Why are you perfect?! WHYYY?!

YH did a promo interview with PPTV.  I've watched it 3 times, first just droolzing at his handsome and gorg eyes and can't take in anything else.  then his soothing lovely voice. IT's the 3rd viewing that I can not be too distracted by the pretty, what he said, as always, perfect and me squuuueeeeeing.

My fandoms always collide and mesh and have been pondering on the wonders of our world haha.  I was dancing and jumping in front of phone when I saw Faye replied Loverboy's tweet just couple days ago. He's her fanboy.  I like his taste!

Then he mentioned Nicky Wu.  I'm not the hugest Little Tigers Team (his hit boy band in the early 90s) but 青蘋果樂園, the first EP/CD YH got as a boy after his mom took him to some gymboree dance playgroup and that's the song he danced to.  I can still sing it!  GEEZ

And he talked about Er Yue He *fainttttttt* I didn't grow up a history nut.  and his books on the big 3 Qing Emperors  KangXi, YongZheng, QianLong are must reads if u r remotely interested in Qing history.  have been fangirling and rolling on floor how magnificant books they are since I got hands on them. They are the pinnacle of excellent historical bios….and added fuel to my whole Qing frenzy.  *and I'll forever and ever hate that aholescum for many lifetimes who is going to rape them into pieces and pieces of dog vomit he/she calls 'dramas'*  *PUKEE*

HE SANG TOTORO SONG FOR SHISHI TO CHEER HER UP WHEN SHE POPPED A PIMPLE!!! pimple is cutely referred to as 'doudou' (ie beanie) ToToRo sounds like DouDouDragon.  Can you be more CUTTEE?!  OK, I know you can.

This needs translation, but I need to run. Later!


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BuBu (or I should be honest, HONGSHI) mania just claimed my soul

Hard to see, but I'm TRYING not crazily spam and be sappysappy everytime I squee sth concerning BuBu ie HongShi.  I swear, honest, I was not that excited about Bubu the drama all along even with my HongShi in it.  Then they go ahead and sparked a wildfire in me in all their interactions in interviews, in presscon, in weibo and DARN, what is a fangirl to do?! They r ruthless and there's no escape them sweetest PDAs. this will be a LONNNGGGG wk in waiting!!

I'm one melted pool of tears, sweet tears.  I've read my fair share of romance novellas, and this is like a sweet ride with RL breathing peeps as the OTP and witnessing their sweet happy marriage at the rounding up chapter.  Yes, I can freeze frame my HongShi atm and call it a happiest ending and me beyond happy, satisfied a shipper/voyeurpeepingtom.

This needs no translation. 

YH has finished his share of taping and squatting at the side of stage, watching his SS singing.  A treat to the fans there, who snapped him really closeup, his full concentration on what else.   Then ShiShi grabbed him lovingly on stage, holding his hands, he's shy but immediately showing his fanboy#1 status and sings along, waving encouragingly.  At the end, they bow to the audience tog, still holding hands, towards each other (reminding me of the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony) and obviously SS' hand is showing blatantly how she doesn't want to let go at the end.  Shishi, I get it, you can't live without your YH, and you have to sing it looking to his eyes words of '你的笑你的好,是我温暖的依靠 (Your smiles, your goodness, is my warmest reliance…), YH vice versa for the world to see.  I applaud your guts and bravery as sweethearts in love. *tears, oh sweet tears*

!#$%^*&&%$~  What set this ship apart fr the rest for me is how this, THIS blatantly public display of marriedness comes across to me as they r already holding it back, and the very next second they may just go horizontal and kiss the bejesus (and other unmentionables) out of each other.

I had a hellish busy morning at work and it took me forever to finish the 30 min clip.  It's presh and cute and fun like all HongSHi outing, and ShinChan is uber boyman charming.  But if very short on time, jump to 23 min mark.

Shishi is making a general comment on what she wishes the audience will take fr BuBu, when she gets to the point of wishing we can all laugh, be happy…experience the heartache, pain and cry along, she can't hold it all in and gets emotional.  Immediately after her comment, she and YH exchange loving/knowing glances at each other at the exact split second only significant others can and YH snuffs her out, 'you still can't mention said scene'   HE tried mightiest to laugh it off with her, but that serious concern, achyachy let me bear ur pain in his eyes, the keep looking back at her, fake playfully finger pointing , all tender loving care, slaysslaysslayssss me.  *I counted 4…5 times he tries to smile and looks away, part can't bear to look coz it hurts him so, but yet has to out of concern for his SS crying. HELP ME!*  AND SS turns and tries to not cry in front of the camera, but only at her LaoYuan…and his so soothing, sweet, all serious and tender "沒事" 'it's nth, it's ok' to SS….. *tearshappyhappyshippertears*

OMG! HELP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! I need hugs, happy hugs!

And then Shishi tries to carry on with the convo but is tearing up too much.  Host relay the SS Q to YH, he chatters on, and did he say most memorable scenes for him….are the ones with SS, the exact ones she's tearing up about and still too paintul to talk?!?! OR AM I DREAMING THIS ALL UP?!?! *DONT WAKE ME!!*


Yuan Hong, be mine!

I’m sold sold sold, gonegoneGONE seconds in, seeing him cook, I can tell fr how much I envy his knife work of a true chef.  Then he has to be in a tight wetsuit as a lifeguard, loonie captain, farmer of cute sheep and piggies, what else?!  Sorry my brain snapped.

July 25th-29th.  His travelogue in Aussie cosplaying.   I’m allowed to be hyper and jumping off walls and not calm for 2 short weeks.  My fav kind of  cardio.

These new stills of his Prince 13 @ Bubu is the death of me.   He’s constantly voted as one who can rock the Qing half bald braided do, but when the braid is down, it’s a whole diff beast.  Leave it to Loverboy to still flutter my heart:

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Loverboy is screaming at me for a HUGE silly shippery post XD

It’s not like I’m shameless (ok I fess up I’m) and love minding business of no concern of mine (Really I swear I have no shipper bone in me).  But constant dropping breaks a stone.  I’m the stone, Yuan Hong and Liu ShiShi are clearly the cutest droplets to come flirting and winking at each other in front of the world in Weibo.

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BuBuJingXin (and very tiny bit of Meteor Imperial Garden)

I’ve read more of the novel last wk.  It’s quite solidly good, internet novel or not.  It’s also the gold standard/ trendsetter for all the copycats in the Qing time travelling genre.  i’ve skimmed some other as well, but nth is close to this one.  In no way I’m saying this is some serious literature, but it’s decent.

I refused to watch more of Jade or as it should be officially called Meteor Imperial Garden because 1) on principle alone, I wanna skin that Yu thing alive.  This is as low as plagiarism and insult to the audience can get.  I’m fine w/ parody, but to scream to world this is your original screenplay is more an insult to yourself, Yu whatever ( I can’t really put ‘writer/PD’ in front of his name).  Tonnes of Cdramas r pirated copycats of this and that don’t mean it’s OKAY.  I can perfectly understand how breezily watchable and addictive this drama can be to the international audience, but as I’m fascinated with early Qing history since a kid (a successful cultural colonization I loved to parallel w/ HKG under the British rule) I find Jade aesthetically wrong, I cant get past a palace maid wearing bright yellow in front of the emperor when it’s an offense quite possibly payable by her head and then some.  (The word yellow is homophonic to the word ‘King/Emperor’ and it’s the royal color).  There are things bugging me every single scene every way I look so I had to stop when I’m not too ragey.  I won’t rip it apart too much, the C netizens have been doing a fantasic job at it and I’m enjoying their jabs way more than I should.  Even my N1 best C actor/ahjusshi hubby Chen DaoMing had make a BRILLIANT stab in a recent interview on the theme of PoS Cdramas/Cmovies and their appeal/explosive popularity. 

One thing I’m grateful for Jade Palace: giving me this, and I’m thoroughly entertained:

ROFLMAO hahahhahaha

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This never gets old

Random twittering leads to me airing out my LoCH08 PRECIOUS clip.  I don’t really LURVE LoCH the drama this ridiculous amount as to always rambling about it, but when it’s good, it pats me comfort food/ hot chocolate GOODDDDD!

‘The Making of Yang Guo’  (how simple, brilliant and aptly titled is this lolz)

I’ll give it to them inventing new hts of public display of affections.  Couple outfits r sooooo passe.  That and getting a room, I know.

loverboy, I know u love ur Totoros as much as I do *swoon*, but a grown manly man using a Totoro handwarmer?!?  Shameless me will have a hard time donning it in public, not that I don’t want or think it’s CUTEEEE!
And Miss Liu, YH screams to the world he loves his Totoro, you’ve your  lion stuffed toys all along as your #1 fan gifts.  You r indoors, I trust toasty enough, really no need to RUB it in, holding that prized Totoro like a trophy.