HongShi with cute snarky children will bring bestest fortune this Dragon Year!

Background:  I’m still puzzled with what sort of TV this 2-hour ShenZhen cableTV kids show is (I skipped all nonYH parts, of coz).  I think it’s catering to parents, to watch with their toddlers with the intention this is a Dora the Explorer and Diego reality show, they’ll travel to another part of CN, this episode is Beijing, thus learning things about that city.  It then morphs into a peeving me out live freak show of tigress moms, tiger dads showing off their gift fr God fluent in multiple language IQ200 smug preschoolers. Argh.

It started with a very meaningful task for our RL Dora and Diego:  Help a toddler and his lovely farmer grandpa living in a poor rural community celebrate the New Year by somehow getting train tix for the parents working in the cities who haven’t been home for years. *sniffs* To go with the BBJXPrince13 theme, they have to find 3 traditional yet in vogue things that represents Beijing, things (a Chinese yo-yo/percussion instrument, 1000 yr traditional fabric shoes and Ma Qua/traditional Qing dress clothes) YH can use for his Qing/BJ themed taping of a CF.  YH then makes a cute ‘Mama I love you’ banner with the babies and hangs it off the roof of his hotel so the Moms can come reclaim their babies.  He also commissions a revered calligrapher/ veteran actor, a colleague fr his set of MuLan for a gorgeous piece of calligraphy to be auctioned off so the tods can complete the task of raising $$$ for the baby with grandpa missing his parents. The babies do say the most fascinating, darnest things, scripted or not (I can’t decide).

This is my trans (and lots of spazzing) of the first 5 min of the vid above:
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YH, YH wherefore art thou Loverboy?

I had an awesome wkend by the lake.  Hopefully I've burnt off half the fat I've horded over Thanksgivings and make some space for the coming wks of stuffing myself.

Hope the wkend has been eventful all around! ^^

haha actually I just wanted to post this following pic, as usual, the rest is just a big o' lump of rabid fangirl blablabla.

Tell me, who wouldn't fall for a hot talented  ~30 yo actor who not only loves Totoro, but will adorn his body with ALL the Totoroes his fans just gave him while strutting a pose like he's shooting a mag spread, AND is so moved in gratitude he's asked his homie/roomie/bromanceforeverbff to snap and post this with a sincere tweet of thanks! in the middle of the night.

this is a drunk post…

A preview of HongShi ie BuBu’s own Daily Variety: We Got Married

I absolutely am above the brink of my threshold of CUTE with HongShi.  It's like they r united in tickling me to roflamo!@#%$^ nonstop and relentless and now I'm begging for them to PLEEAASSSEEE stop and just let me catch a breath while I'm gigggling to an ounce of my death.  Even if BuBu sucks stinkily, I would still be forever grateful for the new heights it brought CP fandom.

If you haven't tuned in the cutest show HongShi: We Got Married on weibo for the last 2+ years.  Last year they did a BuBuJingXin special.

Just some pretty pic highlights of the 'story' so far:

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Happy Moon Festival

One of the perks of growing old is….you keep adding things gone and yet it's not gone when you are holding it dear to your heart closer and tighter…and you know it'll stay there safe and sound and forever when u r not even aware of such a memory, a piece of pure love existed in your consciousness when u were younger, let alone it's sth this precious.

Moon festival for me is Grandma's house, a whole balcony of lanterns waiting for us to fight over. Star fruits that we'll only eat that night, tasted BLEH but totally cute, we'll poke the seeds out and do our moongazing thro the piece of star in our hand, sometimes poking out a smiley just for silly kid fun.  Mooncakes, the only kind with lotus paste and salted duck yolk inside all moonlike. Literally a hundred dishes of food.  Red candles and we spent the night lighting every one of them, in our little lanterns, on every surface.  When I watched Tangled, that's what its visual of that final scene reminded me of.

It's much older that my fond memories have faces of my family on them.   As a kid, all I care was the food and the toys and the sparkling candles, but it wouldn't be complete without my mom and my dear nanny lighting every candle for me, and putting them off when I'm tired of my rabbit lantern and I want the spaceship one, then the pagoda one….  I bet 99% of the time my eyes r fixed on the shiny pretty toy du moment, but I've secretly horded glimpses of their faces, unbeknowst to myself, lit by the candles, their eyes fixed lovingly on us kids every second.  And as the years grow, these glimpses are more and more vivid and glowing.

My nanny passes on yesterday after a long battle.  RIP my other Mommy. 🙂  I know you are in a much better, peaceful place and you will enjoy your new digs.  And no need to tell me that's you living with rabbit and a hot carpenter on Moon when I can't take my eyes off it tonight.

It's also Leslie's birthday.  Here he is serenading to 2 of his most beloved, his Mom and his OTP Mr Tong.  To the Teresa Teng's classic: The Moon Represents My Hearthttp://www.sinosplice.com/learn-chinese/the-moon-represents-my-heart

Full of warm cockles of tears?  How about a smile you can't wipe fr your face?

It's YangMi's bday!  Happy bday my fiesty girl! LSS wishes her gf a sweet happy birthday, with a note of 'Ganbette/Add Oil Us Both!!'  YM lovingly weibohugs back, 'TY my forever MeiMei/little sista, my darling! Cherish our best! LOVE<3 YOU!'  
And YH join the girlloveparty.

I do know it's shamefully greedy to wish for YangMi to be in the vicinity of WengDian for her bday.  But what I'll happily give up for a twitpic of my OT3?!!!!@!!#!5!@% *of coz greed knows no bound, that CAN be made better by a pic of my OT4 HG+YH+LSS+YM…and yes hugging and MLing in that order*

It's been 10 years and our world has been pre/post since.  RIP, In our memories, forever. Love and Peace.

aRGHHHH!! I can’t take this lvl of handsome, spare me YH!

You know, I'm getting my hands on Bubu atm.  in 19 min I'll get it on my ipad and watch it under the lunch table while I should be hosting a babyshower for a friend I've known for 20+ years *shhhhh, I feel enough guilt for my utterly shameful shallow fangirling*


[all fr weibo, sorry dear orig posters for stealing, but I'm tooo out of it]

hiding it just coz I fear too much screaming and droolzing

BuBu (or I should be honest, HONGSHI) mania just claimed my soul

Hard to see, but I'm TRYING not crazily spam and be sappysappy everytime I squee sth concerning BuBu ie HongShi.  I swear, honest, I was not that excited about Bubu the drama all along even with my HongShi in it.  Then they go ahead and sparked a wildfire in me in all their interactions in interviews, in presscon, in weibo and DARN, what is a fangirl to do?! They r ruthless and there's no escape them sweetest PDAs. this will be a LONNNGGGG wk in waiting!!

I'm one melted pool of tears, sweet tears.  I've read my fair share of romance novellas, and this is like a sweet ride with RL breathing peeps as the OTP and witnessing their sweet happy marriage at the rounding up chapter.  Yes, I can freeze frame my HongShi atm and call it a happiest ending and me beyond happy, satisfied a shipper/voyeurpeepingtom.

This needs no translation. 

YH has finished his share of taping and squatting at the side of stage, watching his SS singing.  A treat to the fans there, who snapped him really closeup, his full concentration on what else.   Then ShiShi grabbed him lovingly on stage, holding his hands, he's shy but immediately showing his fanboy#1 status and sings along, waving encouragingly.  At the end, they bow to the audience tog, still holding hands, towards each other (reminding me of the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony) and obviously SS' hand is showing blatantly how she doesn't want to let go at the end.  Shishi, I get it, you can't live without your YH, and you have to sing it looking to his eyes words of '你的笑你的好,是我温暖的依靠 (Your smiles, your goodness, is my warmest reliance…), YH vice versa for the world to see.  I applaud your guts and bravery as sweethearts in love. *tears, oh sweet tears*

!#$%^*&&%$~  What set this ship apart fr the rest for me is how this, THIS blatantly public display of marriedness comes across to me as they r already holding it back, and the very next second they may just go horizontal and kiss the bejesus (and other unmentionables) out of each other.

I had a hellish busy morning at work and it took me forever to finish the 30 min clip.  It's presh and cute and fun like all HongSHi outing, and ShinChan is uber boyman charming.  But if very short on time, jump to 23 min mark.

Shishi is making a general comment on what she wishes the audience will take fr BuBu, when she gets to the point of wishing we can all laugh, be happy…experience the heartache, pain and cry along, she can't hold it all in and gets emotional.  Immediately after her comment, she and YH exchange loving/knowing glances at each other at the exact split second only significant others can and YH snuffs her out, 'you still can't mention said scene'   HE tried mightiest to laugh it off with her, but that serious concern, achyachy let me bear ur pain in his eyes, the keep looking back at her, fake playfully finger pointing , all tender loving care, slaysslaysslayssss me.  *I counted 4…5 times he tries to smile and looks away, part can't bear to look coz it hurts him so, but yet has to out of concern for his SS crying. HELP ME!*  AND SS turns and tries to not cry in front of the camera, but only at her LaoYuan…and his so soothing, sweet, all serious and tender "沒事" 'it's nth, it's ok' to SS….. *tearshappyhappyshippertears*

OMG! HELP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! I need hugs, happy hugs!

And then Shishi tries to carry on with the convo but is tearing up too much.  Host relay the SS Q to YH, he chatters on, and did he say most memorable scenes for him….are the ones with SS, the exact ones she's tearing up about and still too paintul to talk?!?! OR AM I DREAMING THIS ALL UP?!?! *DONT WAKE ME!!*


It’s Christmas in August for HongShi Shippers

Fact concluded after careful, most thorough investigation by me via my precious weibo feed,  pages full of HongShi spazzing. *SQUEEEEEE* and YH is as happy as me! [all fr weibo, credit on pix]


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BuBuJingXin @ Happy Camp

I can't believe my eyes how GORG I find this WHOLE cast.  The ladies…I'm so jealous of any and all of their pretty!  No fair! My mom has always reminded me I fangirl Damien Lau in her womb (she was a hardcore fan) and I was the youngest fan of the ultimate melodramatic TVB hit based on a popular novel 金粉世家 (tauted as the 'new' Dreams of Red Chambers based in the 1920s).   I lapped up the later remake with ChenKun and AngelDong for old times sake. Then my new found current crush on Kevin Cheng's L.A. Law with my Ghetto Justice marathon.  And I find Prince 14/Lin Geng Xin tall, handsome, silly and so full of potential. Last, and haha can never be least my Loverboy. Most of the BuBu cast taped the popular Hunan TV variety Happy Camp, they played the angle of YH being the sisterinlaw's man, an advancement of his usual ladies' man status. Picspam! [credits on pics; fr weibo]
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A fangirly breather

I mean more gushing over the BuBu promo.

[credit: dearie fr YuanLiu baidu bar]

LSS usu is quite stiff and slightly out of her comfort zone in big events whenever she’s all dolled up, but here she’s genuinely happy and glowing, and call me a cuckoo to credit it all to the magic touch of YH holding her hands and just be in breathing distance next throughout.  I can almost picture her able to exhale at last and be at ease when her YH is by her side.  And the sweetness to the extent I’m blushing to her blushing and she only ONLY ever flirts with YH.

YH posted the pic in his weibo, can’t hold it in him fanboying how goddess-esquely gorgeous SS is.  We know LB is just RIGHT next to SS, but he have no care to include her, this is the moment his world is just the 2 of them sel-caing.  
And the usually reticent LSS flirts back she is absolutely sure Sir13 (YH) is couple times shuaier/handsomer, with a typo.  And, YH deftly corrected her, (and my Chinese is failing me, why is he calling her 13 mei/lil sis 13, it can’t be my CP shoujo fiend mind going haywire snapping this is SOOO CP and so not a slip in claiming LSS is MINE by YH!) yet nudges in an all serious, genuinely caring  message (for the world to see) wishing her (a safe trip) back to her set, in time to make the 4:30 am makeup call.  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! 

Lion cubs (the nick for fans of LSS), I know it’s a pity the pic is out focused, but bear in mind how excited YH is to see his SS, I bet his hands is shaky through the whole thing.  OTOH, I knew the pics will be blurry, I know him too well, and even if it’s perfectly sharp, I’ll be misty.  And there’s not one day, one YH tweet that goes by, that I don’t love him more, how wise and perfectly human and emotional and passionate in the face of the train tragedy earns him more fangirly godness points fr me.   And for him to can’t help but be serious at the end of a slew of weibo chattering with his TR buds on his high,  wrapping it with the note of wishing her a safe, swift trip back to her set.  Priceless.  Of the thousands of reply to that pic, a good % is asking them to get married.  I’m not sure if there’s a copycat show for We Got Married in CN, if there is one, I can’t come up with WHY HongShi is not on.

BuBuJingXin (and very tiny bit of Meteor Imperial Garden)

I’ve read more of the novel last wk.  It’s quite solidly good, internet novel or not.  It’s also the gold standard/ trendsetter for all the copycats in the Qing time travelling genre.  i’ve skimmed some other as well, but nth is close to this one.  In no way I’m saying this is some serious literature, but it’s decent.

I refused to watch more of Jade or as it should be officially called Meteor Imperial Garden because 1) on principle alone, I wanna skin that Yu thing alive.  This is as low as plagiarism and insult to the audience can get.  I’m fine w/ parody, but to scream to world this is your original screenplay is more an insult to yourself, Yu whatever ( I can’t really put ‘writer/PD’ in front of his name).  Tonnes of Cdramas r pirated copycats of this and that don’t mean it’s OKAY.  I can perfectly understand how breezily watchable and addictive this drama can be to the international audience, but as I’m fascinated with early Qing history since a kid (a successful cultural colonization I loved to parallel w/ HKG under the British rule) I find Jade aesthetically wrong, I cant get past a palace maid wearing bright yellow in front of the emperor when it’s an offense quite possibly payable by her head and then some.  (The word yellow is homophonic to the word ‘King/Emperor’ and it’s the royal color).  There are things bugging me every single scene every way I look so I had to stop when I’m not too ragey.  I won’t rip it apart too much, the C netizens have been doing a fantasic job at it and I’m enjoying their jabs way more than I should.  Even my N1 best C actor/ahjusshi hubby Chen DaoMing had make a BRILLIANT stab in a recent interview on the theme of PoS Cdramas/Cmovies and their appeal/explosive popularity. 

One thing I’m grateful for Jade Palace: giving me this, and I’m thoroughly entertained:

ROFLMAO hahahhahaha

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