Now Watching: July 2015

I have free time!  Which I should work on, like keep staring the moving boxes to organize and vanish themselves but well well well, there are more urgent things I am staring at alright.

无心法师/ WuXin the Monster Killer

From TangRen, and a lesser seen genre of supernatural manguo period. I once loved TR’s productions irrationally, then loathing for years now, is back on my good side.  This is solid commendable work on cinematography alone and finally some watchable action sequences I can appreciate, not wincing with second hand embarrassment for the actors involve (yeah HQG, that’s you).   I still hate them…why does the producer lady haz 2 full eps of tight solid storytelling thus far with unknowns in her bags but royally pooped on my Loverboy and ShiShi and Janine Chang in my Loverboy’s only outing as a lead in a TR production in Clothing the World?!  I was not giving this much hope even after seeing the trailer, the track record of TR always able to churn out catchy trailers/MVs giving me false hope, but that is all they could manage to stay afloat with (not really) last few is still leaving a rancid aftertaste, and often not even: no one is getting any seconds wasted watching BBJQ, even the trailer, back, I will forever stinkface you for that TR ladyboss.

This stars a bunch of unknowns or plastic idols I care very little (eg Mike D).  The leading ladies are not my cuppa in the looks department, visible aging PS is my biggest peeve.   BUT the construct of the heroine is not annoying and has a good head inside her head.  She is observient on what she can put herself of use to, from tiniest gestures to a sidekick in monster kickassing or just street smart surviving. For one she spins out logical reasons to be in the same bed with our Monster Killer beefcake she just met earlier the day, reasons I can nod to.  Instantly my brain meshing kind of gal.

Our hero is a charming guy with a harmless, inviting smile on his face most of the time, a sparkle of little naughty knowing twinkle here and there as a monk who loves his meat. He has an angsty past, he is an undead and his blood, kills unsavory things, very viable reason why he has to be topless in order to have easy access to his own fine hunk of meat.  Newbie actor is quite good looking to begin with, but after an episode, I can not pry my eyes off his easy charm.

If you are gonna fight, in a drama, hire a choreographer for the job, you can not just ask the poor actors, however good, to ad lib some dance moves and add some super tacky CG lightbeams worst than some magical pony cupcakes pooping rainbows, HQG!!!  *Yes I have watched tutorial ad nauseam, VERY tempted, but not economical in the equation of work >fun>>> taste of food coloring*

Back to my pmping of an internet Cdrama with no big C stars nor subs (hey Mike D fans you only need to read one line in this post, THIS.  HI.  This is GOOD STUFF, might be the best Cdrama virgin attack anyone can ask, fansubbing is more than worthwhile! )

Spoilerish:  Our other interesting young lady is a pixie 16 yo red riding hood lookalike demonness, eyes set on hero as her perfect match: hero has a nonperishable supernatural body, she has an immortal soul which can assume any identity of mortals she just had life sucked out of, adage goes that happens to be our heroine for a while.  The interesting twist is our heroine then relive the past of/as our demonness, their destiny crashes and meld into a messy fate stew.   Drama is set in early 1900s, new revolutionary China/Manguo, we have a taste of Qing and more with time hopping.  There is also the angst of hero’s Achilles’ heels, he fell into an amnestic sleep every 100 years and restart with memory of his everything, his love wiped off.  Our red riding hood demonness has her own hopelessly romantic guy2 having her back:

Bonus is there is a bumbling playboy general, not the brightest bulb, nor terribly pretty, but not a wuss, cracking me up and I can always trust TR to milk all the cute slash with any two dudes sharing a screen:

Bonus x a million: IF you are a fan of 李健/Li Jian

After two eps, I want more, I want more of visually arresting artistic direction, I want to know more about the story, characters, everything, inasmuch I am chopping my hands off from reading the original novel so as to experience the drama first hand. Even Hua Xu Yin can wait

I just looped a scene from Producer with all my shoujo butterflies having a party in my tummy along with IU’s character on crushing someone, and that someone you can enjoy from afar is suddenly, intimately a breath away, owning you every senses, taking your breath away.

 photo a0788e3bgw1etv3lp2w57g206y04nb29.jpg.gif photo a0788e3bgw1etv3lquupjg206y04nnno.jpg.gif photo a0788e3bgw1etv3lsjkjdg206y04n1kx.jpg.gif

 photo a0788e3bgw1etv3lx1w17g206y04ne81.jpg.gif

Question: Is drama worthy?!  I like this scene but nothing is really flipping me over the edge to sit through a not flawless Kdrama nowadays.

I am spoiled 9 ways till Sunday of the remake of newest Journey to the West, this time a C animation new take.  I have seen this English trailer a while back and it did not left much of an impression:

But then peeps I barely know who have seen it has been raving about it nonstop EVERYWHERE, I can not pry myself from ANY fanvids of it since last week, totally addicted, insanely curious as to how amazingballs this could be, not a doubt in me.  Just the ED, sung by KitChan, moved me to ugly sobs:

And fan MV to the perfect 戴荃’s 悟空:

Never hurts getting chills and weak knees hearing him again live on Sing My Song:

It is not even out in theaters in CN, but USofA, we need this this side of pond, stop giving that worm any more press for shitting on Cars.  Lets appreciate what CN original animation can serve us all and pay it forward, shut the pooping of pirating intellectual properties/commodities by appreciating, embracing dedicated original worthy hard work.

I am still very curious about the BBJX movie, suddenly rewatched KCheng’s Prince8 in THAT inferno scene to keep in my mind fresh how devastatingly good he could be to buffer for what’s to come in HXY(lol).  I REALLY like Tony Yang, he is Prince4 here with DuoXiao as 14.  I can’t hate Ivy Chen ever, she is just too cute in person, limited an actress, but so is LSS, if not more so.  I am still not entirely convinced LSS is the best RX ever *shrug*. The themesong MV is just out which does nothing for me, very dull, but what I saw of the movie in it, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I am also going to watch 37.5 C’s Tears this dorama season, hoping my heart has grown fonder now I have lived apart from it for a while, with nothing hooking me.  I have watched many tedious things for Naohito, or Mokomichi, or Hiroki, this could not be a waste of time just droolzing at them being hot dads, RIGHT?! *don’t say, y u jinx precious things always?!*

Not that I am abstaining from J everything. I had so much fun with the recent SP Kamoshirenai Joyuutachi  It has Maki Yoko whom I have grown fonder, for no particular reason other than I have been watching her doramas and not dropping them like flies lately.

Mizukawa Asami is a familiar face, the baby of the trio, completed by the main draw for most (except me) Takeuchi Yuko.  Yuko has not captivated me in her roles, even when she is a solid actress I must say.  This is FUN with crocks of meta, from the writer of Sen Taxi (< I have a soft fuzzy spot for this flawed thing) it goes on the AU of WhatIF the actresses played themselves but not the actresses we know, on different trajectory in life?!  I am fascinated watching it with too much popcorn and chips and icecream and beer and at times spitting some on what’s in writer’s crazy brain alone.

Last (and least) I am still watching Hua Qian Gu parking my brain, brainnumbing hormones abundant.  The ‘Prettiest’ ManWoman Nutso is still nauseating while cracking me up with silliest embarrassing lines like oh I can’t really fight(as the god of the demon clan), messing my hair!  My makeup! (hon, you can do without, trust me) And you are still not as pretty as me Bai…LOL  Lil Bone is still buggy on dangling the hopelessly in love with her dude along, using him left and right, with girly giggles alongside her buggy bug daughter. Fairy Purple Incense is a headcase without saying even though Jiang Xin is kicking all the asses perfect in every nuance of emotion she conveys.  HuoHuo can look not pretty at times, but then there are shoujo moments he made such crazy good use of I turn into a pile of droolzing jello.

I will shamelessly admit I am enjoying the shoujo shrilly bits.  There is not much engaging fantasy wuxia going on anyway, every one is plain lovelorn cuckoos, droolzing over hotties or for all ‘good’ dudes our cute MarySue or inanimate and poorly CG ‘magical’ objects, or dead frozen sister (who is dead because of YOU!).  Where I am at, lilBone is slapped on the head by glaring death eyebeams of silent fairy speak from fairy Purple Incense, very serious on her sidejob as the drama’s PI/private investigation that LilBone is in love with SiFu unbeknownst to herself, HOW DARE YOU (because fairy screaming is in love with her fellow prettiest manfairy for thousands of years His Holy Bai) and she told HHB lil Bone lurves him, hence cold front fraying, blushing with joy, twinkling his gorgeous WH eyes he is sorta containing the emotions that his crush is also crushing him YAY!  Alas he has a really important job of being the godly leader of the pack of useless fairywannabes/in training who would waste half the thousands of years of training just to intrude into Bai’s domain, not to do urgent deeds to him like kiss or make fairy prettybabies, but peek at Lil Bone’s birthstone just coz…miss Fairy sucks in real fighting/ knowledge of fragrances anyway with her full thousands of years of power and why not…want not waste not and be nosy or something?!?!  I make so much sense.

Girl 2, no matter played by a Jiang!Xin! will say all the stupid speeding OTP along things always per shoujo rules. They are slow enough to settle with (not even fully cognizant) crushing each other a thousand more years, not going anywhere and in the mean time, why not do something productive, on truly mastering voodoo fragrances and getting HHBai’s clothes off for good. For the good of humanity

And so HHBai has to touchyfeely the LURVE himself by feeling LilBone’s pulse.  Not taboo at all per his own ascetic fairy preaching. And all the delicious fluttering of HHBai realizing his own mortal hormones is heathy is food for my soul:

Lil Bone:  I will fess up SiFu, I have fallen in love…

HHBai (with his eyes):  OH IN LOVE WITH ….MEMEMEMEME!??!?!

Alas, Miss Bone lies through her teeth with not a lick of guilt using the poor third wheel she has been trolling along for all emergencies and said her guy is DongFong.  Free hugs here HHBai and closer to you the as willing and as craycray Lady Purple Incense

But the OTP is getting to me, even when my slashy brain is saying the obvious Bai and Sha must have a lovehate hot thing they won’t admit to going on forever. The megalo-egomaniac spared a breath not preaching (s)he is the fairest of all land ALL the time but ‘casually’ spitefully throwing out BZH is the most gorgeous man of his nest, it must have been love

I don’t see why I won’t keep watching, things annoying me have not/will not negate the gorgeous of HHBai’s face. Zanilia is very solid here, as I have said, even when Lil Gu on paper could annoy me often, seeing her face, I can’t.  So can’t HHBai, but I bet part is he is reminiscing a sweet moment NGing in CP3 and he is smirking you little thing, no one is cuter and prettier than MOI.

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