, but obviously I would not be actively spazzing much these days.  Less and less free time (and urge) for guilty pleasures, it is still sweetly comforting I have this lil virtual space to be therapeutically crazy, as long as wordpress is around.

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Pretty Post: Yuan Hong ( Hu Ge), Liu YiFei, YamaPi, Satomichan, Jin Dong and All CN hot uncles you should know.


YH and Hu Ge filmed a clip each selling a girly magazine cn cosmo, both paying a homage of what else but a cosmic balancing act in my fangirl world: seriously auditioning for a WKW.

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Friday Pretty Post: Trips Down Memory Lane

Have you fangirled an actress along with your bias?!  I just did. XDDDD

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Friday Pretty: So Close yet So Far

I was in quite a few places in CN the weeks before, I am going to head to upstate NY for work next week, yup all JUST missing Loverboy, we do not have ‘yuan fen’ as the saying goes, he should’ve married me (MUAHAHAHA) but I am what I am, a Yuan fan! XD  He is freshly jetlagging, my old bones, specifically my tummy still refuses to be back in my current time zone and it gives me twisted pleasure we are suffering the same nuisance.   He manages to look ridiculously fine, I could recruit myself in AHS: Freak Show, Walking Dead (so much yucky gore and the lack of satisfaction in good storytelling to offset my poor queasy stomach watching.)  Anyway to calm my nerves with pretty I will droolz on.

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