Cdramaland Rumormill and Upcomings

1.  Andy Lau is confirmed by Derek Tsang he’s attached to a TVB drama. Andy is now working on the writing and preproduction.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not a fan of the moviestar Andy Lau,  but the TV idol Andy in the 80s?! *WANT!*

2.  Derek is also enticing Chow Yun Fat for a return to the small screen.

@__@  tbh, I’d rather see CYF doing sth he enjoys than selling out in one PoS blockbuster extravaganza after another.  So a big Fat yes/maybe?

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TVB awards

The 2 big winners of the night.

This awards show started 1997.  I've never watched it, I don't care for award shows in general, I like what I like and can care less about the rest.  All I rem for the first one, my (still) fav Old Time Buddy was the big winner.   This year, I like 2 TVB dramas (3 if counting When Heaven Burns) and I'm surprised I can predict every single of the winners given how little I've seen.

It's such a relief to see Kevin holding the best actor awards in his hands (and lovingly teased by Sheren Tang).  He's my vote and imo most deserving but that's exactly the opposite how TVB awards work.  I'm not sure how KC bargained his win, but he must have had signed some slavery contract we'll know later on.  Lives of Omission is a well deserving Best TVB Drama.  Producer/Director Chik's fanclub has very snarky words to say on how unfair TVB is, airing When Heaven Burns just past the deadline for any awards contention.  WHB is the talk of the town but it's nicked a 'cult' drama whatever it means in TVB/HK lingo.

Myolie, I'm all for her to win for her job in Ghetto Justice, but for what she did in that PoS Curse of the Royal Harem?!  NOOOOO!!! That shiteous horreur makes Goong a watchable delight in my eyes.  The drama is crap, her acting, crappier.   But she's clearly very well networked amongst the TVB honchos, getting an acting award for her currently airing drama, a most loved character for her Kris Wong fr Ghetto Justice and one of the 2 favorite Star awards, the other went to her RL love Bosco.  It's very sweet, and everyone is chanting 'get married!' but it's too obviously milking it to the max. 

*Don't ask me what Bosco is wearing, it's exactly the vein of what Bosco always dons in public (this outfit is completed with thigh high boots @_@).  That's why I've shamefully saved his nikked pics the scummy paparazzi has snapped of him in the privacy of his apartment because he really looks SO much better naked*

The winner I'm most happy for:

Sharon Chan for her supporting role in Ghetto Justice.  She stole every scene she's in.  Bravo!

All in all an entertaining show just on the blatant hints of backstage shenanigans alone.  Francis Ng said the quote of the night: 「玩足咁多年都仲係孤家寡人,呢個先係高深學問呀!」 'Staying 'single' and still playing the field for all these years….this takes real skills!' Jabbing at how you only get any status in TVB joining the clans…. lolz

This list of winners:

Driveby post on upcoming HK dramas (I will watch)

1. I've been following every little tidbits on Ghetto Justice 2. 

I will be !#$%^&*(&*@^!ing if Kevin didn't get his best actor award come Dec 5th, the TVB awards.  If it's up to me, I'll give one to Myolie as well and the drama, just coz she's her least annoying self playing an easily extremely bratty annoying noisy character (ie her usual typecast)

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Deeper TVB drama sink hole: mainly Lives of Omission spaazzzzz and picspam

I watch LoO Live, then DLand rewatch. FIVE DAYS A WK LAST 3WEEKS.  I may v well lose 3 years of my life fr the screaming and flailing and NEXT EP NOW DARN IT!!!

My oh MY, other than the very few Lakhorns skimmed, I've always considered TVB liberal in Asian dramalands, with everything, incest, fauxcest, sisters falling for one dude, pedophiles…all kinds of taboos, sprinkled here and there nowhere near trope status, without the fanfare, bells and whistles.  I've seen hot smooches, rollings in bed, french kisses… All in good fun and never too sensationalized and made a bigger deal of, respecting the storytelling.  But LoO has one OTP sooooo hot, everytime they r sharing screen, they kiss and/or carass and we know they go horizontal after the jump of scene, and ANGST, majorly HKgangster love angst…  And the recent TVB ladies on my screen, all strong real women, not nec kickass coz they dun need to prove nth, absolutely no wimps allowed.  I honestly think HK is a rare place where gender is quite invisible, all things considered.

I dun care for TVB dramas, for decades, there's maybe 1 every couple years that I thoroughly enjoyed and kept rewatching. My fav of ~10+ yrs (since I haven't been living in HK) have FIVE on list: Old Time Buddy, Detective Investigation Files I/II, King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, War and Beauty and To Catch the Uncatchable. A thing that's absolutely bugging me still is the lack of decent actresses.  I'm asking for decent in looks and passable skills, not thespians, but it's HARD.  I've just lost sleep over Ghetto Justice, no regrets, while it's written with sooo much heart and love and charmingly acted by Kevin ( a changing my opinion for him night and day perf) and most of the ensemble, my allergy of Myolie is blaring 20 eps long.  I made peace with it since she's playing a 'sassy/bitchy/typical' HK gal.  Main win is her Kris has truckloads of chemistry with Kevin's L. A. Law and I love them characters to bits, despite her migraine inducing line delivery and uncontained facial spasticity. 

Fala Chan, the other leading lady in clearly the forerunner for the best TVB drama of the year Life of Omission is my type of cute.  Her Canto is trying, she's sweating bullets in efforts and I commend herbut I NEED C subs to get all her lines, she's only an alright actress with the role written with her limitations in mind.  But sadly she has little chemistry with Michael Tse, our leading man, playing the nth reincarnation of Laughing, amusing a character and I did check out Relic of an Emissary because it's a VERY loose timetravel spinoff of the hit  E.U., very normal TVB style of milking the golden goose. Kate Tsui, can't stand her self-aware screen presence, BUT again her sizzling, clothes flying off bodies next second hot bothering panty twisting chemistry with Bosco is……….Have to see to believe!

First scene they shared:

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I can’t believe what I’m watching…and absolutely addicted

I’m not talking about MQ, which I’m watching and totally enjoying and OMGing at how marvelously awesome it’s written, directed and acted mostly… I still find VanNess perf ala spastic albino chimp *some dearie at Koala’s Playground coined sth very similar and apt a description*, BUT even with this usu major glib, I’m LOVING it to bits, it’s just so HQ a drama it doesnt come as a surprise just watching 10 mins or almost 10 eps of it, it’ll totally slay and floor me.

What I’m guiltily pleasuring myself drama-wise, totally addicted to is a…*grasp* TVB drama LoO *yes L.o.O.~! standing for* O my…. I watched max 2 TVB shiz a year, purely out of filial duties, 50% of the time I want to pick my brains to pieces with my own fingernails instead, the other half of the time, mildly entertained for hearing some slangy Canto + kinda bored. 

Lives of Omissions is a spinoff The Academy Series.  Strictly speaking this is the 4th installment.  It’s a sprinkle of Infernal Affairs police undercover procedural with heavy doses of  triads wars + bromances, forever the fav. HK trope.

This is not as brainmeshing in silliness as the usual, the story is actually written with some care and logic and the omnipresent TVB gorges of plotholes can be easily scoffed off.  What I’m watching are the characters played by Bosco Wong and the lead actress Fala Chan.  They don’t bug me on my TV screen as actors, that’s very rare for the TVB lot nowadays.

What’s selling me, Fala Chan is playing the ladyboss in the undercover squad, but she’s the typical dorama heroine quirkiness I soooo adore.  Usu it’s packaged to us in a Kdrama lead guy ahjusshi…to make us fall for the CUTE.  Here it’s all on the shoulder of her nerdy Madam Jo.  And yes, she also is responsible for the angsty PTSD showers, rock climbing, in minimal yards of fabric….to the extreme glee of my hubs, and somehow I’m not offended by the rampant fanservice.

Bosco is playing some lowly gang member/informant for the police in the beginning but playing both the Black and White soon, climbing up the triad ladder of command.  He has a history with an up and coming big shot barrister who owed him BIG for calling it off while he’s in prison and he paid for her law school tuition.  When we meet this dysfunctional pair, the animosity is quickly followed by some serious making out…she offered to pay back the $, he wants it paid back his way…by hot sex.

And so every time they share a scene there’s some hot grabbity possessive smooching, in public.  It’s so rare to see I’m still in shock.

Critics r praising he’s channeling some Tony Leung.  I won’t go as far even if I’m in a full blown fangirl mode, but he’s owning this hot, sexy, shady gangster.  And he can carry a pornstache.  I give infinite points of merits for any Asian actor able to rock that.

But really I’m sooo in shock and dumbfounded I’m at edge of seat watching it an ep a day like a druggie.  Last time a TVB drama hits me this hard with a perfect timing of me watching as it airs…. my highsch uniform days.

Have an MV of the end credit song Bosco sang:

And the official trailer: