Done with Love Contract. Speechless.


OMFGWTFBBQ what’s up with that ending couple eps?!?!?!?!??!  I watched the beach scene 3 freaking times in utter daze/disbelief/bewilderment and this is coming fr someone unspoiled yet totally expecting peeps will ….stop breathing.   I don’t care how explainable they choose to ‘do it’, I’ve started swearing with the whole accident+vegetative state, no surprise. So NOT WANT!  Since I skipped all the extraneous characters fr the get go, my impression of drama has been a crude homage an Adachi shonen with heart.  WHY the Uturn of OTT ridiculous makjang?!?!  The reveal of that stupid contract, I can live with, but I thought it’s blown up to proportions after her initial very understandable flipping outburst.  I have so much faith in my damaged yet WORKING ON IT babies to overcome that of all things and live somewhat happily everafter hotly licking each others wounds.  IS this designed  for edge of seat shock?!  :/  coz instead of being shocked, it completely lost me.

I’m always against suicides in the name of love in dramas.  You r alive, one live for oneself anyways, u have other peeps and relationships in your life, taking ur own life u r robbing  precious chunks of intangible existence fr those around u, even for a drama character, me v batty.  A case when I stop judging is with sufferer of severe mental disorders. IF instead of an abrupt 360 I got Ken totally losing it and gone batshit hammered me to acceptance eps prior,  I’ll stomp on my heart and be in excruciating pain and crying my eyes out.  But as is, I DONT FEEL A FRELLING THING for them!  Except I’ve lost these characters I’ve grown to care for somewhere in some WTFery blackhole of writing/directing.  This is snapping me out this drama watching experience, a rude awakening.  I don’t know those 2 walking towards the ocean.  I don’t know and don’t want to hurt my brain of why the ‘happy’ note, friends in toll, in the ending scene. 

Ken!  O MY KEN!! You were this lone little puppy licking ur own wounds all along and totally functional with ur own passions in life and I’m so rooting for you to not let any ANY shit kneel you.  (and bravo Mike, gosh the mourning of Mom had me sobbing all messily and I still have his wailing haunting me to tears *SOB*) And Xiao Feng!! Really my intractable girlfriend with a self-aware fragility, you REALLY approve of THAT esp consciously (as conscious as someone in a coma) knowing your Ken REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVES YOU!!!>??!  I dunno, I’m, along with all of mankind, so not ok with ppl I love dying….particularly if I’m the cause.

Up till 20, the drama on a whole was flawed but with some very endearing lovely things going on with the OTP.   Totally my thing and it’s absolutely not for naught in time spent.  All I know is if I’ve stopped right before the beach scene this will still be in my Like (with some buts) pile.

Since I watched it for Mike fangirling, LC is a revelation.  Mike is clearly a sufferer of being too pretty it hurts(his career).  And I’m sorry I did judge him by his superficial gorgeousness and nth else.  He can always do nuance, he can breathe life into a realistic character.  He’s awesome in subtler wordless scenes.  I saw a very early, green Leslie Cheung in his Ken.  What if he’s allowed to build on this earnest role and just act, his style?!  Or be in sth like B&W or Kenting much earlier on?!