Now Watching February 2015

Rewatched True Detective on a roadtrip.  Because we are silly, we find it incredibly funny at all the unintentional places on top of it holding up as a kicking ass great drama.



The only current airing drama that is owning me from the left fieldis Grow Up/長大.  Not the drama per se, it is predictable, it is cliched, plot can crap on me here and there, there are maybe 4 characters that survived my own drama hunger game I still care to bat an eyelash for and stay lovely blooming along.   It all started with me catching social media posting snippy lines of this, that got me interested, and now that I have breezed through the entire 38 episodes, I still thoroughly enjoyed the snazzed up lines flowing out appropriately always, effortlessly from Lu Yi and there were many ‘You go, Girl!’ moments in some excellent quips I am nodding my head off from our heroine and her intern buddies.  The OTP stays believably bright as their job curtails, that’s a feat.  This gem ended up owning my heart even with its lots of writing flaws because of the characters alone.  I did not know any of these actors could be this good, esp Lu Yi whom I have not seen in anything much and was…is generally regarded as an aging manvase.  He has competent writing (at least for his character and those always lovely lines even when plot is failing them), directing and a brilliant costar Bai BaiHe to jazz with.  And I have never watched BBH in any drama, just a movie here and there and was never THIS impressed.  She is like the revelation of a Tony Yang from last year’s Pursuit of Happiness when you put a nuanced movie actor into this tight space of a TV screen where their perfect twitches and touches are magnified for our viewing pleasure, she is just insanely believable as everything her character is, flaws and all as she grows, when she is this cute fangirl, there is not a hair overdone with the cutesy.  When she has to show me the wit of a young woman making her stance, even still tactlessly the green intern she is, that delicate mix of steadfast, self-doubts, hotheadedness, feisty, inferiority of the little man against the establishment, a woman… it gives me goosebumps cause we girls have ALL been there or about to experience it jolt into RL after the ivory tower pampering.  The surprise is when I heard this gets more ridiculously romantic one do not need to frustrate through ItaKiss2 atvm for the Cute (to quote my cousin)… What the what?!  this ‘medical’ drama with middle-aged not particularly shoujo pretty looking leads are KILLING it in the dokidoki?!  They said you can see virtual pink bubbles foaming and popping on screen whenever the OTP are on. 

It is TRUE.  See to believe.

It is sooo annoying when you are virtually clockwork oranged by EVERY kin to watch a show, especially at fb, when u will get notifications of likes, of posts, of messages of one thing in several folds of tiresome.  This is the case of 一路上有你 for me, a CN variety show that is kinda meh and putting me to sleep a few mins in. I was checking out the frenzy myself when it was out and find it a waste of my time even with my obscene amount allotted for very silly couching things.  It happens with EVERY episode, and the new one being gosh your husband talks like ChiLam if you cover up his face, blablablabla….and then swarms of likes, from my grandma and of course my own mother whom I inherit the crazy from.  Then the many gifs on every social media, my whatsapp pic folder is exploding… Darnit! I will watch the goddamn show!

And, truth behold, they are right, Chilam talks exactly like my hubs…seems so harmless, never saying much, but when he does, SNARKY and EBIL.  Lol and Miss HK 1991 movie awards winning actress Anita Yuen, the most typical LMHOMG fangirl ever.  Mother of all those silly droolzing gif-able faces without makeup on TV, thanks for making us feel so less crazy by comparison and wanna hug ChiLam for the embarrassment by association.  I cracked up so bad watching, in tears.  For HeeChul’s fangirls, he is beaten and scared shitless intimidated. lol.  The wrath of a fanajumma robbed of her bias will do it.

This fatso is LMH?! 

lol Chilam commented when he finally had a good look at what his wifey of 20 odd years is so nuts about, they are competing at doing a jigsaw puzzle of whomever they are going to meet if won.

This fatty is LMH, calm down calm down…tis not gonna happen (lol u evilly wish huh?!)

Geez, it’s really him huh?!

And when prize is tickets to see LMH, his face is even more excited than his dear wifey, whom he has to hold steady with her knees failing.  So lovely.

You are most beautiful.  To a trollface Anita

She gives the hint it’s a phrase that would make her very happy in the long run, after he’s smart picking it up what he has to do, saying the exact phrase.

He said ,

You can leave this world with no regrets.

…in peace.

Anita: Other than loving me for the rest of your life…

Chilam: I will torture you the rest of your life!  muahaha

I am not a huge fan of either, Anita is a good actress, Chilam less so.  All I remember of them and their relationship is a quote from Leslie when asked what was Chilam’s greatest fear and Leslie joked, guy is fearless, he even dares to marry Anita Yuen! (She has the reputation being very difficult to work with and an egomaniac, hitting great fame so young even she would admit in hindsight.) They have been on breakup/divorce watch ever since together, and they were so young, both in their very early 20s, in this business, and now 20+ years later, in their 40s, they are showing the world frankly how there is a way it could work:  he says the snarkiest thing, no bars hold yet she thinks he is the cutest and she can always be her truest self with him.

The hubs are told they are kept outside the theater because their wives are meeting LMH, the first thing Chilam said is where is his Gianna, lol and demonstrates what he would do/say if he meets his K goddess.

There, that’s all you need to see and go D’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

There is also another little C travel show充电旅行 that is harmless if not terribly exciting to watch as background noise if you like some Chen Xiao and Yang Rong, preferably a breather from them in nothing but the most awful yuma crap and the likes.  They are cute and pretty as themselves and giving off friendly noona dongseng vibe together touring very gorgeous Japan in autumn.

I have wisely dropped Lady and Liar very early on, even just ffing to Yang Rong and Tony Yang’s scenes is too painful, prepared, knowing full well this is crap diving in.  Looks like they are still delivering great acting in horrendous shiteous writing till the end:

I wish…I hope I can be your angel in my next lifetime.   Next lifetime.  Goodbye.

She was a nasty evil murderer who has turned around and took care of him.  She is turning herself in for what awaits of her.

Of all the C varieties I am suddenly watching, Amazing Race CN/极速前进 is the only recommendable one.  It is a well done show, a very different, super competitive yet somewhat klutzy, bumbling childish cunning Wallace C in RL is funny to watch:

I tried my darnest with Kdramas, and there is sadly nothing working.  There were some elements cute enough with Heart to Heart early on, that kept me going for a few more episodes than my gut is telling me but before I am anywhere close to falling for show, I fell out of love.  Thing is I am so disappointed with PIE, our cutie C!J!M! kinda losing it in a role I thought he could’ve nailed charmingly 10 years ago, I have seen him promising me with hints of this character in his macho, angsty bin-sshi, this character reads close enough to his MinHo, which he tackled so spotlessly in GoodBye Solo…and here he regressed to acting by the numbers, serviceable but a disconnect within I can witness.  Even though he is what’s depressing me most watching, this writing is not worthy enough anyway. I am cringing more and more rather than finding anything romantic…and started to hesitate parking my brains when it is pushing it just on the doctor patient taboo alone, I am the age when I am not sure if things will be back clicking after it’s shut off, like a brain, you know!  Lets not touch how they puke on psychiatry and disorders.  I also did not feel much with Shine and Go Crazy/Flameout…which I do not mind the translation of the latter, to quote from urbandict: A passionate, but brief relationship; usually accompanied by drama, tears and emotional swings of roller-coaster proportions. <- sounds good old any saguek trope if delivers.  I can see it being entertaining and watchable…IF I have not seen Chinese Paladin and the likes of crappy but charming C fantasy wuxias of last 10+ years.   But I had my (un)fair share and this is not remotely inventive, nor something I have not seen done better in the context of comparing meh.  More so I do not care for Jang Hyuk’s acting in these angsty beaten down hero he is loved by most the most.  I did not like Chuno.  I could not stand him emphasizing every word in his diction like its Shakespeare he is reading, I do not care about his patented maniacal muahahahahaha which worked like a psychotropic drug in sth silly a romcom as Fated to Love You.   Hey, if I can recognize that JH’s roaring, marked in every work I have seen him in, and angsty hero is supposed to be in black, in disguise, face covered, in hiding, that laugh will take me out of the moment easy.  Oddly I watched a few more episodes than I wanted for IJH and Honey Lee, both doing better jobs than the leads.

I want to write a post on the Jdoramas I am watching very badly.  I have NOTHING else to watch, doramaland is my refuge, watching much more than usual load.   The condition being they have to wow me lots more… as is, I am casually watching a few eps every few weeks if I remember and that is not always, mildly entertained but nothing to beat the lazy to blog about.

In my cuckoo order of love with some regard to quality (ha!):  Mondai Restaurant, Oniichan Gacha (Do not listen to that ED if you haven’t, you’d know when you do…muahaha), Deto What is Love (ANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I love you more than your Daddy when I have a kink for ALL hot ojiisans! ) which I watch with Kudoki meshi and often Wakako Sake as well a Fri late night, Dakara Koya + Ghostwriter + Toho 7 min = I watch only when I am in a better (non-cranky) state of mind, Akabane that Takayuki Yamada weird docudrama which I find oddly fun, Ryusei Wagon is underwhelming but I need my ojisans, Hamon (again my hot ojisan reason), Marumaru Tsuma, Kaiki Renai Sakusen, Second Love (trainwreck I cant look away hilarious hate!watch territory)…and there must be some I checked out 10 mins, bored out of mind and forgotten…ahhh like Ouroboros.

31 thoughts on “Now Watching February 2015

    1. Mondai is my ‘fav’ show, it does get better lately, on it is trying earnestly, even if not spot on giving a somewhat feminist discussion… if we have to listen to a swoon about Second Love, I might as well have something like this imperfection to balance things out. I love the acting the best though but honestly no rabid love this season. i liked Toho7Min, but I find it uncomfortable a watch at times hitting too close to my…stasis

      1. Toho7min does so much with so little… agree on hitting too close to home some points.
        idk really disappointed by Mondai. sakamoto yuji failing me for the first time ever 😦

        also I’ll jump on the 长大 bandwagon! 😀 love BBH 我的青春谁做主… which also had Lu Yi but he was meh

        1. I thot Mondai was underwhelming too, still, but I do acknowledge part is my expectation of kickass…so this is by comparison sparkling somewhat. I am that desperate.

          I did not care for Lu Yi in anything prior as well, not that I’ve seen much, and thought he would be insufferable here, he got a role he can do comfortably with everything else in place for him to shine! BBH is just effortlessly spot on, the writing will bug u sooner or later, but she stays afloat.

  1. I somehow liked him in Young justice Bao
    LuYi has such a warm Vibe.
    I have to give it to min ho such a “poser” mediocre actor being so famous…
    Tell me Mookie is Yang Rong really a 81’er 😮 ?

    1. A blessing and a curse, he is a pretty man with a warm, meek vibe that can be a lampshade and be pretty. XD He never impressed me with his acting chops though! You have to watch Grow Up then, he’s glistening with charisma (and botox muahaha) it’s all good!

      I think YangRong is an 81er, it’s her face structure being rounder than say a TangYan, who is 83er(?) that gives her a much younger vibe. I mean look at all her counterparts in 少年天子, all of them r so period sparkling gorgeous younglings then, but none holding up half as good as her. Her skin is flawless and most importantly her eyes show no wariness. But I mean Brigitte Lin did not do many of her best known roles till in her late 30s. They have blessed genes.

  2. Chilam and Anita are soooo lovely in that variety show, and yes, shamelessly enough I only watched that one episode where baby boy Tao guested.
    (And he was poorly with an infection and was a walking disaster but cuuute!) — Hahahaha at fanboying over fattie LMH!!! What IS going on with LMH though?

    1. The show itself bores me… I just watched this ep the best ep by far I heard.

      Lol Tao looks badboy menacing rather than cute to me, but what do I know huh?! XDDD

      I always find LMH’s face kinda bloated and again obviously I am weird, not a fan. His current movie Gangnam 1970 is not doing too bad as a popcorn posturing action flick right?! Lol

      1. I can’t believe even the fiery, intense Leslie was intimidated by Anita (only watched one movie of theirs together, the crossdressing one; She’s a Man? The tropes of which have since been repeated in every manga and kdrama ever lol).
        I really like her and the real backstory of this couple though and thought the show seemed interesting enough when I watched that one ep.
        Guess I won’t bother hunting down additional episodes then hehe…

        Tao does have that sort of look about him and can’t blame you for seeing him that way, honestly (I find him very humble). But hopefully we’ll be seeing more of him this year in mainstream c-ent. And not just for his cameo in My Sunshine. (Yaaasss… so excited!)

        Never, ever was a fan of LMH! Nope. Neither do I have any interest in his film, but I am a little curious about what’s going on with that double chin and bloated face.

        1. He has never been OMG!Beautiful to me so… a few pounds here or there is the least of his woes, his fangirls think it’s cute and healthy, we won’t bother either way, it is not like we will suddenly flail for him he is looks gaunt!

          The ep I watched (and I posted annoyingly much of gifs here) is lol fun though, I’ve heard it’s way better than the Tao ep. But there’s the Tao factor for you XD.

          Just curious, is Tao trained in acting?! Not to be a partypooper his looks which is along the line of Shota/Nic Tse, is a miscast for the stoic bookworm not friendly with the ladies or peeps in general dreamboat in My Sunshine.

          1. I’m not aware of how extensive his acting training was, but he has been primed since predebut for martial arts acting alongside his music training (though he only trained with SM for around 7 months — the rest he tried out for TW idol dramas aged 16-17 and rapping competitions in HK before auditioning for SM).
            SM does seem to have a lot of confidence in him, as they did with Kyungsoo last year, and the latter did really well in both his projects.

            But yes, BE a partypooper, honestly don’t hold back, seethe if you want!!
            Contrary to what you might think, I’m not a blind fangirl. I have a genuine interest in his career, I don’t mind him coming under scrutiny and doubt as with ANY rookie/idol-actor. I have a strong aversion towards Idol boys myself. But he is an exception as I personally see him as being highly promising based on quite a number of factors I find he’ll be solid.

            Till now, we still have no idea whether his role in the film is a walk-in cameo as a ‘best friend’ or whether he’s playing the Nic Tse role. From what I’ve seen of leaked stills, I couldn’t tell.

            I know MVs are misleading and are a different environments to film sets but still as a ”sample” check these two out if you have a chance. The Jo Sungmo remake is snoozeville but hey, you said bookworm! xD

            Maaaan LMH came off greasy even back then. He wasn’t my cup of tea even in his prime.

            1. I checked out EXO’s MV, He is commanding on screen! I have read the novel and quite rabidly watched the drama, and fr the grapevine he is playing the hero’s college days, ie the younger Huang XiaoMing I am sure. I am always up for pleasant surprises but to give u some immunization this looks quite trainwreck from the leaked bts, least of the problems is Tao of course. HXM has a sleazy I’m too smexy posteur aura whenever he is allowed to play a handsome dreamboat, pretty yes, but as talented as a Seung SH. YangMi is also sucha misfit for the heroine. The art direction seems crappy as well… if it is just some romance movie like Kris’ outting, even if it’s not as awesome, it would fade away in a few wks, but this is a novel adapt that has a crazy 50Shadesofgreycrazy fanbase. I myself liked the bk, but I cant help but side-eye the frenzy, this is not the greatest bk on earth but its delulu fans seems to think so and they r ruthless.

              Just be prepared they won’t be kind to Tao if he is not up to their standard, but then don’t worry too much I bet the leads would take bulk of bashing.

              1. Ahhh… crap! I honestly haven’t seen HXM in anything (was looking forward to watching him in White Haired Witch with FBB) and was of the persuasion he must be a decent actor to be the a-lister he is, but whuuut? SSH? Naaaawwww…

                Such a shame, was hoping MS would exceed what little I saw of the drama too, I find Tang Yan too spaced out and limp, and didn’t take to the younger two much but still found them watchable.
                To say the art direction would be lacking and that HXM nor YM (isn’t she massive in C-ent too?) have what it takes then that is dismal indeed. Thanks for letting me know about Tao’s role though, no wonder there were snarky remarks about the male leads’ heights (Tao’s around 6”2 but I’m sure they’ll pull it off).

                I think I’m used to seeing/hearing of Tao getting a lot of crap from paid bloggers for absolutely NOTHING ever since he was a fresh-faced 18yr old (actually, no they held his ”badboy” looks and darker skintone against him), and thankfully he seems to have risen above it. Still it’s neverending and not only will it be the MS/SS novel fans against the film, we have Kris fans and the paid bloggers ready to trash it because of Tao’s involvement. (The film already has shit-tonnes of 1-star ratings despite not even airing, haha!) Oops.

                Still, I’ll check it out and hope it redeems itself.

                And if it does tank and die, nevermind, there’s a certain Tsui Hark project to look forward to. *wink wink*

                1. HXM is exactly CN SSH to me LOL lots agree he is v gorgeous and v hammy. Least of which u need to be popular in C ent is to have talent. FBB is exactly the case, she was a super pretty block of frozen face sht. YangMi is also one promising talented actress who opt for massive star popularity and surgeon’s help advancing her career, her face is quite maimed with parts unable to properly move let alone emote… and she has been in nothing but crappiest duds last 2,3 yrs and resorted to OTTing. Nth is new, just a duo of leads very prone to be swarmy going at it.

                  Tsui Hark… lesigh… if u ask me, he has sold his soul to box office success, he could still have a surprise or two, but for your sanity’s sake, the boys better hone their skills and be perfect first before venturing into Cmovieland where it is full of disgusting box office hit craps. I mean the reigning box office record holder giant there is Transformer 4, and peeps do genuinely feel like they had their $’s worth. Whatthe

                  1. LOLOLOL!
                    I guess SM is the lesser devil If it’s really that bad in c-ent then.
                    I would disown Tao (I mean quit following his career) if he was to have it as cushy as Kris/Luhan, I just dislike the excessiveness of their fame and popularity when their talent or lack thereof is rarely ever questioned. But then if c-ent really is really that absurd right now, then great for them! Or maybe they’re not having the easy ride they’re seemingly having?

                    As much as I dislike SM myself, I do think very recently they’re making better decisions when it comes to their actors pool; Lee Yeon-hee, Go Ara, Do Kyungsoo in particular and Zitao who’s always been primed for the C-market. They’re playing with fire by throwing him into his two acting gigs this year but I do think they have faith that he’ll perform well and with some level of integrity.

                    I heard he was offered to star in the upcoming Reply series as a C-transfer student based in the 80s where they would use references to Leslie and CYF, but then SM & Media Asia managed to negotiate some deals in C-ent (ones that weren’t bribing him to leave his group for once!).
                    Again I’m not sure how well he’s been trained in acting, I’m sure he’s had some basic classes but I doubt technicalities matter, I’d say natural, inherent talent trumps manufactured skill and I’m hoping I’m not hallucinating when I see he possesses signs of the latter.

                    I can’t believe the among the idols I loathed so much I’m placing so much hope on one of them to somehow save K-ent and C-ent!!

                    1. I think Kris is slaughtered alive in his first outing as a romantic leading man. I have heard of nothing but the most horrible dissing he is the most wooden thing ever in my circles…but I have not seen the movie yet, no longer interested at all. I have actually seen a few praises on the cuteness alone on Luhan’s cameo in 20 Once Again/CN remake of Miss Granny, that movie was quite well received and at least he didn’t poop it.

                      But yeah, tbvh I have heard of nothing but grumbles with the casting of ZiTao, which I kinda agree because his features are louder than hitting us first thing as bookish nerd top of class cold prince. But again, just do not expect much from it, because I have seen quite a few dramas from the PD, he is not good at trendy, kinda mediocre with kitschy aesthetics, and this is his first try at movie directing, which imo is a very different beast than the leniency, the excess of a 40, 50, 60 ep Cdrama can allow. I think it will do quite well box office wise, it’s shrewdly calculated a HXM and YM will grab them eyeballs, but quality would definitely be in the dumps.

                      But be all cheering you want with the Tsui Hark, even when his scripts can be bizarrely WTF he is a very talented director especially in consistently grooming decent performance out of newbies. And his art direction, being a painter/artist himself is topnotch. Unless you are as untalented as an AngelaBaby, he would capture an actor in the alluring light any camera can possible bestow.

                    2. Are you for serious? His fans have been praising him and SOWK to high heavens. I did hear about XJL’s very childish, ranty rebuttal against whoever ‘dared’ to criticise his acting, but thought the fangirl hype overwhelmed the grumblings. I checked out some clips out of curiosity and found him so jarringly awkward it was painful – it’s like a less handsome Daniel Henney x 1000.

                      It’s a given Back to 20 would perform well, the film has a very lovely, accessible premise and Luhan only really had to play his own charming self. I see him getting away with Blind too as YSH was pretty little blah in the original.

                      I agree about Tao’s stronger features not really suiting the role. He’s not non-threatening or a flowerboy (still, in my eyes he’s very very beautiful and I really like feline, KDW kinda looks). But as an inaugural role I’ll take what I can, lol, they can grumble all they want. I don’t think he’ll singlehandedly ruin anything for the novel readers and should hopefully do a decent job.
                      There are lessers like Suju’s Kibum, Yoona, Kim Bum etc getting roles in c-ent, I don’t see why Tao should have to be hidden away in Korea (it’s true all his solo work has been in Korea and everytime he sets foot in China, all hell breaks loose and now they’ve had to be so damn secretive with his films — watch how he won’t even get to do the promotional stuff for MS).
                      More than anything, he really needs a platform for his wushu, his body really isn’t cut out for performing in larger ‘thrill’ movements on a stages in front of screaming preteens who don’t understand the nuance and complexity of this rare art. But then he’s still vastly an amateur in comparison to Jet Li (they’ve mastered the same technique/brand of wushu since both were 5yo) so yes, I’m very excited about the 2nd project — at least it’s a step in the right direction — which is wuxia I guess.

                      ”…his art direction, being a painter/artist himself is topnotch. he would capture an actor in the alluring light any camera can possible bestow.” [SCREAMS!!!!!!]

  3. Just in case you haven’t, you really should try kdrama’s Punch (just finished airing), jdrama’s Dakara Koya and Date (both are airing). Anyway, what do u think about The Great Protector (the one with Wallace Huo)?

    1. I’m planning on checking out Punch, actually waiting for it to finish airing and stayed terrific as I’ve heard before starting. My drawback was I am not a fan of KRW and KAJ, let’s see. Chaser was awesome.

      I am watching Dakara Koya and Date as I said ;), yup I agree both r quite gd!

      I checked out 镖門/ Great Protector a few eps when it was airing live and noted it is clearly quality but I am not particularly interested in genre and no time. That and the quality of vid was not gd enough then… I just got hands on 720, hope it’s gd enough. It is gorgeously filmed, movie quality.

  4. Have you tried jtbc’s Maids? I haven’t seen a decent sageuk in ages, and imo this one is great. Never mind that I’m allergic to Oh Ji Ho and think he can’t act (he’s so stiff it’s unbelievable), I think the show works around his limitations and the rest of the cast is fantastic. Its focus on the ladies is awesome, plus there’s some really lovely fluid directing. I would recommend it, imo it’s the only kdrama worth watching right now.

    Shine or Go Crazy gave me Moon/Sun vibes (which was traumatising enough) but yeah, I’m not sure if I like Jang Hyuk much either. His OTT maniacal laughing in FTLY scared the life out of me.

    I might have to sit through Lady and the Liar because I love Tony so much. It looks atrocious though, ha.

    1. Wow Maids is great?! That I do not know. I have almost lost faith entirely in Kdrama sageuks and me clicking, there is occasional quality but I seldom am in the mood for…just the investment and concentration is a labor of love I am too miser a casual watcher to invest in…but most of the time it is utter waste of time so I am super picky with this genre especially, and OJH is a big nono and none of the leads draw enough, not PD, nor writer the only thing trustworthy is jtbc. But now interest is piqued…how is this possibly awesome huh?! ^^ Thanks for the headsup!

      I squeezed in checking out ep1 of Heard It Through the Grapevine dead tired half dozing off but it ended up very engrossing. I sobbed a little, I lol’d without even knowing why, still. My memory is losing me when I last am this sure about a kdrama off the bat, perhaps Misaeng, but that I was aware it’s under the spell Lee SungMin is my very cute ahjusshi.

      1. Lol I honestly had no expectations for it either – I was just intrigued by the synopsis, it sounded different from recent (baaaaaaaaad) sageuk. I don’t think I’ve watched a decent sageuk in years :/ yeah I think so too, sageuks do require alot of concentration/investment. Aside from OJH, the cast is great. Jung Yumi is surprisingly good too – I didn’t realise she had this performance in her tbh. The writer is a rookie (but seriously impressive – I’m surprised how well the story fits together, there’s nothing mind-numbingly stupid going on, character motivations make sense???? amazing) and the visuals are top notch. Obviously it could all fall apart (this is kdrama) but umm, I think you might like it. :’).

        I can’t wait to start Heard It Through the Grapevine, it looks brilliant. ha, I totally understand. Lee Sung Min has that effect on people!! I love him.

        I think there’s gonna be alot of fast-forwarding involved, that’s for sure. Omg there’s whole eps without him??? *sigh* I’m allergic to Hawick too, I can’t believe Tony’s second lead to him… HAHAHAHA omg you can’t say you miss Yuma!!! Ok definitely gonna stay away from Legend of Fragrance now, cast doesn’t appeal to me anyway.

    2. lol and do give me a wave if Lady Liar is ‘worth’ flipping through on Tony alone because I can’t even do that after the first stretch and he’s gone in chunks of eps. I am so allergic to Hawick and now TY it’s not funny at all. Atrocious is the word, but what do we call Legend of Fragrance, abominal?! Gosh that one makes me miss Yuma a tiny little, at least I could give yuma a laugh of creative with the vile plagiarism.

  5. Ohh! True Detective. I had a sexy dream about Mahogany a few weeks ago and that spurred me on a true Detective re-watch T too. I didn’t make it past second episode I don’t think? It’s as good as I remember (and unintentionally funny too! you are absolutely right. I was cracking up whenever Rust would lapse into one of his mumbo jumbo existentialist all gloom and doom monologues. “psycho’s fear” *rolls eyes* *continues watching all starry eyed at the cinematography*) but everything’s too fresh in my mind and thus I was a bit bored. I think I need a few years more before I’m able to enjoy True Detective fully again.

    Are you still watching that Binnie drama or you gave up? I certainly gave up on Nodame Cantibile. It was charming at first but it became clear half way through that underneath the charm and the quirkiness it’s as soulless as any of the run of the mill kdrama. I might be better off watching the Japanese version since I do like the concept.

    I got hooked on one kdrama recently which was a giant surprise for me since I haven’t properly liked a kdrama in what feels like years now. I’m watching Secret Love Affair with Yoo Ah In and I’m obsessed! I randomly came across some smoldering gifs from it on tumblr and when I checked out reviews – everyone was raving. It has some pitfalls of things that I’ve grown to hate seeing in kdramas — rich people decaying in their own self-made hell and all the preaching about ethics and morality when it comes to women’s sexuality but overall Secret Love Affair has that dark edgy feel to it that I’ve never in my experience of watching kdramas seen anywhere. It’s also directed with some sense of nuance that I’ve only seen in Korean movies maybe. It’s straight up melo and misery but in a very satisfying, not in your face way. Also! So much piano playing in this drama! Beautiful, gorgeous, soul healing piano playing! I’m blown away and I’m praying that the drama holds up for at least a little longer while I savor it like a glass of the driest red wine.

    1. True Detective is just too entertaining for me just on the cheeky slash alone XDDD. I still give off a chuckle whenever I see peeps mowing their own lawn!

      I still stare at Binnie’s face here and there and it’s playing but no way that is a drama and what I am doing dramawatching… I mean if the big twist is exactly what everyone could predict/wanted to happen in ep1 thinking at the least that would make this less snoozefest, yet it is still so dull, I am basically staring at a digital picframe of binnie screencaps…it is beautiful and actually he is doing a good job, I can rationally see that…but NOTHING NOT A THING interesting happens ep to ep to ep. like a time limbo. But then it does not get headdesky, thus it has the same zen-like meditative voodoo as me staring at my pretty orchids.

      Oh SLA….lesigh…perhaps because I have seen and floored by this duo of arguably the BEST writer+PD team active in Kdramaland, it is a tad underperforming for me, perhaps I just was not in the mood or…because I do not think YAI is good enough for their material. He is quite good, but this actually shows me more about his lacking of, how he approach his character feels more superficial than the material, the drama has its story to tell, but just not enough to keep me going. I watched, waiting for the shoe to drop like as glorious as all the lovely piano playing to end so I can applaud and they move onto some romping of more than fingers muahaha. It is good stuff definitely, and you are tempting me to give it another go some time.

      Try out A Wife’s Credential, you might not like it as much as SLA on the subject alone, but that is qualitatively an even better thing. WATCH THEIR NEW DRAMA: Heard it Through the Grapevine. I am sooo beyond intrigued by ep1, sobbed and cracked out lol at a scene so morbid on paper but…gosh it’s a strange fascinating beast… but I stopped knowing the more I watched, the more I would be in too deep.

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