The Battle of Changsha Watch Along ep10

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This is one of my top3 favorite BoC episodes. YangZi is absolutely excellent enslaving my emotions inasmuch i could have ESP as her twin, feeling her exact debilitating heartache, crying tears in sync, eyerolling nonstop at BiL being insufferably hilarious.  So is Ren ChingWei, our newly crowned netizen’s favorite national BiL at weibo.  This is the episode I cried hard and giggled harder.  I grabbed close to 500 caps and tried picking and choosing and have given up. Major picspam.

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The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep1

Impromptu happy surprise, visiting my fam as a zombie.  I am shooting out my ramblings in bullets as I gobbled up the episodes , no caps, I have no energy left from squeeing y u so fine WH!!! You know WH is at his finest here, everyone else, all fam now after my first watch, is bringing me to happy familiar tears on my screen, so just droolz on the drama properly.

Gu: You are so interesting.

I did an ep 1 spazz here.  I know not everyone enjoys watching a drama with a ridiculously good looking hero in WH at his most ridiculous gorgeousness in a killer uniform.  Not every girl cares to watch a good young role model, feisty little pepper with chubby cheeks and cute dimps, eyes always rolling in mischief and better things, being a 16 year old clever brat and fantasizing reliving the days of being a highschooler with an OTP of WH and giving him a darnedest earful and he would find you very interesting memorizing your every word.  Not everyone reading my blog is a shoujo fiend who will gaga over the best of heart-fluttering fluff, afterall.  Again I guess it is very odd we care about watching a war epic with no filler scenes, no manipulative platitudes just to wrung out emotions, one can not care about the ease and satisfaction of writing up a good grasp of every character in a few lines, the family dynamics over a 10 min short dinner scene, perfectly directed, within the first 45 mins, on top of there are bombs flying, good, horrific succinct cinematography, nothing indulgent: plot grounding the fluff, fluff lightening up the weighty miasma of war.  Some can not care about food for thought, existential philosophies, with our respected professor dad covering that turf quipping ignorant snarks all Marie Antoinette at BiL.  One can be bored at smartassery at its finest in the walking godfather of StreetSmarts ChangSha 30s edition: Brother in Law in his every charming badass word and suave.  Oh and the OTP hits a few of tried and true shoujo tropes off their first eyefuls, first minutes of show…not 5, 10 eps later like we r used to.  We have OTP goodness EVERY EPISODE but that may not be every dramafiend’s thing.  Rest of the episode, good solid storytelling, again who cares, right!? So yeah, there would be peeps not interested in this drama. I just do not know you.  XDDD Continue reading “The Battle of ChangSha Watch Along ep1”