DramaLove at First Sight: Battle of ChangSha/戰長沙 ep 1

Oh my dokidokidoki shoujo heart~!  I am no longer qualified as a human being, am I?!  Here I am embracing a devastating war epic on the obliteration of Changsha, a town with thousands of years of rich history by the wrath of war, and I am knee-weakened swooning with that perpetual dimwitted mad grin on my face yet again the first moment I saw the OTP casting eyes at each other.  I can’t even look at myself without some disgust.

I can only find very poor quality vid, and that is such a peeve, such a shame on Wallace’s pretty face alone.  Argh.  This drama is not yet on ‘satellite’, hasn’t had its run on cables,  but that needs to happen SOON!  I am at ep4/32, already my eyes are swollen from crying late last night and the war has NOT yet ravaged Changsha!!!   There is no way possible I will survive this sane.   So I am going to spazz every bit of fluffy goodness out of the OTP just to hang on the good and brace for the devastation and crying out my eyeballs later.  T___T

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Battle of Changsha: Spazzing, Mood Music and Wallace Appreciation

My eyes, are still swollen, 2 days after I have finished the C drama Battle of Changsha.

I have used up all my emotions and energy marathoning this marvelous piece of work the weekend. I have stared at this screen and been asking myself: what is there to say?  All my feelings are wrung out, purged in the best way, I am not worthy and I am regretting nothing.   I have not gathered my thoughts, probably never.  In mourning and will be in a stupor for however long it takes to mend my heartbreak for a story handled with such dedication and all the characters I will love and care forever.

This exceeded my expectations every possible way, I was wishing for a decent drama to droolz at the very insanely beautiful Wallace H’s face but never thought I would literally have to put a hand over my mouth from shrieking fangirl nonsense every time he makes an entrance, futilely brushing off my tears to stare at him a bit more clearly, so emotionally invested in the story and devastation…  He is so so pretty, but I could’ve been as emotionally invested with everything else without him.  That amazing.

❤ ♡ ❤ ღGo.  WATCH. ❤ ♡ ❤ ღ

…when tolerable quality streams are out, rumored to be in June.  And a full cut.   As is, this is too terrific to settle on grainy blurs and the stupid channel broadcasting it posting spoilers right and left on screen of every next scene.  The cuts are noticeable just making me lament and craving more.

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