Yuan Hong Has Arrived…

…at Beijing, for the premiere of his first movie work.  He has also ARRIVED to mainstream fame, that is, according to the cool redbeanies.  And nope, it is not snatching a bona fide runaway box office/rating hit, one where he is majorly responsible and is praised every way deservingly so, nor I think he earned an obscenely huge paycheck for anything to boot.  But he has made his name earning an unique tagline of #袁弘滚出娱乐圈# ie #so and so get out of showbiz!#: the viral tag usually reserved for yuma and his associates like YuanShanShan, Zhao LiYing, Michelle Chen…the likes, but now my Loverboy calls dibs in that notorious league and it has nothing to do with yuma!  Hip Hip Hooray!?!

I swear I love the red beans aka YH’s fans more than Loverboy himself.  Or I should put it mildly if not for them, with my attention span of a goldfish, I could not have stayed on this crazy bandwagon.

It all begins with his very first stint in a movie EVER:  Chilling Cosplay/制服 had its premiere last night.

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Friday Pretty Post

Remember the Young and Dangerous franchise?! I’m not talking about…

…’18 year olds’ zipping across ends of greater LA in a red M not getting a ticket, nor staying the night at the hugeass house 5 minutes from Highway 1 by sportscar, an hour by foot or 10 seconds jumping off the stairs, the glass, rolling into the Pacific (escape plans, we need some) of a single rich boy you think is a Mr White who is into STARING and permanent fuchsia lipstains  (or is color tattoo’d on?!?!?   is he the MalibuKenHeisenberg of fuchsia meth? ) whom you’ve met for 5 minutes in total over several fateful bumping and have an itch to peek his morning shower hair makeup routine to get to know his deep thoughts…

…but the HK 90s franchise that made stars out of the collective bunch of now 40+ uncles:

I am not a fan of any one of them, but collectively?!  Damn was it a nostalgic fun ride.

And yes, I have a few words on a certain K drama.

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