Now listening: Red Dust Inn

Jay Chou maybe repeating himself since forever, but I’m a sucker for his ‘wuxiapop’.   Jay is still the reigning, no contest King of Mandopop, needless to say his new MV Hong Chen Ke Zhan 紅塵客棧 is a HUGE deal.  I’ll be looping it till I’m sick of it, like I always do a Jay MV:

It’s quite horribly acted, but it’s for an MV, so we can’t be too nitpicky.  The pretty girl is TR’s Gu Li Na Zha, her ethnicity is Uyghur, so it’s a nice surprise she can carry the period/wuxia garb, but alas, she can’t act.  The hero is forgettably fug.  The white horse can act better than the 2 of them combined, but the wuxia is AMAZING, the splattering of blood too.  It’s just pretty (scenery), pretty (action), pretty (Gu Li), pretty (Jay’s ARMS)

And it takes no time for the super talented MagicBlade fandom to make an ever better MV with their OTP RedLeaf (Wallace and Baron).  It is utterly amazing and romantically slashy, saving anyone not knowing a thing about MagicBlade the misery of laboring through that PoS.