Now Watching January 2015

Should I even call what I am doing lately watching?!   More like I caught a peek and peck, here and there.

SunAm Girls’ High School Detective Team:

If the sight of the words Girls, High, School, Detective, Team…all individually prompts you to squee a little excitement like me, join the team.

I fell in love with it almost first sight, first scene prompted by a Unni to push this way up queue.  This is a bit weird, lots of winking poking fun at shoujo Cute even when I am expecting lotsa cute.  A bit of Buffy Veronica Mars meshing with all the shoujo manga stock characters a bit toned down by Kdrama quirks.   No acting of the young ladies are bugging me.  Nothing is bugging me.  I squeed out loud 10 times at least, I giggled a lot, not YuMi/Eric lots, but still.  Truth be told pulling a serious face I am very interested in the story after just one episode.

Heroine is biting into an apple with suspense music cue to the thought of ‘ It’s all lies, I am not special.’  She is not the bubbliest friendliest teenager, but she is also not a pushover, nor a mousy doormat, she clearly has thoughts of her own, almost like the only level headed person inserted into this slightly off place inhabited by strange things to which any sane folk in her shoes could not help paying a notice and got herself caught into even when her inner rational voice spots all the warning signs of: NO.  I like her.

Afterall, as much as she wants to build a wall around, keeping the scary strangers at arm’s reach, that twinkle in eyes gossiping about a scandal she saw, a rumor of sthsth going on romantically between teachers is a typical 15 year old there.

OH and there is a KMJ lit like a naughty angel wayyyy too hawt for a Girls’ School Teach.

There is also the cliched means well square pants wallflower one of the girls Teach who is wincing and losing it when the girls are changing in front of him

heroine’s deskmate.  Hm Hmm Hmmm

The must have fateful first meeting of ‘OTP’ with romantic music and slowmo twirling and falling and damsel OPWing in sparkling fairydust or in HyeRi’s case fetching blingbling teardrop and snot.

Music Dancing Posing

Viola, we have our five young ladies forming their own detective team, they dance and bite each other too much!

I am watching 選戰 whenever I can find an episode, it is not easy but it is good stuff.  A politician’s wife, a widow now, is running for chief executive of the tiny S.A.R. that is HK in the fictional year of 2022.

Liu Kai Chi is the BEST HK actor gem not known much outside HK, hands down, I bow to him.  He is speechlessly magnificent.  This is one of the three dramas out from the brand new HKTV ‘satellite box’ channel, at the very least it has an ok script, and it goes outside of that TVB box.  Of course putting it in the larger international pool, we have seen this done better everywhere else, but this is monopolized HK, so a watchable gritty political drama will have me watching any time.  It was a bit of a sleeper for me first few episodes, but suddenly it turns darker, much darker and edge of seat grasping in an OMFG.

Empress of China

aka MaryWu as I said before, this is inane, not offensively so if shutting your brain.  I did not feel dumber watching, I did not wanna break my furniture.  It is PRETTY, even when the clothes can use more refined taste (and no I am so not a prune needing the TANG dynasty decolletage to be covered, they liked to air their ample bosoms, let them!).  There was an outfit on a grown prince that is of the color of pink and babyblue, unless he is the evil meshing of the Little Twin Stars…nope.

It is the guys, I can use many more lookers, the only one yummy enough to droolz at is a J actor I’ve heard, playing a bit role, if he is the princeling, who would fight with Daddy for MAryWu?!  Want… kinda

but who am I kidding, the fairest handsomest man of them all is still FBB crossdressing, serving up some delicious sistamance with Janine:

The story is one predictable blurber an episode, so as to not taxing your attention to engage in anything other than your eyes staring at boobies.  Not anymore, it’s now crudely censored when the frame is cut off at the shoulder and just enlarged, all grainy to fit your bigass tv.

2015 vs 2014

So it is now demoted to unwatchable.  The acting is innocuous, but when the directing has no focus on nuances, nor there depth to work on in the writing, staring at their faces with nothing much of a story to say for an hour is too much to ask from me.

There is still the buggering off to oblivion no one bother to even snarkwatch CondorHobos:

YangGuo (his real line):  So?!  Very beautiful huh?!

That’s his real Daddy’s face

This is completely worthless waste of everything, even with CX’s gorgeous face:

from a few caps I saw bumping on weibo is still quite good looking, no way enough to suffer any of this, but my relatives are watching and I am nosy.

Then there is the new Duke of Mount Deer with Han Dong (Prince9 fr BBJX) as the titular anti-hero WXB.  This is at times my favorite LC on the story alone, it’s magnificent work plot-wise, imo his best in storytelling, the genius lies largely on all the characters being unlikeable large or small, but you still cheer them on.  WXB stays flawed and sleazy throughout, but it’s fun to see a wayward child able to be good for his loved ones.  It is crucial to keep that underlying child-like ignorance, it is impossible for him to pick up anything else than his survival skills with his upbringing… intact for the character to stay convincing not caving into any moral standards nor social mores.  HD is a good actor, but he’s too old to play a child at heart, even a very conniving worldly scummy child.  Then there is the essential bromance with an equally witty if not more cunning manchild of a young KangXi, there is always the dark cloud of suspicious wariness towards everyone, just the way KX is, being the shrewd emperor he later grew up to be, but silver lining is their love will conquer all his doubts.  Both of these characters beg for a TonyLeung and an AndyLau in their early 20s, green but insanely charismatic the camera just loves them. <– I know I’ve said it a trillion nagging times.  Every element crucial building block for the story, one off,  domino effect it won’t work in something this epic and intricate as DoMD and hence its brilliance is still not fully shown nor seen in generations post mine! muahaha!!! And with adaptations of LC from this PD, a change is never for the better.  This is watchable with buts and ifs, the acting is not completely deplorable, the guys in particular are not horrible, but the ladies, ciphers in the novel, are given much more ‘meat’, more ‘genuine’ love from WXB because one is contract actress of the production company, another a rising plastic starlet… so detrimental to WXB the character.  He has 7 wifeys he genuinely falls for in infatuation as it happens life is too short to not have all the fun and wifeys but when you elevate more than one of them to a dime a dozen OTP romance, WXB is now nothing more than an oblivious lying douchebag without the sharp worldly wit balancing all his acts and ruining the flow of the story beyond help just to insert a few more odd fluffy scenes which sadly the actresses are talentless to deliver making it more nauseating than anything.   It is not as horrible as to scaring me never watching a lick, and for many who has no care of the novel proper, nor exposed to anything about this story, this has lots of tangents going on to be very mindlessly amusing.  For me, the production value is making me so sad, everything is cheap and ugly to me…even HD’s face.  Again, my visiting fam is watching and so here I am.

Many actually find the WXB KangXi bromance cute, but cute is not good enough for me in DoMD.

Speaking of cute bromance, 老农民 is serving some

I am watching it on and off but the older gen is glued to this stuff like bees to honey.   It’s quality, just not my thing as I witnessed some dog blood dramatics.  National treasure as besotted by all as a panda is 陈宝国, he is playing the younger gen here, a single farmer about to wed his beloved whom happens to be his arranged mate by their parents in their tiny farming villages as the drama begins.   陈宝国 is closer to my folks gen than mine and I am no spring chick, it takes too much convincing of him being called a ‘lil lad’ you know. lol


I am also watching Wallace HuoHuo’s 镖门

It’s not Battle of ChangSha great, but it’s clearly quality.  The action sequences are to die for, worthy to watch the fighting alone, capturing the mood, the essence of wuxia.  From the team behind The Grandmaster, still the reigning best film of last year fr greater CN unsurpassed.  This looks too glorious for TV at times.

A dearie listed up a who’s who behind the scene, much more swoonworthy than WH I must say:

I am not rabidly in love with it though because I think the pacing and transition needs work, or it was served the sillySARFT cuts, perhaps the team is still working in movie mode and for the tv medium there needs more filling in and smoother transition (filler) scenes, the story is also not extremely full to fill up the episodes I feel.   The weak links are the ladies,  you know tbvh it bugs me when the douban top10 Cdrama list is out, (ps: I rabidly loved 1, 5, 6, 10.  2, 4 very very good, but just not exactly turning me a fan).  BoC is at #1, a rating of 9.2/10, very deserving…with WH’s face representing.  I AM bumped, it should be YangZi’s, she makes or breaks it, and she more than makes it.

 I watched the Kohaku Uta Gassen  too, just a family tradition growing up:

I stole all gifs fr yuanxiao249 who captured all the moments I squeed.  AND

my forever bias!

Taishi Kakka no Ryouri Nin SP Sho-kun’s foodp0rn, I love the manga, I saw 10 min late last night, not gonna lose sleep over, but I am watching anyway!

Jumping back to Hard Nut, in the mood of girl detectives, but got side-tracked last minute by a certain Kdrama above.  I keep forgetting, and MUST finish it out of fangirl duty of Kenga, let alone I like Hashimoto’s Nanba at first sight, math geek weird girl genius what’s not to love and I love detective show with a bit of shoujo inserted, even unintentional when I can YY ship the OTP, not always allowed in a dorama you know.

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