Mountains and Rivers

Imagine the scene of a David against ‘three’ Goliaths.  A lowly court official having a speech of criticism for the Holy emperor, his son(the heir apparent) and his grandson, sitting regally on throne like the character for mountain “山”.  The rivers run through, even when it is insurmountable a most powerful monument dictating the trajectory every drop of water passes, but passes it will.  江山, the land the trio rules and will rule has its people, its river, soldiering on.  David 1, Goliaths 0?!  To Kill, or not to Kill.  Far from it.

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Period Beauties

 Hu Ge as Mei Changsu in 琅琊榜/Nirvana in Fire  ie HG back to being drop dead gorgeous in a idolperiod that is at least very pleasing to the eyes.  This drama actually seems very promising every step of the way from the crew attached and the cast.  Can not look away.

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