Star Gazing at the Golden Horse

I am still pinching myself, ALL my favorite stars are there, almost.  My favs, in their most glamorous, through my childhood to a teen to a grown fangirl to now a Dama in one room.  Well, even if Zhou Xun is busy filming Red Sorghum, she should be here and now I winced not able to see what magic she can pull and dazzle in THIS company.

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The 50th Golden Horse

Did I spend hours watching every single clip Golden Horse let out of the treasures of the industry in celebration of its 50th birthday?!  Betcha.  I can see so many of my beloved at the Award ceremony in a few days.  Happy fangirl is happy!!!

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I laid in bed for 5 hours, in a semi-consciousness.  I think I’ve slept, but my mind is restless.  All because I saw Life of Pi, must babble a bit before I start my day!

It is one of the most thought provoking book/fable I’ve read.  I’ve been hesitant to watch the movie because I’m a wimp but more so, even though I have faith in Ang Lee who is a genius at visual poetry…my faith runs as deep as he is the only choice who can even tackle the material, in 3D, without me crying banshee, I am more than skeptical this is ever translatable to film.  I am bored to tears watching Castaway.  The book is not an easy read.  It seems full of hope and whimsy and all encompassing love and passion for life swarming me with warmth and hope, yet the longer I thought about it, there is the brutally honest discussion of mankind and faith, rational and irrational, a lingering chill I can’t shake all in one.  And I started questioning a lot of what is real or not of what I’ve read.  It’s exactly this unease that the movie is brilliant, there are scenes because it’s 3D I’m involuntarily reacting to, so engaging it can not be doubt as unreal, yet the cinematography intentionally gloss an eerily ornate sheen of lush magic on it.

I think this is Ang Lee’s greatest achievement.  If he ever surpasses this, that would be a masterpiece for ages and forever.  However, this is not my favorite movie of him (that would be Lust, Caution).  This is an exhausting watch, but I’m shocked still with the reaction of 2 of my companions not feeling much about it other than it’s stupendous to look at.  Maybe this is his most demanding movie for the audience.  Yes, it can be enjoyed at face value, the stunning visual technicality may have surpassed Avatar but the overtly careful pace lost my friends who have not read the book.  Mr Lee is not interested in entertaining here, he’s into masterful storytelling.  Perhaps it’s crucial to read the book thoroughly and form your opinion before watching the movie experiencing Mr. Lee’s interpretation, or what he and scriptwriter have provided you to interpret because he didn’t serve his views on a convenient platter, he presented it most respectfully, meticulously as it should, filled with his most subtle of thoughts in every line used, every scenery shown, yet so subtle it’s almost impossible to grasp while watching the movie first hand…I didn’t.  So the movie experience itself is not as engrossing as I had hoped, and also the visual is sooooooo stunning it’s all encompassing, so dazzling you are in awe appreciating the stimulus can’t spare much capacity internalizing the scene.   It’s not till I’ve close my eyes, about to black out thinking about a few vague and beguiling scenes that had my head spinning since.

Ang Lee is a genius.  That’s all I’m concluding.  I’m still figuring out the ending and I’m flipping this way or that forever with endless interpretations and I can’t make up my mind…I think I’m leaning towards one but it’s disturbing me to no end…that’s not what I ‘believe’ reading the book.  I think the morale of the story is we choose to believe what will project a better world regardless of the reasoning and reality, and that in essence is the make-up of faith.