Reply 1997 11, 12

In which relationships get more complicated…as in we need to put a definition on it and brace for the bumps.   And things are given away as token of feelings:  hand, rings, coffees, an angsty heart, a red tie and care boxes and packages placed in the upper compartment by a Dad.

I teared up whenever Mom and Dad are on, even when they are being their hilarious selves measuring out SW’s soon to be vacated room, I cried.  Like every Dad, he’ll try to appear normal with their bickering chatter but…gahhh!  I lost it with the bus scene.  T__T HOW do parents let go and send off their child to the known dangerous world?  How did my folks do it?  Especially when all the child is equipped with is the enormous ignorance of all the lurking dangers around every darker corner?  But I guess it is like when our parents witness us taking our first step on our own, all giggly and with the confidence of the world on our little chubby feet….until we fall and wail at the top of our baby lungs.   And even as a small child, we took a mental note, after a few booboos, reddened faces and abundant of tears for show.   The next step will be with a cautiousness not yet known prior, we learned.  Yet we’ll never be that baby who will take the most joyous step without abandonment.

More rambling thoughts and spoilers:

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I have not seen Reply 1997 11, 12

…and I’m about to do my cell under conference table maneuver watching it mute while doing The acting job of my life nodding and be smart and attentive to my boss.

I’ve seen the awesome MV and bts vids, dled the song All For You …NOT helping a thing sating my appetite!!!

I’m not sure what the original source was,  I leeched it off weibo, so read it with a grain of salt or our rose-tinted glasses.

It’s a tidbit of writer Kim that is exactly what is screaming at me watching last few episodes especially.   SW is modeled after writer Kim’s exactly.  She was the most rabid TonyAn fangirl in highschool, nicked Mrs. An.   She had sobbed and wished upon the stars to meet her Oppa at Tony’s doorstep.  Many scenes experienced by SW were exactly scenes out of writer’s life.   That is why the script is so terrifically real esp for HOT’s fans back then.  The fan raincoats, the banners…are writer Kim’s personal collectables when she’s a Fanclub member, she even went to the extreme of asking for fangoods from friends to fill up every corner of AM1997.
I think the following caps are spoilerish.  I’m tiding myself over with subtle spoilerpics I know nth about the context nor the captions/lines.  I’m just gonna stare at them and wander off in AM1997 lalaland.  Don’t spoil more if you know the exact scene and what’s going on! 😉

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My Drama Plate

It’s truly a jumble.

Answer Me/Reply 1997 (of course)

This is the show captivating me atm.  Almost perfectly written……IF the whole who’s the daddy dragged on a minute longer, I would be slightly batty, but once the cutest baby samoyed appears, ALL (as in a tiny restlessness in my seat, tiny… is forgotten).  Just to add that cutest white tiny furball is always around the vicinity of YJ, JH, SiWon, SW’s dad and mom, all in all my favorite characters on my screen.  Every detail is written with a lot of TLC, directed with a precision to come across effortlessly real, we can sit back, all the heavy-lifting done, and enjoy a lovely trip with the characters down memory lane, guaranteed.  There is always a scene or two more perfect than I can expect, it can be a little VO here or there, a look ever so subtle and real, or SW+SW’s dad exchanging a quip or 2, or the earth-shattering all-consuming fandom through the lens of an 17/18 yo.  I’ve never seen the solidly good veteran Sung DongIl as absolutely terrific.  And it’s a treat most of his scene he’s bouncing off the other 2 most outstanding actors in a truly well-acted drama, Lee IlHwa (Mom) and the most pleasant surprise of all: EunJi.  I know nth of AMiss, but if I have a vote, please keep acting in good stuff big or small, we can find another idolpopstarlet easy, but this amount of natural acting talent, I can’t rem when anyone has come close for a long while.  Clearly a natural, I’ve never seen a newb so seamless in front of the camera.  I’m sworn in as a fan, if she’s in anything decent in the future, MUST WATCH!

It’s not I don’t have a character I don’t really care about (TW), or plot that’s not too interesting to me (again involving TW), but it fits in the great big picture of the Drama and I’m appreciative of it.

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