Meanie Me Tuesday: I’ve suffered the trailer of King LanLing

This is starting today.  I guess most have seen the super spoilerish trailer: King LanLing 40+ min Final Trailer

I do not understand the Cdramaland habit of throwing these super long, haphazardly thrown together, spoiling every twist of the ENTIRE drama till the very end monstrosities.  IT is draggy, there are speeches, and if the trailer needs Ffing and this trite and predictable, Why should I spend 40 hrs watching the drama now completely spoiled?!?!?!?  I can ignore the music,  it’s a Cdrama what can I say…but they did something new:  insert the most so bored it is hilarious grandma monotonous voiceover of Very Important His-to-ry,  what grandma voice said in a dead pan is obviously serious shit:

[be warned this is spoiling the ENTIRE drama]

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My Fav BTS fanvid EVER

‘Shooting Eagle: Love’

*excuse me while I go cry my eyes out over the lovely cutest 4some*

I bet most of us who’ve watched the drama have seen this numerous times, and don’t tell me whenever you see this popping up somewhere, you won’t drop everything you are doing and watch and tear up and miss these babies soo sooo terribly it hurts.  It is too much.  T___________T *rewatchx10*

This is a new terrifically made BTS/recap/docu by LSS’ fans:

We all know LOCH08 was nowhere close to perfection, but things were done with soo much heart and earnest you are not human if you do not have a soft spot for it and rem all the goodness very fondly.  Seeing pieces of it after a while, it actually looks much better than the constant stream of crap we’ve been put through during the time transpired.  *le sigh*  Good old days indeed.

A little gossipy vent concerning Ariel *hug*


As if I need any EXTRA reason to hate TangRen's LB Karen whatsherface.  It's one thing for rumors on personal relationship to be gossiped by the tabloids, but another ballpark when an insider in her position butts in a 'concerned' tweet on the matter but in fact is a stupid vague confirmation without Ariel's consent.  I doubt she's even chatted with Ariel.   If she's really a friend with any genuine concern for Ariel, shut it and send her regards all privately, she's been using weibo for ads and press and sel-caingall along….now the press has more proof to hound Ariel just coz she has THE stupidest horrible 'friend' she's worked with. 

I'm venting on the gossip of Ariel's on the verge of breakup with her RL serious steady boyfriend due to her hot scenes in ITWY.  I'm still watching ITWY, but it is freefalling into its own shitty pretentious hole latest 2 eps in plot and character developments and acting and directing…everything EXC Bolin's DaRen.  I don't really mind his character, flaws andall and his understated acting is such a cool welcomed breeze leagues above the rest in this stinky mess.

I didn't even give it another blink on the gossip nor read the details since it's none of all our freaken business.  If it's true, I'll send my own virtual hugs to our Ariel, but I doubt if she's going through sth as difficult and as private as she is to really let anything out for grabs as tabloid fodder.  I choose to think this is more ITWY's promo stints

AND if I know Ariel personally, no way am I going to a place as public as weibo to hint on it and 'lend my support' the tactless spin as LadyBitch. Either give out a direct genuine hug, don't write sth silly on the character HuangRong faking as some meaningful thought provoking crap hinting on Ariel's relationship. GEEZ, if there's a being with braincells of negative human  function, LB's the textbook case.

Why there is a roaring YangTze river btn Me and YC : HUGE TWYL3 picspam rant

your_insomnia, you ask why and here I'm, case in point.  This is all ep3, the not really plotty parts, the really hell breaks loose is more so in ep 4, <5<< 6<<<7. Traumatized.

Frankly, up till ep2, I get where YouChing and the drama going. I just don't care for what I'm seeing. This ep on, I'm offended.

picspam! RANT!!!

In Time With You: As if I need more proof I’m a heterosexual

*SIGH*  I hate to be so weird, but I don't like it, and it makes me doubletriple sad I think Ariel is not the best fit and performing the worst out of the cast.  I can't engage coz I don't feel it's organic when typically this type of drama is absolutely my thing…and *SSIGH* tbh, I feel the drama veers towards pretentiousness and everything is too scripted/forced.  Some speeches r too preachy, sappy and hammering too hard the point for me, and I wander off.  I tried very hard to love it and not nitpick, but I just can't lie to myself.  It's very clear and well thought out every step of way what we audience should feel for every line and every scene,  it's full of dedication and hard work, but tried as I might , as hard as the drama and Ariel are trying tooooooooo hard to sell it to me, it fails to click with me.   As far as hitting the big 3-0 dramaladies r concerned this feels so much like DalJa (bugged me at the first sight, scared me running after couple eps with the pretentiousness every second of it) vs KimSamSoon (my forever dramaBFF)

I don't need to have my heroines likeable, I love them more being flawed and ordinary (case in point, KSS), but Ariel is giving me the thought I've overrated her as an actress, and every additional scene in ITWY, I can't shake it off.  She's exaggerating every emotion and it snaps me out believing any of the dilemma the BIGDEAL 3-0 entails as real as the issues at play should be.  That and also she's still much more convincing playing a highschooler or in college than her real age. Unless her character has multiple personalities, how she's switching fr being this (we're told) feisty middle management lady to one with an IQ and EQ of an entitled princess-complexed 16 yo, affected, provoked and acting out by a youngling chatting her hearts out in an elevator (which frankly is not most polite but really not outrageously offensive, I cringed at finding Ariel the offensive/rude/bratty/overboard one), silly but harmless friendly emails and making a big deal out of every tiny thing.  I just felt her characterization disjointed and all over the place without being better laid-out. So yes, her character annoys me unintentionally, but not so much I'm 'amused'.  Ariel is extremely competent in role playing characters remote from reality (wuxia, period fantasy, manga…) but for sth a bit more slice of life, she's bugging me to no end with how aware and conscious of her 'acting', it may work in a play, but NOT for TV, not this drama at least.  I felt every bit of her overacting and her character feels like in a constant make believe she's trying hard to convince even herself but even she is wavering when saying every word and acting out every expression.  She's been in lousier productions, way more out of this world characters, but here for a character that is typical, she made it caricature.  The OTT is so jarring esp when she's with Bolin, who is pinch perfect AWESOME. Objectively his character is of course so much more likable a doting loyal puppy, the caring BFF in love with our heroine, but still, it's to his credit he didn't overdo it to boring.  His character feels natural and real to me, I just don't get what he really sees in Ariel's character esp when she's shoving him away at the most appropriate hinting.

And I dun really care for the MarySue-ing with the 25yo looking12 cutie smittened at first sight with Ariel.  OK, I'm 2 eps in, he's definitely batting for the other team if this is RL or up to some slysly manipulating game if this is HKdrama.   I'm just not buying.

So LONG ranty rant aside, I've watched 2 eps.  This is odd when I've been rolling eyes/ things not clicking fr the get go.  WHy?!  Bolin Chen.  Every time he's on my screen since he's been in the biz, my eyes r drawn to him….he gives me that exact enigmatic boyish charm of a VERY young not as perfectly pretty Takeshi…who is so natural on screen…so so natural.  

I've never seen him showing his seams as an actor, even if everything is not up to his par round in the production.  No exception here.  And mesooosad esp when Ariel is coming across (to me) very hammycampy.

I'm still watching, but solely for Bolin and these gifs:

I know drama will get 'better', it's the opposite of bad,  it may very well deservingly be a crowd and critics' fav……just not mine. 😦

It doesn't help every time I felt a bit bored watching ITWY….I have to stop myself being a silly bad addict rewatching OfficeGirl11.  This gif helps, 'Yes, I'll listen to all ur orders, officer!'

This is just some fangirl gushing of OG: it is so perfectly sweet a slice of Tiramisu for unwinding.  IF not for OG, I would think I'm hitting premenopause way too early, being cranky at everything I've seen.  (even DowntonAbbey, my most dependable engaging show,  has annoying plots happening, Homeland is also losing a bit of intrigue and this early.. both r a bit too soap opera-ish, I'm not feeling TPM 2 eps in, a case of not in the mood)  OG, OTOH,` It's been the longest time I've been loling fr the bottom of my heart, thoroughly entertained then squealing and squeeing at the ridiculous cuteness of our OTP it makes me weep so sated.  And as gorgeous as Roy has always been in my eyes, hisZX belongs with hisXR. And amidst the fluffy goodness, it's apparent Alice Ke is so freaking talented she's bringing so much nuance and realness to her character, it's really a delight seeing the proper movie acting training at work in an idol drama.  I actually love this stage of the OTP the most, when both of them has some realization of their tangled up feelings, air is zapping, breathing is difficult all around for them and us, yet they r not yet official.  I love those uncontrollable butterflies in tummy moments <3333333  It's not the same once it's 'settled' , the security takes away a bit of that edge of jitters.  Ah….to be kids falling in love again!

Done with Love Contract. Speechless.


OMFGWTFBBQ what’s up with that ending couple eps?!?!?!?!??!  I watched the beach scene 3 freaking times in utter daze/disbelief/bewilderment and this is coming fr someone unspoiled yet totally expecting peeps will ….stop breathing.   I don’t care how explainable they choose to ‘do it’, I’ve started swearing with the whole accident+vegetative state, no surprise. So NOT WANT!  Since I skipped all the extraneous characters fr the get go, my impression of drama has been a crude homage an Adachi shonen with heart.  WHY the Uturn of OTT ridiculous makjang?!?!  The reveal of that stupid contract, I can live with, but I thought it’s blown up to proportions after her initial very understandable flipping outburst.  I have so much faith in my damaged yet WORKING ON IT babies to overcome that of all things and live somewhat happily everafter hotly licking each others wounds.  IS this designed  for edge of seat shock?!  :/  coz instead of being shocked, it completely lost me.

I’m always against suicides in the name of love in dramas.  You r alive, one live for oneself anyways, u have other peeps and relationships in your life, taking ur own life u r robbing  precious chunks of intangible existence fr those around u, even for a drama character, me v batty.  A case when I stop judging is with sufferer of severe mental disorders. IF instead of an abrupt 360 I got Ken totally losing it and gone batshit hammered me to acceptance eps prior,  I’ll stomp on my heart and be in excruciating pain and crying my eyes out.  But as is, I DONT FEEL A FRELLING THING for them!  Except I’ve lost these characters I’ve grown to care for somewhere in some WTFery blackhole of writing/directing.  This is snapping me out this drama watching experience, a rude awakening.  I don’t know those 2 walking towards the ocean.  I don’t know and don’t want to hurt my brain of why the ‘happy’ note, friends in toll, in the ending scene. 

Ken!  O MY KEN!! You were this lone little puppy licking ur own wounds all along and totally functional with ur own passions in life and I’m so rooting for you to not let any ANY shit kneel you.  (and bravo Mike, gosh the mourning of Mom had me sobbing all messily and I still have his wailing haunting me to tears *SOB*) And Xiao Feng!! Really my intractable girlfriend with a self-aware fragility, you REALLY approve of THAT esp consciously (as conscious as someone in a coma) knowing your Ken REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVES YOU!!!>??!  I dunno, I’m, along with all of mankind, so not ok with ppl I love dying….particularly if I’m the cause.

Up till 20, the drama on a whole was flawed but with some very endearing lovely things going on with the OTP.   Totally my thing and it’s absolutely not for naught in time spent.  All I know is if I’ve stopped right before the beach scene this will still be in my Like (with some buts) pile.

Since I watched it for Mike fangirling, LC is a revelation.  Mike is clearly a sufferer of being too pretty it hurts(his career).  And I’m sorry I did judge him by his superficial gorgeousness and nth else.  He can always do nuance, he can breathe life into a realistic character.  He’s awesome in subtler wordless scenes.  I saw a very early, green Leslie Cheung in his Ken.  What if he’s allowed to build on this earnest role and just act, his style?!  Or be in sth like B&W or Kenting much earlier on?!