This never gets old

Random twittering leads to me airing out my LoCH08 PRECIOUS clip.  I don’t really LURVE LoCH the drama this ridiculous amount as to always rambling about it, but when it’s good, it pats me comfort food/ hot chocolate GOODDDDD!

‘The Making of Yang Guo’  (how simple, brilliant and aptly titled is this lolz)

I’ll give it to them inventing new hts of public display of affections.  Couple outfits r sooooo passe.  That and getting a room, I know.

loverboy, I know u love ur Totoros as much as I do *swoon*, but a grown manly man using a Totoro handwarmer?!?  Shameless me will have a hard time donning it in public, not that I don’t want or think it’s CUTEEEE!
And Miss Liu, YH screams to the world he loves his Totoro, you’ve your  lion stuffed toys all along as your #1 fan gifts.  You r indoors, I trust toasty enough, really no need to RUB it in, holding that prized Totoro like a trophy.