Yuan Hong May/June Updates

If you haven’t done your Yuan Hong fangirl duties last month, shame on you, and I did not withhold precious information just because I am selfish.

But rather, should anyone post a dozen nikkid torso of Loverboy?!  Well, there is always a purpose for me in this world.   XD

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Hua Xu Yin Field Day

The press was invited to visit the set, interview the leads for the day.   I was jumping up and down with my laptop as I click on pic after gorgeous pic, listening to a clip recorded on the set of Loverboy’s own cute voice delivering his lines (hahaha it’s rare, and I bet he won’t be dubbing his own lines in the final product, but I can’t stop guffawing at his too cute voice! muahahaha), or a clip of him not missing a second munching on snacks.  Then I went on gagaing about my dream OTP JX and YH looking soooooooooo kickass perfect together I’m weeping.   Then, some annoying news sent me off really to a crying fit.

First, the good, a gorgeous picspam (credit on pics; thanks to original posters):

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