The Pursuit of Happiness Ep 10 Rewatch

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There is a secret he is telling her she is not ready to hear.  She has kept a secret for most of 15 years, it was no longer a secret….. realizing too late it was just never meant to be.  He was too late, he will not miss crossing the line this time.

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The Pursuit of Happiness Ep5 Rewatch

This is an episode I felt less engaged with watching the first time, but its beauty is even subtler and touches me deeper looking closer in a second try.   At first glance, plot-wise, it is crucial in laying another brick, prepping them yet again for more…Change.  Now they can appreciate rays of sunshine peeking through the shadows as slivers of hope.

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The Pursuit of Happiness Ep 4 Rewatch

Adage is Love makes us stronger.   Being in love, that is.  What about all the not quite there pining, fixation, the unrequited feels?   They sure can debilitate.  Being in love, once you get a taste…how do you let go when you do not even want to?!  How to be alone without being lonely!? How do you chase back what you want most…  desire is so overwhelming, that love, that person is something you can not see life without this very moment freshly snatched from it, it weakens your resolve, your judgment…yet it’s so understandable.  You only live once, go fight for it LL, Tiffany and JiaYi cheered on.  And LL did.

This is the episode  we can’t escape YiKang observes LeiLei as a woman…keenly.  Their development is nothing but very patiently peeling an onion layer by perfect layer.  After easing into a friendship, sharing commiserating moments as 2 human beings in similar boats, but not a hint more.  At the end of 4 is when I see the switch…is slowly turned on a slow burn at YiKang’s end.  I love this ridiculously: the getting to know each other, a minute observation by a clear observation, taking the time to appreciate each other one kind deed at a time as human beings before the business of infatuation meddling in, before the pheromones take over our brains.  For flailing to happen in an uncontrollable grandeur of sweeping off feet is…romantic and dramatic and what crack is made of, but it takes a deft firm confidence this slow simmer takes the time to make the clearest purest consomme of what an adult romance could have its full flavors developed.

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The Pursuit of Happiness Ep 3 Rewatch

Extremely screencaps heavy, guess how massive my Tony Yang picz folder is on my desktop, which is proportional to my rabidness, simple fangirl math logic.

We pick up where we left off, YiKang repairing things around LeiLei’s dwelling.  I can watch an episode of that, but this episode has so much more loveliness in store.

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Rewatching Pursuit of Happiness ep2

Oh Friday.  And I am having major TPoH withdrawals.

I hate being a rambling idiot, but I just am and too lazy to edit.   I have so much to say about TPoH, still.    This drama strives on subtlety and how it evokes emotions that only the best of actors like Sonia and Tony can showcase. This is a drama I can rewatch solely on the acting of the amazing duo alone, I am not even touching the most natural comfortable fluid evolving spot on chemistry I have ever witnessed in TWdramaland.  This is just a free streaming of my thoughts and squees and lots of half naked caps of Tony Yang.  Can’t help it.

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